Chihayafuru – 07: The New Goat

Chihaya proves her superiority once again.

Kanade delays her hopes for a game with Chihaya. New guy, Desk-kun, shows up but Kanade is still by and far the best. Desk-kun steps up for Taichi? Taichi finally wins a game… of concentration and orders his Master Robe. Just one more guy to complete the circle and I am hoping that he’ll be a better guy than Desk-kun.

First guy on deck is the guy who clearly wants to be at the bottom of both Taichi and the Club Rankings. Such is my loathing for this kid that he will have no name but Desk-kun as befits his miserable status that he has chosen for himself. There are those who get bullied and ignored and then there are those who simply refuse to save themselves or grab control of their own destiny. It is unfortunate that Desk-kun gets used and abused, but he did not have to hand over his notes especially when it becomes clear that the people you hand it to aren’t paying you or are a real friend in need.  Desk-kun sould have told them all to fuck off and then pack his bags and demand a move to some other country where intelligence and diligence are rewarded. It is a FACT that this school in particular is LOADED with idiots who at best will be parasite singles, after all if they aren’t studying hard and respecting Chihaya person then who FUCK CARES WHAT THEY THINK?! WHO WOULD WANT THEM AS A FRIEND?! I SURE AS HELL WOULDN’T, HELL FUCK THEM THEY CAN JUMP INTO AN ONCOMING TRAIN FOR ALL I CARE! THEY ALL WON’T AMOUNT TO ANYTHING! Since they don’t seem to care about studying THEY SHOULD FUCKING DROP OUT AND STOP WASTING THEIR PARENT’S MONEY! Desk-kun might be brighter than most but even he is still too dumb to recognize that he doesn’t answer to them and that he needs to march to the beat of his own drum to be something. WHY THE FUCK is he patting himself on the back for upping the class average, GET YOURS FUCK THEM. This class ain’t no team, and if Desk-kun had a shred of sense he’d know that and would leave them all to wallow in stupidity and academic failure.

Sadly Desk-kun has about much spine as an earthworm, probably even less, and when Chihaya extends out the hand of friendship he bats it away like an ingrate. What the FUCK was his deal? Really now, NO ONE wants to be his friend, any remark about his intelligence is a back handed comment and yet here is Chihaya willing to talk to him about playing a game when everyone else was simply asking to copy his notes.  This is why Desk-kun has been fucking ronrey for his whole fucking life, he can’t recognize a friend even when she is lifting his ass up and taking his ass DESK AND ALL to the HOUSE. Once there all Desk-kun can do is berate a game HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. You know why people who complain about having no fun have no fun? IT IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T FUCKING TRY ANYTHING NEW! Still good for Chihaya for stepping up and playing a lousy game of concentration in a losing effort to get Desk-kun see the light. Sadly the gesture was wasted on the swine that is Desk-kun. I can see why Desk-kun likes Taichi so much as they say birds of a feather fly together and Desk-kun is fully buying into the I CAN’T outlook on life, or what pathetic excuse for a life he’s got going. I don’t see how Desk-kun can get a better game when he doesn’t respect it to begin with, still all they need from him is just a body so he can fanboy Taichi for the rest of his life, he won’t be doing much else anyways.

While Desk-kun was a necessary evil it is good to see that Kanade is actually able and willing to play karuta. I just hope that at some point Kana-chan can have her game with Chihaya-sama since it is very clear despite that so-called Taichi “victory” that of the group only Kanade can help improve Chihaya’s game. Sadly it was not to be since Tiachi jumped on a chance to finally win an easy game like has been doing all his pathetic life. Still I like Kana-cha’s enthusiasm when Desk-kun made his demands. Even better Kana-cha was the first to step up while it took Taichi a while to step up to play the game. Which makes me even more ticked off is that Kana-chan is not demanding a match with Chihaya, clearly Taichi doesn’t have the heart to win so why not let Kana-chan put up a fight, hell I am sure that any post game conversation with Kana-chan is better than a lifetime of advice for Taichi.

Chihaya once again leads the recruiting charge but sadly she decided to follow Taichi’s advice in trying to go after a “smart” student. I just wished Chihaya went with her gut and picked off a person who would you know show some interest in karuta. Can’t really blame her though for Desk-kun’s short comings, and it was great of her to play a meaningless gimmick game and lose to Taichi. I am glad that Chihaya took the loss bad she should be pissed I am GLAD she is pissed off. If you think Taichi just won his first game of karuta against Chihaya YOU ARE FUCKING IDIOT because NOBODY in the whole karuta League plays that kind of game. Yes, Chihaya has issues in her game, namely memorization and with this loss I think she can shore up that part of her game, but let’s be honest here she is never going to be playing that kind of game at any formal event so it hardly even counts when the game that was played was not karuta. It was just some lame side show to trick Desk-kun into thinking that a loser like him who has no speed, no confidence, no love of game or poetry can win at karuta. Sideshow though it was at least it tricked Desk-kun enough to make him think that he could win at something with no effort. Still a body is a body and that is one less that Chihaya needs, I just hope the next man up will prove to be a man of the game, but at least Chihaya has Kana-chan.

Last but no longer least, is Taichi who just made off like a bandit this week when he just found another goat to take his place at the bottom of the roster. It was a dick move but certainly one worth doing to an even bigger ass hat. I bet Taichi is pleased with himself right now with Desk-kun because there is at least some parallel between Desk-kun and Arata, given how both were outcasts. However unlike Arata, Desk-kun never did find his courage and instead of combating Taichi Desk-kun is already giving Taichi blow jobs behind the gym. It’s like Taichi finally gets his wish for what things could have been had Arata folded when they first met, Desk-kun is shorter and always falls short of Taichi. I got a good laugh at Taichi’s whole hard work speech, because for all his bluster it was still coming from a guy who is hardly working. Now that there is a new goat in the club to beat up on Tiachi can now point to his “victory” over Chihaya as he buys his championship belt. Too bad it was not in karuta and in some sideshow gimmick game. It doesn’t count because it wasn’t karuta, but hey Taichi nation can have their delusions of championships and a Taichi dynasty but fact remains the only way he can win is if Chihaya plays blind and if his opponents play blind.

Still I see no improvement in Taichi’s game and if his only good point is marginally better memory when the cards are flipped than that is a meaningless advantage since NO ONE PLAYS LIKE THAT. Still now Taichi has Desk-kun to beat up every day at the club. Still I hope Taichi is still alright with losing because he’s not going to win against Chihaya in a real game where speed, technique, layout, and will matter. It is a tragic that Chihaya has to play opposite Taichi who has no game and now desk-kun who also has no game, what a speedy development had Arata been there instead of Taichi and even better we would have been spared Desk-kun. Funny how this has turned out when Kana-chan proved to be a smarter player and closer to Chihaya Taichi was doing all he could to avoid Kana-chan joining the club, but when this loser Desk-kun who has no game, and hates Chihaya shows up Taichi does everything he can to get him. I see yet more punk in Taichi in taking losers who will not contribute to help make a better club so I guess Taichi is still set on sinking Chihaya’s dreams just so that he can nurse the idea that he has a shot at a relationship. Good thing Kana-chan will be there to balance out the FAIL that Taichi and Desk-kun bring. They are what they wear and they can both go on a date wearing that lame shirt that says “Things Make People”, Really man really? Can you BE MORE FUCKING SHALLOW?

Well one member down and while Chihaya could have done so much better than Desk-kun hopefully the last person up is going to be a real karuta player, hell maybe it will be that fat kid that gave Arata trouble three years ago. Right now Chihaya is the Champ, Kana-chan the role player, Taichi the off-goat, and Desk-kun is the goat, I really hope last man on deck will be the Tank.


Hana’s thoughts: on the ‘Desko-kun’ in all of us

I must say, Taichi is really growing on me. Yes, assuming Crusader hasn’t deleted this section after reading that bit, I’ll add that I enjoyed watching him help Chihaya in the first part of the episode, as well as Kana-chan’s adorable wide-eyed gaze as she plays ‘referee’. Leaving aside the fact that Kana-chan has still yet to play a single game herself, Taichi’s resolve to stick by Chihaya and help her become a better player is admirable, given the easier alternative of wallowing in the unrequited-ness of his feelings. Sure, he probably has ulterior motives in sticking by her so closely (and my inner fangirl was certainly KYAA-ing at just how close they were, when they leaned over the cards, etc.), but there was something very endearing about his early confession that he wasn’t interested in the competition, and this supportive side presented him in quite a positive and romantic light. However, Taichi does, of course, change his mind, after a certain match directed by a certain megane newbie. Yes, Desko-kun, the guy who seems literally attached to his desk. Well, until someone with a higher grade point average rips it away from him. Moving on. Desko-kun, and his turn at being wooed over to the Karuta side, was an interesting addition. Not as endearing as the other key cast members, but perhaps more relatable. Once bitten, infinitely shy; this nerdy type who’d rather hide behind his desk and his righteous indignation than attempt to find (better) friends or make more out of his high school time comes across as more deserving of our pity rather than raeg, to me. In particular, his terrified stubbornness at being torn away from the safety of his desk was quite something. ‘Desko-kun’ is both his persona (the cool façade from behind which he can safely ‘despise’ and distance himself from everyone else) and who he really is (his identity as a good student; if that’s all he does (study), then that might be all he really is underneath). Thus, it is fitting that it was Taichi who has more luck persuading Desko-kun to take a real interest in the club. They are academic rivals after all, and so I look forward to seeing both Taichi and Desko-kun benefit from their respectively rekindled and redirected competitive spirits. Fight-o, everybody!

Taichi is like why me? Look at him crying like a little bitch.

Chihaya was amazing, and Kana-chan was in awe.

Kana-chan is the only in this room who really cares about Chihaya.

Kana-chan can't wait, and her chance will come I know she will not Taichi.

I am sure Kana-chan is going to create something even more impressive than this year's catalog.

I am so glad that Taichi still fears Arata's shadow.

Good hunting Chihaya, may your next find be made of better stuff.

Really Desk-kun? Really? THESE are the people you want to be friends with? They are barely worth the bullets I would use to kill them.

Chihaya offers a wonderful chance to be a winner and to join a club.

Chihaya does not approve of Desk-kun's shit attitude.

Chihaya proves her might once again, where Taichi struggles to lift mats Chihaya can care a guy and desk across campus.

Chihaya wants to show Desk-kun how mistaken and stupid he is...

Kana-chan agrees.

Only once victory is easy Taichi does Taichi care. He may have fooled Hana with his loser ways and shit bag attitude but I can see through his lies.

Happy now? Chihaya's in tears.

Upon seeing that sight, Taichi was fucking jizzing in his pants. He likes to push Chihaya around, HE LIKES TO SEE HER CRY. Quite why Hana finds this asshole likable is beyond me.

Taichi hates Kana-chan but when an even bigger loser comes along Tiachi is like "I need this guy."

Desk-kun is such a big fan of Taichi he is like "HAIL TAICHI, HAIL TAICHI." FUCKING LOSER.

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  1. Bob from Accounting
    Posted November 18, 2011 at 12:16 am | Permalink

    These posts are a lot more bearable now with Hana on board. Thank you, Hana, for being capable of empathy. Crusader, in an anime where our lead is just a few super powers away from being the messiah, it would get very boring very fast if every cast member had dealt with their human flaws prior to the series beginning. That said, I didn’t find Desk-kun very appealing myself, but that was more in a kind of ‘meh’ type way and I certainly didn’t feel the need paint the world red with foul profanities against him. Plus, you completely missed the point of Taichi’s development in this episode. It’s not that he’s won against Chihaya, because he hasn’t really. It’s that he’s realised that he was lying to himself about being content with being Chihaya’s punching bag which should culminate in him working hard to become a better player in the episodes to come.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 18, 2011 at 1:20 am | Permalink

      I am not asking Desk-kun be perfect don’t put words in my mouth I just called him what he is a FUCKING LOSER. You might be a flowery fellow who can’t curse because you can’t be brutally honest but I can. But really is Desk-kun making sound decisions? HELL NO, SHIT NO, FUCK NO. Really I need to empathize with a loser like Desk-kun who chooses to get burned, who chooses to lie to himself that he’s contributing to the well being of his class? Why the FUCK should I do that? Hana is the one doling out the sympathy, misplaced though it is. Hana’s a teacher she makes a living empathizing with the lame “problems” of children. I’ve been to shit holes, hell I lived in one and I spit on such pathetic problems as Taichi’s and Desk-kun’s neither one is starving neither one is going hungry or worrying about finances. Taichi and Desk-kun can overcome their problems with sound decision making they don’t need empathy they need to take a good look around them and realize that they have it a whole lot better than most people in the world and they need to overcome their “problems” and not lament that they have problems.

      Why the hell are you so butthurt over everything? Do you cry when bugs die too? You are ridiculous, if I don’t feel fucking empathy you want me to lie and pretend that I like this sorry sack of shit? You can be a fence sitter your whole life, but I like to pick sides and I’d rather post on my own terms.

      I get Taichi, he doesn’t want to win unless he’s sure he can’t lose, he just wants cupcake victories, he’s not into a grind but a guy like you who can’t understand competition think that Taichi is a winner because he’s still sticking with it. So what he realized that he wasn’t happy being a punching bag? I could have told his sorry ass that. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a front runner like Taichi doesn’t like losing. How soon you forget that he was a little punk cheating and lying to get the win three years ago. How soon you forget… But hey let’s get EXCITED FOLKS LET’S GET EXCITED TAICHI JUST FIGURED OUT THE OBVIOUS! Is that where we are at now we need to get excited when Taichi figures out the obvious? We need to give him a pass just because he’s taking one step forward and three steps back?

      Is it a surprise Taichi was lying to himself this whole time? Again NO. I could see that he was a lying sneak and that he can’t stop lying even to himself. He isn’t honest about much if anything.

      I really don’t care if you get offended by foul language, in fact be OUTRAGED because you seem to lack passion. It is sad that Desk-kun and Taichi get passes for making bad decision and people like you would coddle them and tell sweet little lies to them to mitigate the fact that they aren’t worth the food they eat. This is why the world is so fucked up we give out participation trophies we denigrate achievement with this false notion that if you just loaf about you are worthy we tell kids that it is okay to flunk out. Why don’t we hold people accountable anymore? Really why do we have to pretend that Taichi and Desk-kun’s sad state isn’t a result of shit decisions that they made, that they don’t have shit attitudes that prevent them from being better people?

      I am sorry I am not you, but I don’t want to lie and pretend that Desk-kun is anything other than an anchor who doesn’t want to be in the club and therefore should be left to rot in the miserable bed he made for himself. It would be better if Desk-kun had just gone back to his desk, it is clear that he has no manners, but you would leave him blameless for his friendless state. Desk-kun is a hostile lout with as much grace as one legged cat. Desk-kun is just the card board cut out of every single freaking loser stereotype that losers relate to, insufferably smug, allegedly more intelligent than their peers, and social misfits who think that they need not mingle with the plebeians. Hana is right more empathetic to those sorry fools who thought themselves too smart for their “lessers” who shut themselves off and then cry foul when reality gets it’s revenge.

      Besides worst of all Desk-kun stole screen time away from Kana-chan, at least she beings some enthusiasm and wants to be there. How the hell am I supposed to empathize with Taichi and Desk-kun anyway? I am not them I wasn’t born rich, I had do more with less I remember going to sleep hungry on occasion. I wasn’t going through High School pretending that I was helping out my peers, I hated them the day they went wild when class was dismissed when 9/11 happened. I wan’t unsure of who I was or what I wanted to do with my life when I was in High School, I knew what job I wanted and worked towards it. I wasn’t bullying other people to get girls nor was I shouting at people for speaking to me, so how the fuck am I supposed to empathize with a rich asshole or a stuck up asshole when I never had the privilege of being such a person? I had parents and family who gave enough of a damn to set me right when I strayed, I never got the chance to run wild and be an ingrate. If that makes me a bad person with no sympathy then so be it.

      What is so great about empathy for people who make crap decisions? Does it feed them? Does it make them better people? You say Taichi will work harder, but he hasn’t yet so you can go call him a better person than he was 3 years ago. He hasn’t improved much and three years is a long time to get your head straight. Moreover Taichi still hasn’t played the actual game with any real passion. So until he does and shows that he wants to win because he loves the game, he’ll get no credit from me. I like results, I want results, I demand results. Results might not matter to you but they do to me.

      • Posted November 19, 2011 at 11:37 am | Permalink

        Hana’s a teacher she makes a living empathizing with the lame “problems” of children

        LOL – yep, it does feel like that’s all I do, sometimes!

  2. ectholion
    Posted November 18, 2011 at 3:04 am | Permalink

    Im liking Taichi more and more every episode. As for Desk-kun hopefully being in the club well help him grow he seems like a very pitable character. @Crusader wow though im hoping you save some rage for the post i hope your writhing for gundam unicorn episode 4. :) and dont worry im sure Desk-kun will man up. And unlike Arata he wont have to kick cards in face Chihaya before he does. Yea i still havent forgiven Arata for that :( @Hana Im glad to see Taichi is growing on you too, and your analysis on Desk-kun is very good after reading it i think im gonna rewatch the episode.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 18, 2011 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

      Really they get a pass for being losers because they are pitiable? Why don’t we call people out for being stupid anymore? Is the drought of Super Robot anime making us all forget what it means to work hard? So you are hoping Desk-kun and Taichi get better, why not demand they get better? They will grow you say well they’re in fucking high school in the case of Taichi he was a dirt bag three years ago he’s still a dirt bag now. So how long will it take for Desk-kun to erase the lose of 15 some odd years? How many eps is it going to take? 1st Quarter is done, and it’s been a pathetic showing by Team Taichi. Going to get to Unicorn later.

      • ectholion
        Posted November 18, 2011 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

        I dont expect anything great out of desk-kun he is a small side character and he can only get better having real friends in the club. the club will do him good and help him man up i hope.

    • Posted November 19, 2011 at 11:42 am | Permalink

      Well, there’s certainly never a dull moment with Taichi around! Hope you enjoyed rewatching it, I’ve been doing the same lately with a friend, it’s a great show to giggle over with others too! (And thanks!)

  3. Dein
    Posted November 18, 2011 at 5:16 am | Permalink

    I picked this show up after reading your earlier posts, Crusader, and would just like to say one thing. Taichi deserves all the hate and rage in the world and more.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

      Yes he does and you got it right he DESERVES ALL OF IT.

  4. Posted November 18, 2011 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    I agree that there is something to be said for wallowing in self-pity when you feel like you’re being shunted aside by society. That’s when you stand up and change yourself! And that’s hopefully what this show will have Desk-kun do.

    • Crusader
      Posted November 18, 2011 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

      One can hope but I am not betting on Desk-kun to do much on his own, time will tell if he can screw his head on right.

  5. semtex
    Posted November 19, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    I am starting to miss Hikaru no Go. That show didn’t have so many “retarded” personalities. Most people of Hikaru no Go you could relate too some degree, well at least more than I can say about Chihayafuru. But this show has too many weird characters: Chihaya’s 8-year old personality is stuck in a 16-year old body, Taichi is a loser with no interest in Karuta at all, Kanade wants to join a club that only wear old clothes, and Desk-kun takes advice from Taichi, Mr. Insecure himself. And Arata is so poor he can only afford a wheel-phone….

    • Posted November 26, 2011 at 4:52 pm | Permalink

      Hating on Arata ‘cos he’s poor?! Perhaps I’ll add Hikaru no Go to my ‘must check out’ list, though…

      • Bob from Accounting
        Posted November 27, 2011 at 2:37 am | Permalink

        Oh good lord, yes. If you haven’t seen/read Hikaru no Go yet, then you absolutely must. It’s utterly fantastic.

      • semtex
        Posted November 27, 2011 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

        Nope not hating on Arata because he is poor, but the show that is making him look poor just for drama purposes. And the drama is poorly executed and not interesting at all.

  6. fan
    Posted November 19, 2011 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    Dear Crusader,
    You’re my hero. Please keep bashing Taichi.

    • Posted November 26, 2011 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

      Don’t worry, I’m sure he will.

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