Mirai Nikki 09: “I just told a lie I can never take back.”

And we all know what happens to filthy liars, don’t we, Yuno-chan?

Swift, bladed justice.

But not this episode, (un)fortunately.

Some background event stuff here. Somehow Akise managed to latch onto Tenth’s Diary Holder status and kicked off the whole chain of events. Let’s just say it was Akise being awesome.

I’m not sure where I stand on Tenth’s request to leave the Diary Games. Part of me thinks of him as a coward who (probably) enjoyed the use of his Diary while it lasted, then wants to escape the associated ‘contractual conditions’ when he’s cornered. Part of me respects him for conceding defeat and wanting to cut his losses. But that point is moot, since Deus denied him his request.

But what does scare me is Hinata’s willingness to go along with the whole “kill people so Daddy can become a God and make our family whole again” plan. I’m sure some part of her may have rationalized the killing through convincing herself that her father would bring them back, or otherwise retcon the killing. But still, to order the deaths of human beings? It’s not as simple as knocking down the Jenga pile and building it up again.

You actually get to see the fear in the victim’s eyes, hear the victim’s screams, watch as life drains from the fallen body. Hinata doesn’t seem that unbalanced (can’t really say the same for Mao) – her apparent ease with ordering dogs to kill her new friends, under the tacit approval of her father, brings the Milgram Experiment to mind.

I don’t know where Mao fits into all this, but a girl who easily resorts to slasher violence? She’s Yuno Lite!

Although unlike Yuno, she bears no irrational attraction to Yukiteru and is free to criticize him at will. Let’s hope he takes that comment to heart (don’t bet on it).

“Heads or tails, kitty cat?”

It would be c’est magnifique if Akise really does play with a coin in the style of Two-Face. It’s like some unwritten anime law that Genius characters have to have some strange quirk.

I was hoping that Akise’s genius quirk to be that of suicidal recklessness. That “living on the edge makes me feel ALIVE” mindset.

Akise probably observed/deduced Yuno to be the cunning, merciless bundle of joy that she is, and could have been deliberately prolonging the confrontation just to see how murderous she was capable of becoming.

Although I’d settle for him being a 9th Dan Aikido/Judo/Jiu-Jitsu exponent.

Yuno was pinning him to the ground, knife at his throat, and with one smooth motion he’s disarmed and restrained her. Kid’s got some skills.

Although a recklessly suicidal martial arts exponent would appeal greatly to me, too.

Best part of this scene? The sexual tension. Look at how he’s looking at her, and how timid Yuno-chan suddenly seems.


Marry him, Yuno. Marry him! Akise is superior in every way!

Just look at what your precious Yukiteru’s up to now.

Well, shucks. I guess that’s what the USA is doing wrong with Pakistan. They should have been all, “Hey guys, pinky promise – if we beat the Taliban, we’re gonna go home together and be bestest friends!”

Shockingly, Yukiteru’s gullibility didn’t frustrate me as much as last episode. Maybe it’s the shift in my viewing perspective. From now on, I’m just waiting for the next opportunity for Yukiteru to dig his own grave, then sit back to enjoy his subsequent suffering. Much less taxing on my mind.

It’s like almost every series this season has some Yuri action in it.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon has the Witches; Ben-To has Shiraume Ume with Oshiroi/Shaga, or the white haired Ojou Twins; Haganai needs no explanation; Chihayafuru has Chihaya/Kanade (stretching it a bit here); Persona 4 has slight Yukiko/Chie; Guilty Crown has slight Tsugumi/Ayase (also a stretch); Tamayura is 4-girl platonic skinship; UN-GO may get something with Inga and the other god/demon girl; and MajiKoi has Takae/Saki.

Okay I’m not going to list any more. I think my point has been made.

Just look at Yuno go. It’s like she’s perfected her stab technique. I especially like the clothesline/shoulder charge/fatal stab manoeuvre she pulled on the once-intimidating canine. She’s a machine!

A gorgeous, love you to death (and maybe beyond), adorable killing machine~

Think of all the money you’d save on Christmas presents, foolish boy! And birthday presents too!

And all the time that you’d be spending trying to socialize at those respective parties would be spent having earthshaking sexual relations with Yuno instead. This isn’t even a choice here.

Spoken like a true Yandere. Sure, if it was me, I’d worry for the safety of my existing female friends, but a little micromanagement is a small price to pay for having Yuno as your loving wife <3

Remember how I said I was waiting for Yukiteru to screw himself over?


This situation is totally a win-win. It’s a win for Yuno. It’s a loss for Yukiteru because he’s an idiot who can’t appreciate Yuno. But overall, both are winning because Yuno gets to be happy, and I’m happy with that; and Yukiteru’s forced himself into the situation where he has to make Yuno happy, which will cause him much suffering, which in turn makes me happy.

See? Win-win.

Dammit Akise, you just had to go spoil the mood. But I forgive you because you’re such a sly, badass Madras fakir.

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer – because it’s only the friends who might initiate betrayals? Enemies are always going to be hostile towards you, after all.

I was going to mix up that convoluted statement with the “friends like these, who needs enemies” quote but I’ve had enough platitudes for one post.

Anyway, I would have probably enjoyed Pixar’s Up alot more if the Up Dogs were equipped like Tenth’s Predator Beasts. We never did get into why Tenth saw the need to enhance his dogs in this manner, and we’ll probably never find out, too. But a simple hypothetical scenario would suffice for me:

Tenth: I shall put metal dentures on my dogs. FOR SCIENCE!

I knew it! Kurusu couldn’t be trusted. Look at those remorseless eyes. The eyes of a sociopath loyal only to himself. Executing an old man, in his own house, even when he had already lost control of his Diary and is no longer a threat?

Kurusu is one stone cold merciless killer. I look forward to his impending death. Preferably delivered through the cold steel of a kitchen knife, courtesy of Yuno-chan.


Art by pixiv artist とわー@人生最後の期末テスト

There’s not really much to write about in this episode, since the arc was resolved and no new burning questions were raised. But I guess we can now look forward to Yukiteru’s suffering and the implications of the relationship upgrade. July 28th can’t come soon enough ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

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  1. Bob from Accounting
    Posted December 8, 2011 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    You picked a strange episode to get angry at Yukiteru. I’ll admit that his naive and trusting nature can be quite frustrating at times, but in this episode he genuinely did manage to resolve the conflict peacefully. Sure, this probably isn’t going to be a recurring thing, but I’ll give credit where its earned and he did earn it in this episode. All it took was a bit of emotional manipulation, too! And his willingness, nay eargerness, to reconcile with the ‘friends’ who tried to kill him, while obviously dangerously naive, is nothing short of admirable. Of course, the solution wasn’t entirely ideal for me because, I’ll be frank here, I’m cheering for Akise in this love triangle. Akise himself didn’t seem too bothered by Yukiteru’s proclamation, but I’m sure that is just because he, like me, has already figured out the very significant advantage he has over Yuno. Oh, this is all going to end SO badly. And I’ll be watching every second of it with relish.

    • Posted December 8, 2011 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

      Oh, I’m not really angry with Yukiteru in this one. It’s just that whenever he does something right, it’s mostly due to magical plot advancement rather than an actual plan to mediate the conflict. So I’m not going to acknowledge anything he does unless it was really brilliant. Lazy passive-aggressiveness on my part~

  2. edru
    Posted December 8, 2011 at 8:17 pm | Permalink

    mao is a yandere. you can see her try to stab yuki’s diary when things werent going well for hinata.

    also, I got more respect for 10th. not only did he give some advice to his daughter, he even admitted that he was using her and even said not to become like him, who was obsessed with dogs. pretty good father in his dying breathe.

    the reason for the metal teeth is in order to fool the authorities. I think I remember the manga mentioned about it when that-guy-who-bullies-yuki said “there is a possibility of a cannibal doing this. the police are still checking out the bite marks to find out who could it be.”

    • Posted December 8, 2011 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

      What is this injustice against Yanderes. Mao, and every Yandere, ought to have her own mysterious background and sinister pledges of undying love! LET FREEDOM RING

      I don’t know about Tenth though. Sure, he may have come clean with her in the end, but that certainly doesn’t make up for the years of being a terrible dad. Assuming that Hinata is 15 years old = 720 weeks old, and that he’s only been paying attention to her for about 2 weeks, that means he was only a good father 0.278% of the time.

      Metal teeth. I get it, but they’re so damn ostentatious. Also, the police would probably pay less attention to people killed by wild animals rather than a “cannibalistic serial killer”. And we don’t even know why he was killing people in the first place.

      ANYWAY, this arc is over. Still can’t top Tsubaki/Twelfth. Those two need to be revived. Maybe not Tsubaki, since she’s probably at peace now, but Twelfth especially. Oh yes.

  3. Posted December 8, 2011 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    Yuno and Akise should totally make babies together and I want to adopt that child of theirs

  4. Posted December 9, 2011 at 1:10 am | Permalink

    Quick, someone make a Yuno x Akise fanfiction. Yukkiteru can die in it.
    Or some Mao x Hinata

    • amado
      Posted December 9, 2011 at 3:38 am | Permalink

      yeah, even though I respect yuno’s decision to pick yuki cause she’s crazy. it never really occurred that thought to me until the anime came. wow, it seems like the anime is good for something.

    • Posted December 9, 2011 at 7:30 am | Permalink

      It should be a rule of Mirai Nikki fanfiction that Yukiteru dies (゜∀゜)

  5. PetitOrenji
    Posted December 12, 2011 at 12:03 am | Permalink

    “Well, shucks. I guess that’s what the USA is doing wrong with Pakistan”

    At that point, I just bursted out in laughter. So true. He’s the definition of an anti-climax. All of the other characters are doing great at their jobs in pushing the plot forwards, and all he does is pause, give a fugly expression of fear, and rewind.

  6. Posted December 15, 2011 at 10:02 pm | Permalink

    The homo-eroticism in this show is goddamn fabulous. I might have to make one of those Koizumi-style memes featuring Akise. And yuri is always nice.

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