Ao No Exorcist Episodes 19 & 20: The cake is not a lie.

By human standards I doubt it’s edible for us, Okumura-kun. You sure have weird taste in cooking Fried Demon Wings, Coal Tar Tart and vice versa for your diet. No Shima, it’s not what you think it is.

We return to the AnE reviews once more after the disaster called Episode 18. Despite being a filler episode, episode 19 gives us viewers some insight of some of our beloved characters’ birthdays, showing off their (unknown) talents and Izumo’s journey following Shima and Paku shopping together. Oh, and nice touch on the Christmas cake Rin. (For those who knows what the other meaning of Christmas cake means…)

Looks like we’re skipping the Kyoto Arc after all. Episode 20 continues where the previous episode left off as they returned to the monastery and investigate the culprit behind the attack. Yukio, however, has other plans for Rin to stay away from the action.

Renzo Shima: Boy Reporter Extraordinaire. Shooting Cupid’s Arrows one girl at a time.

Summary (Episode 19): Yukio finds out his condition has worsened after taking a test in finding out like Rin, he has demon blood in him. Meanwhile, the class plans a surprise birthday party for Izumo and at the same time preparing everything without her knowing what they are up to. Of course, the students earned themselves a varying degree of success in keeping Izumo out of the loop after witnessing Shima and Paku (who are actually choosing a present for ‘birthday girl’) almost ‘kiss’. In the end, everyone celebrated not just only Izumo’s birthday, but also theirs too. Before Yukio could begin lifting his worries out of his head, he received bad news from the monastery.

Yes; I got these pair of glasses from Yukiko Amagi. Now I can enter the Midnight Channel and defeat my Shadow that’s been pissing me off.

It all starts with Shima’s girls-only exclusive interview and Shiemi, who wanted to organize a birthday for the very first time, has an idea of giving Izumo the best surprise birthday party ever since hers is coming up in a few days. Being new to the party organizing thing, the boys give her some basic ideas how the party should be like. Bon, being the only one who is sane in the brainstorming session assigned everyone with duties; Rin and Konekomaru on the cake, Shima in investigating what Izumo likes as a birthday present, leaving he and Shiemi in preparing party decorations. Seeing her classmates acting weird and avoiding her, Izumo finds Shima suddenly hooking up with Paku the most suspicious of all, which then got her following their every move, thinking that Shima’s going on a date with her friend.

We’ve learned a few things so far from Rin and his friends; Bon has a hidden talent in making great paper crafts which surprised and impressed Shiemi, Rin makes a Christmas cake (who mistaken the cake as a birthday cake, as we find out he and Yukio celebrate their birthday on Christmas). Bon is not pleased with the results, forcing Rin to give the cake to the only person he had in mind that will accept it (Mephisto, if you haven’t figure it out yet) and has him make another cake, this time more for the birthday occasion. Following Shima and Paku enjoying themselves so far in their mini-shopping trip, Izumo sees one surprise after another; Paku sharing an umbrella with Shima (it was raining out in the streets) and then seeing them almost kissing (which was actually Shima helping Paku to rid some irritant off her eye) has them both reveal their secret plan to her. In the end, everyone celebrate everyone’s birthday but before Yukio could begin put his worries down for a while, he received alarming news from the monastery, leaving he and Rin to return to the place where they were formerly raised…

Father Fujimoto as Santa Claus: Instant WIN.

Summary (Episode 20): Yukio and Rin returns to the monastery, seeing magical spider webs all over the place and with the monks helpless as they are stuck in them. Suspecting the now ex-Exorcist (talk about redundant) instructor Professor Nauhaus for committing the crime, Yukio angsts and (he knows he’s not doing a good job as a younger brother) forces his brother to avoid getting involved in the case as he is still unable to control his flames while he goes after a mysterious masked person behind the attack. After finding some clues as of where the highly suspected Professor Nauhaus (who Yukio may have believed might be the masked person) may have gone, they returned to the academy with the masked person using the Kyoto Boys as hostages. Yukio decides to intrude but to no avail. Just in time, Rin, who is now able to control his flames in time, saved Yukio and the Kyoto Boys from being entangled. With some backup and Shura to the rescue, the masked person turns out to be Nauhaus’ wife and Nauhaus is finally arrested for his suspected involvement of an artificial human creation experiment (see the burnt laboratory in episode 18).

Finally, Yukio meets his grandfather for the first time.

It’s only been a few months and I don’t think I can keep up with your hijinks. I’m too tired to think of what to say…drop exorcist training school…give up your love for Shiemi…

I’m beginning to think if whatever you said about fighting Satan is actually false all along. After all, you’re Mephistopheles. For once, I’m starting to see that I’m right.

Ditching the party halfway, Yukio and Rin returned to the monastery, seeing magical spider webs covering the whole interior, as well as trapping the monks with web covered all over them. Fortunately the monks are able to cover themselves with a protection charm that enables them to stay alive for eight more hours. A description of the culprit being a masked person gives Rin and Yukio some time to search for him/her. The message on the wall, written in Polish gives Yukio a clue of the person who might have been behind it. Unusual for him, Yukio persuades Rin to leave the case to him, persisting very strongly to make Rin not to get himself into any more danger. Of course, Rin doesn’t want to hear shit and runs away, going after the masked person. The masked person shoots web before Rin could even sheathe Kurikara, leaving him helpless in defending himself. Yukio appears just in time to save Rin from getting killed on the spot as he goes after the maked person. Before Rin could follow his brother, Shura appeared, stopping him from going after the two.

And if I fail, I have no right to call myself an exorcist, let alone be your younger brother. So please, Rin, don’t charge in on your own again. For your little brother’s sake.

Losing his bearings where the masked culprit have escaped to, Yukio goes to the clock tower, finding Professor Neuhaus, who really isn’t an instructor in True Cross Academy anymore there. Knowing well that he’s most likely the culprit, Neuhaus managed to make a timely escape in advance. Back in the dorms, Yukio tells Shura and Rin about his findings and goes on the mission to find him along with other exorcists. Shura gives Rin yet another training to control his flames, not before telling Rin that he has only one chance in getting this right if he wants to use the Kurihara again. Yukio’s mission ended abruptly after seeing one of his comrades getting trapped in web and then receiving news of the masked culprit, who happens to be in True Cross Academy holding the Kyoto Boys as hostages.

Why does it have to be spiders who pretend to be sexy women in disguise???

No one is allowed to enter the dormitory save the son of Satan, the masked culprit setting the terms if they want the Kyoto Boys to return in one piece. As Mephisto tried one way to save his students, Angel stopped him in time by splashing water at his flaming circle and is asked not to interfere with the rescue plan. Yukio, being unusually persistence, tried saving the Kyoto Boys as the masked person is distracted contacting with Rin to see him/her but to no success (erm Yukio, may I ask why are you using tranquilizers at the culprit?), Yukio ended up as another hostage to be rescued. Returning the favour from before, Rin makes his grand entrance, leaving the culprit outnumbered once backup and Shura stepped in. Rin shows off his skill in his ability to master in controlling his flames, freeing his friends and brother in the process. The masked person escaped, who turned out to be Neuhaus’ wife with the mask cracked partially from Rin’s flames and her untimely landing. Neuhaus then meet Shura in person, telling her and her comrades to quit chasing after her. Shura pinned him down for answers at what the hell is going on with his wife’s involvement in the case. Back at the monastery, everyone is saved and has no need to be hospitalized thanks to Rin as Yukio visits someone on a train who happens to be his grandfather he or Rin has never met.

Ohh…it’s a simple transmutation circle, it’s an intricate flame patten…it’s… (we never got to find out what Mephisto summoned in the end.)

Spider web rape is no better than tentacle rape, ‘kay?

Izumo’s afraid that she’s a Christmas Cake and no guy would want to approach her ever again when it comes to dating prospects.

Thoughts: Usually, fillers are supposed to be unenjoyable if done badly, which is usually the case for some episode in several long-running shounen series. But for episode 19, this is not the case. Episode 20 (which I think it’s not filler) goes the other way round.

One thing that can never fail to make me laugh was Rin and Yukio’s inability to differentiate a birthday cake from a Christmas cake (it doesn’t help when their birthday, or to be exact the day they were found by Father Fujimoto was a day after Boxing Day.) I wasn’t too surprised at Bon being talented with paper craft. You will see this sort of thing again in another series coming in this year’s autumn lineup. Unlike episode 11 which was a big mess itself, everyone was in character. I was starting to worry to see if anyone’s characterization is going out of the line in the next episode when Yukio took the test in the beginning of the episode.

Just when you think I have disappeared from the faces of the exorcist world. Igor Nauhaus: Not some throwaway extra.

Cue episode 20. It was unfortunate my fears turned out to be true when Yukio spends half of his screen time angsting at the point of being unable to protect Rin, starts worrying and almost on the verge of breaking down. In my opinion, I don’t think it was necessary for Mephisto to turn up and save his students, only for his plans to fail the moment Angel interrupts (oh stop panicking, you have more screentime in the next episode. Not that the producers are being stingy at holding your screentime, we know that you’re a pretty boy and all). Rin learning how to control his flames was…swift. The last time we saw him in training was two episodes ago and we have no idea how much time between episode 18 to episode 20. I guess the producers have no other choice if they want Rin to get this over with quickly now that there’s only four episodes left before AnE ends its run.

That said, the art in episode 20 was great, if I have anything good to say for the episode. Good quality in close-up shots, but the art’s not as impressive when it comes to other shots. Poor Shima, poor guy. Keeps having his butt kicked over and over again. It sucks to be in his shoes this episode.

Now, the last scene in episode 20; Yukio and Rin has a grandfather they have never know about? Guess we have to watch the next episode to get to know more of him. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt what sort of Deus Ex Machina the producers will try to pull for the finale.

Nice cake.

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  1. Posted September 17, 2011 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    You should’ve replaced the caption under Yukio’s moustache-glasses with something like ‘BAD NEWS HAS ARRIVED FROM THE MONASTERY’…

    Wasn’t Yukio also the son of Satan? He could have told the masked woman about that and CATCH HER IN HER WORDS (though she probably wouldn’t care).

    And I wonder if that’s the father of their mother or the father of Fujimoto – indeed, we have no idea who their mother was. MAYBE IT WAS PHONE

    • Posted September 25, 2011 at 9:21 am | Permalink

      He is the son of satan, but since he doesn’t have any power no one cares.

  2. Posted September 30, 2011 at 3:28 am | Permalink

    There’s a new movie of Ao no Exorcist in the making:

    I am excited to see if they get to do the canon scenes they missed out in the main series.

    • Bob from Accounting
      Posted September 30, 2011 at 8:47 am | Permalink

      Wait… you WANT it to be a soul-sapping recap?

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