No.6 Episode 9: An ounce of pain.

No need to be shy, we need the song as badly as the people stuck in the truck who are sent for execution.

A continuation of the previous episode, Shion and his team of misfits has begin their plans to infiltrate No. 6’s correctional facility in the most daring and dangerous way ever known to the people of No. 6. But when there is a destination, there will always be a journey. Shocking revelations, brutal punishments, damn cliffhangers; No. 6 have it all this episode.

Remember: No matter how kinky you may think it is, rape is still rape. Ugly, painful, degrading.

Summary: Despite looting information to enter No. 6 using pragmatic means possible (pragmatic; as in using Inukashi as rape bait), Nezumi resorts to the impossible in order to infiltrate the correctional facility. With the Holy Day coming up, Karan and Shion realized that Shion & Co. are going to make their invasion on that day. While on the streets, Nezumi and Shion are caught up in a sudden assault and with the remaining survivors rounded up, they are all sent to No. 6’s correctional facility. Warning Shion of the unpleasant things he will have to witness once the plan is set in motion, both boys (along with the people captured) are thrown into the core of the correctional facility…

Besides, I give better offers than what Rikiga and Inukashi can give. Before I start chopping off your Johnny with a cigar cutter give us the info we need.

No, no, Nezumi you shut up!! What’s so funny about a game having its release date pushed back and another game stuck in vaporware?

We get a glimpse of Rikiga’s daily ‘deals’ with a high-ranking official from No. 6, using Inukashi (wearing only a wig with only a cloth covering her…erm, assets) to get information out of him. Yeah, that’s some brutal stuff there at the way the official touches and almost-raped our poor dog girl (or boy; I believe that Inukashi is more probable being a girl based on the brief realization Shion made later) but fortunately was saved by Nezumi’s timely intrusion. While he and Rikiga dig out information to enter the correctional facility, Shion witnesses Inukashi’s vulnerable side as she cleans herself up. So viewers, if you think rape has been glorified in several television shows in the recent years; think again.

Rebels: 0. Military trucks with secret (maybe) nuclear weapon: Over 9000.

Despite that, Nezumi is stumped again, having to re-look his entrance plans. He then decide to resort to the only way, in spite of Inukashi’s opinions against he and Shion proceeding with Nezumi’s crazy plans, not before telling the theatre actor that she will not die in vain in their early stages. Luck will decide if they can succeed, this is what Nezumi said before he leaves the other two to their own devices. He returns home, as a jovial and ever-optimistic Shion who is sorting out books tells Nezumi of the upcoming summer, his plans of staying at the ghettos (as in outside No. 6 if I haven’t made that clear) together with his mother and Safu after he’s done saving the latter and the citizens living in No. 6, create the serum to counterattack the parasite and break down the walls separating his people and the people living outside it. Knowing from the beginning Nezumi is at his wits ends in entering the correctional facility, Shion continues believing in him, trusting him that he’ll somehow think of a way. (Aaaawwwww!)

Shion: This really isn’t my day, is it?

In No. 6, Karan takes a walk in the streets and meets Lili, who reminds her of the Holy Day coming up tomorrow. With that, Karan makes a plausible guess that Shion will initiate his plans to sneak into the correctional facility to save Safu on the Holy Day. Funnily enough, Shion and Nezumi were also out strolling in the streets where they meet Nezumi’s theatre manager, who pleaded ‘Eve’ to perform again in order to please ‘Eve’s’ fans. The conversation was cut short once they hear explosions coming towards them, as the people see military trucks with some sort of laser weapons attached destroying shops, houses and killing as many people trying to counterattack. It was a devastating sight as the explosions continue; Shion then hears the voices of the victims having their lives taken seconds away from death before being ‘woken’ up by Nezumi to regain his consciousness. Seeing a crying infant several feet away from them, Shion at least tries saying this kid’s life, tying him to one of Inukashi’s dogs that has been following he and Nezumi in their little stroll and orders it to bring the infant back to his master. Shion saved the infant in time, but he faces a difficult problem once seeing a military truck about to kill Shion in front of him…

I can now outsmart David Xanatos and rename the trope Xanatos Gambit to Nezumi (or Rat) Gambit. Just as planned.

The military stopped their attacks after that, rounding up the remaining people who are still alive after the brutal attacks (including Nezumi and Shion, who is thankfully still alive) and orders them to enter the truck where they are sent to meet their doom. Nezumi whispers to Shion that entering the truck is the first part of his plan, as this is the only way gaining accessibility to enter the correctional facility. Switching back to Karan, she hears Youmin’s plans, reveals the truth of the Twilight House (Safu’s grandmother was held there along with other elderly people) and is disguised at the way he is planning to expose No. 6’s ugly secrets to its citizens. She finally realizes that she wants no part of his delusional plans, not before hinting him that she is involved in the creation of No. 6 (as seen in the photo last episode).

And his plans go derailed and revolting from here onwards.

As the people are being sent to die at the correctional facility, looking at the scared faces of the children, for once Nezumi sympathized with them as he sings a beautiful song of hope. That lifted the people’s spirits and Shion says that he was able to give a glimmer of hope to these people. Nezumi rebutted the kind act he was doing, telling Shion that a song won’t bring people back to life.

We wonder; what happened to Safu? At long last, she hears Eriulias’s voice. With that, she unlocks what the scientists has been seeking for so long, but with dire consequences once they see error messages popping up in their monitors all of a sudden as we hear them scream in agony, implying that Safu might have killed them (with her newfound powers, I think. Since when No. 6 become a sci-fi action series??) As the trucks have arrived at the correctional facility, Nezumi warns Shion that what he was about to see once they enter the core of the place will be no rainbows and sunshine, not before telling Shion not to change (his personality) once he sees the truth, then covering him as everyone are being thrown down into the dark abyss…

If you do that, you’ll be the same as those murderers themselves. You know what? I’m involved in No. 6’s creation. So, are you going to kill me or not?

Rikiga’s raep face…Oh SHIT!

Thoughts: Before I continue, I have one thing to say about this episode:

This episode blew my mind away!!!

And it scares me once seeing Safu synchronizing with Eriulias and hearing the radical change of response from the scientists. I don’t even want to think how brutal that part Safu did to them. Damn that cliffhanger, I bet that’s what No. 6 does best consistently through its run. So the No. 6 higher ups are using people to fuel the gloriousness of their little pretty city? That’s sounds so FMA-like…some sick deeds they are committing. Now that I have seen this episode, I’m afraid how this series will end in two weeks time. Will it end like Nineteen Eighty-Four, or will we see hope at the end of the tunnel?

Ending aside; I’ve looked around at the translation of the No. 6 novels. Based on this, it seems that the anime is going on a different direction from the novels (from episode five onwards to be exact). Some of the characters in the novels are taken out from the anime, as expected with only 11 episodes to tell a story, condensed the longer parts and wrap it all up nicely so that BONES don’t receive any hate mail from the novel fans. Also, Nezumi’s more vulnerable with his emotions in the novels (three cheers for Nezumi fangirls!) While we only see Shion, Nezumi, Inukashi, Rikiga, Safu, Karan, Youmin and Lili side characters notwithstanding, imagine more characters stated above joining the main cast in a series with 11 episodes. It’s better to leave it condensed than BONES making a faithful but nerve-wreaking loose adaptation.

So Lili, you’re back. Holy Day? Well, why would you celebrate a day where people outside the city are sent to die and (maybe) fuel the prosperity of your glorious home? Wait, don’t you cry…sigh.

Most. Heartwarming. Moment. (Sniff!) ;=;

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  1. Posted September 6, 2011 at 4:30 pm | Permalink

    Well, I didn’t think BONES could adapt the entire novel into 11 episodes–that would be kind of impossible. I think. Thanks for pointing that out though! I haven’t researched the novels.

  2. Posted September 6, 2011 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

    I wonder if the scientists’ deaths were justified. Do scientists who experiment on monkeys to cure full-body paralysis deserve to die for killing the monkeys?

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