Ao No Exorcist 17 & 18: Back on track. Err, maybe not.

Here comes Black★Rock Shooter Blue★Demon Exorcist, waiting to destroy all you demons.

So, like episode 16, episode 17 (but not 18) has a mix of original material and manga material. I’m not sure what A-1 will make out of it for the last 6 episodes, but looking at the many examples with series ending with an original ending with the manga still ongoing, it’s either a hit or miss (most examples unfortunately meet a miss at the end). Episode 17; Rin manages to kick Amaimon’s ass and under Shura’s guidance he has to learn how to control using his flames. Episode 18; a bird demon is on the loose and things turn normal again with the Power of Friendship.

Initially, I was thinking of posting a review of episode 17 last week with everything underway but due to some problems regarding the screenshots, I got so pissed with capturing all the screenshots all over again that I decided to post the review today, along with episode 18. And yeah, laziness was another factor. It does not help when I became addicted playing Sims 3 for the entire afternoon (bought the game 2 years ago, didn’t touch it again due to exams) and out for National Day with a friend (out of sheer luck I balloted and received two tickets for free to watch the parade).

First thing to do in class; hit Rin Okumura in the butt. You know he likes it.

Summary (Episode 17): An enraged Amaimon (in a more demonic form) interrupted Rin’s trial, crushing the barrier that is keeping Rin off anyone and the ground. Yukio and the others reached back on time with Rin’s Kurikara fixed, which gives Rin ample time to focus and destroy Amaimon once and for all. Seeing what Rin can do, this gives Mephisto a chance to redeem himself as well as earning the Grigori’s trust to let Rin live a little longer, despite Angel’s ideas against it. After the incident, the Kyoto Boys and Shiemi became uncertain to trust Rin upon finding out his demon heritage. Back at the ward, seeing the uncertainties tainting Konekomaru’s heart, a mysterious demon tempts to draw him to the DARK SIDE. Rin begins his first training lesson with Shura to control his flames, but with no improvement. A rare meeting with Izumo made his day a little better; Izumo giving him some facts that some of the exorcists are half-demon hybrids themselves, so there’s nothing Rin should be worrying about. Cue another cliffhanger when the both of them are about to be attack by a bird demon.

My PJs, of course. What? I come here stark naked? I don’t sleep naked in bed, you know.

Oh great, another typical tsundere attitude…not that I care or anything.

Summary (Episode 18): From where we last off at episode 16, Rin and Izumo are being assaulted by an aggressive bird demon. It was fortunate Yukio, Shima, Shiemi and Bon were passing by and saving Rin and Izumo from getting killed. Mephisto orders all the Esquires to check every single barrier in True Cross Academy (probably to stall time for his next plan or something…), but Rin has to continue his special training. It seems that Konekomaru was used as some sort of host for the demon to have a physical form (and use his deadly powers) and it’s a good thing Bon and Rin saves the day, again. In a secret investigation, Shura found a secret laboratory that was used in a secret experiment, the bad news being that it was burnt down to crisps. Amidst of all the chaos in the exorcist world, what seems to trouble Yukio most was black (demonic?) particles spreading around his arm…

…good boys wash their hands before every meal. See, you ended up in hospital, and this is what you reap for not heeding my brilliant advice.

Because the Power of Friendship is more powerful than that demon of yours. We have low-fat milk here on the Light Side.

Oh, here comes Amaimon No.2. This time, he feels sick being a human. Trips to Japan must have brought him many unpleasant memories.

…and then gather two more friends, and we’ll be the Warriors of Light trying to save the world from demon destruction.

Now if we could make Mephisto do the Kira pose…

Thoughts: I feel that a couple of things were very off for the two episodes I’ve watched. Amaimon, being the Earth King and has a feared reputation of being invincible, with no exorcist being able to hurt him (let alone, kill/destory him) before. Seeing how he was swiftly defeated under Rin’s hands, there’s no way anyone will believe seeing that. But his suspicious appearance as Mephisto’s new pet hamster in episode 17 made me theorized that he’ll be back in some form or another.

Another hiccup was how quick The Power of Friendship maintains the status quo. Before I get anywhere else, I will not compare what happened in episode 17 and 18 with the outcome in the manga. Quite unbelievable how fast Rin convinced Konekomaru to break the demon’s control and change his mind in less than 24 hours. The same with Bon and Shima (and to a lesser extent Shiemi). The interaction between Rin and his classmates seems off. You know that Bon has a personal grudge on Satan and putting his stubbornness into action, in my opinion I started to feel Bon’s the one not being himself and not Konekomaru. Shiemi doesn’t have much of a role to play for these last two episodes and I’m afraid that she will be left out of the picture by the time we come to the finale. I’m not sure A-1 know what they are going to do with her, but at least make her useful instead of turning her into an annoying damsel in distress for the remaining 6 episodes. Wait, they better not mess up everyone’s characterization they’ve built up for the past 16/17 episodes. Screw another filler for episode 19; I may not have to time to review it since my school load is increasing steadily but for now I’ll rant about that another time.

I have no idea how to put this in words, but the entire mood is so out of place for these two episodes. People following the anime (and has yet to read the manga) won’t find too much difference, but for the rest of us…well you know what I mean. Oh well; that means it’ll have to depend if it’s worth watching after AnE completes its 2-cours run. For now, there is still hope that matters can create a roundabout turn for the better in its remaining 6 episodes, but foresighting how this series’ going with an original ending, there’s a 25% chance for A-1 to make a successful comeback.

It wouldn’t be fair to slide a panty shot into this review, so to balance it out I give you double fanservice for both genders. (Good news for Yukio fans. It’s not as if Rin’s didn’t show his bare back before.)

Well, everyone has been the center of the story once, and it’s time for me, the great Renzo Shima to have an episode on my wacky adventures. Don’t ask why, ask how the director allowed me to have one.

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  1. Posted August 17, 2011 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    I wonder if Barnaby’s going to make an appearance in the next 7 episodes…

    I think Rin merely went completely bongcloud berserk when he pummelled Amaimon – since he can’t control his berserk mode, just being berserk isn’t really going to help the Grigori. Last time he tried to go berserk, he didn’t really, because he didn’t want the rest of the gang to know he was a demon, but this time he just went all out. Also, the Kurikara was fixed, which makes him… stronger? Weaker? I don’t know.

    Mephisto is pretty fucking strong, though – to be able to dismiss Amaimon so easily and even immobilize Rin. Then again, he’s also been alive for like ten million years so I guess older people do become stronger over time.

    (Is the wire Yukio has around his arm an…


    Haven’t read the manga, which probably goes through this in more detail, but Konekomaru doesn’t really hate Rin, does he? He wants to be friends with Rin, and that’s what allowed him to repel the Dark Lord, since he didn’t hate Rin in the first place. Bon also realizes that hating Rin because he’s a demon is just racist – since Rin also wants to kick Satan’s ass, Bon considers him an ally-somewhat – he still doesn’t fully trust him.


    Postscript at third and fourth pictures: ‘I-It’s not like I was encouraging you to sleep naked in bed or anything!’

    Post-postscript: Didn’t Mephisto do that Kira~! pose when Amaimon bought him the yukata?

    Post-post-postscript: I SOUND LIKE A FUCKING WEEABOO

  2. hipster
    Posted August 18, 2011 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    What the … hipster underpants for Yukio?! Straw poll!!!! Do guys really wear hipster underpants?

    Would have been hotter if his megane had survived.

  3. Kozu
    Posted August 18, 2011 at 11:58 pm | Permalink

    I’m kinda sad that they won’t be doing the Kyoto/Impure King arc in the anime, but then again I guess it makes sense since the arc is not yet finished and it would take well over 10 eps if animated.

    It was touched on, both in the manga and anime by Shura, that Yukio was the kind of person who would get possessed by a demon if he’s not careful. Maybe the anime will focus on that more.

  4. Posted September 17, 2011 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    Blue Exorcist is one of my favorite anime of 2011 (Tiger & Bunny, and Sacred Seven included xD). It reminds me in a sense, of D.Gray-Man. I’m not sure why, but it has some kind of resemblance to it.

    It’s supposed to be about 26 episodes right? damn, that isn’t long enough to enjoy a series this good! lol. Does anyone know if there’s a manga of this? and if so, does the anime follow it? I may have to read it after the series ends.

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