Mirai Nikki 08: “I get the feeling that Yuno is really pissed.”

I realize that Yuno tolerates a crapload of nonsense, most of it originating from Yukiteru – but this is the first episode in which I actually wish she’d slit his throat and just move on ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

(Which led to an epiphany on her possible game plan, but we’ll get to that later.)

Dayum just look at Kurusu’s face. He is as creepy as ever. Maybe it’s because he’s the odd one out, but in a cast of characters who widen their eyes every 5 minutes, Kurusu’s calm gaze only makes him all the more sinister. Heck, we didn’t even see Twelfth’s face at all and Twelfth is waaaay more comforting than Kurusu is.

I have this suspicion that Yukiteru’s and Yuno’s change of schools isn’t due to some Witness Protection Procedure or Kurusu’s charitable offer to escape media attention, but merely the next logical step towards his goal of hunting Diary Holders. Once you’ve caught all the fish in one location, you start casting your bait somewhere else, yes?

Maybe I’m overthinking things, but Kurusu’s gotten himself into quite the favourable position – alliances with Yukiteru, Yuno and Minene, tracking their actions with no danger to himself. I suppose only time will tell.

Some things never change.

Take the hint, Yukiteru. You may have a Diary that tells you the future and a girlfriend who’d do anything for you, but you’re still a weak little ‘loser reject’ on the inside.

And to think I was so sure of his character development after the events of episode 3 =___=

It’s quite difficult to comment on Mao and Hinata due to their introduction and subsequent plot events occurring within the same episode, so I shall abstain and save my thoughts for later.

But I will say that Hinata’s pantsu is mindblowingly sexy. When I paused to take the screencap it took me awhile before I remembered that I was supposed to be watching the rest of the episode.

Although in hindsight my time would have been better spent ogling Hinata’s pantsu.

Seriously, Yukiteru, what the hell. What the hell.

I know Yuno didn’t really try to stop you this time, but when a classmate asks you to accompany her to a crime scene – where people have been murdered in a cruel and unusual fashion, and you’ve seen enough cruel and unusual murders to know that it might be a Diary Holder at work – shouldn’t some part of you have at least considered replying hell no bitch what the hell is wrong with you

Do you not have the slightest inkling of self-preservation instinct? How the hell did you even manage to stay alive before you met Yuno?

Why yes, Yukiteru. Did you also not notice that the sun shines, the wind blows, and that not listening to Yuno usually ends up in life-ending peril?

Okay so that last one may be beyond Yukiteru’s mental capacity. If he’s still struggling to grasp facts, I shouldn’t be expecting him to understand the more abstract concept of consequences.

I love this woman.

I feel your pain, Yuno, I really do, but try to restrain yourself.

It’s not easy to explain why you’re repeatedly scrawling しね into the ground if anyone sees it, and you’re too delicate a flower to have to undergo repeated psychiatric evaluations.

First thought in my mind: IT’S THE DAMN PREDATOR

Second thought: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs_OacEq2Sk

Okay, so I can’t really remember what I was feeling/thinking when I first watched this segment, apart from “Oh dammit there goes hotpantsu”.

Plot developments, man. They happen too fast and screw with objectivity.

But in Aru’s case, I distinctly remember not thinking “how the hell did he survive in the forest with those dogs all around?” I was kinda distracted by how freakin’ suave he looked with the sunset glistening on his hair and all that.

So now that I’m looking at this scene again from a more balanced perspective, “how the hell did he survive in the forest with those dogs all around?”

If I’m not mistaken, this guy is Tenth, based on his position in the lineup from the OP. And already I know he’s as psychologically unstable as the rest of them.

I’m not talking about voluntarily passing his Diary onto someone else. Neither am I aggravated by his decision to serve fine cuisine (with 30-year old red wine in glasses) to his dogs, although it’s somewhat relevant.

No, what really sealed the deal was the fact that while he cooked the steak and the stew for the dogs, he himself chose to eat instant noodles. I don’t know about everyone else, but if I was hosting a dinner party and managed to turn out 10 perfect steaks, I’ve eat the damn steaks myself and serve everyone else pasta with instant sauce.

Yes, I am a poor host. I also happen to be a terrible cook, so if I manage to not burn an expensive cut of meat, I’m damn well going to eat it myself.

Although it could be the case that Tenth, despite his proclamations, is actually a trainwreck of a cook and is simply lying about the wine. That might explain why he’s not eating his own cooking. Alternatively, that could have been some really good instant noodles.

Oh and there was the matter of having his own daughter killed by his dogs. (Or so I thought at first.)

I’m including these screencaps here mostly for continuity. Because I’m starting to hate Yukiteru with a vengeance. Throughout this whole scene I was hoping that a dog would get through and mangle someone, even if it wasn’t Yukiteru – just to shove it in his face that if he obeyed Yuno’s every word, he’d have nothing to worry about except death by sexual exhaustion.

The strange thing is that on my first run through the episode, I was genuinely shocked and taken aback by Mao’s betrayal. It was as if I was rooting for Yukiteru to demonstrate to Yuno the power of friendship, trust, and rainbows.

And now I’m just so vindictive. Disjointed statements such as “see what happened you fucking hack” constantly repeat themselves in my mind.

Yes, you are truly amazing, Yukiteru. You’re a marvel, you’re a spectacle, you’re a bloody wonder.

Overthought this particular scenario. I was thinking that Mao and Hinata were so weird, so unnatural, that they had to be red herrings. Or created to be so bizarre that they’d end up dead, which seemed to be the case when Hinata apparently died.

But now that their true nature has been revealed, I have to say that these two are the most disappointing, boring antagonists ever.

Third was a sociopath, Reisuke was precocious, Tsubaki was tragic, Minene was outlandish, and Twelfth was fabulous.

But Mao and Hinata are boring. Painfully so. If they stayed as background characters, their quirks might seem interesting, but when they’re thrust into the spotlight, they just seem way out of their depth. They’re not manipulative, they’re not calculating, they’re not murderous (compared to the other Diary Holders, and even then it’s not like you have to be a genius to manipulate Yukiteru). They’re just bland.

I’m trying so hard to enjoy Mirai Nikki. I really am. I’m not the type to enjoy criticising something when I could be praising it. The Tsubaki/Twelfth arc was great. Minene and Reisuke had their high points.

But Mao and Hinata? Please just let them die quick, offscreen deaths.

Which brings us to the other new character, Akise Aru. I’m not sure what to think of him just yet. He may want to become a great detective, but he hasn’t exactly displayed any great detective skills as of yet.

It’s pretty much a done deal that I’m going to compare him to the characters of Death Note, since they’ve cemented their place as the premier anime detectives (as far as my limited anime experience goes). I might have compared him to Un-Go’s Shinjuurou if it weren’t for the unexpected catastrophe that was episode 07.

We haven’t seen Aru approach the level of crazy preparedness of Yagami Light. We haven’t seen Aru demonstrating the intellectual gymnastics of L. No Near-esque mechanical funnelling of his foes, nor the inspired spontaneity of Mello.

So far, the only things that we’ve seen Aru do are:

1) Stroll nonchalantly with the sunset behind him
2) Maintain an expression of superiority (which collapsed when the dogs were let out)
3) Discover Yukiteru’s involvement in the events of episodes 01-05, which would probably be no more difficult than using a search engine, then going through forum threads or imageboards.

In short, he’s got a long way to go.

Oh and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t possess a Diary. Since the ED excludes him from the Diary Holder lineup.

Based on Hinata’s allegations that Aru has a Diary, I guess I’m supposed to assume that Aru is so competent that he could be mistaken as such. Although since Hinata appears to have all the mental acuity of a pumpkin, I’m not about to believe in Aru’s capabilities just yet.

Art by pixiv artist makina* (There’s your closing image, since I can’t get anything decent out of this disappointing episode.)

Right. Yuno’s game plan.

As each episode goes by, I began to wonder what exactly Yuno sees in Yukiteru. Sure, he’s saved her a couple of times, but she only needed saving because of his inadequacy in the first place. So why does she stick to him? She’s not objective, but we know that she’s possibly the most lethally paranoid and adaptable character in the cast.

As obsessive as she is, she must still be able to see the retard that Yukiteru is. So why does she insist on sticking with him, even when annoyance surpassed infatuation (at least that’s what it seemed to me) during this episode?

Then it hit me. Yuno may not actually love Yukiteru. She may have loved him once – which explains why her diary is about him – but from the onset of the Survival Game, she could have merely been acting. She could be playing the long game.

Near the beginning of my post, I said that Kurusu might be using Yukiteru as bait. So why can’t Yuno do the same? At the start of the game, by enabling Yukiteru to defeat Third, she made him the target of everybody else. Minene and Tsubaki fell for it. Although eventually Minene realized that Yuno was the greater threat, and Reisuke realized it all along, who’s to say that the remaining Diary Holders won’t continue to pursue Yukiteru?

At Yukiteru’s side, she can bring her death-dealing skills to full effect under the assurance that the focus will be on Yukiteru. Her alliance with Kurusu could end at any time, since he needs her more than she needs him. Minene would be more of a threat, but Yuno would probably leverage Kurusu against her first.

And at the end, when all the other Diary Holders are dead, who remains? Yuno herself; and Yukiteru – the weakest of the lot. The easiest to kill. One stab and her victory would be complete.

At least, that’s what I hope Yuno is doing. Because the alternative is that she really does love Yukiteru – and the thought of that is simply excruciating.

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  1. Posted November 28, 2011 at 4:42 pm | Permalink

    Actually that’s a great speculation, but it rides shotgun on the premise that Yuno’s a practical person, that she is merely baiting others with Yukiteru, since her Diary is predicated on his existence.

    However we have not seen any evidence up to this date that Yuno is a rational, practical person. Certainly she is perceptive to near superhuman levels, but this in no shape or fashion indicates a rational grasp of her situation.

    So far, Yuno has shown to be a classic paranoid with violent tendencies. It’s within the realm of possibility that Yuno is a great actress, and within the bounds of the over-the-top nature of the show, but that would be lazy writing that pulled something out of nowhere. Her infatuation with Yukiteru defies all logic but that’s precisely what makes a Yandere a Yandere.

    However, her clever smile in response to the Fifth Diarist’s query is cryptic. Perhaps she intends to kill Yukiteru only at the end of th game in order to become Lord of Time & Space and resurrect her love. Win!

    • Posted November 28, 2011 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

      It’s my own speculation, but I think Yuno – in addition to being a paranoid – is also a sociopath with little knowledge or empathy for human norms.

      Because to me, Yuno is supremely practical. She is downright mathematical. If something is in the way of her equation, she’ll just cancel it out.

      Just as my teachers have forced to perform all sorts of mathematical functions to achieve a certain derivative/format/expression; Yuno is performing all sorts of functions – actually, just murder – to achieve her desired answer. I like to think that her dead parents are the equivalent of the constant that’s left after integration; you don’t really know what to do with it, so you just leave it there.

      Perhaps it’s a matter of definition. Yuno isn’t practical in dealing with people because people can’t be deleted without consequence, but when the consequences don’t matter – whenever she’s free to kill anybody – Yuno’s actions become extremely practical. She kills, but never kills unnecessarily.

      And it seems like Yuno’s getting better at relating to people. She’s gone from killing her parents to cooking for Yukiteru’s mom.

      In this light, Yuno’s obsession with Yukiteru makes more sense. There’s no logical reason for her to be infatuated with him, unless she was merely trying to portray a human being and Yukiteru happened to be the lucky guy to be her practice dummy.

      Oh, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible demon about to eat your face ;)

      But yes, I did consider that possibility. As infatuated as Yuno is, she still possesses her own thoughts and desires, and she’s aware that Yukiteru probably doesn’t love her enough to resurrect her. So she’s going to have to kill him to achieve her own happy ending. Hopefully she’ll make him better while she’s at it.

      • Posted November 30, 2011 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

        Thanks for the response.

        Yuno is actually a psychopath given that she’s capable of fitting in society and pretending to have empathy. A sociopath would have more trouble with others, since they’re irritable.

        I see your point about practicality in a survivor styled game, but Yuno’s reasoning is driven more from a paranoid, cynical source than prudence or a principle of utility. Yuno’s own rational skills are sharp in the right context, but she’s not broad-minded and empathic enough to understand others like say Akise Aru.

        In fact, Akise Aru is Yuno’s diametrical opposite: rational, objective and kind. I suspect he also likes Yukiteru but not to a Psychotic degree like Yuno does.

  2. Second Opinion
    Posted November 28, 2011 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    I totally disagree with your view on Yuki.

    While he is kind of a moron at times, I think you can really understand the mistakes he makes on a human level. At the beginning of the series, he’s a complete loner (a “loser reject”, one might say). He has no friends and is completely alone. In this episode, they’re going to a new school and Yuno tells him not to make any friends or use his diary at school (or at all). Any sane person would say, “Fuck that. The diary kept me alive and a few friends can’t hurt.” Yuki is so desperate for friends, and perhaps somewhat socially retarded (he agreed to marry a random girl during their first conversation!), that he goes along with other people. Deep down, he obviously wants to be liked and to have friends and a normal life. Unfortunately for him, that’s not what he has.

    For me, this episode kinda put over Yuki as a genuinely nice guy. If he thinks people are his friends, he’s willing to risk a lot for them. He risked his life with the cultists to save Yuno, as well as to save Third. He risked his safety to protect the people he thought were his friends in this episode. He is extremely selfless, which is a bad quality in a game about selfishness.

    He does make some idiotic moves but I can understand them from his perspective. They make sense to him. Unfortunately, his type of logic doesn’t work in this game, while Yuno’s craziness and paranoia work in this context.

    • Posted November 28, 2011 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

      I do understand Yukiteru’s desire to want to be normal, with friends and all that normal stuff. But he needs to realize that he’s gone through the looking glass ages ago. His life can no longer be normal, and he continues to run away from this simple truth, ending up in more and more trouble.

      I concede that Yuno’s advice about not making friends and not using the diary is overwrought. The diary IS very useful, but I think Yuno wasn’t so much concerned about Yukiteru’s usage but his over-reliance to the point of exposing himself. Certainly in his previous school, he abused the diary and his improved grades would have aroused suspicions sooner or later.

      But I can’t really see Yukiteru as being nice for the sake of being nice. His actions aren’t motivated by selflessness, they’re motivated by selfishness. If he were really selfless, he’d have started paying Yuno some attention by now, rather than simply use her as his personal wrecking ball. He selfishly ignored her needs and concerns repeatedly in this episode. Agreeing to go to a crime scene, flouting the law – he didn’t do this because he was being nice, he was doing this because he was desperate for friends.

      That’s what Yukiteru comes off to me – he’s deluded, selfish, and a coward. Yes, it takes guts to charge into a band of murderous cultists. Yes, it takes guts to run through a minefield. But in both cases Yuno was holding his hand all the way, and he only acts at the very last moment. That’s not really courage, is it? That sounds more like adrenaline. All the more so when he’s reduced to the same blibbering wreck every time a new Diary Holder shows up.

      I assumed that after dispatching two Diary Holders personally, after firsthand experiences with bizarre killings, he’d have wised up and learnt a bit of caution. But all he’s done is continue to latch on to anyone around him – for safety/friendship/comfort – 8 episodes and hasn’t grown as a character as all.

      He never made an effort to make friends, and turned them down whenever they reached out to him – all the way back since elementary school – and in his new class he didn’t approach anyone; he sneaked in and merely wished that friends would fall into his lap. Any I wouldn’t even go so far to say that he’s willing to make friends – he just wants people to be nice to him for no effort on his part.

      Yes, I know I’m being extremely harsh. But when all the other anime protagonists this season have finally grown into their own (even Guilty Crown’s Ouma Shu), it is extremely frustrating to see Yukiteru continue being the pansy he was in episode 1.

      • Second Opinion
        Posted November 29, 2011 at 1:26 am | Permalink

        This is what you said: “[Yuki] needs to realize that he’s gone through the looking glass ages ago”

        To me, this is essentially the crisis Yuki is in the midst of facing. He has this desire to be normal (to have friends, not have to worry about being killed by maniacs, ect) but it can’t be done when you’re in the midst of a survival game where everyone’s gunning to kill you. This is what he’s struggling with. After each encounter, he seems like he wants to just go back to his regular life. He’s seen a massive amount of death and betrayal in a month or two. Yuki just wants to run away from it all. His character seems like the protagonist from Neon Genesis Evangelion. He wants to curl up in a ball and just avoid dealing with reality.

        I’m not sure whether Yuno was concerned about him relying too much on the diary or not. Maybe this is true. But she never says this to him. She just tells him not to do these things, without any context whatsoever. As such, she comes off as possessive and controlling, somethink Yuki likely thinks about her anyway. So he ignores her (which, from the distance of the viewer, is a really poor idea). Still, I think you can see why he doesn’t take Yuno’s advice as seriously as he should. Plus, he’s distracted by the new school (where he wants to make new friends) rather than on the game itself.

        That’s dumb, yes, but human, I think. (He’s what, like fourteen?)

        I’m not sure about the overexposing thing anyway. Other than that first episode, I really can’t think of a situation where he does over-rely on the diary, to his detriment. Even in the first bit when he gets the diary, he uses it carelessly because he isn’t aware yet of the rules of this game. Yuki just thinks he’s got this awesome future-telling cell phone from a god he imagined in his head. He only learns about what’s going on later, when Yuno fills him in.

        I wouldn’t ever call Yuki nice. And he is very obviously being selfish. He’s using Yuno’s love to keep himself alive. That’s really really selfish. What I had said was that he was caring and did show this side particularly when the chips were down. When he sees Third as a victim, he goes out of his way to help her. He also risks being killed to save Yuno from being raped. He also also leaves the safety of the bathroom, where there is no gas, to help Yuno with Fifth. To me, this episode highlighted that he does have this sense of courage (or maybe valour) that makes him risk his own skin in order to help the innocent or those in trouble. Granted, he’s wrong a lot. A LOT. But he’s noble, in his own way.

        I’m having a really hard time understanding why exactly you’re siding with Yuno on this one. Yuno, the one who spent the entire episode saying, “Screw these guys, let’s leave them to be killed”. Yes, her method is more practical. But Yuki is definately more noble, albeit in a naive way.

        Take into account too how much Yuki has seen Yuno do. He’s seen her slaughter countless cult members and classmates. He’s seen the bodies of her parents that she’s left lying around. He’s seen her willingness to kill children. He even knows she would sacrifice anyone to ensure they both survived (Yuki, on the other hand, wants to avoid those sacrifices, which ends up backfiring). You’re saying you would TRUST the psychopath who indiscriminately kills and could kill you at any minute? She says she loves him (and she’s proven it, and he’s returned the gesture) but Yuki can’t be sure Yuno won’t change her mind or that she’s not plotting.

        He does ignore her concerns, yes. But what does Yuno actually say? She tells him not to use his diary/make friends and then says, “let’s go” when they’re in the park. She really doesn’t give Yuki much information. Sure, he goes to the park but by the same token, she doesn’t offer any resistance. In a previous episode summary, you pointed out that Yuno seemed to be willing to allow Yuki to make choices that go against her wishes because it’s what he wants. Well, the park is that in action. He chooses to go and she goes along with it, without telling him why it’s a bad idea or interfering.

        Deluded? I’d say naive. He knows what’s going on. He is too trusting of other people’s innate goodness. Selfish? For the most part, yes. Though his refusal to allow innocents to die because of him is a point against that. Cowardly? Somewhat. He’s a fourteen (or so) year old boy though, with a bunch of people trying to kill him no less. I’d be shitting my pants too. You’re living in a world where no one can be trusted and nearly any move could be fatal. You never know what your opponent’s weapon is or how they’ll try to kill you (who could have predicted dogs with metal teeth?).

        Don’t forget the bathroom scene with Fifth and Yuno. It’s Yuno that’s in trouble and Yuki is the pro-active one whose quick thinking saves her.

        I don’t think Yuki’s blithering necessarily means he’s not courageous. He’s fourteen (or so), has seen a LOT of death, and has had to kill to survive. He’s obviously overwhelmed in a situation where his tendency to believe in people’s goodness works against him. But his courageousness is fighting through that and being pro-active. Actively working to keep those around him from dying is pretty brave to me.

        I don’t think Yuki’s utterly condemnable. More or less, he’s still working under real world logic. Being constrained by this, he’s trusting of people in power (say, the police chief who’s obviously shadier than he’s letting on) and people who he deems friends. Yuno’s paranoia is what makes her so useful in a survival game (not so much in real life though).

        I admit to not remembering Yuki’s friend situation from the first episode very well. I seem to remember his situation as a loner being at least partly due to his parents’ divorce. As such, he avoided getting close to people so he didn’t get hurt, despite wanting friends. Didn’t he also have friends at his previous school and just didn’t make any at this school or is that something else? In this new new school, he doesn’t really get a chance to make friends. He shows up, feels embarassed and goes to his seat, where he finds the Jerk who Betrayed Him. Then there’s the raving conversation about him being responsible for the deaths at the other school, something of a friendliness killer in itself.

        I’m working under the assumption that Yuki is afraid to put himself out there. He wants to have friends (doesn’t he resolve in one of the first couple of episodes not to sit on the sidelines anymore?) but he’s a bit on the socially retarded side. He always seems to be thinking and rethinking what to do.

        I’m not saying Yuki’s not done idiotic things. Believe me, I’ve been shaking my head at the decisions he’s made. I just think they are understandable, given his age, mental state ect. Trying to fit this real world logic (which is limited sometimes, given his unfamiliarity with people) into the world of the survival game, extreme selfishness. His nobility (concern for innocents, the weak, Yuno) is here to stay, but how he deals with the rest of it will likely change.

        Further point: Yuki’s obviously not looking to win (at this point, at least). We can’t really judge him for not being as ruthless as Yuno or the rest, since he’s not playing by those rules.

  3. Mischeif
    Posted November 28, 2011 at 11:09 pm | Permalink

    Yukiteru is annoying me so much right now!!! This character needs to grow up fast! First believing a school if kids that don’t know or like him, would protect him from a terrorist. Then trusting a priestess that’s been fine in her temple until she forces you and you alone to spend the night. Then the scariest kid I’ve ever seen tries to kill you and want to save him? Now this falling in love with people from 1st period crap, it felt like those cheesy movie commercial for the snack bar. “Let’s all go to the crime scene”. Then announcing your phone can tell the future then allowing a complete stranger approach him and take it from his hands, all while constantly being warned by Yuno . Wish he’d develop some common sense fast or at least just give up on having common sense and follow directions better,

    Anyways I really wanted to comment because, I believe you’re assumption that they came to that school due to the detectives involvement is incorrect. I say this because their school was blown to bits so I’m pretty sure the students were all relocated while repairs are being done which is why Yuki was so interested if he would recognize anyone and why his bully from the old school was also there.

  4. Anonymous
    Posted November 29, 2011 at 12:28 am | Permalink

    Honestly, that’s why I like Yukiteru. He’s cowardly, wimpy, and selfish…and it’s done on purpose. Unlike most protagonists, Yuki is aware of his weakness and is not afraid to take full advantage of it whenever necessary. Also, what do you mean not making an effort to have friends? He never even got the chance to because of that guy in his class. But that’s a moot point, because he wanted friends just for the purpose of having them. Selfless he is not. And that’s cool with me. Because selfless characters are freaking boring. To me, the biggest sin a character can be is to be boring beyond belief. Yuuji from Shana? Ugh. Saito from Zero No Tsukaima? Hang me. Shu from Guilty Crown? Snore (and honestly, I don’t think he has grown into his own at all).

    Yes, Yuki hasn’t really grown as a character. He’s trying to stay normal despite everything that’s happened (can you really blame him?). I like the way the show treats it though, so I’m okay with it. I don’t exactly know why the previous episodes weren’t enough to convince him to be careful, but what can you do? Maybe he didn’t think it was traumatic enough, I don’t know.

    As for ignoring Yuno and such, you do realize it’s Yuno, right? She never gave him a real answer when he asked why she likes him. She always goes violent at every opportunity and planned to leave his new “friends” to die in order to save him. I’d put more stock in the NY cops than I would her. Why she gets a free pass is beyond me (besides being very entertaining in her craziness). And what’s ironic is that the show is punishing Yuki for trying to ignore the dark side that is Yuno by making her right in everything. That is definitely intentional, and it shows. Sooner or later, Yuki is going to break due to all the times Yuno has been right.

  5. Ida
    Posted November 29, 2011 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    Akise! Akise! *chant it with me*

    I have waited for him to show up all this time. He is probably the single most competent character in the series, by far. Excluding may be Yuno. But, change the circumstances a bit, and who know, who knows…

    They actually skipped a small scene in this episode. Nothing spoilerish, so I’ll describe it. Originally no one believed Yukiteru about the windows, so he told them about his phone then, and not just as an afterthought. Everyone considered it silly, but Akise made Yukiteru predict the flips of the coin, and that is how he convinced everyone to listen to the directions.

    As for how he did survive… Well, you see, he deduced two days in advance that he will have to go there, and prepared various traps and stuff like that beforehand just to reach the group.
    Kidding, of course, but wouldn’t put it past him.
    Perhaps, he is not Shinjirou (I am willing to give them a benefit of the doubt that they will follow up with an amazing episode 8), but he is definably a love-child of Shinjorou and Inga.

    Can’t wait till the next episode. It is going to be amazing.

  6. Bob from Accounting
    Posted November 29, 2011 at 8:09 am | Permalink

    Fun, fun, fuuuuuuuuuuun! This show is so much FUN! Now that we have have a silver-haired pretty boy (sharing his seiyuu with Kowaru Nagisa, no less!) to provide the Ho Yay, everything is in place for a series of continual OTT silliness which will hopefully never degenerate to the likes of the Sacred Eye cult again. Provided, of course, that this Akise guy doesn’t just die withinan episode or two like most new characters on this show, but my instincts tell me he’s a keeper (nothing to do with the whole internet going ‘ZOMG, it’s Akise, I love Akise soooo much!’ How on earth would that clue me in?).

  7. Kevin
    Posted November 29, 2011 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Remember that this is an arc. Yukiteru needs to be weak at the start so his eventual turn and evolution into a stronger character is more dramatic. In order for weak Yuki to survive, we need Yuno to be a beast until he steps it up and tries to win the survival game.It’s likely that they will become more equal right away.

  8. Emperor
    Posted November 30, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Permalink

    ehm that load of comments… anyway i get that feeling nobody likes that kid on the other hand I’m happy that Ive clicked on this post, epic picture of Yuno ^^ gj

  9. BlandUserGsEf
    Posted December 1, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    While not related to this series, how was episode 7 of Un-Go a catastrophe out of curiosity? :o

    • Posted December 2, 2011 at 9:18 am | Permalink

      One magical girl in my detective anime is more than enough ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  10. Posted December 15, 2011 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    “Yes, you are truly amazing, Yukiteru. You’re a marvel, you’re a spectacle, you’re a bloody wonder.”

    I’d like to see you do better on a head full of paint fumes and Vegemite. It’s a miracle he can even breathe unassisted.


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