Mirai Nikki 06: “Mother, huh.”

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Why, it’s Yuno-chan!

(Breaking and entering is so 1980s. Just like knock-knock jokes.)

For this episode we’re introduced to the vixen that is Amano Rea. With a mother this attractive and shamelessly provocative, I’m surprised Yukiteru turned out to be so normal less psychologically scarred than I’d have expected.

But hey, kid can’t bring himself to love Yuno. That’s probably the greatest psychological damage of any character in the myriad cast, right there.

Dat “So wrong but oh so, so good” face. I watch Mirai Nikki with that exact same expression.

Except for the rape bits. But we’ve crossed that bridge and burned it. As far as I know. I imagine that the manga readers are chortling at my expense.

As expected from Yuno. As everyone knows, it’s always the parents who provide the greatest obstacles to any budding relationship.

(Seriously, 10pm curfews? Seriously? #reallife)

So why not impress the parents at the first chance possible, rather than at that heartstopping moment when they barge in just as you’re about in engage in tender lovemaking? I’m just surprised Yuno didn’t mow the grass or construct an extra room for the house while she was at it.

I never did get the whole “ceiling cat is watching you” nonsense. And neither did I ever feel the sense of intrusion into my privacy by the ever expanding network of close circuit cameras.

But I think I’m starting to understand what those conspiracy theorists feel. That fear. That paranoia. Because it’s not Big Brother watching you, it’s Yuno Onee-san. Yuno Onee-san and her All-Seeing Eye.

…Incidentally, don’t you think the Eye of Sauron’s got more warmth than Yuno’s? Apart from the burning flames and the screams and the dubstep, that is.

Not that I loathe the idea of Yuno watching me while I sleep. I’d want that. She’d be a better security system than the Secret Service.

But seriously Yukiteru, you’re a fool. Yuno can clean, cook, get along with the parent(s), and decapitate crazed cultists with ease. What more do you want?

Only in anime do the male characters react so negatively towards the idea of having sex with an attractive girl.

Honestly, you anime studios,  it’s getting old. Every viewer is sick of death to watching the male protagonist trying to justify his distaste with reasons such as ‘wanting to preserve his chastity’, or ‘exhaustion’. Those aren’t even reasons to refuse sex.

An acceptable reason would be the girl in question being mentally unstable or-

Oh Asread, I see what you did there.

Meanwhile, Minene’s gotten herself a false eyeball. Though to be technical, it’s not even a ball, it’s a hemisphere. Makes me wonder how it doesn’t just fall out, much less stay in position. I don’t know why she didn’t consider putting in something more useful, like a wireless camera or even a mini smoke grenade.

Nevertheless, our favourite hot terrorist is symmetrical once more. And then she covers it right up with the eyepatch again. Women and their inscrutable vanity.

And we now know that Deus Ex is actually dying. Although that still doesn’t exclude the possibility of this Diary contest being one last mindscrew with humanity.

On a meta-level, I am offended that Wakamoto doesn’t get the showboat screentime that he deserves. Where’re the rolling ‘r’s and the gratuitous English?

I was watching this scene on a public bus and people were giving me looks of condemnation and disgust. But they were strangely nonchalant, perhaps even appreciative, during the cultist flashback massacre sequence.

Somehow watching a girl bathe isn’t as offensive as watching the same girl slaughter dozens with an axe. #sameoldcomplaintaboutdoublestandards

What’s this? Is our dear Yuno-chan actually experiencing regret?

On the plot development side, now we have some confirmation on the theory that those dead bodies are Yuno’s parents. But more on this later.

I can’t believe how much time I spent on that one verb “結ばれる”. I was so convinced that Yuno was reinterpreting the term for something else.

Then I realized that Yuno “being tied to” Yukiteru, and Yuno “making a contract with” Yukiteru didn’t make much sense.

Also, apparently “結ばれる” really is an informal term for having sex. These Future Diaries and their slang.

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Although much as I enjoy the idea of Yuno’s efficient Plan B for dealing with nasty parents (sick and twisted as it may reflect on me), it demonstrates a hole in Yuno’s otherwise usual flawless planning.

Namely, the the disregard of the implications associated with killing a person and having no one else find out. Sure, if an obstacle is in the way, removing it makes sense; but not when other obstacles are going to be missing the dead obstacle, like the obstacle’s colleagues, and the obstacle’s friends who gather for little book clubs that degenerate into alcohol binges and so forth.

Because Yuno, so far, seems willing to maintain a façade to forward her goals. So why doesn’t she just make her façade a reality? If she was already determined to win Rea’s approval, and to fulfil the role of a perfect wife, then why does she even have a Plan B? If you’re already willing to work 50 years to earn a million dollars, why would you consider robbing a bank? (Okay, terrible analogy, but it’s not like I can easily compare killing your boyfriend’s mother to anything.)

In the case of her parents, I’m guessing that they had some unreasonable expectations of Yuno, or otherwise planned to migrate/move her away from Yukiteru, which left her no choice. Which still doesn’t explain why she left the bodies in the house. Maybe to Yuno, all she did was to kill the intention, and her parents are still with her. Although it doesn’t seem likely since Yuno really did seem regretful in the shower scene. But yes, Rea might have died if she was intending to marry Yukiteru off to someone else.

Alternatively, maybe Yuno does have her own limits. Maybe she’s only willing to go so far before she decides that it’s easier to deal with the consequences of murder than to play a role forever. (Which is strange when she’s probably willing to do anything for Yukiteru and it’ll probably coincide with what Rea wants in the first place.) Anyway, it raises the theory that maybe even perfect Yanderes need some comfort and pampering once in a while.

Also, tool’s’? With an ‘s’? What on earth was Yuno planning? Won’t her usual method of -sharp object- applied to -vital body part- suffice?

Let it be known that I didn’t trust the little bastard right from the instant I saw him.

(Note that ‘bastard’ is being used ‘affectionately’. Lest I be accused of offending someone’s sensibilities.)

You know, for a while there, I actually thought that Reisuke was:

1) Unusually precocious and sexually aware for his age, and
2) Interested in rough sex with Yuno

Either way, both are compelling reasons to maintain my distrust.

Two things. (Again.)

1) Reisuke is one sly, cunning little bastard.

Drawing a pretty picture, cutting it out, then trying to stab someone by tripping yourself? Sure, an amateur assassin might try it, but in the case of a kid it’d look accidental. Reisuke’s already working his age to his advantage.

2) Yuno is crazy paranoid and crazy prepared.

Who else would conceal cushions as a precautionary measure against those little kids who trip and attempt to stab you with scissors? Plus, she’s lightning fast. Even as Reisuke’s falling towards her, she still hasn’t gotten the cushion in place yet.

And the best part is that Yuno remains calm throughout the whole thing. Like protecting yourself with a cushion against fatal stab from a falling kid with scissors is a daily occurrence.

I can’t say that Reisuke’s Diary looks especially intimidating. I’m guessing that it’ll have some easily exploitable weakness just like Tsubaki’s, and that most of the tension will be from Reisuke being an unknown opponent in such close quarters.

Callback to the kindly doctor. I can’t help but be reminded of Bruce Wayne. Not that Reisuke is anywhere near Batman, and he’s definitely not going to live to even go through puberty (uh-oh, a death of a child? Wonder if Asread will actually go so far).

But I’d like to know how damaged Reisuke actually is, to warrant a Diary. Deus Ex didn’t hand the Diaries out at random, so Reisuke must have gone through some screwed up crap if he’s already plotting and trying to stab people.

You know, I like the idea of Batman going up against Yuno. Billionaire scientist inventor genius martial artist detective versus 15-year old schoolgirl Yandere. And I think Yuno could actually win.

As a closing screencap, I offer Dat Gaping Eyesocket.

“Hey, a hole is a hole…” -LoliHat

You depraved madman. But then again, that’s probably why it’s censored, right?

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  1. Bob from Accounting
    Posted November 22, 2011 at 12:22 am | Permalink

    Ah, the opening scene of this episode was so promising. But sadly, the episode itself was just too dull. Good thing episode seven is bloody great, then. Reisuke’s day in the limelight more than made up for last week’s dithering.

    And yeah, I think at this point we can totally say that those corpses are her parents. Good thing that Yukiteru’s mother was such an ‘understanding parent’ (and lulzy one). A wise decision on her part, even if she doesn’t know it.

    • Posted November 22, 2011 at 7:41 am | Permalink

      Ehhh. I don’t think Reisuke was all that great. But that’s best left to the review.


  2. Netto
    Posted November 22, 2011 at 2:56 am | Permalink

    That drivers face just made my day. xD

    Still the next episode should be fun, this episode is just building up to that episode of crazy children. But seriously Reisuke could win against that kid from Home Alone for all I know lol.

    • Posted November 22, 2011 at 7:48 am | Permalink

      Mad props to the driver enjoying the spectacle rather than cursing his own “missed opportunities” in his younger days.

      Home Alone kid: Childish ingenuity, house filled with traps
      Reisuke: Future Diary, severe psychological damage

      It’s not even fair, is it?

  3. acx
    Posted November 24, 2011 at 2:28 am | Permalink

    hah been following your blog from quite some time now.

    But this one tops it, srsly I spilled coffee all over me laughing, when I read it.
    Btw one more thing, could you maybe do a blog on the anime movies? (or maybe you have already, I dno… couldn’t ´find it) … aaanyway the point is, I’m not so much in to the series (unless they make another season to Tokyo mag 8.0) and I’v ran out of movies. Sooo maybe if a seasoned anime fan like you could post her “my favorite anime movies” list, then I could leech of it, mayb?

    • Posted November 24, 2011 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

      … you do realize THAT is made up of many different people, and it’s not just one extremely active, split-personality afflicted, insomniac blogger who’s comprehensively covering multiple series at a time, right?

      Or are you a spambot. Your post resembles the horoscopey one-comment-fits-all-but-not-all-that-well prose of a spambot. I AM ON TO YOU NOW

      • acx
        Posted November 25, 2011 at 1:22 am | Permalink

        actually I’m a schizophrenic A.I.

        anyhoo :D the main idea stands.. I want a movie index of best anime movies what “you guys” can come up with and then I’ll assimilate that knowledge to gain better understanding of the thing you humans call “emotion”

        srsly that would be super cool if u guys could do it

        • Posted November 25, 2011 at 11:05 am | Permalink

          Weeelll. Not that I’m against the idea in theory, but in practice it’ll probably end up as flamebait. Subjectivity is a cruel, cruel thing (see also Anime Impressions comment threads).

          But I’ll toss the idea around. Maybe it’ll bear sweet delicious flamebait fruit in 6 months or so~

          • acx
            Posted November 26, 2011 at 1:04 am | Permalink

            well what ever the verdict is, or however long it takes, I’ll be waiting.

            In the mean time I guess, I’ll have to learn the thing called “emotion” from star trek then.

  4. Tenryu
    Posted November 24, 2011 at 4:55 am | Permalink

    “Only in anime do the male characters react so negatively towards the idea of having sex with an attractive girl.”

    i do believe that is his reaction in the manga as well

    “Honestly, you anime studios, it’s getting old. Every viewer is sick of death to watching the male protagonist trying to justify his distaste with reasons such as ‘wanting to preserve his chastity’, or ‘exhaustion’. Those aren’t even reasons to refuse sex.”

    maybe watch City Hunter or Angel Heart? although the male protagonist is like 40 something(or if you believe what he says, 25)

    • Posted November 24, 2011 at 9:52 pm | Permalink


      Why am I such a stickler for art styles. I totally dig the City Hunter premise and protagonist, but that art style. THAT ART STYLE ಥ_ಥ

      • Tenryu
        Posted November 26, 2011 at 6:03 am | Permalink

        whats wrong with the art style? are we talking about anime or manga here? because i would infact recommend you to read these titles rather than watching it.

        and if you stick to it and start from the beginning with city hunter you’ll laugh your head off more times than you can count.

  5. shamdadamned
    Posted December 8, 2011 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    Seriously, has no one else took into consideration of how Yukki is feeling when after seeing the broken glass he knew his sociopathic stalker/girlfriend and his mother are about to meet!!! Clearly theres must be a danger sign somewhere and Yukki knows this. Although I have to admit he took it a lot better that what I would have done or actually how I would be the entire night going into the next day. ⊙_☉

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