No. 6 Episode 10: I lost my appetite.

Shion: The Gunslinger. Prepare to meet your doom for hurting my precious Nezumi, you monster.

After watching the mind-blowing episode last week, for a long time I watched this week’s episode the moment I got home.

It did not disappoint me…for the most part at least. Nezumi and Shion waste no time infiltrating the correctional facility in their mission to save Safu and everyone else inside of No. 6 even after seeing the ugly side (when I mean ‘ugly’, I do mean real ugly) of the city. Expect to see quite a number of drastic character change moments after the jump.

Is it just me or Inukashi looks a lot feminine in this episode?

Note: To all THAT visitors following my AnE posts, I’m afraid I won’t be blogging Ao No Exorcist for a while due to a busy RL schedule I must fulfill. I’ll probably get back blogging AnE again once I get them done, perhaps in a week or two’s time. Of course, No. 6 ends next week, so this gives more a wider leeway to get them done ASAP. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Wait, did I sound like a public announcer there? Ouch.)

That’s why we can have nice things sometimes…not in ways we usually expect.

The Abridged Version: Leaving the baby Shion saved in the previous episode to one of Inukashi’s dogs, Inukashi and Rikiga infiltrated the correctional facility through any immediate means possible. Horrified to see a mountain of dead bodies in the facility, that made Shion evermore determined in putting effort on his mission, following Safu’s voice as clue to where she is. With Nezumi, they succeed in entering the facility but an unfortunate hiccup (read: security guards with deadly guns) forced Shion to break down mentally after seeing Nezumi wounded badly by the head honcho of the security guards, killing someone for the first time much to Nezumi’s disappointment as he too broke down and cried. They got over this quickly and reached where Safu is, with the scientists all dead and a possessed Safu expecting Shion’s arrival.

If Nezumi or Shion is here, we have a complete Tokyo Godfathers.

In the midst of gathering info, the dog that has been following Shion and Nezumi in their little stroll at the streets returned to its owner with the baby Shion managed to save in the previous episode. Soon, Rikiga finds it a hassle to take care of the baby and passed the baby to Inukashi, who claims that she isn’t good with babies either. The baby soon stopped crying at Inukashi’s arms, calling her ‘Mama’ constantly before Inukashi and Rikiga leaves him in the care of the dog who saved him from the plight the rest of the people in the ghettos are unable to avoid as they are preparing helping Shion and Nezumi entering the core of the correctional facility.

In contrast with the heartwarming moment Inukashi and Rikiga are indulging in, Shion and Nezumi survived the fall. Witnessing the mountain of dead bodies (literally a mountain, look at the screenshot below!) left to rot, Shion starts puking on the floor, horrified to see so many people dead while he was oblivious with this knowledge for all these time. With not much time to waste, Nezumi tells Shion to climb up the mountain of corpses even if he doesn’t like what he’s looking at. While Shion tries catching up with his friend, he slips, grabbing onto a knitting needle which looks very much like the needle Safu’s grandmother has. Having very little time to spare worrying about the survivors who survived the fall, Nezumi and Shion has begun initiating their rescue mission.

Now you know what happens behind the clean city walls.

It’s the Holy Day in No. 6 and Karan has just finished making her last batch of bread. Lili is enthusiastic in eating some of her delicious bread but Karan tells Lili that she can have her bread once she’s done aligning them in the window display. A joyful Lili goes out of the house cheering but stops suddenly as soon as she felt something eerily coming from the main tower. Karan took notice and ask if anything’s wrong, Lili telling her that there’s something in the main tower.

Safu talks with Eriulias and asks her who she is. Eriulias gives her the answer, telling her that she is Safu, and Safu is her. Safu’s confused by this, but before she could ask anymore questions, she calls for Shion. Switching back to the infiltration mission, Inukashi and Rikiga managed to get access to Sector Two with some ‘help’, spraying odorous gas all over the facilities as they get in and the scientists get distracted. Out of the pit of dead bodies, Nezumi and Shion, who hears Safu’s voice in his head made their way to the main facilities with the other two unlocking the doors to let the boys enter. Once inside the locker room, the boys put out their scientist coats as Shion gives a detailed description of the room an what he and Nezumi has to avoid. Nezumi tells Shion again that he doesn’t want to see him change once they take a look inside the facilities. Both boys enter the facilities without any difficulties, until one scientist approached them to see where they were going. There were no hiccups in covering their agendas, nevertheless Nezumi puts the scientist into unconsciousness once he suspects the boys, taking his identity pass before making their way to Sector One.

Safu = Eriulias. ??? What is this I don’t even comprehend.

In the process of running away, Inukashi and Rikiga were soon being caught up in a run after the scientists find them suspicious. With that, Nezumi and Shion managed to get to the first sector in time before the security doors lock them up. Nezumi tells Shion that they are trapped, but Shion finds a secret maintenance ladder using a card the scientist Nezumi punched into good use. Before they could use it, security guards had the boys alerted of the danger that is to come but no one think this isn’t the case. Seeing Shion not even distracted with all they been through the entire time, Nezumi was assured by his buddy that they are only doing this in the name of survival. That did not helped a worrying Nezumi one bit, recalling the past moments he had with Shion.

I’ll show them my superior……acting skills! What, do you think I would say? Dancing talents?

Shion could hear Safu’s voice getting louder in his head and faced with another batch of security guards blocking their way. Nezumi throws an explosion, then does all the killing and gets maimed by them as he go along. Shion entered the place full of smoke leaving the other guy all alone to fight and get hurt. The security guard head honcho step in, Nezumi using one of his subordinates as hostage like you see in countless cop shows. Thinking that he could care a little the head honcho shoots Nezumi and his subordinate without a second thought. Hearing Nezumi squirming and screaming like mad forced Shion to drastically change his personality, shooting the security guard before he could hurt Nezumi any further.

Creepy!Shion mercilessly kills the security guard despite Nezumi pleading Shion to stop. With Nezumi all alone sobbing in the midst of a blood fight, Normal!Shion realizes that he has killed someone and having blood splattered all over his clothes. Seeing Nezumi cry similar to the day he first met him 4 years ago, Shion gives assurance to Nezumi that his inability to protect him isn’t any of his fault. As the water sprinklers stopped, Shion treated Nezumi’s wounds before continuing on to where Safu is. Once inside the facility that kept the girl for so long, Shion meets Safu once again in a long time, but not the same way he remembers her…


Nezumi: O_O (At Shion’s uber floor plan blabber)

You look cute when you cry, boyfriend.

I went ‘DWAAAAAAWWWWW’ the moment I grab hold of this screenshot.

To compensate the dark moments filling this episode here’s an adorable baby for you viewers to look and be giggling at.


Pretty much the reason why I lost my appetite having breakfast was watching the episode switching scenes from Nezumi and Shion climbing dead bodies to Karan making delicious bread for Lili and the bakery. It’s gross and like Shion, I would be puking my undigested breakfast all over my room. With that being said, I’m glad that I’ll be done with all this after next week (talking about the bloodier parts here). Despite the opinions of commentators in some anime blogs, I find Shion being partially mind-controlled by Eriulias (killing the security guard in cold blood) more plausible than Shion breaking down complete without external interference when he kills the security guard. Shion isn’t that sort of person who stick to his ideals for 10 seconds and then abandon it completely. It’s likely, seeing Shion’s eyes changing from ‘trance-like’ to his normal ones. I don’t know what you have to say or feel a need to have a different opinion from my estimation, but go right ahead to the comments below and tell me what you think about this.

I guess my ‘Lili is Eriulias’ crack theory is Jossed. I had a thought about it for the entire week and I doubt it will be plausible. And getting to the topic of Lili, sounds like she can sense something sinister brewing as the Holy Day approaches.

Speaking of Eriulias, by the way she talks to Safu in the last and this episode sounds very ‘AI’-like. Perhaps:
1. She’s only a fragment of herself that she’s showing to Safu, or
2. An AI machine after all, or
3. Like Option 2, but dead. The AI is some sort of a back-up version of Eriulias.

I’ve read some of the comments you visitors wrote in the past No. 6 posts. Sure, there might be more than the point of view the hermit mention about No. 6 but when you have only 11 episodes to make a story and end it nicely, it would only be possible if No. 6 is a 2-cour series, given the treatment Shikireceived last summer. There may be some sides of the story unexplained, too bad there’s not enough time for that (unless there are extra episodes placed in the DVD/Blu-ray version, then it’s a whole different story after all.)

Going back to Shion, Nezumi and Safu, I’m afraid that things will get very ugly next week (sorry, threesome, goodbye) and someone must be sacrificed in order to attain an ending where everyone is satisfied. (In the series, not you guys. Knowing how picky and fickle you are in situations like this, it’s very subjective.) Let’s see if everything goes well for the finale…

Agents I and R: Cleaners/Maintenance Workers in Disguise.

Come with me Shion, I have dancing alcapas, destroy No. 6 we’ll live forever and ever.

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  1. godlet
    Posted September 11, 2011 at 1:43 am | Permalink

    I was hating this show up until the last two episodes. I still think the mystery/intrigue surrounding No. 6 is weak (read: uninteresting). But at least now it’s starting to deliver some pathos for the characters. I’d found the entire show through episode 8 to be monodimensional, though not entirely unenjoyable. I don’t really care what happens in the ending, as long as it is coherent. I have no ship in the romance battle, so as long as the plot makes sense I’m fine.

    To be short, I’m glad things are finally looking up for this show (at least in my opinion). And it’s great to read all your thoughts on it. It makes it more interesting for me to think back on the episode.

  2. ABC
    Posted September 12, 2011 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    The original novel is more interesting than the anime
    The novel has lots of good idea and a more reasonable development of the story

    Bones actually shows us the brief outline and changes some details of the original since the anime has only 11 episodes which have to include all the 9 books

    Thanks for your sharing

  3. Posted September 12, 2011 at 5:23 pm | Permalink

    “Now you know what happens behind the clean city walls.” That’s right. Sandbags. Hundreds of thousands of them.

    The main tower is called MOONDROP because that’s a COOL NAME and EVERYBODY was TALKING about it in episode ONE but now suddenly EVERYBODY totally FORGOT about it and these CAPS are driving me CRAZY like a golf cart round and round

    I don’t think Safu didn’t ask any more questions of Elyurias – she probably had all the time in the world to ask more questions, as the connections between neural pathways is undoubtedly much faster than formulating words to speak, processing the vibrations, and then formulating new words to reply. I especially liked how Safu seemed to be underwater even with the sky as a backdrop – that sort of stuff happens a lot in dreams, where you’re in this dream and you’re outside but in real life you’re DROWNING and you see AIR BUBBLES in your dream which are actually because you’re DROWNING in real life. (Note: I have not actually experienced this before.)

    As you said, it is much more likely Shion is being controlled by Elyurias – the trance-eyes made the entire thing a bit /too/ obvious, though. If he was the previous Shion, he wouldn’t be ‘forced’ to kill the captain – he would merely tie them up. After all, scientifically, tying them up prevents them from shooting, and also spares their lives, while killing them… well, let’s just say whenever you kill one person you spend THREE MILLION YEARS IN HELL.

    In conclusion: Lili is stupid and doesn’t do anything and she’s probably the result of Youming raping Karan when they were teenagers

    P.S. Nezumi’s ‘O_O’ face seems more of a stupid :O to me, especially as I interpreted the sentence as ‘If you don’t face the face-activation systems, the face-activation systems… WON’T ACTIVATE!’ Man, what a stupid guy.

    P.P.S. Excuse the links, I’m being a SUPER EVIL LEECH-COMMENTER here.

    P.P.S. By definition all leech-commenters are super evil but I’m a SUPER EVIL SUPER EVIL SUPPER EVIL SUPERB EVIL where’s breakfast

  4. Posted September 22, 2011 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    Almost two weeks since there’s been a post here. Sure hope you guys are working on a fall season preview!

  5. Posted October 8, 2011 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    I have to admit this is some pretty good read. I am going to post this on my blog with credit of course!

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