All Heil Pain!


Naruto is one of the most frustrating and at the same time enjoyable Mangas I’ve ever read; frustrating because of its weak lead character, Naruto, and enjoyable because of its amazing storyline, character development and battles. I didn’t know where to start on this one. As you all know Pein-sama is fighting Jiraya so naturally I must talk about that but the same time Sasuke-Deidara fight was wonderful and I really want to talk about that one as well. Having that in mind, writing about that would require me to delete the Pein-Jiraya part since both have huge materials; so what do we do?

Sorry Deidara but I’ll have to go with your boss in this one!

Introductions are such pain in the ass. So I’ll do it my way. You know Pein and Jiraya? Yes? So let’s get in the chapters without me writing character bios! This review will cover chapters 365-379; almost 15 chapters.
As you all should know by now, I love falmes, flame-wars, flame-traps…Basically anything flamish so don’t hesitate to write about pretty much whatever you like in Naruto world in here ^___^
By the way, due to some tragic events, my highest quality scans are not in English! It is really hard to find a HQ Manga chapter that does not require membership to download them. In any case, let’s get to pein sama!

The first chapter starts after the Deidara Sasuke fight. Sasuke is injured and as you well know based on the logic of “bandage heals everything”, he is ready to start another fight by simply sleeping for a short time…
Anyway, Naruto is on the quest for Sasuke’s ass, to find him and bring him home. Sometimes I really wonder is Sasuke deserves a friend like Naruto. Naruto, as usual, uses one of the only three Jutsus he knows; his shadow clone to find Sasuke. However, it seems someone is in his way; Itachi.

Naruto’s strength
Before we go further it is time to evaluate Naruto’s strength. Arguably a source of great controversy and a never ending battle between Naruto fans, his strength has never been defined clearly in the Manga. After the supposedly 2.5 years of training under one of the best ninja’s out there, having a 9 tails beast inside, being the leading characters in the Manga(Manga is named Naruto for a reason!), you would think he has some type of especial power, that he is ready to face his enemies, that he does not rush to enemies like a retard, that he can prove himself. But NO! Not yet for some goddamn annoying reasons which are not clear to me. I seriously don’t get this logic. Why on earth should he be so goddamn weak? No speed, no battle plan, no especial Jutsu; Nothing. He completed (read advanced) a jutsu his father made in the first place. I want to see something that distinguishes him from the rest. His 9 tail beast was surpassed by Sasuke, his speed has been surpassed by almost everyone and his plans, well such thing don’t exist.

Now, after all that how is he going to fight Itachi? He sure should have some kind of a plan, right? He trained with Kakashi too. He should at least make Itachi move, make him a little surprised, right…RIGHT?



Ah well, itachi is too powerful for him, I understand. What about Sasuke? He can at least make some new moves right? I mean he trained for this day, he can at least make him stop for a moment, right?



Ah fuck. I give up.

Uchiha Madara and Yondaime


When I first saw this picture, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair! “Who would think of such things?”(a quote form C&C!) He even ordered pain! Since the Sasuke-naruto’s first encounter after time skip, I always wondered who this Madara guy was. In this chapter, one of the greatest mysteries in Naruto was solved, and then comes the second one; Pein is revealed and yet another one! Naruto’s father is also revealed!! Is there any mystery left in this Manga? Does Kishimoto really want to finish this as soon as possible?!

Since the very first chapter that introduced Yondaime, I wanted him to be somehow related to Naruto. He looked cool, badass, intelligent, brave and powerful, and well, basically everything his son is not! (Poor Naruto I’m really picking on him today!)

Side note, did Tsunade threw up because of the alcohol or is she pregnant? I’m probably thinking too deep!

God of War


Left: Your growth has indeed been stunted

Right: You’re as clumsy as ever.

And here Ladies and Gentlemen, comes my favorite character of this entire Manga, Pain/Nagato; the ultimate villain. He looks cool, his position is cool, the girl that accompanies her looks good, his hair style is cool(!) and above else he is the leader of Akatsuki. He orders Itachi around! That alone says a lot.

How can a child so innocent with such a great ideology (protecting his friends at all costs) suddenly turn evil? What happened to Yahiko, how did Konan transformed? We have to wait for those answers. But first lets talk about Nagato’s eyes; the ripple like pattern. It is said that among the three great eye techniques, those eyes are the greatest. But can they really surpass sharingan?


They created everything in the first place so they should! That being the case, why does Pain get his orders from Tobi then?? What the hell does this eye do anyway?

The last battle

Pein is just amazing; I really REALLY love him! Having said that these last few chapters hasn’t really shown us anything great about him. Yes he does summon big ass monsters, but that’s pretty much it. The only impressing thing so far has been the human summons, the same as Orichimaru. Do you get my point? Nothing especial for Pain as of yet. He is THE greatest ninja so please give us something extraordinary not just some half ass “he is great” speech by Tsunade. You see, that’s the problem I have with Naruto as well. There is only talk about his ability yet in reality he sucks. I want to see action not preach, for that I’ll go to church not the Manga. It seems the next chapter will be Pein-sama’s revenge, better yet pein-sama’s awakening; whatever you call it. I Want Him To Kick Ass No Matter Who His Opponent Is.

Overall, the recent chapters have been some of the best I’ve seen in Naruto! I hope the Manga continues this amazing style.

Btw, did anybody else notice this, Pain’s ring was on his right thumb but here it is on his left! What the hell…?!

It was originaly on the Right:


But now:


I tried really hard not to talk about details because doing so would make this really long and you know it, people don’t read long posts! I didn’t talk about Naruto’s mother being from the same country as Pein, Itachi Sasuke encounter, the softness in Jiraya when it came to torture, Jiraya’s especial Jutsu(which was pretty cool btw) and everything before these chapters! So feel free to talk about these as much as you like.

Do you think Pein-sama is going to win? Do you hate sasuke? Do you think Sakura is as useless as French Army in WWII? Do you think Naruto will ever grow as strong as his father? Do you think Assassin’s Creed is a piece of shit?!

Well, let us know what you think about Naruto. Let the conversation start \m/ d(-_-)b \m/

Btw, the artist of the nice Pain portrait is “Dynamic Dragon” from Mangahelpers.

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  1. D.J
    Posted November 30, 2007 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    Well it certainly doesn’t look good for poor ol Jiraiya-sama, he has lost an arm after all. Tsunade is betting on him not returning so that he will return.

    But this may be one bet she actually wins.

    I don’t hate Sasuke. Particularly after the scene back in Oto where it was made obvious while he would defeat the ninja Orochimaru-bastard (

  2. Posted November 30, 2007 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    Um why won’t it post my entire post?

  3. Posted November 30, 2007 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    @ DJ:
    it takes a little while for the post to be published

    The last chapter was amazing but the only thing i didn’t like about it was the idea of having 3 battles at the same time. And all 3 of them were important too! Naruto should stick with one battle at a time, finish it and move to the next one otherwise it will continue for at least 40 more chapters X___X

  4. Posted November 30, 2007 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    Oh okay, sorry.

    Hopefully someone will be able to delete my double post then.

    Yeah, I think what was so nice about the Deidara/Sasuke fight was because the majority of the focus was on that one fight instead of showing more than one going on.

    What interested me a little while back though, was the little snippet of Naruto and Itachi interacting. I really want to know what Itachi wanted to talk with him about.

    And even though Kishimoto has revealed a lot, I don’t think the manga is close to over at all.

    The Orochimaru/Kabuto mess is out there somewhere as is the rest of Akatsuki. And they have already collected some Jinchuuriki, what would happen to them?

    He could also go into more detail about the Legendary Swordmen of the Mist. We don’t know much of Kisame’s background after all.

    I mean unless he kills him, it has to go on long enough that we find out if Naruto becomes Hokage right? ^-^

  5. Linya
    Posted November 30, 2007 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    Well… you brought up some interesting issues with Naruto. I’ve found my initial love of this series degrading somewhat ever since the second arc began because I keep on expecting Naruto to kick-ass like he did in the first one (albeit clumsily). But come on! He got that strong in a few months during the first arc when he was 12 what has he been doing all these years? At least Sakura comes back completely upgraded and cool now. (I’ll admit she was a weakling and entirely too naive to be a ninja in part one, but she realized that and changed, so she’s cool). As is, I’m starting to get really mad at Kishimoto for not showing Naruto be in a cool battle yet…. he went from my favorite character, to hoped at character. I think he should be catching up to the Fourth, but as is, I’m really being disappointed.

    As for Pain, he is certainly intriguing! I wouldn’t say he’s cool yet–I need to see more of his techniques first. But did they really say that he was the leader of the Akatsuki? I thought that was someone else that we haven’t seen the face of yet… *is confused*

    As for length of manga: my guess is that it will take at least another 150 chapters, mostly likely more, just to tie up everything that’s currently going on. This is based on the speed of battles. *another thing, Kishimoto has really been taking his time drawing battles out to the maximun pages taken*

    As for what Itachi has been up too– well currently he’s my favorite character. I can’t help but wonder what he wanted to talk to Naruto about, why he kept Sasuke alive, but killed the rest of his clan, or what on earth Uchiha Madara guy has to do with it all. I can’t wait to see him fight! Esp. since he tends to use genjutsu, and we’ve seen so little of that in the manga so far. So fun~

    As for Sasuke, I think I should hate him for being a traitor and all around jerk, but I don’t. His forming a team was annoying, but I appreciate the explanation– for keeping other people away from the battle. Which makes me wonder just what happened during the years he was with Orochimaru. How many followers did that guy have?

  6. otaku otoko
    Posted December 1, 2007 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

    i think itachi is a spy for konoha, to keep tabs on madara. then as the usual story goes, itachi will agitate sasuke to make him fight his best and tell sasuke the truth when he(itachi) is defeated(fatally)

  7. Posted December 1, 2007 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    @Otaku otoko,

    That is something that I have been wondering myself recently. Itachi was an anbu after all.

    And the whole Uchiha massacre has me a little bit suspicious too. I mean just how far away from the main part of Konoha is the Uchiha district?

    How could a whole clan be murdered without anyone else seeing or hearing anything?

    Did Itachi actually do it himself? Was it Akatsuki? Or was it something even more disturbing than that? Was he ordered to do it by the higher ups in Konoha himself as a way of getting Akatsuki’s attention so he could infiltrate them and find out what they were up to?

    Or he could just be a homicidal maniac. Like I said there is plenty of material for Kishimoto to keep this going. We still don’t really know the circumstances surrounding just how Itachi ended up in Akatsuki right?

    @Linya, I had posted a really passionate response about why Naruto is strong in my first post but it got cut off. I’ll put it in this post.

    I hope Naruto grows as strong as his father. Maybe we’ll eventually get to see him use the flash step. And as for original jutsu, the rasengan was an unfinished jutsu. So since Naruto added the wind element to it and ended up developing the Rasen Shuriken, wouldn’t that count as his own jutsu?

    Also I don’t consider Naruto weak. Despite all he has gone through, he still puts his all into everything. Strength isn’t just measured, or at least in my book, be measured in the physical sense.

    Considering how he was treated growing up, he could have turned into a homicidal maniac like Gaara, back before Naruto knocked some sense into him. He could have turned into a cold as ice jerk ala Sasuke. I like Sasuke, god knows why, because lets face it, the guy is a total jerk. Running off and doing everything on his own instead of accepting the help of his friends. Of course maybe he just didn’t want them to get hurt, but eh who knows.

    But no. He isn’t jaded or cruel, he isn’t out to hurt people who hurt him. He always is willing to look for the good in someone. He stands up for what he believes in no matter what. He’ll fight until his last breath to help someone in trouble.

    He has faith in the abilities of his friends. He loves unconditionally and his enthusiasm knows no bounds. He’ll never give up and he’ll never surrender.

    Naruto is strong, he’s got the strongest heart of anyone in Konoha. He’s strong where it counts. You can’t change the world for the better with just your fists.

    Tsunade said that Naruto seems to have this special power to change people.
    He may use his fists to help knock some sense into them, but its view of life that endears people to Naruto not the power he possesses.

    Naruto weak? Nah!

    As for Sakura. No-one is as useless as the French army during WWII. I think she’s gotten a lot stronger and isn’t as much of a pain as she was when she first started out.

    The fight she put up with Chiyo was pretty decent and I really enjoyed seeing it animated on Shippuden.

    I would like to see her do more, but since this is a Shounen manga and she isn’t the main character its not very likely they’ll often make a point on focusing on her strengths. Although Chiyo did point out that she thought Sakura would one day probably surpass Tsunade.

    I agree about Sasuke too. Particularly after the scene back in Oto where it was made obvious while he would defeat the ninja Orochimaru put before him. He didn’t want to kill them. So I don’t think he’s gotten as evil as Itachi may or may not be, it seems Sasuke still has some humanity left.

    Pein is pretty cool and I would like to see more of his abilities myself. Especially since the Rinnegan is supposedly more powerful than the Sharingan and Byakugan. But is it more powerful than Uchiha Madara? If so why is Tobi the one giving Pein orders?

  8. Linya
    Posted December 1, 2007 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    @DJ: I agree with all your points about Naruto being strong– he is the reason I love this series after all. Naruto is one of my favorite mangas. I was absolutely obsessed with it for months (it’s the reason I became a fangirl, really, starting with the scene in volume *thinks* 2? where he sticks a kanai in his hand to prove his conviction.)–and still do whenever something really cool happens in the series. I was only saying that I expected a little more of Naruto in part II, BECAUSE he’s so great, hardworking and caring. It feels like Kisimoto is purposely not showing his strengths. *pout* and I really want to see them all.

  9. legend35
    Posted December 1, 2007 at 11:08 pm | Permalink

    I think Itachi killed his whole clan beacause his father asked him to do it.
    I think it has to do with Uchiha Madara and that goes for the saying keep your enemies closer. I think Itachi might turn out to be the good guy!!!!!

  10. otaku otoko
    Posted December 2, 2007 at 3:01 am | Permalink

    agreed i think he might be a good guy, he could simply kill sasuke in the earlier volumes, i think he wants to either tag team or empower sasuke to defeat someone he couldnt- madara.

    naruto still have quite a distance to go to master flash steps, if he ever masters.i think hes gonna find his second element soon, i am also curious if yin and yang can be merged.

    i also think theres a pretty big change in sasuke character since the initial team3/sasuke meeting, i believe kishimoto realised he made a mistake to make sasuke too cold.

  11. Posted December 2, 2007 at 6:23 am | Permalink

    Hunter x Hunter is my all time favorite… Naruto is my second…

  12. Posted December 2, 2007 at 6:23 am | Permalink

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  13. D.J
    Posted December 2, 2007 at 7:52 am | Permalink

    @Linya, I agree it feels like he’s holding him back a little. We can only hope that’s because he’s gearing him up to just astonish us all right?

    @legend35, that’s an interesting view too.

    otaku otoko, I think that is a very valid point too. It would certainly seem plausible that Itachi wants Sasuke to be stronger so that he can defeat Madara.

  14. anne
    Posted December 2, 2007 at 10:53 am | Permalink

    I don’t keep up with Naruto as much as I used to, but I didn’t know Sasuke had surpassed Naruto to such an extent. Well, from what we read lately he still doesn’t have his “full power” or whatever. To me Kishimoto’s Sasuke love has pretty much ruined the manga for me, since I LIKE Naruto (the character) and it pisses me off to read Naruto being owned again. I don’t get why Kishimoto refuses to make Naruto be an awesome lead character and still keep his Naruto goofiness. Like how Oda did with Luffy, who is a total bad ass when it warrants but still a total idiot most of the time. So frustrating I agree.

    Itachi I think is not going to end up being as evil as Sasuke thought and I thik Pein is going to win.

  15. D.J
    Posted December 2, 2007 at 4:36 pm | Permalink

    @anne, I agree it is irritating how once Naruto powers up, Kishimoto has to also power up Sasuke. So Naruto gets a new jutsu, so now Sasuke can surpress the Kyuubi. Ugh I was like OH C’MON!

  16. Posted December 10, 2007 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    OBITO is obviously madara…but is tobi obito? obvious similarities are the eyes..or eye my bad and a simple change in name from obito to tobi.

    Yondaime – part of the whole akatsuki scheme? he may be “dead” but i believe he is not. BECAUSE

    AKATSUKIS MAIN GOAL is to capture the jinchuurikis. why? dunno yet BUT they are not really akatsukis main goal..its MADARA UCHIHA.

    This couldmean that even tho he may have summoned KYUUBI (before the creation of akatsuki) and needed it for the future MEANING that someone with a holding/compressing technique would have to do it. WHO ELSE but the 4th, putting the kyuubi inside his son for an easier access

    SASUKE IS NOT MEANT TO BE HATED BECAUSE HE IS LOVED MY NARUTO (hence we share same sympathies with main character)

  17. Posted December 10, 2007 at 12:56 pm | Permalink


    well just a lil something is that when u watchin anime/read manga, during the akatsuki’s meetings, the characters are all shadowed obviously. but there is that one character with the similar hairdue as the 4th. (COULD BE PEIN BUT I THINK ITS YONDAIME). hint:all the other hokage’s have been seen dead (1st and 2nd hokage puppets by sasori, and 3rds funeral) 5th is alive (obviously) BUT 4TH1?!?!!?!?!?

    rinningan eyes > sharingan? dunno why pein takes orders from madara.

    tobi and pein are on the thumbs


  18. Naruto100
    Posted December 25, 2007 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    ermm……… i don’t think obito can be tobi cause obito kinda died and gave kakashi his sharigan eye……. and obito’s right eye got crushed, so he doesn’t he didn’t have the sharigan when he died or “supposedly” died according to u………… but it’s a interesting theory, i’ll look into it. And the fourth cant be the bad guy cause he’s dead and we can prove he’s dead cause orochimaru tried to bring Yondaime back to bttl the 3rd but he failed, and Yondaime’s seal that he used to seal the kyubbi killed him after the seal was completed. we know this cause the 3rd used the same seal against orochimaru.
    and if u read on in the manga, jiraiya actually does die =(

  19. Naruto100
    Posted December 25, 2007 at 3:51 am | Permalink

    !!!! but u mite actually be right cause orochimaru DID fail to bring back Yondaime, which might be because he isn’t realli dead……… And maybe Sarutobi only died cause he sealed the souls in HIMSELF and not in someone else like Yondaime did………. he might not be dead but i still cant see him as the leader of akatsuki

  20. otaku otoko
    Posted December 25, 2007 at 8:30 am | Permalink

    about orochimaru, i cant really accept hes gone, i think he will take over sasuke body when it is at it weakest, or when sasuke needs more power when fighting with a stronger opponent.

    about yondaime, i think hes really dead. if you read volume 14, there are actually 4 souls in the death god’s body, and sandaime said this jutsu was used by the “hero who saved this village”; it is referring to yondaime. and that all those who used the death god jutsu, their soul will be in the death god’s belly, not in the user.

  21. JUSTIN
    Posted January 1, 2008 at 10:32 pm | Permalink

    Oh i heard somewhere that the uchiha symbol is a fan that is symbolizes fanning the flames. orochimaru left akatsuki cuz he found out madara’s plan which is to summon the fire god. so he left and went on the pursuit of sasuke where was eventuall ykilled. but kabuto surgically implanted some of orochimaru body parts onhim..which are slowly consuming him. i think orochimaru wants sasuke’s eyes to summon the fire god on his own…why else would he want to kill all akatsuki?

  22. John
    Posted January 5, 2008 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    Didn’t Naruto kill Kakuzu, or does that not count?

  23. shika_sharingan
    Posted January 21, 2008 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Well I haven’t read much of the magna
    but I have bee looking around and I found this
    1. The Uchihas have an odd sense of humour. Their meditation garden grows in the twisted, tangled shape of the Mangekyou Sharingan, with horrors at every turn.

    When he was six, Sasuke got lost in it for two whole days.

    2. It was Itachi who realised the little boy was missing.

    It was Itachi who found him.

    3. Itachi knows exactly what Sasuke wants

    He knows it better than Sasuke himself.

    4. But he doesn’t love Sasuke.

    He never did.

    5. Itachi is a very accomplished teenager.

    Arguably, his greatest accomplishment is his ability to lie to himself.

    6. Sasuke is afraid of the dark. Always has been, always will be. He hates the moans and groans and screams and cries and whimpers he hears when the sun goes down, when it’s so dark even the moon doesn’t show. His uncle used to rock him to sleep; his mother used to leave a night light on, specially for him.

    They told him it was only the wind he heard.

    7. Itachi is also afraid of the dark. He, too, is afraid of the things the darkness brings (and the things that bring darkness).

    Unlike Sasuke, though, he knows the truth.

    8. Sasuke hates Itachi for killing the entire family. He wonders why he did it.

    He secretly hates Itachi for not killing him when he had the chance.

    9. Itachi hates himself for killing the entire family. He knows why he did it, though.

    He secretly hates himself for not killing himself when he had the chance.

    10. The Sharingan is matrilineal. The entire clan was very well aware of this by the time they hit their hormones. It is stronger when both genetic contributors are users of the Sharingan, but it is still fully matrilineal.

    When Sasuke came to realise this, he also realised that the Sharingan is well and truly dead.

    11. Because it’s matrilineal (and there is no way this secret can be exposed to the world), the Uchihas are almost as horrifically intermarried as the Hyuugas. Give them a sandwich, and they are their own family picnic.

    Mikoto married her own cousin.

    12. Sasuke has six toes on each foot, just like his father. He likes the extra toes.

    They give him extra speed; extra balance.

    13. Itachi, like Obito, was born with webbed feet. His hands were also webbed, but that was fixed before he even left the hospital.

    He hates his oddity.

    14. Most Uchiha are born blind. It the sign that they carry the Sharingan, that early blindness. It usually passes by the time they are six. But that is a secret no one else may know.

    It means Uchiha hearing is as good as the legendary Uchiha sight.

    15. Itachi will be blind in three years.

    Sasuke will be blind in nine.

    16. Before Mikoto died, her son identified himself so that she’d know who was killing her.

    She knew before Itachi even opened his mouth. She wasn’t so blind she couldn’t recognise her own son.

    17. As Itachi raised his katana to kill her, Mikoto held still. As he prepared his strike, she asked him to stab her through the heart, one last favour.

    Ever the good, dutiful son, Itachi complied.

    He cried as he stabbed his mommy.

    18. Uchihas have an odd sense of humour. Their appreciation for irony is legendary.

    So surely they recognised the irony of being killed by their own greatest weapon.

    19. Sasuke will never know why Itachi massacred their family. Itachi made sure of that. He killed off anyone who knew.

    It’s Itachi’s burden to bear, not his baby brother’s.

    Sasuke doesn’t need to know.

    20. All Uchiha are blind. Oh, sure, they say they can see, but truly, the only thing they can see is the chakra, the power. They are born blind. Then the world comes to them in a swirl of vibrant hues. The colours are soon covered by a scarlet haze. Next, this haze darkens to the shade of the old blood decorating their hands. Finally, the world returns to darkness, like when they were young and innocent, only it is now shot through with threads of red, threads of chakra, threads of power.

    They are born blind.

    In life, they are blind with the power.

    Blind, they die.

    Can someone tell me the real reason why itachi massacre his family
    or if there really is another reason

  24. deidara
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  25. ahmad ali
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  26. Tommy Vercetti
    Posted April 18, 2008 at 3:30 pm | Permalink

    @ shika_sharingan -“Can someone tell me the real reason why itachi massacred his family
    or if there really is another reason”-


    According to me the reason Uchiha Itachi has wiped out his whole clan, except his little brother, is because he needs another Mangekyou Sharingan user to accomplish his plan.

    To make a long story short:

    The origin of the Uchiha clan lies with Uchiha Madara. Madara was the son of a girl from the Hyuuga clan who married to Sojobo, the King of Tengu (a crow-like creature with beak and wings). Because of his father’s demonlike nature the Byakugan he inherited with the Kekkei Genkai from his mother, evolved into a new form –the Sharingan-. However as Madara grew older he found out his father’s real intentions… Sojobo wanted to use a son of his own blood as a container for his demon self. Madara didn’t plan to let that happen without a fight and so he planned to kill his father. Although he had very strong powers in him (from both the oldest clan of the leaf village and his demon father) he knew he was no match for Sojobo. Out of desperation he sought for the legendary Bijuu—Kyuubi (the God of Fire). Kyuubi was very impressed by Madara’s abilities. A secret pact was made and Kyuubi agreed to lend his power and chakra to Uchiha Madara. Soon Madara mastered the katon (fire element) and he could even cast a dark fire that would burn for 7 days and 7 nights after performing the Amaterasu. But even with these newly gained powers and a huge supply of chakra from the Kyuubi, Uchiha Madara was only able to beat his demon father by a hair’s breadth. He couldn’t finish him once and for all but only managed to seal him up. However, the seal he used was a very special one. To break the seal it requires the Kyuubi’s chakra and also not one but 3 Uchiha members who can wield the Mangekyou Sharingan. Each MS user has to cast a different MS jutsu at the same time and when the 3 jutsus–Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu and Susanoo–combine, the great evil will be unleashed. It’s a tall order and Madara thought it would be enough to seal up the demon for eternity. But what Madara didn’t anticipate was that this seal itself would bring a bloody massacre upon his own clan many decades later…

    Years later a prodigy child was born in the Uchiha clan, his name was Itachi. Itachi didn’t like the way his clan limited their own powers and he dispised the way his clanmembers didn’t live to be such superior beings as Madara.

    “You hold onto your organization, your clan, your name…These things limit us and our capacities…These things deserve to be shunned…It’s foolish to fear what we have yet to see and know!!
    I’ve lost all hope for this pathetic clan.”

    From the moment Itachi heard about the origin of his clan he felt a weird sense of pleasure and superiority. He felt he was somehow more special than the others. Then his sick and twisted mind had gone even further. He wanted to set the tengu free. He was willing to sacrifice his body in exchange for probably the strongest power the world had ever seen. He was ready to offer his body to the Tengu King.

    Soon Itachi had put his thoughts into action. When he learned about the Akatsuki’s plan to capture the Bijuus he decided to join them. He needed their help to get the Kyuubi’s chakra. But that’s not all. Itachi still had to find another 2 MS users. After awhile, he came across a second MS user who agreed to help him carry out his plan. Now all he needed was the third and last MS user.

    Itachi knew his clan members would never kill their loved ones to get MS. He despised them. They were a bunch of cowards, useless …oh wait, Itachi suddenly came up with an idea—he could still use them to achieve his purpose. He could use them to make his little brother the third MS user…

    On a full-moon night, the ancient blood inside Itachi finally awakened and he had completely lost his mind. He killed his entire clan including his parents. Then he waited for his little brother Sasuke to come home. He wanted him to know he was the one who did it. He used Tsukiyomi on his brother to make sure such a traumatic picture would stay with him for the rest of his life. He wanted Sasuke to hate him. He wanted Sasuke to hate him enough to kill his own friend and activate the Mangekyou Sharingan. He told him about the secret meeting place so that he would find out everything. He wanted Sasuke to take the path he had paved for him—the path of an avenger…

    …Why Itachi killed his whole clan exept his little brother…
    …Why Itachi needs Sasuke to have activated Mangekyou Sharingan…
    …How Itachi joined Akatsuki…
    …Why Itachi only cares for releasing the demon of his clan…

    I hope I didn’t spoil to much for you fans out there…
    Greeting, Tommy Vercetti

  27. itachi
    Posted March 5, 2009 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    tommy thats all true that you said

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