No. 6 Episode 6: The Public Security Bureau is Watching Safu.

So, what do you think I am? Gay for Nezumi? Bi for both Safu and him?

We’re half way though now that we know something big and fishy is in store within the walls of No.6. Much of the first half focused on the interaction between Safu and Karan and Safu’s eventual realization that nothing’s the same anymore. Upon finding out that Shion’s been having lots of fun with his new boyfriend Nezumi Safu decides to venture to the West Block (where the both boys are) and take him back from that third party. Meanwhile Shion and Nezumi takes different ideologies of the parasite problem and none of them could come into agreement.

It’s too deserted at the airport…too deserted.

Safu returns home upon hearing news that her grandmother’s dead. Having mixed feelings at how peaceful No. 6 truly is and hearing from a man at how her grandmother is happy living her final days supposing, she was left with her grandmother’s clothes and her glasses in the funeral, but her remaining knitting needle was nowhere to be found. Also, she found no scent in her grandmother’s clothes. The windmills aren’t spinning, the flowers are too pretty and Shion’s registration into No.6 has been removed for murder. It didn’t take long for Safu to examine that something fishy must be up in No. 6.

ORLY? I bet my grandmother’s being abused back in the home.

Safu goes to Karan’s bakery right away asks of Shion’s whereabouts, knowing that Karan couldn’t be this calm if she finds her son missing and heard no news about him. Karan gives her the info she wants and warned her that her journey outside her idyllic home will be dangerous, but Safu blurts out the reason why she’s heading there immediately. She confesses to Karan that she’s in love with Shion, and all the more she has to go. As Safu leaves, a Public Security Bureau officer awaits her arrival and takes her away to an unknown place. Karan witnessed the horrifying event alone, holding onto the scarf Safu left behind as she became too excited on her quest to find Shion. Shocked to see herself stuck in the Bureau car without even doing anything wrong, Safu screams for Shion.

Actually, we’ve been wondering about this for a long time. There’s still no answer the reason of your hatred and our scars for No. 6.

Back to Shion and Nezumi, Shion reads a story to Karan. (I’m not referring to his mother; the girl who keeps coming back to hear stories from Shion. We saw her in the last episode.) Nezumi returns home and once again Shion has to do manual labour for Inukashi again. This time, her uncle is dead (also a dog), a discontented Rikiga is forced to carry his corpse and Shion suggested if singing a dirge (aka: a funeral song) could make the burial better. Yeah, everyone has to die someday, Inukashi…

Nezumi, sitting on to of a heap of rubbish like a king watches the three of them working so hard pisses Inukashi off, leaving Shion alone as Rikiga leaves to get the items Shion requested. Back home, Shion is still thinking of a way to save all the inhabitants of No. 6 from the parasite, knowing that spring’s getting closer and closer. More worried that the parasite starts attacking people as early as winter, Nezumi uses whatever he does best to ‘persuade’ Shion to give up producing a serum (Shion requested Rikiga of lab equipments in order to produce a serum) and tells him that seeing No. 6 going down will be the best way to make him happy.

That reminds me, the demo of Final Fantasy Type-0 is out now. Must get PSP. Urg, darn archaic portable game console…it’s been around 25 years since its release.

Like the last time we saw Shion and Nezumi argue in episode 3, whatever Shion thought of a win-win situation without sacrificing one or the other, Nezumi throws cold water at Shion’s idealistic ideas, telling him that he should be as cynical as him, because idealism is only for fools, delusional people and stupid kids. Yeah, we’re still pestering Nezumi the reason he hates No. 6 and his scars very much but so far, Shion’s and our attempts has been unsuccessful. Nezumi asks Shion the burning question: would he choose to save No. 6 or him? Knowing Shion, Nezumi shoots down the idea of saving both him and No. 6, giving Shion some time to wise up and make a decision. In his room all alone, one of his mouse returned with a note from Karan, telling that Safu has been taken away by the Public Security Bureau. Reminding himself that Shion would definitely choose to save No. 6 if he knew that the girl he loves has been taken away by the authorities, Nezumi selfishly keeps the information to himself.

To tell or not to tell. That is the question.


Well, we are halfway through the series now. Safu is taken away by the Public Security Bureau and she’s either going to be killed, tortured or brainwashed into believe that No.6 is her paradise, Shion is okay and she’s married with him…wait. Also, after examining Nezumi’s action in the past 3 episodes, I’ve realized that Nezumi has a bad case of mood swings. He’s either being playful or gets prissy with Shion whenever he says something that anger him, swinging on both sides every now and then. I guess that was forced to enter some sort of sex change years ago in No. 6 after hitting early puberty, that’s why he hates No. 6 very much for that, knowing that he has little chance to be with Shion and have kids Forget what I said there, okay? Oh yes, the ‘even if I’m killed, I’ll always stay by your side’ line from Shion…I know what you’re going to do yaoi fangirls~ The way Nezumi reacts to Safu being arrested…I see one jealous boyfriend there.

It’s nice to see the two prominent female characters in No.6 (the location), Karan and Safu to react on Shion’s disappearance instead of standing around aimlessly and become damsels in distress. Well, except the part where Safu is taken away by the Bureau, which she has no control of as there are possibly many other people, old or young, male or female, purple and pink being interrogated in Room 101 and you know what happens. They never come back. Ever. I wish that they don’t do horrible stuff at Safu (or kill her off at this point). It seems that there’s more than meets the eye…no, not Transformers.

Well well well, shall they kiss?

Oh great, we have to reenact the fall of the Berlin Wall again?

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  1. MrTerrorist
    Posted August 13, 2011 at 12:40 pm | Permalink

    So, what do you think I am? Gay for Nezumi? Bi for both Safu and him?

    I say bi so all of them can have a three-way.

    It’s OK when it’s in a three-way,
    It’s not gay when it’s in a three-way,
    With a honey in the middle there’s some leeway,
    The area’s grey in a one, two, three-way.

  2. Posted August 16, 2011 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    That’s an interesting observation about the airport – never noticed it, but it does say a lot. Nobody wants to enter No. 6; nobody wants to leave. It also says that before, No. 6 wasn’t so isolated – otherwise, why would they build such a large airport?

    Nothing’s really fishy, I think the show’s only trying to say that Safu’s perspective has changed, and so everything seems different. Here, her grandma’s words to herself during Shion’s birthday four years ago echo back – she doesn’t need to work, she doesn’t need to do anything, all she can do is knit and weave and tend the garden and do things people want to do, but it feels so empty… and now she’s dead.

    Of course the show wouldn’t explain Nezumi’s reason only halfway through. I hope they never actually explain it, and merely imply things that have happened in the past – that would be a masterpiece in storytelling. You know what would be even better, though? I don’t know if they’re going to be that brave to do something like this, but not even imply Nezumi’s reasons, and leave it hanging even after it ends. His mood swings could be because of something darker, though – maybe because of a bee?

    I really hope No. 6 doesn’t stress that the Public Safety Bureau is inherently evil, but merely that they have a different outlook on things. It’ll be interesting to see if they develop the members of the Bureau beyond faceless people in sunglasses – after all, they must have families and lives too, right?


    • Posted August 16, 2011 at 5:20 pm | Permalink

      Well, there’s only 5 episodes left to wrap everything up, so it might not be possible to show that the people working for the Public Safety Bureau have their own lives too.

      One thing No. 6 I wish they avoid doing is to create an ending where the good guys lose. After all, 1986’s ending wasn’t the usual ‘and they lived happily after’ sort of thing, so I’m hoping for a bittersweet one. Sure, it might not be the best one, but at least Shion prevents the parasite from striking a larger scale. No. 6’s a dystopia society, right?

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