No. 6 Episode 7: Nothing can stop us now.

We’ll have a threesome once we save Safu from the evil correctional facility and break the wall separating your people and mine.

Welcome back. And some great episode this is as you can see; this episode, Shion finally stands up for himself and gets fed up with Nezumi’s abusive treatment and decides to go on a rescue mission to save Safu, who has been taken to the correctional facility after finding out that Shion is ‘erased’ in No. 6. Karan finds out the truth behind the missing people in No. 6, as Youmin has elaborated further. As for the fangirls, as a word of precaution, prepare your yaoi glasses.

I guess she and Nezumi has something in common. Boy oh boy, the irony…

Summary:Nezumi asks Inukashi to help him gather information in the correctional facility, finding more information about Safu’s condition. Back in No. 6, Karan finds herself in a dead knot once the authorities claim that they could not find anything about Safu, let alone her records as a citizen in No. 6. Youmin takes Karan back to her place after saving the woman from falling into the same trap Safu unknowingly crossed in the previous episode, as well as indicating like Karan, he’s also a rebel of the oppressive country. Going shopping one day with Rikiga, with a stroke of luck Shion finds Safu’s jacket in a clothing shop. Shion and Nezumi have an intense verbal exchange about lying about each other (particularly about Safu’s whereabouts for Nezumi), as well as confessing about their feelings. They make up and Nezumi takes Shion somewhere to show him something important.

Picking him up after a dirty day at work. Then I’ll give him a nice, warm bath courtesy of me once we reach home.

Trying to find Karan’s soft spot and expose her unhappiness about No. 6? No thank you madam.

This episode doesn’t give any break for us viewers to leave any plot that existed in the series behind. Satisfied with Shion’s job at helping her clean her dogs, Inukashi leaves him alone as she meets Nezumi, who gives her another job to check out No. 6’s correctional facilities. She refuses to take on the job, claiming that any job he gives her will be putting her life in danger. Nezumi finds her Achilles’ Heel in the previous episode and uses it, telling her that she fears death more than anything else. If she decides to leave, whatever trouble she’s in the next time or dies in future, she can forget listening to Nezumi’s dirge before dying. A panicky Inukashi then takes on the job.

In No. 6, Karan visits the administration counter and like in Shion’s case, Safu is erased from the No. 6 records and is presumably to be nonexistent. As Karan worries about her son and Safu, the same old lady who talked to Safu in the airport in the last episode began chatting with her and before Karan confess her unrest regarding No. 6, Youmin (the man who visits the bakery in episode 2) came to her rescue and takes her away before the problem worsens. Fortunately, Youmin is a trustworthy man who like Karan, is opposing the tyranny of their so-called utopia home.

Shion goes shopping with Rikiga, with the latter apologizing to the former of his inability to get any materials Shion asked for in making the serum. In a change of mood, Rikiga pities Shion’s plight having to bear with Nezumi’s cranky attitude, as well as his selflessness to care for everyone else despite being kicked out of his home. Seeing Shion still wearing the same clothes from episode 3 onwards (well, that’s what happens when you’re an anime/cartoon character), Rikiga takes him to a clothing store and made him try on flashy jackets. The clumsy store owner then took out a jacket suitable for Shion, which a pile of it falls off after that. Shion helps her pick them up and as he picked up a jacket that looks a lot like the jacket Safu usually wear, he smells a conspiracy.

Being a slave to Inukashi and a plaything for Nezumi…all your freedom is by the hands of these crazy people. If you can’t cry, I’ll help you cry. And that motivates me to help you get the things you’ve requested.

Nezumi’s having second thoughts about knowing Safu’s condition and if he has enough motivation to save her.

Safu finds herself in a liquid chamber and overhears a conversation between two scientists, talking about her being an ideal sample and refers Safu as a golden egg that finds a solution to their problems. Getting her payback from the previous incident, Inukashi hits every Achilles’ Heel Nezumi seem to be having. She discovers Nezumi’s reason for making her go on her current job, pointing out that Nezumi’s not as apathetic as he think he is, deep down caring a lot about Shion (and to a lesser extent Safu too). Back home, Nezumi and Shion have a great dinner and then get into a heated argument like husband and wife. From the serum Shion’s making to the secrets they’re keeping from each other to confessing their feelings and their personal insecurities, that’s some conversation they’re having. They quickly make up, Shion telling Nezumi never to keep anymore secrets from him again.

I’m sick and tired of becoming your plaything. It’s time for me…to leave. I’m no toy, and please change your cynical attitude before you come looking for me again.

Oh yes, great, great WooHoos. Can’t resist hearing what Safu learned in her school trip about some chained unicorns and her opinion about England, particularly London.

Perhaps I should keep a tsundere moment counter next time I re-watch this series.

Sorry, my ‘dere’ side is only for Shion to see. Adios, Inukashi…forever.

Thoughts: Well nothing’s wasted in this episode; no pointless moments and every single scene tells a story, with BONES having only 4 episodes left to clear all loose ends. And I thought Shion has no backbone of his own after swallowing Nezumi’s insults time and again for the past 6 episodes. He finally finds a voice of his own and it helps that this episode emphasizes the fact that Shion’s not just a book-smart boy knowing nothing or ignorant of the harsh reality outside his comforting home.

As for Inukashi, there’s something about her (look, I’ve done a little research about the novel version of No. 6. Let’s refer Inukashi as a ‘she’ for convenience’s sake. Inukashi’s gender is even more ambiguous in the novels, if that’s even possible. End of discussion) that speaks she has some sort of secret she’s hiding, like suffering from a serious disease, as you hear her talking about death in the previous episode. Going back to Safu, I have no idea what the correctional facility is going to do with her in the liquid chamber but it sounds serious, as if the wasp parasite has something to do with her. I doubt they are going to do the usual ‘memory erasing’ thing on the victims or kill them outright, but use them for their sick experiments we have no idea about. I could be proven wrong with my mad theories stuck in my head.

For Lili (the little girl always seen visiting Karan’s Bakery with Youmin), I don’t know what sort of importance she might have, as all the characters introduced so far has a role to play in bringing down No. 6. Probably to make the other characters feel motivated to bring No. 6 down if she’s used as a victim or dies in some sort of attack in the final showdown. Not sure if the producers are willing to kill a 6 year old child in the noitaminA timeslot (as seen in Shiki last year, but even so Shizuka, remember that creepy vampire girl with the puppet as big as her dies, but Akira and Kaori are still alive at the end of the series) but I’m keeping my hands close at the possibility.

Just a little thing I found amusing; the way Shion says about producing a serum before spring, it kinda reminds me of Avatar: the Last Airbender with the hero having to learn all four elements before Sozin’s comet arrives in summer. No, I am not saying Avatar’s an anime series (if you’re asking but please, no more) but it’s something I find giggle-worthy.

Really? Then why is my son on the other side of the country’s walls and my son’s girlfriend taken away to the correctional facilities? You call that utopia? I don’t.

Yaoi fangirls: What we have been waiting for ever since Day 1. The kiss is consensual and clean. Not like the messy, sticky kisses you see in most of the BL titles you all know and loathe.

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  1. MrTerrorist
    Posted August 20, 2011 at 5:47 am | Permalink

    The Yaoi is strong within this anime. :)

    Up next, Threesome!

  2. Posted August 20, 2011 at 8:06 am | Permalink

    The subtlety of it makes this show so much classy in term of conveying the affection these two has for each other.

  3. Locke
    Posted August 23, 2011 at 4:00 am | Permalink

    The potential for no.6 was overwhelming. A BL with a seemingly interesting plot for once? It holds it’s ground, but currently I’m still dissapointed on what we’ve got so far. The writing and directions seems really all over the place, the plot seems to be lilting per episode. Only sporadically do we learn new things about the city. Nezumi’s constant mood swings just serves to be annoying as well.

  4. Posted August 23, 2011 at 5:49 pm | Permalink

    Short thoughts:

    I’ve never heard that Shion was standing up for himself – it seemed more that Nezumi was doing that, facing his true feelings etc, but that’s an interesting point you make nonetheless. Youming doesn’t look that trustworthy in the preview, what with him raping Karan and the like. Ulterior motives, man!

    It’s not really an Achilles’s Heel if they weren’t near-invincible in the first place – Achilles’s Heel wasn’t particularly weak compared to other people’s heels, it was just that one place where he wasn’t invincible.

    It’s bad thinking in black and white (me saying it’s bad thinking in black and white is also in black and white, which is also bad) – maybe at the end they don’t bring No. 6 down, but realize that the public safety bureau are really trying to make a utopia and help them bring No. 6 up or something. Maybe they die in the process. Maybe they help No. 6 overcome itself instead of killing it. Shion’s hinted to a bunch of these things already. I don’t know, and that’s why I still watch the show :P

  5. Posted October 17, 2011 at 1:48 pm | Permalink

    You guys really write detailed and long reviews

    And Please no threesome mr. terrorist!

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