No. 6 Episode 4 & 5: My conflicting emotions…

Safu’s thinking about some creative S&M moves so that she can pull it on Shion skillfully once she returns to No.6.

Hey, guys. It’s been a while.

I have finally watched episode 4 and five in one go, and I must say episode 5’s a very strange episode. With so many events to take note of; from a lovely day to wash Inukashi’s dogs, then discussing about the mysterious parasite, watching a play of Hamlet (with Nezumi acting as crazy flower girl Ophelia), Nezumi dreaming about weird stuff related to the parasite, then to some ballroom dancing with Shion and lastly to think why Shion keeps pressing his sensitive buttons with relative ease.

From my worldliness knowledge of what I’ve learn in No. 6, Nezumi, you are a tsundere. Why, you think anime’s nonexistent in No. 6?

Episode Four: After having some trouble with a hooker in the streets, a bitter Nezumi is forced to save Shion from her evil clutches. They headed to Rikiga’s office, a man who calls Nezumi Eve (his real/stage name) and used to be his fanboy, sending women to No.6 and entertain officials. He also appears to know Shion’s mother Karan in their younger days before Karan had Shion and moved to No. 6. And boy did Rikiga pressed Shion’s berserk button for offending Nezumi in front of him. After spending a day watching Shion watch all the dogs (see why I’m not using any pronouns here) and seeing Nezumi reacted bombastically, Inukashi has finally found his weak spot in making Nezumi reveal his emotional side. Getting into a fight and then being saved by Shion instead of the reverse, Nezumi starts having difficult concealing his emotions towards Shion after the latter tells him that he is beginning to be drawn to Nezumi.

…I know this feeling…<3?

Inukashi has come up with great ideas writing some really good Shion X Nezumi slash fics.

Episode 5: (Okay, let me try to recollect my thoughts for this one. Darn…) The parasite has attacked a woman one fine day in No. 6 during winter before being sent away by the authorities, who are probably taking their plans to the next stage. Safu meanwhile, is in sunny No. 5 and celebrates a mini-reunion with her friends Betty and Ann, who also attend to the same college as Safu. After reading a story to two kids (one of them has the same name as his mother) Nezumi teases him, thinking that he plans to turn their place into a daycare center. Shion washes dogs for Inukashi again, until the conversation spirals down to the parasite once again when Rikiga joins the kids and began talking about the rumour on people suddenly dying in No.6 (courtesy of his women entertaining officials). Shion, in particular, finds it strange for the wasps to be active during winter and fears for the worst.

Alto Saotome: Western Theatre Version.

In the evening, Rikiga and Shion watches a play of Hamlet, with Nezumi as Ophelia. Once he saw Shion amongst the crowd, Nezumi started contacting dizzy spells. At the same time, on a school trip to a museum, Safu suffers the same condition as Nezumi the moment she saw a stain glass with wasp images on it. They heard an eery song before fainting at the same time, after which Nezumi has a weird dream about a swarm of wasps gathering, him (present state, then a twelve year old Nezumi) lying on the grass before being swallowed up by black goo, screaming for Shion for help. It was then he woke up from his dizzy spell and suspects that he’s infected with the parasite. Being happy for No.6’s upcoming downfall, Nezumi decides to have a mock ball-dance with Shion. Then Nezumi wonders why Shion is able to block all of his glamorous moves to shield himself of Shion’s influences.

Ballroom dancing: A real subtle way of a metaphor for smexy yaoi sex showing passionate affection (no sarcasm intended).

We’re all going to die by a colossal flood, water rise everyone die. Too clean, my dogs are too clean!

From Love: A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, as well as sexual passion or desire. So, there are other ways to show love, not just having sex with a boy I have feelings for.

Now I need to find a way to change tactics…seriously what is this guy made of? Titanium? I can’t believe he’s grown so strong, my seme instincts are leaving me.

Inukashi: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Rikiga: Seems like Safu’s coming back to No. 6 soon…
Inukashi: …and kicks Nezumi in place for stealing her boy.

Thoughts: Once I’m done watching episode 5, both Shion’s mother Karan and Safu have bigger roles than we first expected. Like most series we see these days, parents or parental figures are usually thrown out to the sidelines (or worse, out of the sidelines) when the story deepens. No. 6 dismiss this cliche completely with Karan once we hear her background in episode four. And when episode 5 airs, Safu has the same dream Nezumi has when both of them collapsed at the same time. Reviewing episode 1 to 5, so far Safu and Nezumi has yet to meet, so they we probably meet before the series comes to a close. Disposable female characters? No. 6 makes you rethink that. It helps if you find out that No.6 (novel) is written by a woman.

One question for you guys: what’s Inukashi’s gender? In all seriousness, s/he’s either a flat-chest girl or a very convincing girly-looking boy (and I don’t read Japanese in the main website). Need someone who has read the novels to help me out on this one.

Another observation I’ve made about the wasp parasite; it seems that whenever anyone says something offensive, even for the smallest objective they have for their jobs or living in No. 6, they get struck with the parasite immediately. From what we saw in episode 3 in a conversation between Shion and his co-worker and the lady in episode 5 (complaining that she has to take care of old people, who might as well rot and fend for themselves, in her opinion that they cannot contribute anything useful to society). So the law enforcers of No. 6 (and probably the other Nos. too) placed all the citizens with the parasite the moment they are born? That is so wrong and immoral in all levels. As if they have the power to control people’s lives whatever they want, a.k.a. playing God.

Nezumi and Shion as kindergarten teachers? I’m in!

Answer: 0.0006745% hands, 0.00000000023% legs and 108% troll teeth.

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  1. Posted August 6, 2011 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

    hello!!! i agree with u ep 5 was so interesting!!! really want to know connection between sion,nezumi n safu
    actually, i want to ask, do you know the title of piano piece played during nezumi n sion dancing?

  2. Posted August 9, 2011 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    What’s a tempera.

    I’m 105% sure Inukashi’s a girl; listen to how her voice breaks when she’s in extreme stress (trying to act cool in front of Shion) and goes back to her regular voice afterwards. I sound really sexist now, but that voice cracking doesn’t sound too masculine to me. Either that, or his voice actor(ess) just sucks.


  3. Mizu
    Posted August 10, 2011 at 10:33 am | Permalink

    Inukashi is definitely female. At least it never occured to me that she could possibly be anything but a tomboy, so …

    But anyway, if it’s true that all the No.6 people die as soon as they say anything offensive, then why wasn’t Sion infected at the same time as the other guy when he said he suspected that the No.6 government was lying and hiding things? It doesn’t make sense that he got infected with such a delayed reaction.

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