Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye

Well in a way once Sheryl broke out that flag it might as well have been a championship banner.

DYRL Minmay meet your new Ranka Counterpart. Luca has sister? Cathy and Leon never got it on? Leon is more devious than Grace? Best Ranka ever losing to nerfed Sheryl? Does this condensation work and Mr. Kawamori just created the best new age hippie drug ever or is this so heavy handed that only Brera could pull it off? Would the real AI-kun please stand up? Welcome to another post about Macross Frontier which will be the last to deal with new material, but now I get to gloat about how I WAS RIGHT.

If you thought Ranka would win with more retcon get ready for a wave of disappointment as Captain Wlider goes surfing all over that big kahuna formed by Ranka nation’s tears. The Great Frontier Shipping War is over! So let this new age of Alto-himexSheryl Peace last for all eternity. So much to say so many of my wishes fulfilled, probably not a shoe in for best movie ever, but very much Macross in your Macross.

Alto-hime and Sheryl Together Forever and Never to Part

I know this isn't a yuri show but I appreciate the effort.

Kawamori promised resolution to the love triangle and instead gave me vindication. I just want to say to the naysayer of the Alto-himexSheryl, I finally get definitive proof from the desk of that new age hippie so EAT IT. I’ll remark on Movie Ranka later but I must say the movies rushed Alto-hime and Sheryl together at a very accelerated pace. It is unavoidable I suppose given the time constraints but I do miss the long courtship that was the series if only because the journey was so much easier to savor, with all the small steps they took through good times and bad. It was a bit heavy handed, but so was the rest of the movie where the mystery was killed with plenty of explanation for the mouth of Brera (I’ll get to him later). I never liked Movie Alto-hime much, I can accept that he had some gender identity issues, but the way it gets handled makes me gag at times. Sometimes we see hime getting all emotional and then Sheryl is in trouble and then hime throws on that Goth-Lolita outfit without complaint. I chalk it up more to Kawamori laying the ground work for his Macross in your Macross Movie when the 30th Anniversary hits than inept story telling. Much of the movie feels as if you get ham acting and I would not be the least bit surprised if Brera used this as a vehicle to defame hime’s good name.

Certainly the sense of duty I respect so much is utterly absent along with the atypical way hime got to be a pilot (by that I mean taking a punch and going through tons of abuse to prove worthy of the VF-25). Sheryl also gets knocked down a bit as she is lumped into a more elaborate Galaxy vs Frontier subplot than there was before. In the series Sheryl pretty much did the right thing more often than not, she rarely showed a real ugly side, but in the movie we get the question of whether or not Sheryl considered killing Ranka to save herself. Furthermore we get a whole lot more “damsel in distress” when she gets locked up when Leon figures out the Galaxy infiltration time table. Still at least they kept Sheryl’s willingness to die for her song even if they kind of nerfed her willingness to die for the people of Frontier who had cast her aside.

I liked how they managed to roll in parts of the manga and give me an Alto-hime kabuki show. It was decidedly cute and adorable how loli-Sheryl was fan-girling shouta-Alto and making a childhood promise. This is in of itself almost a clear declaration of DESTINY between the two, and it was a rather sly way to legitimize parts of the manga. Given the childhood encounter there should be no surprise that the Alto-himexSheryl Ship sailed off into the distance. It was kind of bittersweet, but then again other than Macross Plus this is usually how the new happy couple ends up. Hikaru and Misa went MIA, Shin and Sara went MIA, Isamu and Myung were alive and well but Guld was KIA, and now we are left with Alto-hime being MIA and Sheryl being catatonic. We do get a little more sugar than usual with the implication that Sheryl will one day wake up and Alto-hime does return. Still Ranka is the odd one out despite all the changes that were made (many of which were in her favor) given the bittersweet tone I think this was given more writing time rather than it being a flip of the coin. In the end I can live with that because that is usually the end we get for Macross, the no decision I suspect was a ploy to get all of us worked up enough to see the movies. It worked even though there are some major continuity issues to deal with.

Sharon Apple’s Legacy

I hope that this trend of Macross Super Concerts continues.

While the Macross Frontier team managed to spend money and time on gorgeous delicious DECULTCHA mecha battles, they went above and beyond what was needed for the concerts. From Cosplay Party that was Sheryl’s concert forbidden elixirs to Ranka’s super bubbly rot your teeth teddy bear rain affair, it was just MIND BLOWN. Maybe one day a concert can involve the audience in such a manner. If nothing else more Sheryl yuri self-cest was rather captivating, also it was more well within my demographic than Ranka making it rain teddy bears, but that VF-1 integration was nice. They really over did themselves with the theatrics no matter you other issues with the chose mecha hating included the concerts were just on a whole different level. I kind of like the new songs that were introduced in the two films I can’t find one I simply hate but that being said I take no issue with Rick Astley or Blue Oyster Cult as well. I do miss some of the old songs but I suppose that given how some of them were pretty old by the time the movie debuted it was inevitable they would try adding some new tracks.

Other instances of Kawamori remembering love, he is still rocking the Fire Bomber thing as if Macross 7 wasn’t that bad. I just loved how he made SMS make a Fire Bomber tribute band to back up Ranka even if it came at the cost of a gender conflicted Alto-hime dressing up in goth-lolita garb with nary a complaint and looking pretty trappy in the process. For all the crap we gave Kawamori about the Battle 7 transformation scen, I am glad he finally gifted all of the mecha-tards a Battle Frontier transformation up close. Also I did miss having a Diamond Force headed by one Gurnt of Grunts, Machida, but I’ll take the Isamu Dyson cameo (IT WAS HIM I TELL YOU).

Loli-moe St. Ranka

Nanase might not be your best bud but she'll always be a fan.

Unfortunately unlike Do You Remember Love, False Songstress and Wings of Goodbye are two different movies and this leaves the question of how to distinguish Macross Frontier Ranka from Movie Ranka. For now I’ll just use Loli-moe St. Ranka until I find a better term for the new and improved Ranka. At any rate I must say Ranka got a complete makeover, gone is the unsure, overly-naïve, passive Ranka. More importantly gone is the Ranka that waited for Alto-hime to come to her, the Ranka that fluffed her song so badly that that Ai-kun’s buddies wrecked Frontier, and gone is the Ranka that ditched Alto-hime to go find Ai-kun’s home with Brera. If you have no knowledge of how big of a failure Ranka could be you would probably think that Ranka was a saint, and at worst so saintly to the point of being an infallible Mary Sue. Loli-moe St. Ranka is much more considerate of Alto-hime and much more aware and honest than Sheryl. Loli-moe St. Ranka is all about going with her gut and making much more reasonable arguments for the Vajra instead hiding Ai-kun and forgetting duty and obligation. It’s an improvement but there are times when it does feel heavy handed.

So the whole MF Ranka string of failures is erased and Sheryl ends up looking worse for wear this time around. It even goes to the point where Ranka gets to take the final battle scene (the SherylxAlto-hime kiss from episode 24) for herself. It did not end in a kiss and curiously enough because the Macross Zero Movie was taken out Ranka never does get to land a kiss. I suppose the lack of a kiss was a sign of things to come, but I am not sure whether or not this does redeem Ranka’s character. It is a very drastic change because those failures of MF Ranka caused a fan revolt of sorts and while Loli-moe St. Ranka is arguably a better person it comes at the cost of being almost no correlation between the two other than liking Alto-hime. I do find Loli-moe St. Ranka to be irritatingly faultless at times but I do like her more than MF Ranka, still I shed no tears when I got Resolution/Vindication in the end. Besides using her anti-bodies is a better explanation to Sheryl’s survival than the magic plus Ranka slap.

Brera making things Bretter (Smoothing over Continuity Issues)

I like how Brera stooped so low as to lie about giving brotherly advice about how hopeless Ranka's hime chasing was.

Ranka may have been in the most need for a revamp, but in Brera’s case it wasn’t even necessary yet at the same time he gets way more screen time. This makes me think again that this whole production is a movie within a movie, given how way cooler this movie Brera is compared to that dull drone from Macross Frontier. I have no major issue with the more involved Brera because the movie within a movie nicely solves the continuity conundrum, and besides with Brera’s increased commando actions we get a lot more mecha action namely that of cyborgs vs ground troops and EX-Gear Infantry. I do like the increased EX-Gear infantry action, as it makes things more mecha on a smaller scale, not to mention make me drool over the thought of having one. EX-Gear infantry hunting down cyborgs is a decided improvement over EX-Gear searching for panties as well.

The thought of having the post MF Brera starring as himself is a very attractive out given his increased presence as well as him being the one to land the coup de grace to the final boss. It stands to reason that if this were the case the wussification of Alto-hime as getting slapped around and shown up by everyone except Luca makes perfect sense as Brera slandering hime and rubbing it in as an over paid one role action star. Moreover it makes him look way more heroic and much more than a drone that really had a kind of minor role as Grace’s gopher. Admittedly Grace was kinder and gentler in the prequel manga, but here Grace is given a full pardon even if it means that Leon was the one to make her a sucker. It’s hard to argue that Movie Brera isn’t better if only because the action scenes where he is involved are much more kinetic. It’s also hard to ignore how much credit Brera is getting for offing the evil Galaxy overlords and nearly single handedly defeating the mid-boss, all the while telling Alto-hime how hime can’t keep up. It’s almost the complete inverse of Kaifun who was a total ass in SDF but all but invisible in DYRL (which I chalk up to Kaifun threatening to sue the production company).

If this is a Brera production then it also gives a very good reason why there are so many differences between the movies and Macros Frontier. In MF you had Leon and Cathy in a relationship, but now that the war is over I am pretty sure post MF Cathy would disavow all knowledge of ever dating Leon at any point in her life. That’s just one of the smaller things but the important things that happened in MF like the Frontier Fleet being totally outmatched more often than not, Ranka being partly responsible for the massacre after crygate, Leon pulling off a military coup, and how close Grace got to being supreme overlord are not mentioned. Instead we have some instances of whitewashing if this was a case of Macross in your Macross. In the final two episodes Frontier was alone in facing the Vajra threat with help being too far away, but in the movie the Vajra never make the assaults on the other fleets and Earth and instead NUNS does come to the rescue of a beleaguered fleet. Given the less grimdark feel of the movies it stands to reason that after the events of MF the authorities in NUNS were unwilling to acknowledge that its colony fleets were essentially isolated and unable to assist other fleets over long distances. Furthermore the Zentradi uprising on Galia 4 is not mentioned at all since admission that there are still some Zentradi who long for the old ways within NUNS would probably stir increased xenophobia between Zentrans and miclones. Ditto with the fact that the Zentradi habitat which was intact was the one sacrificed during the crygate massacre. Most damningly of all the loss of the 33rd Marine Fleet garnered no noticeable response from NUNS, even if they were rebel elements within that fleet it’s loss could have hardly gone unnoticed, if it was ignored then it doesn’t make NUNS look any better.

Grace getting redeemed and the other overlords getting a face full of quantum rifle, provides a convenient end to a threat that wasn’t really over. Admitting that there was a duel between the Galaxy Fleet and the Frontier fleet would expose how members of the NUNS charter can flaunt it in the vastness of space, that cooperation that NUNS is supposed to bring doesn’t always work. Moreover in MF only Grace’s body was destroyed along with Battle Galaxy, the main island itself is never accounted for so it is possible that the prevailing powers do not want to make it public knowledge that the people who were so close to galactic domination are still out there. Making Leon a bigger bad and President Glass a mere puppet also saves the Frontier Fleet and NUNS plenty of embarrassment over how an officer can go rogue and how a military man with ambition can pull off a coup against the civilian authorities. Besides if Leon is being made the scapegoat along with President Glass neither can argue because one is dead and the other is under arrest.

If the truth is that NUNS had glossed over the loss of the 117th Research Fleet and covered it up to the point that it was only whispered amongst those in power with no all-out united effort made to discover the reasons for the loss and the mustering of a unified response, then the NUNS Fleet coming to the rescue in the movie sounds rather Orwellian. The jarring sudden understanding of the Vajra in the movie stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming ignorance that the Frontier Fleet had. Perhaps NUNS didn’t want for the public to know that they were capable of gross incompetence, or the mere thought was terrifying enough that the production staff did not want to contemplate it. As for the advent of Loli-moe St. Ranka if the events of MF were true then Brera is at least making a concerted effort along with those who know to cover it up and make Ranka pretty much blameless. Perhaps this film is part of Ranka’s attempt to rehabilitate her image after what had happened, no one knows how her mopey song only aggravated the Vajra even more, nor do too many people know that she fled her duty and wound up being Galaxy’s pawn. All everyone knows is that Macross Quarter did disappear on the eve of battle and so did Ranka, so now in the movie we get a much more sanitary explanation regarding her disappearance.

I like seeing big fleets, but I have doubts that this is how it went down.

Other inconvenient truths include how Luca was very cooperative when it came to Leon’s experiments, having this sister in clear and present danger come out of nowhere does give Luca and LAI a much better out than Luca being ready and able to sacrifice others and the homes of others for the sake of avenging Michael or protecting Nanase. Michael living makes it a far happier affair for the fans and for Klan, but it also excuses Ranka for being tangentially responsible for Michael’s death. I have to say though I like Macross Frontier more for the depth it gave to the background and to the cast, gone are the developments for the minor characters, gone is Richard Bilrer, gone is that darker side of Macross, gone is the mystery and the guessing game we all played when Frontier first aired. It’s not all bad though the Vajra get some new bug types albeit some that do look miclone inspired with the turrets (an convenient out for using human equipment to portray the bugs), and we get that nifty Tornado pack along with up-gunned Macross Quarter. For Ranka fans you got the best Ranka ever who was faultless and blameless with nary a mistake.

Of course this leaves the issue of the love triangle, to that I’d say Alto-hime and Sheryl really did shack up and not wanting to embarrass Ranka over how she fell in love with a stranger and never really courted hime effectively, she gets to be an initial friend who knew Alto-hime fairly well instead of being ignorant of how Alto-hime was a big kabuki star. Besides there is also no need to remind the public how Sheryl was all but forgotten during Ranka-mania, and how Sheryl stepping up makes them all look rather superficial and small.

You don’t have to accept or entertain the idea that these two films will be the Macross in your Macross come the next series, but if you do it does add some interesting points instead of Kawamori flaunting continuity as he likes to proclaim he does. I for one think that this is a distinct possibility for all the claims we Macross fans make of Kawamori and his bong smoking hippie ways he is capable of intelligence and is probably well aware of how shady humans can be since he is hopelessly in love with modern fighters and current fighter design trends. I for one suspect that it is impossible to divorce love for fighter jets from how they are employed. If this is the case then it does make False Songstress and Wings of Goodbye more than fan wank super concerts and mecha battles with the bonus being a resolution for the love triangle that a good number of us had strongly suspected. Perhaps Kawamori is making a jab at how fictional portrayals of an event can trump history, it wouldn’t be the first time and it wouldn’t be the last. Perhaps this is his way of answering criticism of how Ranka was portrayed and he is daring all of us to overlook Ranka’s MF failings in favor of her new bubbly portrayal. It wouldn’t be the first time he took a swing at the fanbase, nor would it be the last, and let’s not forget that he did take a swing with Battle 25’s transformation.

If you don’t accept the notion of the movies being Macross in your Macross, then you have plenty material to deal with. What remains consistent was how Alto-hime and Sheryl met, Ranka was at the time a nobody while Sheryl was a big star, the characters are all there but now which personality is the closest to the true character? Was Ai-kun always that cutesy or did he transform into something all the more buggy as in the manga and the series? Was Leon cleverer than Grace? Did the Macross Galaxy threat end? Was there ever a 33rd Marine Fleet? How much did NUNS really know? Did Frontier confront the Vajra alone or did NUNS manage to send in a fleet to relieve them? Did Michael live or did he die during the course of events? Plenty of loose ends and plenty that you would not be able to neatly tie together, and it would be interesting what is made of this a few years down the line.

Final Thoughts

I wished for a kabuki show and I got one. I can see how brokenness followed Alto-hime's productions.

In the end though you can believe what you want, and if nothing else I think this film at worst is mindless entertainment on a very pretty and impressive scale, and at best this was Kawamori’s jab at fan criticism and an open invitation to how we want to resolve the continuity issues the two films present. I loved it and I do enjoy the fact that I got vindication with the resolution of the love triangle. I like my shipping wars, especially when my ship emerges victorious. Visually it has to be some of the best this year, in terms of soundtrack, I like it but I am no authority on music. Pacing is where these two films have issues with much of the information simply given to us in chunks and the film just asks new viewers to take it for granted. For the diehards of the Alto-himexSheryl Camp this is some delicious vindication for the forum wars and the inter-fan strife. For the Ranka shippers well, I just want to make it clear I TOLD YOU.

Final Grade: A-

Warning: Do not take if you are uncompromising on continuity issues and are unable to cope with Kawamori being a troll. Do not take if your world will shatter if Ranka doesn’t win. Those who suffered a negative reaction Macross in general and Macross 7 on particular are advised that taking Wings of Goodbye requires acceptance of Macross 7. Do not take if you despise mecha and pop music. Side effects include excessive KYAA, Hyperactive DAWWWW, visions of Sheryl self-cest, Alto-hime Trappiness Syndrome, confusion, Vajra Stomach Flu, Alto-himexSheryl vindication, smoking for Kawamori’s bong, super happy ending, GARby withdrawal, Mecha overload, and Isamu Irritation Syndrome. Please contact your parents for a shoulder to cry on if you ignore this warning due to your excessive and ill-advised bravado. Chaplain Crusader should be notified as soon as possible for your tough shit card so that you may be pardoned for your failure and/or inability to read.


Oh Alto-hime you'd might have pulled if off if you dressed up as a girl.

Who is this mysterious shouta-con?

They can't believe it Luca beat Michael.

No chili-dog date but hey no incriminating relationship with Leon.

I really hope it works out for Monica I really do.

I always suspected that Sheryl was broken some years before 2059.

Say hello to your Ranka Godmother.

I really dig how they transitioned over to the four man schwarm during wartime and ditched the three man vic formation..

I am pretty sure that Luca is happy that he doesn't have to fly around in the VF-171EX.

I am glad they kept the armor pack.

Nuclear, errr reaction tipped death never looked so majestic.

I still think the additional guns to the main battery of new Vajra make them more of a human design.

Man I wonder how they manage to man all the Uragas and Guantanamos given their loss rate.

Always aiming high...

I wish they added speakers to the hardpoints.

I really like how they managed the scale of things.

Well I guess they had to include Alto-hime getting shot down, I just had no idea they would go for an upgrade.

I am surprised that Sheryl never turned Alto-hime fan-girl when she saw hime again.

I guess somethings never change.

I kind of miss our evil overlord, at least that way she pilots a VF-27.

Yep hime is still the better at domestic chores.

I need to do that with all my apples.

I don't know at this point can we chalk it up to this dress of her's as cursed, kind of like the Greg Maddux's Curse?

Man this is just too cool, EX-Gear hit squads.

Well let it never be said that there were no good uses for the VF-171.

HOLY SHIT a McVeigh?

I was wondering when they would make Alcatraz a prison again.

Luca had a sister? She dated Leon?

I don't mind this mid-movie upgrade, looks a little more futuristic and more like the YF-19.

Yeah I know I too lament the lack of bonding time for the bridge crew.

Ranka's demographic.

Say what you will about NUNS at least they know how to MASS PRODUCE.

Hell yeah tribute band time.

I guess prison does reform some Zentradi.

All that is missing is the flower girl.

I am getting flashbacks of Princess Princess.

At least in this version Basra gets together with Mylene.

Glad she had not serious slip ups.

How very appropriate that Klan gets to be Mylene.

I have to say Ray never looked so lovely.

I know you had us all fooled.


Michael wasn't the only one to survive I see.

Some of these ships look like modified Denebs.

Either way President Glass wasn't going to make it.

Fucking finally it is transformation time.

Not the send off that Ranka wanted.

I bet Sheryl would love to steal hime's hagomoro.

Good to see that Sheryl's life wasn't just tyranny and oppression under Grace.

She must like Tennyo.

Its rare for the girl to be the one giving flowers.

Sadly not even loli-Sheryl could win in star power.

I am disappointed that Sheryl didn't seal the promise with a pink swear.

Well that's one way to earn you flag rank.

Man Richard Bilrer seems to have quite a personal fleet.

The Vajra Trinity.

Almost like old times.

Remember no slapping.

Hell YEAH Ground assault.

Brera was like yeah, Brera really was the hero in that war all assertions that Brera was a dull drone with no personality are FALSE! Then his agent Scott Boras was like Hell yeah and we want 275 Million plus producer credit and royalties.

I remember the parting shot happening rather differently.

Showing some more Mazross Zero Love.

Rejection time.


Comeback time.

Confession time.

Happy time.

I kind of wished Tokugawa was going to show up with macronized Zentradi.

RankaxPlanet, what you thought the Mao line of the Nome family was doomed to be unhappy?

Much better done than the magic, still so sad...

A happier parting shot, but not too happy for Luca and Nanase.

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  1. Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:05 pm | Permalink

    I’m generally not hung up on the same things as you, and will cover different things as I go over the film over several posts.

    But yeah, fags be and Rankafag butthurt will rise against the Sherylfag gloating.

    But in any case, this was the best ending ever. It made sense, Ranka’s place was good, her character wasn’t a pile of fail, though I must admit far less interesting than the wreck from the TV series.

    I don’t think Sheryl was nerfed, she’s as awesome as she ever was and perhaps more so. As far as I’m concerned, the most awesome female anime character ever. Post to follow.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

      Yeah dud do your own thing, we can love Macross each our own ways, besides your the English professor I am a mere E-5 with a science degree.

      But hey the gloating is inevitable given the quasi shipping war that took place in the years since the non-resolution.

      The ending was much better done even if it was bittersweet. As for Loli-moe St. Ranka the absence of challenges did make her less interesting and way about criticism.

      I would say Sheryl thinking about harvesting Ranka’s organs part of the nerfing along with taking away Sheryl being the one to step into the breech that Ranka left behind. That was part of Sheryl’s charm, that sense of duty and that willingness to die for Song and People.

      • Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

        LOL English professor.

        Sheryl’s heroic sacrifice moment was god-tier. That was tons better than her moping in the TV series — which provoked the worst moment in the show (the RANKASLAP ugh).

        And yes, Ranka is rehabbed as a character, but ends up being less interesting to discuss. This is why I think fail has a place in narratives, and why Minmay is great the way she is — not because she’s as awesome as Sheryl (no one is, NO ONE), but because she’s interesting as a character that way.

        • Crusader
          Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

          It seemed more natural at the time Sheryl hit rock bottom and her confidence and her reality was shattered. I can’t blame her for going through hard time, hell we do it all the time, it just made her a little more authentic. Besides she found a way out of it, typical fictional roller coaster of highs and lows.

          As you said about Sheryl you have to apply to Loli-moe St. Ranka who had no lows and thus it is harder to really discuss her. Ranka does get less interesting because there are no longer and real character conflicts for her to resolve. Part of me feels as if this was intentional to make Ranka bland after the backlash she got for being interesting.

          Also weren’t you teaching in university?

          • Posted October 30, 2011 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

            Yes, I do give credence to the idea that this whole exercise was also to deal with the unexpected backlash re Ranka, who I’m almost certain was thought of as a slam dunk, character-wise when they first thought her up.

            Yes, the failures in Sheryl’s life make her far more relatable, even if it did involve the Minmay demand wherein she’d make the pilot not want to fly LOL.

          • Crusader
            Posted October 30, 2011 at 8:10 pm | Permalink

            I am not sure if Ranka was the slam dunking they were thinking about considering the last few fan favorites never added treason to their resumes as graphically as Ranka. If it is as you say it is ironic that Sheryl became the once and future heroine if by noting other than an accident.

            As for the infamous Minmay demand the trick is in the timing and delivery I guess. timing is very important it also helps when Ranka’s demands were comparatively outrageous.

  2. Magnus
    Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:08 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the excellent review, Crusader.

    Yep, a lot of questionable decisions, but the movie managed to power through all of them on pure energy at first viewing. Your theory of Brera whitewashing Ranka ( and impugning Alto and Sheryl in the process, while cool-ifying himself ) have a lot of merit to them. Just as the “ugly reality” of NUNS and many of the happenings of the series getting smoothed over for mass audience consumption in the Macross universe itself.

    While this movie was spectacular in the very sense of the word, as a spectacle, I appreciate the series more. I liked Altos and Sheryls characterization there more than here. Especially Altos sense of duty and loyalty and Sheryl not consenting tacitly to harvesting Rankas organs… I mean, what the fuck was that for some character assassination? I guess Brera is also feeling a bit bitter about Sheryl showing up his sister at every turn.

    I wish it wasn’t over yet, but it seems so far as if Kawamori isn’t planning any further OVA’s or something else with these characters. I somehow doubt that he will be able to top Sheryl as a character, so maybe future fan clamour will get him back to this continuity and Sheryl and Alto. Maybe kind of in the way of Max and Milia in Macross 7? I can only hope.

    In closing, many thanks to you for doing your series reviews, the following analysis and these movie reviews for the Macross Frontier franchise. It was a great pleasure being able to read them and they helped me formulate my own standpoints to others on many occasions. All the best and may our future Macross mecha be plentiful!

    • Crusader
      Posted October 30, 2011 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

      At least we get some closure in time for the 30th anniversary project. Heck he could have pulled a Macross 7 again resolve nothing and leave us to our rage. I wouldn’t say that Sheryl is the best heroine in all of Macross but she’s right up there with Misa in my book. The main pairing has never gone through another chapter Max and Millia were fortunate that they were able to remain in the narrative because they were supporting cast. I confess though there are days I wonder what ever became of Shammy.

      Glad it was fun for you and now we can wait the next big project.

  3. Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:29 pm | Permalink

    I’m sure when I eventually get around to watching this, I will find it memorable on the basis of this post. Well done on making this casual fan excited to watch.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 30, 2011 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

      I hope you get to it sooner rather than later. Its GOREGOUS DELICIOUS AND DECULTCHA

  4. Tenryu
    Posted October 30, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    i am a Ranka fan but i can accept this ending, due to the fact that it is the realistic choice for the movie-verse.

    although the concert scenes are awesome i fail to see how the audience could see everything or anything at all up on the ‘stage’. What i’m trying to say is the concerts feel more like MV’s than actual scenes of a concert IMO.

    One thing i like to fault is the surfing. Being surprised by the unexpected is a good thing but surfing? On that scale?

    • Crusader
      Posted October 30, 2011 at 7:40 pm | Permalink

      What you say about it being an MV has merit but it looks like such a spectacle, I watch sports so i can kind of track multiple things at the same time. At any rate at least it would be a spectacle though we might have issues knowing which is the perosn and which is the hologram. If nothing else you can buy the cheap seats and not feel too left out.

      Glad you are taking defeat so Gracefully. As for the surfing thing perhaps Kawamori was thinking about his next vacation.

  5. MarigoldRan
    Posted October 30, 2011 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

    That… that was a lot of screenshots.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 11:33 am | Permalink

      It was a great movie.

  6. Jack
    Posted October 30, 2011 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

    If an anime could be sex personified without any actual sex in it, this would be it.

    I’m not sure what I like better. Macross that has had 2/3 fantastic shows over the course of 25 years, or Gundam that’s had many mediocre, some outright horrible, and two decent gems, spread out over that time period. At the rate Macross is going, I’m either going to have grandchildren, or have had no children at all, by the time the next awesome chapter of Macross comes out, assuming the next Macross we get in 12 years is another mind rape (and not in the good way) like Macross 7 was (yes, I am one of those fans who try to pretend 7 never existed).

    That said, this was about as close to a perfect Macross experience as one could expect, so I’m not even sure it’s plausible for them to outdo it in my lifetime. :/

    I wonder if all the Macross hero/pilots are in some dimensional space, prisoners of some higher beings, that for plot haxx are required to save the universe in a future Macross title. :D And, yes, that sounds like horrible fanfic, and I only hope that isn’t what I’m watching 12, or 25 years from now.

    I don’t know what they’re going to do for the 30th anniversary, but I can’t imagine whatever it is topping this Frontier experience. :/

    Lastly, I was never under the impression that Ranka fans outnumbered Sheryl fans (especially in the shipping wars), so I can be gracious enough to not rub it in to the faces of those poor confused souls that we call lolicons. :D

    • Thess
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:12 am | Permalink

      From what I’ve observed, Sheryl is more popular than Ranka in Japan. However, Ranka is not as bashed or disliked (Alto seems more relived than Ranka), she’s really popular too. Now Alto/Ranka? Not unpopular but not the favorite Ranka pairing (they prefer to pair her up with Brera or Sheryl).

      • Crusader
        Posted October 31, 2011 at 11:44 am | Permalink

        It is sad really that Alto-hime generates so much hate for being very authentic and very fallible. Then again Japan and otaku in general if the Newtype polls are any measure like their heroes to be ridiculously gifted, not work hard, to whine, and to mouth off and promote a naive world view. I think the reason why there is so much dislike is that hime wasn’t the prototypical Gundam Jesus-kun who saves humanity time and again with JUSTICE and PEACE.

        • Magnus
          Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

          I admit that I must have missed those tales of fans hating Alto. He did end up in the Newtype polls a few times, so he must have some fans over there.

          • Thess
            Posted October 31, 2011 at 7:30 pm | Permalink

            So did Ranka, more often than him. Wasn’t Alto beaten by Ozma in one poll?

            I think both Ranka and Alto ranked high (third place each? I forgot) in the respective female and male Macross popularity poll. Sheryl was first. Her popularity soared.

        • Thess
          Posted October 31, 2011 at 9:14 pm | Permalink

          In terms of fanbase, they are pretty split (Sheryl with an obvious edge), but Ranka fanbase is quite strong. She sells singles, after all, and lots of merchandising (just not as much as Sheryl). However Alto/Sheryl is miles more popular than Alto/Ranka, if anything the latter couple is more disliked than Ranka herself. So the ‘romantic split’ never made sense…

          If you read Kiss in the Galaxy, they hilariously cater to the big fanbases as a farewell love letter no doubt: 1) Sheryl/Alto. 2) Ranka/Brera. 3) Yuri. What with the last volume includes a wedding poster Sheryl and Alto and a more ambiguous wedding poster companion of Ranka and Brera. It’s a shoujo manga, it can pull this off shamelessly.

          • Crusader
            Posted November 2, 2011 at 12:53 am | Permalink

            Was there more than one volume on that? If so where do I find it? I only remember reading volume 1.

        • Posted November 3, 2011 at 7:03 am | Permalink

          What I find interesting is, based on conversations with some newer viewers, Alto is hated for traits similar to Hikaru from OG Macross and how he’s not your typical pilot who saves the day every time.

    • Magnus
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 1:38 am | Permalink

      Actually, in this case Sheryls pure awesomeness outdid the moe factor by such a large margin, that it wasn’t even close. There are far more Sheryl fans than Ranka fans, even in Japan. Ranka betraying her home in the series also contributed to that, I’d wager.

      • Crusader
        Posted October 31, 2011 at 11:46 am | Permalink

        Cry-gate was the thing that really did Ranka in, besides once Sheryl demonstrated a willingness to die for Duty and Frontier she elevated herself to Misa’s level and would achieve immortality among the Macross veterans.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 11:41 am | Permalink

      It was better than expected and a great way to Remember Love.

      I think I like the Macross method more since there is less time wasted and a greater chance that something that we get something good. Besides I want Kawamori to take his time with his mecha designs they rarely disappoint and even if the Valkyrie concept stays the same there is enough technological progression to make it seem as if time is moving forward (EX-Gear, Armor Packs, Tornado Packs, VF-27, etc.) If nothing else I am sure we will live to see the end of the Kawamori Era in Macross what happens after that is anyone’s guess. As for the fate of the pilots and heroines I think that they becomes stars in space and will live well into time immemorial. At least in Alto-hime and Sheryl’s case they were big enough presences on stage that their deeds will live on in song and story.

      As for Ranka fans I assume like most loli-moe fans they forgot about her and moved on to the next loli-moe idol. Still that Cry-gate moment will probably live on if no other reason than it being a major turning point.

  7. Thess
    Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:03 am | Permalink

    I have many thoughts for this movie. I love it and I’m a fan of both girls in general (although I much prefer movie Ranka version, though. In design too, she looked like a petite young woman rather than a 10 years old :( ). I’ve discussed in forums that Kawamori (and team Macross) perhaps tried to show how would Ranka and Sheryl act in inverted roles in the plot. Sheryl having that ‘traitor’ stuff that Ranka had to deal with while Ranka needing to man up, but adjusted into their personalities.

    Would Alto go and play house with Ranka and become her lover as he did with Sheryl? Would Alto threaten to nuke Sheryl? One criticism I’ve heard against Sheryl/Alto was that Alto did that out of pity and convenience that Ranka went away. Well, now Sheryl is away and dealt with the flawed traitor brand, even thought dead, but the things still don’t favor her in a romantic way.

    So maybe, maybe it wasn’t just the circumstances.

    The scene you bring up Ranka got (episode 24), she’s the one playing Alto’s role initially. She seeks him out and she asks him to come back to her. The whole confession is so one sided. While Alto doesn’t react emotionally, he just tries to give her a prompt answer. He doesn’t insists after she shuts him up (and doing this by wearing Sheryl’s earring in a fashion Klan used to wear Michel’s glasses). In the TV series, Alto seeks Sheryl out and promises her to return before she even brings it up. There’s emotion from his side, he insists so much and protests. Then they share a flirtatious farewell besides the kiss.

    Anyway, I love the movie and I love the relationship the three of them share. I felt they triangular love relationship (romantic *and* platonic) was stronger in the movies. They had equal footing, even if one side was romantic, it doesn’t lessen the loyalty Ranka has to her friends or their adoration to her. I want not only for Sheryl to awake (which she seems does) or Alto to return, but the three to be reunited together. They can do great things when the three of them put the heart in it. Ranka would be a great maid of honor and godmother for their children.

    As for Sheryl’s flaws. I think we must take into account that this Sheryl doesn’t seem to dislike Galaxy (as much as Alto didn’t seem to dislike Frontier in this version), Grace also seemed to be very loving, onee-san figure. She is torn, I don’t know if she considered harvesting Ranka, but what to do… about it. She’s in a bad position and almost seems relieved when she’s arrested. It seems she was hating herself for thinking. It’s controversial, but this empathizes Alto’s love.

    It’s easy to love someone flawless or strong, but it’s harder to love them despite their big mistakes. In the TV series, Sheryl didn’t make huge mistakes. In the movies, she had those moments of weakness (due to the circumstances around her too. Like I say, her relationship with Grace and Brera seemed closer). She had those and yet still Alto loved her. That’s what love is about. My two cents.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

      You are right love is accepting another person, their baggage, their faults, and all the ugly stuff along with all the good things.

      Ranka does looks less like a kid but then that Teddy Bear Rain kind of reinforced the notion that Ranka is more kid than lady at this point in her life. In MF Ranka was a girl with a crush while Sheryl was the woman in love. Here Ranka does step it up a bit but that loli-moe archetype still sticks a bit despite the changes. The roles were reversed though in terms of treachery Ranka’s was much more graphic in consequence due to the kinder gentler Grace and a much more dangerous Leon.

      In MF both Sheryl and Alto-hime had issues with their respective homes but neither was willing to let both burn when push came to shove. They did not like their homes, but still felt a degree of love and loyalty to their homes. In the movie Sheryl was given a plausible way to cheat death while in MF her death was inevitable, in MF Sheryl accepted that she was destined to die and resolved to die with a degree of dignity and in a way that would make it count in dark times. Living with Alto-hime was the last bit of happiness when wanted from her mortal life. I can’t say I blame her for not wanting to die alone, she was once again alone and forgotten and Alto was the most important person left in her life at that point.

      In any case these flaws make them a little more real and they do incite a stronger reaction than perfection would.

      • Thess
        Posted October 31, 2011 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

        I don’t know if that really counts because it’s a concert. That’s a stage persona. Sheryl’s songs are very sexualized, but she’s not a vamp outside the stage. She doesn’t dress like that in her life or acts that way (she was rather bashful with Alto in the first movie sometimes). It’s the same with Movie!Ranka. It seems that both are smart to give fanservice to their audience and sell an image, because they are pros. While TV series Ranka did dress like that (hippo pajamas anyone?). I feel that their real feelings were sang by the end and both looked rather lovely and mature (of course Sheryl’s more beautiful and developed, but Ranka never looked prettier than the end scenes of the movie, including that rejection shot. I also liked how she didn’t go “Alto-kuuuuuuuuuun!” but “Sheryl-saaaaaaaaaaan!” and went immediately to aid Sheryl, despite of the explosions in the sky with the precious hime).

        The roles were reversed in terms of plot. They couldn’t be 100% alike because Ranka and Sheryl are different characters, so they tailor them to their traits. Even with the traitorous plot, Sheryl won. It should show fans that what happened between her and Alto wasn’t out “circumstances”. ;)

        In the movie, she did come to the same resolution to die for someone- She pushed Ranka at expense of her own life into Alto’s arms. That was heroic of her and redeemed whatever hesitation to act she had before. She chose Ranka’s life over her own life. I think that small degree of cruel, twisted hope that was given to her for turmoil humanized her incredibly.

        Yes, I agree.

        Out of curiosity, have you watched the Nyan Nyan clip? It seems like Flash back that mixes movie and tv series continuity.

        • Crusader
          Posted November 2, 2011 at 12:58 am | Permalink

          Agreed that Sheryl and Ranka were Pros, though as you point out MF Ranka seemed to live out her on stage persona and didn’t really act like a pro during hard times, and by that I mean reneging on her idol contract. They did make an effort to make Ranka be more like a young lady instead of a kid, with varying degrees of success (ie Oh poor Alto has gender issues, ZOMG I need to ask Alto how to be more womanly…)

          I like how in the end Sheryl was once again willing to die to save others, Ranka didn’t have to make that choice, again.

          Not sure about that clip the one that cycles Ranka’s nyan nyan dance?

          • Thess
            Posted November 2, 2011 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

            TV Ranka is also shorter. She was a head shorter of Sheryl at the end when they hugged, while movie Ranka is almost as tall as Sheryl. If you see her official book pics, her boobs seem also… bigger now and her body slightly more curvy.

            I do think both had a real awareness of their fanbase and purposefully fed them what they wanted from them. The teddy bear song wasn’t a song that she wrote (that was Afterschool Overflown). I did grin when Ranka invited Sheryl to her first concert and not Alto (she had tickets for him in the tv series). I would have liked to see that Sheryl’s alleged come back concert with Ranka animated (the one that played after the credits) after she wakes up. It would be a fantastic show if it included holograms of multiple Sheryls and (older?) Rankas. I think both of them would do better as a duo of singers. This movie sealed the whole ‘sing with me’ stuff and connection really well.

            Yeah, she did. Sheryl was awesome. <3

            D'oh, I meant Nyan Kuri Clip:

            It's Flash back styled (mixes scenes of tv series and the first movie). Ranka seems to be closer to the movie persona with her voice acting and appearance.

      • Thess
        Posted November 1, 2011 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

        Did you see this, Crusader?

        “We met again.”

        There’s also a finished version in Sheryl’s Visual book.

        • Crusader
          Posted November 2, 2011 at 12:59 am | Permalink

          I am a little strapped for cash at the moment, as for the image, thanks but think i already have a copy and many more.

  8. Matts
    Posted October 31, 2011 at 1:24 am | Permalink

    “(which I chalk up to Kaifun threatening to sue the production company)”

    I love you. :D

    “I bet Sheryl would love to steal hime’s hagomoro.”

    Thank you for noticing he wasn’t performing as Sakurahime, you’re the first one I’ve seen since the movie came out.

    “Lastly, I was never under the impression that Ranka fans outnumbered Sheryl fans (especially in the shipping wars), so I can be gracious enough to not rub it in to the faces of those poor confused souls that we call lolicons.”

    And shoujo manga fans… for 12 year olds. Ugh. I actually felt sorry for them. Then I read some of their posts. Now I just don’t go there.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

      I am surprised I could be the first one to notice that it was the Tennyo Story, but then again I seem to be one of the rare few that actually liked Alto-hime personality warts and all. I have to say it does fit better in some ways. In fact Thank You I will try and make a short post about it.

      As for Ranka’s fan base skewing younger, well it does make sense given how much more adult Sheryl’s stage presence is. Though perhaps that would make Sheryl’s fan base skew towards Josei.

      • Matts
        Posted November 1, 2011 at 5:52 am | Permalink

        That post sounds like a good idea. When I saw the movie I immediately thought that the Tennyo play fit Alto’s story better, especially if we take the fate of her mother into the picture aswell.

        The shoujo reading Ranka fans are not always younger, they just seem to prefer these simple, generic stories and then they expect a show like Macross to go into that direction. Ranka does seem like the typical shoujo heroine, funny how it was Sheryl who got her own shoujo manga series in the end.

        I think that TV!Ranka is really a troll on moe as you put it in an earlier post, she does resemble the typical innocent idol moe blob, but that image is crushed in episode 21. Or at the very least, the downside of her character archetype is shown.
        The biggest problem I had with her character was that she didn’t show any signs of guilt and that she never got called out on the destruction that happened on Frontier. She didn’t really care for Nanase, when she got bombarded, she didn’t really care for Michele, and worst of all, not only did she refuse to sing for the dead, the only thing she was occupied with were her own problems and feelings for Alto… And all those came from a misunderstanding during the rooftop scene.
        Then we were supposed to feel touched that she went off to reason with the Vajra, after a scene with Brera, where he told her, that she wasn’t at fault etc., and then sang in the last episode. To me, there is a huge disjoint between the last couple of episodes of Frontier. Minmay got her slap, she also got called out on her faults. Ranka never got that. They even made her loose her dignity with her declaring her intent to not loose in love against Sheryl…
        While two of the characters grew up, Ranka stayed a little girl until the end. I’m pretty sure the only reason they didn’t give us the end to the triangle there was because they wanted to get people excited over the movies.
        I love the series and the last few episodes had great moments, but I can’t fully appreciate the ending because of how it was executed.

        The problem with the movies was that they changed Ranka’s character instead of giving her the very same faults she had in the TV series and than giving her a chance to grow up. Instead they decided to switch the situation of the girls somewhat and made her into a perfect heroine who never needed to grow anyway. They probably took all the complaints regarding Ranka’s character into consideration, but took the wrong approach when trying to make her likeable.
        To me, Sheryl and Alto became more interesting as new sides were added to their characters, they were the same people with their situations changed somewhat and this way we got to see even more of them. Adding this to what I already knew about them from the TV series made me love their characters even more. As individuals and as a couple.
        On the other hand, I still hate TV!Ranka because Movie!Ranka is a completely different character. This is probably the only real problem I have with the movies.

        Ignoring the faults in both the TV series and the movies, I have to say I enjoyed the ride and loved most of the characters. And I have to thank you for all your reviews and posts! They were fun to read. I’ll be looking forward to the next Macross installment, when ever that will be.

        • Crusader
          Posted November 2, 2011 at 1:11 am | Permalink

          I agree it is rather amusing that Sheryl got her own Shoujo manga while Ranka IRC didn’t get that as part of her PR arsenal.

          Glad you like my troll on moe theory, granted I have no inside knowledge if it was intended or not certainly it seemed like it given how dismal Ranka’s decision making was. Cuteness will not save you from dereliction of duty. I agree that it’s a shame that Ranka might go down in memory as below Minmay who did get called out (by Kaifun most painfully of all) while Ranka gets no such reality check and instead gets a revamp so drastic you could hardly see much of the old Ranka.

          Maybe in the end they didn’t want to get Ranka killed the internet hate machine pretty much poisoned the casual fanbase against her, despite being loli and moe. I remember /a/ going NUTS when Ranka had her Galia 4 concert, that was Ranka at her peak.

          • Matts
            Posted November 2, 2011 at 6:32 am | Permalink

            It’s funny but her Galia 4 concert was the moment in the series for me that made me think that something was going to go wrong for her in the future. Her image and character got to moe and unrealistic to handle. :D

            I don’t think they would have chickened out if they truly wanted to kill of her character. For one, her popularity dropped after episode 21 and though there was a fanbase, it was nowhere near as large as Sheryl’s. In fact, turning Ranka into some kind of tragic heroine who died to redeem herself might have done her good. It wouldn’t be the first time a green haired Zentran with “convenient” memory problems and self control issues realizes he screwed up and makes up for it with a self sacrifice. (Ranka did remind me of Guld sometimes. :D)

            But I really don’t think that killing her was in their intent. I think they were going in the way of the TV!Minmay journey.
            The reason I like TV!Minmay is because she is flawed but her development as a character was well thought through and well executed. We get to see her grow up and leave her own bubble. We never got that with Ranka. It was especially striking when I re-watched SDFM and DYRL after MF.

            What I think might have happened in Ranka’s case is that they wanted to redeem her and end the triangle in the final episode. They probably had it planned out but dropped it when they started working on the concept of the movie and decided that leaving the TV series open ended would keep up interest in the franchise.

            The obstacles that they faced with the movies and the reason for our new Ranka is probably the hate TV!Ranka got and that the majority could see an AltoxSheryl ending miles away. They needed to make Ranka a believable rival again, like she was up till episode 21. Unfortunately, somewhere along the process they just lost the original Ranka and created a new character.
            They needed a rival to make the fans feel unsure again as to how the ending would turn out, and they might have wanted to switch her situation with Sheryl’s in the 2. installment as a sort of clarification that regardless of circumstances, Alto loves one girl as a dear friend, and the other as his lover.

            I think Movie!Ranka is actually closer to how DYRL handled Hikaru. He was a d-bag until the last scenes in the TV series, a guy who had serious issues with letting go of his obsession for a girl who rejected him once before. In a way, to me, DYRL was not meant to redeem Minmay, it was meant to redeem Hikaru. :D The reason I’m more forgiving in his case is that he got his reality check too.
            I’ll probably grow to like Movie!Ranka and completely separate her from her TV counterpart, but it’ll take a couple of years. For now as far as I see it, she is a prime example of good writing gone bad first for the sake of profit, then for the sake of plot.

  9. Luke
    Posted October 31, 2011 at 2:43 am | Permalink

    I am glad that you made a review Crusader. I have followed you since Episode 1 of the TV series. I have heard that in the novels that Battle 7 along with Max and Millia make an appearance? can you please confirm? I also felt that the movie was rushed a bit and did not give me the same experience that the TV series did. The character close calls was a bit too much but I knew no way in hell Sheryl was going to die when she got sucked out into deep space. I think I finally found peace with Frontier and I never imagined Alto’s ending would come to a super dimensional explosion from all the main guns from all of those Macross Quarters. It was an amazing emotional ride that had me actually being a shipper. I hope whatever Kawamori throws at us that you will be there ready to blog. Sayonara!

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:40 pm | Permalink

      You’d have to ask others to confirm that.

      The movie was very different and the pacing was much faster though after all being a movie you have to jam it all into a shorter length of time. Alto-hime’s teleportation was different but not totally unforeseen given the ending of Macross Zero and the insertion of hime’s performance as a tennyo in his kabuki play flashback. At least we got closure though in the case of Macross 7 we never really got to see it visually.

  10. Whatsht
    Posted October 31, 2011 at 2:57 am | Permalink

    The ending where Alto got folded along with the Vajra reminded me of when Setsuna teleported to the ELS planet, and they both came back.
    Captain Wilder is made much more awesome in the movie, surfing, controlling the Quarter, and even using the Quarter to surf.
    I hope Macross 30th Anniversary is as awesome as this, or even better, I want BETTER VALKYRIES(and cooler).

    And I think I saw a Macross 7 reference, Sheryl saying about how she will “shake the galaxy” with her song just reminded me of Basara.

    • Posted October 31, 2011 at 6:01 am | Permalink

      Of course she’s channeling Basara. Who else?

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

      The end reminded me a bit more of Macross Zero where Shin and Sara disappear, but unlike Gundam there is no scene where Alto comes back.

      The Surfing thing was ridiculously AWESOME though it did give it a Michael Bay feel to those scenes, but I’ll live with it like I have lived with Kawamori being a New Age Hippie.

      Kawamori hasn’t disappointed me yet with his Valkyrie development though with the Cold War over and defense budgets being cut he will have to make his own prophecies when it comes to fighter development. Not sure how far he can go but Kawamori is a genius when it comes to exquisite mechanical design. The VF-25 was a refinement of a 4.5 generation fighters with an emphasis on pilot recovery and versatility, the VF-27 though looks very much like a 5th generation fighter along with the VF-171s. Who knows what Kawamori would come out with, but if he has proven anything over the last 25 plus years is that he can make the Valkyrie the smexiest mecha of the year.

      Sheryl’s been channeling Basra ever since she started leaping onto the stage and telling people to LISTEN TO MY SONG.

    • Posted November 7, 2011 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

      This is why most folks would like to believe that Sheryl is Basara’s lovechild. Maybe he donated some sperm back in the early 2040’s to fund that guitar and it ended up being used by Mao’s kid or something.

  11. Posted October 31, 2011 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    Excellent post action review komrade.

    Indeed this movie production seems to white wash a lot of events that show how incompetent NUNs is as a galactic force is and how really independent the fleets are. At the same time SMS and LAI both get major boost in the “what cool companies to work for” PR realm.

    Case in point it seems like Leon was in charge of some type of NUNS intelligence arm complete with kill teams. While in reality we know how in the dark they really were about Grace. At the same time they covered up LAI’s development of fold weapons (seriously they are magnitudes more powerful than reaction weapons) as well as SMS being party to the harvesting of fold crystals off the Vajara for not only weapons but being the defacto power in interstellar travel (negating fold faults) and communication. There’s also no mention of Luca unleashing the probably highly illegal use of the autonomous Ghost AI.

    But as a Macross in your Macross it was a wonderful “movie”. Personally I loved the ending, obviously Alto-hime x Sheryl was not only DESTINY, having them meet at children also removes Ranka’s only potent ammo of “I met him first” in their love war. But having Alto-hime spell it out was deculture but as always, the price extracted was Hime teleporting and Sheryl coma. While we all know NUNS probably gave both of them new identities and had them settle on some planet far away as to ensure their silence around the whole matter. No doubt they run the local community theater/concert hall while providing flying lessons and tours on the side.

    Oh how I’m going to miss having more macross any time soon, but what is the saying, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder?”

    *TOAST!* May you always remember love and your mecha powered by burning passion!
    My Life for the Northern Cross!

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

      Yeah it’s funny how NUNS, SMS, and Ranka come out of this super clean almost virtuous when compared to their depiction in the series. I can’t help but to wonder why Kawamori did it this way but whether he intended to or not is looks to be an easy way for the Macross in your Macross.

      I feel a bit conflicted about what I waould rather believe that Leon was outdone by Grace or that Grace still had a heart and Leon had kill teams with stealthy and awesome EX-Gears. I liked Kiss the Galaxy alright and having a little more vindication in how Sheryl met hime first is a big plus. I have my doubts about the need to shut them up from the NUNS side of things, rather for Ranka’s friends it is in their best interest to stay mum about how badly things went for her. Given that Galaxy is still out there even a mercenary groups can be sworn to secrecy or disavowed. Besides Bilrer would issue a memo regarding the events after all even if those involved want to protect Ranka it is also neccessary to maintain a good image.

      Richard didn’t get rich by being a relentless do-gooder that couldn’t keep a secret.

      For the Northern Cross comrade now and forever.

      • Thess
        Posted November 1, 2011 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

        Grace having a heart bit.

        If I remember correctly, TV Grace did grow to love Sheryl, so much she had to discard/delete her emotions for her to put in motion her plans (this was in some CD Drama. Sheryl used to sneak at her at night for nightmares and Grace allowed her to sleep next to her and all). In the movies and the Sheryl manga we might be getting the what if Grace never purged her feelings.

        • Crusader
          Posted November 2, 2011 at 1:13 am | Permalink

          TV Grace did have a little bit of heart early on but then again Grace was already listening in on high level meetings of Frontier’s big wigs. It was great that they wanted to show that Grace did have a heart, though I must confess I miss her more in a VF-27 delivering ownage Brera.

  12. ectholion
    Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

    even after nerfing Sheryl and buffing Ranka… Sheryl still managed to pull off a Flawless Victory!!!!

    • Crusader
      Posted October 31, 2011 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

      That she did that she did. Vindication never felt so good.

  13. snuberr
    Posted November 1, 2011 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    This movie was….AWESOME!

    I gotta say Ranka turned out likable in this movie. I prefer her over her TV counterpart ANY day (a horrbble memory!). But despite the leveled-up Ranka, Alto-hime’s heart was just not for her, which is fine, considering how she got over it and wishing the best for her two dear friends…(which is MORE than what I can say for certain butthurt shoujo-shippers).

    • Crusader
      Posted November 2, 2011 at 1:14 am | Permalink

      Yep once again the movie will redeem Ranka like DYRL redeemed Minmay.

  14. Suzushina Yuriko
    Posted November 1, 2011 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    I enjoyed the movie, and the animation for the fights was incredible. In particular, I loved how they made my favorite character Brera a lot more badass (but for some reason he had to die at the end…).
    I do, however, have some gripes with the story. It just felt like it had to throw twist after twist at us, without allowing anything in particular to set in. See below:

    -Sheryl knew she was being used. Pretty cool, but kinda makes her a hard core bitch when you take the events of the first movie into account, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
    -Sheryl is dying
    -Killing Ranka will save Sheryl.
    -Galaxy attempts an infiltration
    -Wait Leon has a countermove,
    -Sheryl will be executed.
    -Wait he kills Luca
    -Just kidding
    -Hey Ranka, I’m your Brother, just thought you should know.
    -In order to stop Frontier’s government who is now to a man inexplicably evil, SMS with an inexplicably alive Luca, and Ranka, will rescue Sheryl. Who is an avowed spy. You guys do know that this is High TREASON right?
    -Alcatraz is run by idiots.
    -Wait Brera is under the control of Galaxy
    -Ozma is dead!
    -Brera is dead!
    -Sheryl is dead!
    -You’ll believe us THIS TIME right?
    -We’ve tracked the Vajra to their home planet, time to do evil.
    -Thankfully we have an unlimited supply of Fold Quartz, and can control them with our Deus Ex Machine.
    -SMS has to fight the Vajra and the frontier. By themselves.
    -The Quarter can surf, which is kinda awesome.
    -Ozma, Brera, and Sheryl are alive? Who knew?
    -The Galaxy was in control the WHOLE TIME!!!! Muahahaha!
    -The combined NUNS and SMS fleet were able to instantly jump to the Vajra homeworld to stop the Frontier, or is it Galaxy at this point, who cares? I know I don’t.
    -Suddenly Alto states to the SMS what every video game player has known since the days of the Famicom. SHOOT THE GLOWY BITS!!!!
    -Did I mention the Quarter is still surfing?
    -“Ranka, I like womens.” “Sheryl, I love you, but sadly I need to recreate the ending of the movie we filmed in an alternate universe.”

    If not for the random moments of fist pumping AWESOME, this movie would have been pretty awful. Okay, that’s not fair. The characterization of Ranka was great. The characterization of Sheryl into a bit of a cypher was interesting, and Alto as the new Vajra lover was um interesting.

    Still, I can’t help but feel that trying to cram twice as many twists as an entire 26 episode TV series into a 2 hour movie was probably not the wisest choice. As a result the movie moves from twist to twist, constantly one upping itself, but as a result it never reaches the dramatic heights of the TV series.

    In the end we still have the same weaknesses of the TV series plot (sans a clearer triangle), mixed with a whole lot of other questions. Alto’s disappearance wasn’t the punch to the gut Michel’s death was, Sheryl’s “death” was the most obvious fake out of all time, and I honestly do not know what the main plotline of this movie was.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 2, 2011 at 1:18 am | Permalink

      Take solace in the knowledge that it is quite probable that Brera ended up as a one role actor who became the king of New Hollywood and made thousands of Action B-Movies, kind of like Chuck Norris but less AWESOME.

      It could have been worse a lot worse but hey it was very pretty, there are some reasons for the changes made after all it would be too predictable if they just cut the series down to two films. Besides we went through the same thing in DYRL you learn to live with some things.

    • Posted November 2, 2011 at 5:17 am | Permalink

      …Brera has fans?

      • Suzushina Yuriko
        Posted November 2, 2011 at 5:56 am | Permalink

        I’m not particularly a fan of love triangles or the people involved with them. Brera is pretty badass for a side character and I liked his backstory, where he probably suffered the most out of any other character due to being controlled by Galaxy for 11 years and all.

        • Crusader
          Posted November 3, 2011 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

          Well you wouldn’t be the first to latch on to the side characters, they seem to have less issues for the most part.

  15. Posted November 2, 2011 at 9:01 am | Permalink

    You had me at Meido-Alto.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 3, 2011 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

      Alto-hime got a lot of people with that one… more than he knows.

  16. Thess
    Posted November 2, 2011 at 2:16 pm | Permalink


    “Was there more than one volume on that? If so where do I find it? I only remember reading volume 1.”

    (It didn’t let me reply above)

    Sheryl manga is three volumes long. It gets weirder and more shoujo-like. The storyline is another continuity that has elements of the movie and the tv series both.Only a volume has been translated, you can find the raws:

    It’s pure, joyous fan-pandering to the main fanbases.

    Don’t miss the unsubtly hinted double wedding at the end.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 3, 2011 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

      Thanks if only some one would translate the rest some day…

      • Thess
        Posted November 3, 2011 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

        If my life wasn’t a nightmarishly busy, I could give it a try.

        • Crusader
          Posted November 8, 2011 at 9:17 am | Permalink

          Well hear is hoping you find the free time on your terms, I am willing to donate to such as cause.

          • Thess
            Posted November 8, 2011 at 9:34 am | Permalink

            I don’t know if I can spare time to translate all the two volumes, but I could translate the ending pages in the Church?

          • Crusader
            Posted November 8, 2011 at 9:43 am | Permalink

            Every little bit helps let us know when you have a finished translation comrade.

    • Posted November 3, 2011 at 7:04 pm | Permalink

      I’d actually pay to read that translated.

      • Thess
        Posted November 8, 2011 at 4:10 pm | Permalink

        The Alto-Sheryl farewell is easy.

        Sheryl: Alto!
        Sheryl: Do you remember your promise, don’t you?
        Alto: Yes. No matter what happens, I’ll come back. No matter what.
        Alto: (whisper)
        (On the page Sheryl’s saluting)




  17. Posted March 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

    I rather enjoyed the movie, it’s been the first anime movie I’ve watched in a while that was actually pretty good and I was very satisfied with the ending for sure….

    I’m just glad Klan got a happy ending for sure, plus to see that one of the other pilots in her squadron survived the final battle unlike in the series….well…I’m not a major Macross fan and could care less about the arguments between fans…..I needed a good movie to watch and this one delivered on that…was much better for sure than Robotech Shadow Chronicles that’s for sure.

  18. Owen
    Posted August 3, 2012 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    I am disappoint…
    Sheryl x Alto? Who are you kidding?
    Seriously, get real.
    This is AU not canon.
    Added with the fact that fanbase demands for sheryl overridden Ranka’s.
    You won because of the cash.
    Notice HOW MUCH Sheryl had to be alike of that of Ranka’s in order to stand a chance.

    Honestly, looks like they gave Sheryl “Ranka traits” and “Ranka moments”.
    So the canon got blown into fanon.
    Accept it, sheryl x alto fans, you lose, and this movie is to sugar-coat it for ya.

    And may the world save us from sheryl’s aimo, really pathetic rendition and failed voice. Totally butchered Ranka’s beautiful song.

  19. ranka#1
    Posted October 3, 2012 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    Sheryl is allowed to mope but not ranka because she has to much power.since the two switched places in the movie (traitor damsel) why don’t you like when ranka does it.(to devastating)ranka’s duty and obligation(sometimes people use responsibility to not do the right thing like in the notebook but we all know what they must do and thats follow your heart,it can tell you no lies,but in sheryls case you may want to think it though more she makes iffy choices her whole career path is horribly disarray to her goal,i mean it could be anything a doctor lawyer solider the first person who hey picked her off the street not literally the first guy was a creep ,but you know what i mean) are to ending the war if she sees a better way to do it by understanding she should ,thats how it worked with the zendratti else we wouldn’t have progress,you can’t solve problems with the methods we use to create them is a common macross lesson and someone had to teach it and it happened to be the littlest one as usually everyone is to old and stuck in their ways stuck in the past not aiming for the future like ranka,making dreams come true,her power isn’t in contolling the vaijra (since she barely can :little queen)its kindness understanding and an open heart don’t forget optimism,shes hopeful alto will return sheryl will wake up and they can live in peace with the vaijra,yeah sheryls determined but for what,something metaphorical involing herself whats she got to proved to herself,action towards good needs to be taken sometimes you fail but is better to fail doing something than succeed at nothing like sheryl,you love to leave out rankas is even a bigger pile of heroic it takes courage to confront your love and make your choice towards your belief that its wrong to kill innocent ai kun out of revenge even if it marks you as a traitor,courage that day sheryl didn’t have,power goes to those who use it wisely sheryl would of continued to let the vaijra get slaughtered without questioning their innocence the director knew the herione to try and understand be the gentler one and knew what he was doing when writing,by taking a a pet a small act of kindness became a unstoppable movement grace couldn’t defeat,btw why would sheryls life be tryanny under movie grace shes not a villain ,or even tv grace she was be a wolf in sheep’s clothing to earn sheryls trust,why didn’t TV sheryl warn her friend tv ranka about evil grace will use you and kill you when done,in movie its more clear harvesting organs,you gotta admit the lesser woman won,ranka’s only crime is suffer a broken heart in a love triangle something sheryl is guilty of to, i don’t consider leaving with brera a crime shes the vaijaras queen too but there lives aren’t as important to most people so i understand your feelings but there important to ranka which i think shows character,since it lead to peace, she may fail once or twice but she has a lot of success and thats whats important to a herione,she constantly messes up but doesn’t willing give up (diamond ceavesse : song of despair,admittedly her most beautiful and emotional out of the flashy mindless sex stuff ,but why about that hopelessness? ranka knows there is always hope even if it means bravely confronting her love to do the right thing no matter how hard even if hated and branded a traitor if anything thats one of her best and strongest moments not weakest)or even think about it (harvesting organs really?!) all her intentions were good return ai kun home who in the movie saved sheryl.rankas kindness saved sheryl twice indirectly through her kindness to the vaijra and directly at the end,funny if she was selfish she could of had alto,but i wouldn’t like those negative thoughts not her style. anyway i noticed this post was in response to my comment on the ranka banner page i didn’t mean to hurt you,thats not in the ranka spirit,its just there really is no need to be wearing a military outfit since she didn’t do any fighting to save the day its quite misleading like intentionally giving people the wrong idea. you could say its not about what it is you actually do or accomplish but the size of your heart,but that doesn’t make any sense.btw those poll aren’t even very popular in japan so there quite unreliable ,if you want to see popular look at naruto polls they go into 22,000 for one character,if you don’t come to america your not going to be that popular,oh yeah otaku fan base is primarily cardcaptor sakura fans since shes the reason they made saimoe contest which hasn’t been as popular since allowing lesser characters a chance to win like rosemary,in other words despite being open to many anime the most they get is about 3,000 people total, so its a poor judge of case you didn’t know otaku prefer ranka’s character type (nanoha)

  20. Ranka#1
    Posted October 4, 2012 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    ranka has more power than sheryl so she can’t mope it would be devasting even by accident,sheryl is to weak to cause damage even if she wanted to,sheryl knew grace was evil and would use then kill you ,didn’t even warn her friend,to busy being jealous,and needy, more obvious in movie were sheryl contemplates harvesting organs but decides to warn her, (wants burger doesn’t want to kill a cow) you say you like movie sheryl but shes just tv ranka why don’t you like when tv ranka does the traitor damsel thing making sheryl play ranka just proves shes not good enough to win you gotta addmit the LESSER women won ranka saves sheryl indirectly though kindness to ai kun and directly though herself at the end, the only time she was in danger was to yet again save sheryl ,but sheryl did the human thing and chose not to drag a innocent with her since she was going to die any way regardless but that’s non void since rankas kind deed is rewarded ai kun saves sheryl who rightfully by law belongs in prison see the difference in traitor damsel ranka technically didn’t do anything wrong but suffer a broken heart thanks again to sheryl who spreads her misery, you know sheryl doesn’t mind doing things that will hurt others like taking away your day off she is quite inconsiderate and not just of ranka probably has a reason,the movie made her more passive and less bitch, not nerfed acting like ranka was the only way to win ,director gave up on the tv show and did the whole thing again with a damsel sheryl it was in her best interest to get her man no one likes a pain in the butt and a childhood encounter is not sufficient grounds for marriage you know how many kids i met as a kid btw what does sheryl have to do shes always around on some flimsy excuse, ranka in not crushing on a stranger but a classmate sheryl’s crushing on a celebrity,since ranka didn’t know about his stage, sheryls more the stranger to the duo and the biggest nobody of the cast is sheryl shes absoutley useless whats she so proud of breathing air kidding but seriously folks why do you like her ranka becomes an even bigger sensation and doesn’t get a big head , and she doesn’t even think to kill her and take alto for herself (i wouldn’t like that negative thinking not her style expect it from sheryl not her) but instead believes alto will return sheryl will wake up and will live in peace with vaijra.Her power isn’t in controlling the vaigra since she barely can its hope, kindness, understanding, and bravery .everyone is to stuck in the past unwilling to change ranka thinks its wrong to kill innocent ai kun out of revenge , tries to understand the vaijra common macross lesson you can’t solve problems with same method used to created them,worked with the zentradii , she doesn’t just talks she acts better to fail at doing something than succeed at doing nothing like sheryl,sometimes people use duty and obligation to not do the right thing like in the notebook , but we know you should follow your heart her intentions were always good and sometimes she messes up but she mostly succeeds especially when saving the day at the end,i understand how you feel the vaijra’s life aren’t important to many but they are to her,i acknowledge her accomplishments and faults because a saint is just a sinner who falls down and gets up which is why she was chosen by the director to have the power he knew ranka’s understanding kind nature would move the plot,not just unquestioningly manipulate the vaijra like a certain other heroine ,even at the cost of being hated and called a traitor,as for the mopey song anyone whose heart is broken won’t work right , sad since they need her she not just a useless poser who wears misleading military suits and gives people the wrong idea, I mean sheryls not even a fighter why is her suit ripped and whats she even determined about her life career path is horribly disarray to go with the first person you meet of the street not literally that guy was a creep but you get it she could of been a doctor,lawyer,chef anything ,its not ranka’s singing that saves the day its her kindness(not what you got its how you use it) that towards the end becomes so large not even grace can stop it ,turning enemies to friends allowing alto to see the light etc , the power allowed her to hear their voice the sensitivity allowed her to understand shes open to another way, they don’t have to kill to survive,if she wasn;t willing to listen we never find out the real big bad because sheryl didn’t sure as hell help while ranka was was standing up for what she believed and putting her heart on the line in doing so while sheryl was asking for courage,whose the needy one when push comes to shove we see who fights and who falls taking a chance and leaving was not rankas weakest moment but her strongest ,and the mopey song was partially sheryls fault i mean what is she doing unnaturally injecting herself in every scene for no particular reason, a show shouldn’t have so many plot holes, but that’s what happens when you unnatural force characters into unfitting roles ,as for popularity newtypes polls aren’t even very popular in japan so their unreliable despite covering a wide variety of anime it only pulls in about 3000 votes total unlike naruto who gets 22000 for one character alone,saimoe was made around cardcaptor but hasn’t been popular since allowing minority characters like rosemary to win, plus macross frontier mis aimed at the otaku market which are primarily nanoha fans sheryl wouldn’t make much money there, at a adult concert sure but shibuya anime lovers no kinda ranka’s territory ,plus ranka is seen in bleach op 14 since bleach loves shout outs like L from death note as a espada #4 and ranka influence gumi megumi’s vocaliod not to mention megumi herself in ”Be myself” plus her seikan hikou is a internet meme more popular than the show itself,not to metion the kira pose meme used in Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai and the nyan nyan dance,for those who don’t know macross frontier they probably know the meme

  21. cookie
    Posted October 10, 2012 at 10:50 pm | Permalink

    LOL butthurt Rankafags spotted.

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