No. 6 Episode 11: Eriulias Almighty [+ Series Review]

Probably everyone’s facial expression the moment the credits roll.

All Hail Empress Eriulias-Safu!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been attending to many urgent RL events these past weeks absent in THAT and I doubt this will end anytime soon. Therefore, I apologize for the long wait and thus will be updating the anime series I’ll be watching this Fall somewhere else, of course in shorter spans (sorry, summer anime backlog, looks like you will need to wait a little longer.) Finally, I found the time to sit through the last episode of No. 6 and boy, everything that everyone has already built up in the previous episodes have all crumble down to waste at the last second. But this year’s summer season as a whole has been an enormous roller coaster ride.

AnE reviews right after my mini-announcement coming right up soon.

What will happen next??? Drumroll, drummers. DUN DUN DUN~

The Abridged Version: It was the last straw.

After seeing the new Safu, Shion enters PMS-Mode (for the rest of the episode too, really) as he tries smacking some sense into the girl as she explains her plan to destroy No. 6, luring Nezumi into completing the final steps of her plans to destroy No. 6 once and for all and uses her almost-successful “why science is bad, nature is good” talk at them. Meanwhile, most of the people in No. 6 are struck with the parasite and dies (except for Karan, Lili, Youmin and his members of the resistance group for some weird reason or whatever. Wait, Youmin…he got it in the end.) and before Shion’s psychological conditions worsen Nezumi places a time exploding device on Mother (which is like some sort of head machine controlling everything, and like always it’s always female when it comes to gender. You see this almost all the time in sci-fi movies that has some sort of evil machine which controls everything and everyone.)

Trying to escape the guards wasn’t a cakewalk in the park as Nezumi and Shion believed, as the both of them were badly injured by the time Inukashi and Rikiga found them in an escape conveyer belt. The wound in Shion’s chest (or the heart area) led the latter two to believe that he’s dead, with a depressed Nezumi singing Shion a mini-funeral song. Just when all hope is lost, GASP! Eriulias-Safu completes the song Nezumi sang and revives Shion before turning into golden dust and turns into a giant rainbow wasp for a couple of seconds. As the sandstorms destroyed the walls separating the people inside and outside No. 6 and slowly calming down, Karan, Lili and the rest of the people who survived the attacks saw the broken wall as they create a new future ahead. Finally Nezumi and Shion kissed (GASP!) again and they all looked forward for a brighter future.

The End.

Shion, why are you behaving like a brat? I was originally the one shooting all your bright ideas, now it’s your turn. After all this time. So what do I do now? Become the series’ poster boy?

As Inukashi and Rikiga waits for Shion and Nezumi to complete their plans and leave the city, the latter two are forced to confront Safu, who is now Eriulias (or Eriulias-Safu as I called it) who has the power to destroy No. 6. Eriulias-Safu tells her plans to the boys, including using Nezumi as part of her master plan, leaving Shion mentally unstable as he could not believe that his girlfriend is becoming something else he has never imagined her to be. Meanwhile, most of the people gathered in the town square are all struck with the parasite at once, leaving them aging rapidly and die as the wasps from their necks emerged and surround the entire city. Upon seeing this, Lili never once take a look at the disaster, clutching onto Karan as she leads the girl into her bakery. At the same time, Youmin and his resistance team had their plans interrupted as soon the saw the wasps surrounding the city.

Yay giant golden sparkling tornados crushing every factory and walls in sight!

Keeping his promise to keep Shion safe and sane (of what’s left in his head anyway), Nezumi attached a self-timing explosion before he drags an emo Shion to leave the area, unhappy at the fact that they’re leaving Safu behind after all the trouble they took to have finally found her. Eriulias-Safu now initiate their plan to destroy the correctional facility and all the nasty places Eriulias sees as dangerous and threatening. As Inukashi and Rikiga fights their way to buy more time (to be exact, Inukashi’s doing all the fighting while Rikiga complains about their plight), Shion, now in BSOD-Mode doesn’t care anymore whether they would die or not but seeing Nezumi getting shot badly, he panics, trying his best to treat Nezumi under dire circumstances. Fortunately Nezumi’s still alive as he carries him to the exit point but to make things more dramatic, Shion finds himself being shot in the heart before Nezumi decides to follow him.

I’m just giving you what you always wanted to hear, idiot.

Then stop dissing me as if you’re the one not at fault after all the shit we’ve been through. Let me die, Shion. I have nothing else to do once you took over the role as the idealist AND the cynic.

The facility was burnt down badly while Inukashi and Rikiga are still waiting for them. Their worries are answered once they saw the injured boys landing on the conveyor belt, but saw Shion dead once they found his wound in the heart. The four of them escaped to a safer place far away from the burning facility as they discussed on what to do of Shion’s body. The former two left as Nezumi placed a cloth on Shion’s head, singing him the song he sung in episode 8 as a means of bidding his farewell. Out of nowhere, a glowing Eriulias-Safu sees Shion for the last time, completing the song and reviving Shion at the same time. She turns into a giant rainbow wasp, unleash a giant ray, thus completing her destruction of the bad places once and for all.

Oh thanks, that makes me feel soooo much better.

Wow…golden dust particles…GN particles?

At last, when the explosions and destruction died down, Karan and Lili goes to the balcony as they saw the remaining survivors of No. 6 heading towards the broken wall. Finally free from the oppressive forces, Karan leaves Lili behind (with one of Nezumi’s mouse taking care of her) as she runs for her missing son, who kept a promise to her that they will reunite one day. The baby Shion saved in episode 9 is found to be alive, with the dog carrying her to see the new world s/he will be living in from this day onwards. Inukashi and Rikiga are still stoning and surprised at the destruction of the wall, with the people in the slums headed towards the city that has shunned them all these while. Youmin succumbs to the parasite attack (seeing his decaying body in his car), Nezumi and Shion kissed again, carrying the baby as they look ahead for a brighter future ahead of them…

Too late, she’s gone. And it’s all because of you. TT_TT. She has become…



Well, there’s one thing that I found amusing that sets this apart from the past ten episodes; why is everyone overacting to everything??? Seriously, I am in a dilemma whether I should laugh, cry or pretend that nothing has happened in parts which the characters overact. Safu having the powers to resurrect Shion…it just doesn’t feel right when the past ten episodes lack fantastic elements as far as I can remember. It’s supposed to be sci-fi, remember? Maybe the writers forgot about that when they wrote the script for the final episode, but with the lack of time and having to compress a nine-novels series into eleven episodes, that’s no easy task. At least the writers tried to tie the loose ends and tried creating a conclusive ending instead of leaving it hanging.

More of my thoughts for the entire series right after these silly captions:

Another boy x boy kiss brought to you by the Nezumi and Shion Co.

Shion, let me sing you a song. Yay! Instant Revive Complete!

The series as a whole:

So, for the people who have been bitching about the route the anime series is going in the middle of its run onwards and declaring that how the novel is far more superior to the show, I have only one thing to say. Fine, I may have not read the translation of the novels yet, but without the announcement of the anime series you might have never known No. 6, let alone go check out and read the awesome novels that inspired the anime series. Hey, at least it has done something right, I’d say that it’s some sort of tactic to advertise, get your attention and make you go ‘check out the novels!’

Next; the OST. The lack of natural/real instruments (most of it using some sort of synthesizer) sets it apart from many other series out there but it’s also a factor that turns me off. If not for the interesting interaction between the characters (no, not the Nezumi X Shion kissing moments), I would have given up on the show way before I get hooked midway. I wasn’t too fond of the OP, and the only music that I like is pretty much the emotional ED. Have to go check out the full song in Youtube the moment I’m done with this.

As for the story, there is some room for improvement. Don’t get me wrong, but if No. 6 is given the 2-cour treatment (Shiki and upcoming series Guilty Crown are fortunate to have the opportunity to tell their stories for 2 seasons, too bad the former’s DVD sales aren’t good enough despite praises given in various anime sites), things might have gone a three-sixty and fans of the novels won’t be bitching about the ending right now (and how the mighty anime series has entered a different direction midway) as I write this. And let’s not go into Karan and Rikiga’s past further and roles on the creation of No. 6. So what did they do? That still holds the biggest question mark in my head.

Next: the characters. As I said in two posts back, the characters that appeared in the anime series aren’t the only characters in the novels too. There are more, but while No. 6 is offered only eleven episodes to tell a story, I would have envisioned a worse ending than this if the people working on the anime series make a wrong move. To be frank I did not feel any attachments to any of the characters during its run, but the interaction between Nezumi and Shion draws me to see its conclusion. I did not regret watching this till the end despite the rushed ending.

Finally, let me talk about the production. So it isn’t very groundbreaking like BONES’ other series but the consistency is there. Around most of the scenes for the eleven episodes aren’t off-model and that’s a good thing in this era. Of course, I’m no animator or artist, so I’ll leave this one to your interpretation. Was the animation and art good or bad?

Before I finish my post, here’s a video to cheer up those who think the ending sucks big time:

What you need after watching the ending of No. 6: RAINBOW, SLAPSTICK AND FLYING TRAINS!

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  1. Posted September 25, 2011 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    Not a brighter future, a darker one if any.

    Sometimes, trying is worse than not trying, especially in presented media. Instead of trying to tie up loose ends and make everything seem sloppy, they could’ve simply left them as loose ends as an artistic finale. It’s always good to try on something that’s a work-in-progress, but on a final product, /trying/ to do something /just doesn’t cut it/. Imagine you’re building a giant statue of a magical rainbow wasp. When you’re still working on it, it’s great to try your hardest. But, when it’s at its end and you’re showing the whole world what it is, you just can’t try to add wings or try to paint it more realistically, since if you fail on those /you’re going to fail/. And that’s what happened to No. 6.

    The thing about drawing attention to the novel is that it’s a /given/ in an anime adaptation. It’s like selling a television for $1,000, while your competitors are selling them for $1,500 (at the same cost to make). Of course, you could always say ‘but, look, I got $1,000!’, but it’s not that you made $1,000, it’s that you’ve made $500 /less/ than what you could’ve made.

    And that applies to No. 6. Sure, it got us interested in the novel, but ANY adapted anime will get us interested in its novel. It was great that the novel was great, but it’s not the novel we’re looking at – it’s the anime. No. 6’s anime did not live up to its full potential – sure, it was worth $1,000, but it lacked that extra $500 to reach the heights of the novels. Comparing how the anime was worse than the novels is not like comparing apples and oranges – people compare the two because of how similar they are, and since many scenes can have a 1 to 1 comparison. And when you contrast the ending of the anime vs. the novels…

    (Unless, of course you meant that making a terribad anime (compared to its novels) was a great advertising tactic to get people to read the novels, but… uh… that’s not a good enough reason.)


    P.S. 5/10 at the end, it was still a great show, but on the same level as Fractale. Maybe a little higher since No. 6 used such a ridiculously controversial ending (not in how well it was executed, but in having wasps kill thousands of innocent people, and expecting us to agree with Elyurias) to make us deeply think about everything that’s happened so far (since using ridiculously controversial endings that seem to expect us to agree with them actually accomplish the opposite effect, so they were obviously using the ridiculously controversial ending so that we can realize how no one side of a conflict is necessarily right or wrong).

    tl;dr: wasps wasps wasps wasps wasps wasps wasps IT’S A TONGUE TWISTER

    P.P.S. I never did learn how to spell tongue correctly (I thought it was ‘tunn’ or ‘tung’), and even now I think of it in my head as ‘tun-gu-eh’ so that I spell it correctly. It’s like Wednesday or mercredi (which is Wednesday in French…) – I always thought its spelling was ‘Wensday, and to spell it correctly I have to think ‘wed-nes-day’, which is completely incorrect pronounciation. I always thought mercredi was ‘meh-cre-di’, and to spell it correctly I have to think ‘mer-cer-di’ – the cer was so that I could remember that mer and cer rhymed, or else I’d spell it mrecredi! (note: it’s pretty hard to spell a r right after an m. There are apparently just over 200 words that use that, of which MushyRulez is not one. Most of them are compound words, too – things like primrose and drumroll.)

  2. godlet
    Posted September 26, 2011 at 1:10 am | Permalink

    Well…that was a convenient way to get rid of the only interesting conflict in the show (Safu v Nezumi). Just kill her off in a really really weird “resolution” to the conflict of the city of No. 6.

    I do hope the novels were better, but I’ve got to stick to the obvious that what the novels do doesn’t matter. The story as told here didn’t make sense, and didn’t deliver fully drawn characters. I don’t think more episodes would’ve fixed that either. They had 11 and decided not to focus on any elements that would’ve given the show cohesion.

    Whatever, there were plenty of good shows this season, and I’m sure there will be more in the future.

  3. Posted October 8, 2011 at 2:31 pm | Permalink

    This is a pretty good review. I like this episode the Almighty Series. I think it works good

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  4. Javohn
    Posted August 28, 2012 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

    I hate how they kill safu or what ever but um all they went throught make another episode..(i want to see safu shion back together again not the dust stuff she loved him and what is the baby supose to be there kid or what ever i dont think shinon will recover from this so i belive they should make another episode or at least a few more of them trying to get her back they even rush his child hood just so they could jump to them being 16 and safe *i want your sperm* crap serously make something happen so not satisfied with ending…………even thought the vid cheered me up a bit

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