Gundam 00 – 08: Hey Greenpeace grew some balls!

Oh yes business, indeed. Wait, hehe 5 minutes I suppose. Looks like Mr. Hong finally saved up enough of his meager wages for a quickie.

My head hurts so much from Mariana and emo-boy’s conversation. Guess the little bastard does not understand what a fucking secret means. Plot progression my ass this is just lazy script writing. At least Sumeragi ditched her hooker top and adapted attire that made the assets more genki. I can see now that this is just going to be a fan service show, I just wish that they were a bit more honest about it. Let this series jump shark now damn it, the entire Sunrise team should have their heads examined if they still take them seleves seriously. Oh yes, armies go the beach all the time for volley ball and snorkeling during wartime, heaven forbid that armies mine and fortify them let alone invade them too…

I motion that the only sane person in that whole gaggle is that scraggly beard guy who was gawking at the camouflage. None of the meisters seemed the least bit interested, would not surprise me now if Setsuna was hardo gei for Ali al Serges and Halleujah was hard for his other self. I bet Tieria was Billy goat’s ex-lover, and Lockon uses Haro as a vibrator. What? You know this is why Sunrise does this right? They need to give the yaoi fanfic community all the ammo they need. As for hetro men and yuri gals at least we can start that bust ranking chart after we confirm that Christina and Wang aren’t stuffing of course. Oh and there was something about terrorism, and how gazongas are the solution for a peaceful world.

As is her lack of modesty. So much for aging gracefully with dignity…

So Greenpeace and PETA have spent 300 years growing some cajones to take protest to a new level. Honestly for a group that does is active in Europe they seem to like Union territory more. I guess the US has finally gone green and hippie. Lockon just knocked himself down a fuck ton of pegs with his “I will snipe them” remarks. Good grief he sounds like a sissy he might as well say I am going to poke you, or I’m telling teacher. Why the heck is CB so mad? Greenpeace and PETA don’t give a damn about people they care for the environment like a good bunch of tree huggers. I do think Sunrise chose hippies as a target so they can eat whale and dolphin that they traditionally kill with big metal ships and motor boats. No doubt they have been doing this long before the shoguns came to power. Why just the other day I saw an illustration of the Fujiwara ministers riding a motor boat killing whales with shotguns during the Heian period, I believe they were fans of Boston Whaler and Remington. Still you’d think after killing off all the whales and dolphins for “traditional” food that mercury and chemical poisoning would have had some effect on their children and stupid weaboo gaijin. Oh wait, that explains why Saji is retarded… Yep he’s a big fan of whale meat and boy does it show, slow reaction, stupid mannerisms, being hardo gei for his neighbor. That also explains why Louise goes shopping for clothes but never changes her outfit.

You were retarded to begin with. Your lack of mental capacity is not an excuse to keep you home its the law.

It’s really sad the Japs killed all the whales now that probe is going to kill us all and the US Military will lose their cetacean comrades. Thanks Japan I guess we all have to suffer more Shatner albums to satisfy you need for polluted meat. Suffice to say my successors will miss the days when dolphins can seals could help de-mine a harbor. As the bridge bunnies never encountered a shark I guess they were hunted to extinction as well for traditional meat. Same goes for Tuna or any other edible fish.


This Vader sucks, at least Darth Vader had the courtesy to strangle Ozzel for being as clumsy as he is stupid. This computer still lets Setsuna reveal CB secrets.

Even if Louise doesn’t want to go back home and complains about her mom being against her study abroad, I must agree with Louise’s mom. I too would have reservations about letting my retarded blonde daughter study abroad with Japanese doormats; she’d probably go shopping Azadistan or something. I also see that her clothes shopping mission was an epic failure too. Yep, it’s confirmed Saji is the mouthpiece of the Sunrise team. Of course terrorism affects us all. That is why military intervention is so desperately needed in this chaotic age. Besides even if the neo-cons are forever discredited the LDP can and will invade other countries to bring them democracy and PMCs…with guys shitting in buckets of course. Kinue thinks that there is something more to CB than their end all wars crap; at least there is one in the peanut gallery that has a glimmer of intelligence, even if she needs a bloody bath and a change of clothes. Man if all these people are hobos I want to have them as unlockables in Condemned 2. Hobo fights with players beating Saji to death with a lead pipe, hell yeah! It would be even better if Sega lets the player taze him too. Louise and Kinue mud wrestling huzzah! Tieria and Setsuna slap fight here we go!

Sorry Christina but this simply can’t work, and no that French Wine tour ain’t gonna make the gay go away.

Good to know that Sunrise is too damn lazy to look up places in travel brochures. Australia Mountainous Region, Union South America Jungle Region, and HRL Desert Region are such easily identifiable places… I guess we know who failed geography class. The least they could have done was to add, I don’t know, degrees longitude and latitude? Really Sunrise is Google Earth that hard to use or are you too distrustful of gaijin technology to use it? Setsuna’s car chase was so awful. Really he got out of his vehicle to shoot at a bullet proof car that was driving away…I guess he was eating whale meat too. Oh poor Mariana, the poor monarch had to debate a child about war. Setsuna does not believe in negotiation or diplomacy. People die in war, wow I guess most people didn’t know that. Why bother with negotiations? Setsuna says that letting both sides bleed white is the only way! Indeed Mutually Assured Destruction brings an age of peace that’s why there were no wars between 1946 and 1989. In fact people are dying by the millions along the DMZ at the 38th parallel, while the US and South Korea negotiates with North Korea to end the Korean War. The way I see it since people are dying regardless what’s the harm in an occasional meeting at a big round table? Yep emo-boy is infallible, talk is cheap blood will be spilled even during talks. Never mind that talks might end the killing a bit earlier…

I guess you people have never heard of Google…

I bet Kurdistan was stirring up some shit with Azadistan. After all emo-boy was not fighting to save his people, he killed his own family for bloody sake. Nope he was so hardo gei for Ali that he went to play jihad for him. Let’s see hawt genki queen with yuri minister or tall bearded dude with turban talking about jihad. I do believe the hawt genki queen’s country was fully justified in crushing the nation of emo-boy. Besides I can trust that Azadistan has made progress with a young monarch with choker instead of headscarf or some ugly looking male emir. Creating an emo-boy who does not believe in God does not bode well for progress, just because the fucker is a blasphemer doesn’t mean that there is no God. In fact I am pretty sure God hates emo-boy, so does Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I like how Mariana was sure that emo-boy was sent to kill her as Setsuna is a neo-con too. Setsuna as has been said before reveals his code name and the fact that he is a Gundam Meister. Oh still fighting is he? Wow talking about how he is Exia is dangerous business as is sharing neighborly love with Saji… In short Setsuna says that he will intervene in Azadistan because of their impending civil war. Speaking of interventions what happened with Celyon, did that end well or something?

Yes, your majesty he is as short as he is stupid. Shirin is still very much available and willing, as they say its good to be queen…Plus you don’t have to kneel down for a kissu.

As usual the Gundam pwn everything that moves, Lockon goes on about running out of mercy or some other such nonsense. The Bridge Bunnies go diving and Sumeragi tries to get some weird tan lines. The AEU was kind enough to leak all the information right to Wang Liu Ming, I guess Sunrise heard about how much I wanted to know precisely what her job was. Thank you Sunrise now I can mock her job as spy master too, how sad she needed the AEU to give her the needed information, heck Hoover got more with the FBI’s cointellpro. Ms. Wang has a meido army and does try to act womanly even if she is a bedfellow of Alejandro Corner. Since Ms. Wang has no real job that pays money I assume that she is brown bagging a lot of lunches like many a president-for-life. I wonder who La Idenda works for, my bet is on Sudan. Parting shot was silly, Setsuna goes off to find Mariana’s plane so he could stare down her chest. Even then he was not moved as his passion for Ali burned wildly in his heart. Even if Sunrise tries to make this work, Mariana is not only older and genkier; she is taller to boot. In fact Setsuna is going to have to tippy toe to kiss her. Will this be the most awkward pairing in Gundam history? Time will tell I suppose.

Good to see my most favored otome out of bed, and genki and deadpan as ever.

I was disappointed with the absence of Ali and Patrick. The lack of Soma and Graham was most annoying as well since I would have traded Lockon’s lines for some more Soma. Next time Soma (with new headgear) gets to show what she is made of and hopefully her first fight is going to be decent. I have high hopes for the only female with self respect in this pathetic cast. So I wonder what excuse CB is going to use to pick on the HRL…

No stuffing confirmed. Nice view. Yep Azadistan was fully justified in invading and crushing Kurdistan, that is most certainly not the figure face of a mad despot.

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  1. Posted November 27, 2007 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    1) When Saji and his sister were talking about the terrorist bombings I thought it silly how they said the families blamed it all on CB. Personally if my family was blow up I would you know, blame the people that blew them up, the terrorists. I think they misunderstood the chain of causation there.

    2) What kind of shitty terrorist network has three easily discoverable bases as their only bases of operation? You’d think after 300 more years of terrorism they would have grasped the function of having cells. And besides, why the hell would environmental hippies give a crap about CB? Enviro crazies would want to bomb people cutting down the rainforest, not a group that kills soldiers.

    3) The whole beach thing was pretty pathetic- hey our soldiers are out there fighting on our orders, lets get a tan! Pathetic, be a commander and lead them instead of having them commanded by the worst spymaster ever.

    4) They need to hire some internal security folks because their meisters keep revealing information to people. I mean that scene with desert queen was just bad. Pink shirt man needs to start beating the shit out of folks.

    Man, I think this show needs to be categorized as a comedy, because I end up laughing through most of it.

  2. chupacabra/link455
    Posted November 27, 2007 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

    What was the poor group you downloaded? cuz tl wise and edit wise sucks, now to what the real post is, don’t expect too much from a gundam series since the first 10 episodes, mostly they get good around episode 15 or 20

  3. Avisch
    Posted November 27, 2007 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    Good to see someone else besides me likes the HRL characters (Soma and Sergei). I like Segei because he’s probably the most sympathetic of the side characters. I also like Soma because she’s both mysterious and a bit of a foil to Sergei.

    Calawain: Damn f***ing right. Why the hell would you go enjoy the beach when your job is to OPERATE THE MISSION. “Oh we have to go to space later” that’s not something to say when people’s lives is on the line.

    On 00 in general. So far people have been comparing this to Gundam Wing. Though I actually prefer 00 than Wing (and not just because animation is better than it was in the 90’s)

  4. Soulshard
    Posted November 27, 2007 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    This show has Downs Syndrome. That’s how bad things have become with this episode. Cops that ask suspects to reach in their pockets? A world leader that dresses like an escort for negotiations and invites possible assassins into her limo? A worldwide terrorist organization with conventional bases of operation? This is Japanese G.I.Joe, complete with giant robots classified in two categories of ‘invincible’ and ‘other’, and breasts. And oh boy does Sumeragi exude Misato’s character (Evangelion), what with her laid back manner, clothing styles, and a wanton lust for cold beer. She’ll be donning the Soviet cap and jacket in ten or so episodes – I called it here first.

    Since Setsuna is supposedly the lead male role in this godawful series, lets start with him. Clearly he’s no Jason Bourne – but he doesn’t have to be since the series’ writers are bound to get Setsuna out of any bloody jam he’s in through circumstances I can only describe as stupid. Speaking of which, lets talk about Mariana, Relena Peacecraft’s long lost retard sister.

    The only sane reason I could have thought of, at that point in the episode, when Mariana saved Setsuna’s ass after taking a glance at him was ‘she must have been pretty damn horny’. But no, I’m not even given the benefit of logical scriptwriting. “Stop the car, I want to talk to this complete stranger that’s being held up by the police at gunpoint because I want someone to talk to.” She’s a world leader with a set of boobs, ass, and a hooker’s wardrobe. This must be one of those ‘she’s really 12 but we rendered her as an older person’ kind of deals.

    Even compared to the Heero x Relena relationship, this encounter was just downright wrong. At least Relena was a sane schoolgirl with teenage ambitions. At least Heero didn’t tell people he was a Gundam pilot. Heck, at least Heero doesn’t miss with his gunshots. Relena would just give you an invitation to her birthday party and start at the ‘we’re just friends’ level, while Mariana will take you into her limo and force a conversation on you about international diplomacy in her escort attire. The only thing that could salvage Mariana’s sanity is if she confessed how horny she was overseas to her lesbian lover/foreign policy advisor when she gets back to Azadistan or whatever the heck its called.

    Given the ‘plot progression’ this episode had to offer, I was surprised (somewhat at least) by how much filler there is in this episode. Seriously, most of the cast in this episode had at least one thing to bitch about. Perhaps the ‘fan service’ scene, where Sumeragi’s entourage goes for a swim, was supposed to offset the previous 15 minutes of complete boredom – but even that was very oddly placed. Despite Gurren Lagann’s (yes Gurren Lagann I went there) fanservice episode (#13?) being obvious filler, at least it had half of the episode devoted to fanservice and beach fun, and the episode was content with being a filler episode.

    And that is exactly one of Gundam00’s many many problems – it tries to stuff too much into a single episode. In this one episode, there’s a car chase, Gundam fights (if you can even call them that), a mobile armor (did anyone catch it’s name?), terrorist bombings, a ‘tense moment’ with the police (lol), a brewing romance between Setsuna and Mariana (you know Sunrise will just force this into being), that white dude doing an air patrol… somewhere, the old guy technician, AND Sumeragi’s BOUNCING breasts. At least previous Gundams devoted whole episodes to one thing – the mobile armor, the romance, the make-peace-not-war rhetoric. I didn’t think this series could do it worse than Tomino’s Gundam F-91 movie, but lo and behold here’s Gundam00.

    And terrorists, oh boy that’s a whole blog entry right there. It’s as if the scriptwriting team researched G.I.Joe and Cobra for how terrorist organizations operate. This is downright terrible. And what the heck are biometrics and all those initials Ms. Wang’s pet servant dude kept blabbering on about? What is wrong with a Gundam series that explains terminology before using it – does Sunrise have something against Tomino? At least I was told what the hell a ‘funnel’ was in an episode/movie.

    But at least there was a glimmer of hope in Ms. Wang concerning my theory that the Big Three governments are the real backers of the “terrorist attacks”, if only in part. Actually, Ms. Wang was the only good I found in this episode. I really like how she casts herself as a petite James Bond villain from the 70s, complete with a secret base, a secret island resort, and a pink private jet. Her pet slave dude is probably there as the mandatory ‘strong-man-that-fights-James-Bond-in-the-last-action-scene’ villain. It would have been completely awesome if Celestial Being was a typical villainous organization in a James Bond flick, with all the current Gundam pilots fighting James Bond the Gundam Meister.

    But something must have went wrong along the way, behind closed doors at the Sunrise corporate building.

    Something must have went terribly wrong.

  5. Posted November 27, 2007 at 11:20 pm | Permalink


    G00 started out so well… and it’s degenerated to this shit.

  6. (*A*)
    Posted November 28, 2007 at 1:32 am | Permalink

    chupacabra/link455:”What was the poor group you downloaded? cuz tl wise and edit wise sucks”


  7. YanLan
    Posted November 28, 2007 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    Seriously, I do not know what kind of story Gundam 00 really want to tell anymore. I mean, there’s so many focus points in one episode (I agree with Soulshard) that we as the audience do not know what to focus on…

    I am also curious why Setsuna will reveal his identity to Miriana. He even told her his real name (which I thought was his alias – apparently NOT -.-::)! I especially like the last scene where Setsuna in Exia looked at the plane where Miriam was in… is there a reason for that? But she definitely did not like to see the Gundam close up >> So much for a happy ending…

    I also agree with Soulshard – the SetsunaxMiriana pairing just looks downright wrong. One thing interesting about this would-be couple… They are supposed to be enemies (makes me think of CagallixAthrun in Gundam SEED n.n)

    Now, it seems to me Gundam 00 is still building up its plot. The real story should start in space. chupacabra/link455 is right too – “mostly they get good around episode 15 or 20″ – but seriously, it bores ppl this way u.u .

  8. ZeusIrae
    Posted November 28, 2007 at 6:17 am | Permalink

    The whole episode was ridiculous.God…….I am going to torture to death the sricpt writer once I find him.

  9. Posted November 29, 2007 at 12:06 pm | Permalink

    You know I couldn’t give a damng about Gundam but I come here just to read your captions under the images lol :D

  10. neko79
    Posted November 30, 2007 at 2:47 am | Permalink

    @hinano : hey me too! haha

  11. chupacabra/link455
    Posted November 30, 2007 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    hinano and neko79@:

    If you don’t give a damm then gtfo you attention whores.


    will you ever say what group you’re watching?

  12. Posted November 30, 2007 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    Sumeragi’s command style reminds me of how my old CO acted in GITMO, we turned rocks he had all the fun. I thank God that transfer season came when it did.

    I am also saddened by Commissar Tieria failing to shoot emo-boy in the back.

    I selection of fansub group aside I hope that is not the case because that means that only the next 24 will be worth watching, after Code Geass season 2.

    Soma is love, I like the HRL guys since they have acted like asses. Union was soiled by Billy goat…

    I motion that the all factions opposing CB shout Cobra! when firing wildly into the air. If Ms. Wang was Cobra commander that your be awesome, a crossover is waht this series needs. No more pretense and just a reeking stinking cheese parade would be more enjoyable. Upgrade Hong to Destro, Graham to Snake-eyes, and Soma to Storm Shadow and we’ll be set.

    I am not willing to write of Mariana yet, she just needs to realize what is important in life and reciprocate Shirin’s otome love. Even if Mariana is a fan of strapless, at least she did not adopt the abomination that was Sumeragi’s desperate 30 plus years barfly top…

    Its not shit its Sunrise!

    It is clear that Sunrise is really trying to set up the most awkward older woman emo-boy relationship…

    I am against torture, I am for pouring sugar into their gas tanks.

    @Hinano and neko79

    • Ryan
      Posted March 20, 2011 at 9:27 am | Permalink

      wait. you worked at gitmo? Wow.

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