Mirai Nikki 11: “知るかああああぁぁっ!!!”

Oh Minene, I love you, but I can’t stop myself from giggling at your pain <3

I actually hadn’t considered that. It didn’t really seem to matter since Kurusu seemed content with directing/manipulating Yuno and Minene to take out the other Diary-holders.

Oh, if only Kurusu had given in to the temptation.


This here was my third favourite moment for this episode.

Those tears, born of broken trust, sustain my depraved soullll

Oh, the pun, it’s killing me, ah, ha ha ha.

Some respect to Kurusu though. He may be a filthy lying backstabber, but at least he was decent enough to tell Yukiteru to his face that he was going to kill him.

Either that or he’s simply exhibiting the usual megalomaniac “reveal my plans before they’re carried out so they can be derailed by the now informed opponents” chronic weakness.

That’s some Metal Gear assault tactics right there. Well I haven’t actually played any Metal Gear game, but you have to admit that sneaking around with a fire extinguisher as your primary weapon is pretty damn badass.

I am honestly surprised that Yuno didn’t outright kill the two detectives she incapacitated. I would rather be stabbed than bludgeoned with a damn fire extinguisher =___=

If there had been more time, I’m sure Yuno would have raided the police armoury first.

What I’d give to see Yuno storm a room single-handedly. She’d be like Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Predator or Wanted’s Wesley Gibson(the comic version, please) in the body of an adorable 15-year old.

I swear, only the power of plot armour could explain Kurusu’s continued survival. Yuno shot the revolver right out of his hand, but missed the followup headshot.

I wish she’d assaulted Kurusu with the fire extinguisher though. That would have been deliciously humiliating.

But hey, more badassery in any form from Yuno is always appreciated.

I couldn’t really pick between these 3 screencaps.

Emotionless Yuno, Exuberant Yuno, Euphoric Yuno. A girl with 3 faces, and each can kill you in a practically limitless number of ways~

Second favourite moment of this episode. More delicious tears, although I can’t quite call it a loss of innocence since Yukiteru’s killed before. But I suppose there’s a world of difference between offing a serial killer and killing or at least paralysing a police officer.

… Yukiteru’s levelling up, isn’t he? First murderers, then police officers. I look forward to the day he’s burning orphanages and decapitating kittens (゚∀゚)

(Something tells me that at least one person will flame me for my reckless seemingly-psychopathic statements ._.)

Just one inch to the left and Kurusu would have been done for. Dammit Yuno, why didn’t you double-tap his smarmy arse?

Yes Kurusu, you planned to have your ear shot off, at least two detectives incapacitated, another detective shot in the gut, among other casualties that I can’t remember. You’re decent, but you’re no Yagami Light.

No, bandaging your uninjured ear and mouth and forehead doesn’t make you look “cool” it only makes you look like a twerp. Take a leaf out of Twelfth’s book. Now that’s a guy who worked his personal style and worked it good. And he was blind too.

It seems like every Mirai Nikki episode targets a different sexual fetish, beginning from the more mainstream and becoming increasingly deviant as the series continues.

Last week’s and this week’s episodes had some extremely unnecessary and blatant… self-relief… scenes. I can only imagine what the “fanservice” will be 5 episodes from now. Actually, no. I probably can’t. I’m too innocent and pure hearted and inexperienced to think of such things! (*^ー^)

And my favourite moment of the episode begins now.

(Okay so like 10 minutes isn’t a moment, but whatever, it’s awesome, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this~)

Oh Minene, things aren’t going to plan, are they?

Best supporting actress goes to Yuno. This series of unfortunate events wouldn’t have been as funny if it wasn’t for her little contributions here and there.

Like further weakening the already unstable floor.

And there’s nothing like danger-flirty Yuno to liven up a life-and-death situation.

Minene facial distortions. They commence now.

So damn jealous of Yukiteru. Not only is he going to end up with Yuno, but he gets to feel Minene’s breasts press against his back all the way up to his head.


… I feel like raging even more but I’ve already mentioned the oppai head pillows. ‘Tis difficult to think coherently when confronted by Minene’s generous assets.

Best screencap thus far. Really, absolutely no words are needed for this one.


I’ve always whined about Yukiteru, but again, it never occurred to me how irritating it would be to have him next to me and screaming in my ears. And then Yuno’s there screaming her love for Yukiteru as well and suddenly I’m feeling sympathetic pain for Minene.

Oh and then there’s madman Kurusu blasting as if he was on loudspeaker.


Technically, “Like I care!” is a mistranslation since she said “知るかああああぁぁっ!!!”, or “I KNOWWWW!!!” but honestly it could have translated as “ZSWWSZSCTHULHUFHTAGNZSWWSZS” and you’d still get it.

For someone so thin and waif-looking, Minene packs some serious arm muscles. Then again, these are anime female protagonists, and Yuno’s already been performing exemplary physical feats since episode 2.

… And so Kurusu couldn’t rely on sweet ‘lil Yukiteru to win and heal his son instead? =___=”

I don’t actually have anything to say about this pic (actually, I didn’t even have much to say about the past 15 screencaps or so ^^;) but I just wanted another Yandere Yuno image.

Don’t judge me!

Was that insensitive or what? And yet I wholeheartedly agree with Minene’s sentiment. I’m a bastard, but really, with a tube down his throat, it’s not like he was able to eat those donuts anyway.

But taking Kurusu’s family hostage (where else could Minene be going with this?) is a bit of a sour note for me. Kind of like how Yukiteru’s mom was caught in the crossfire – I always felt that the Diary-holders should restrict their attacks to each other and no one else.

Of course, it’s quite the hypocritical attitude since I never did give a second thought about Third’s victims, or the students killed by Minene’s first attack, or the massacred cultists.

… and I’m guessing that this is going to last for 2 episodes at most. It’s only a matter of time before Yuno decides that Yukiteru could get to close to Minene and all that stuff all over again.

Although maybe Yuno might trust Minene more than anyone else because Minene’s been very upfront about her motivations and objectives. It’s not like Minene’s going to switch from wanting to kill Yukiteru to wanting hot sex with him, right?

Dammit Minene. Dammit.

Anyway, bonus art time!

Art by pixiv artist Lasterk(黑化中)

And since I think that the art, while great, doesn’t quite do Minene justice, here’s another piece.

Art by pixiv artist いっしん

Apologies for the sub-par commentary this time, but there really wasn’t much to write about since this episode was pretty much just an extended chase sequence from beginning to end.

Either that or it was the effects of trying to watch Toradora and review Mirai Nikki at the same time. Minene is awesome and all, but… Taiga, man. And there wasn’t really enough Yuno to go around.

May we be blessed with more Yuno next episode.

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  1. Bob from Accounting
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    “… Yukiteru’s levelling up, isn’t he? First murderers, then police officers. I look forward to the day he’s burning orphanages and decapitating kittens (゚∀゚)

    (Something tells me that at least one person will flame me for my reckless seemingly-psychopathic statements ._.)”

    Not at all. That would be brilliant and hilarious.

    “… And so Kurusu couldn’t rely on sweet ‘lil Yukiteru to win and heal his son instead? =___=””

    Um. That is… an excellent point. Why choose between your morals and son when you can have both. Maybe he just didn’t want to take the risk of relying on Yukiteru. Let’s face it, who can blame him.

    Also, first you make seemingly negative comments on the excretion-based fanservice in your posts for these last couple of episodes, but then you end this one with fan art of Uryuu erotically on the toilet. I’m getting mixed messages here.

    • Posted December 19, 2011 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

      “B-But how can you claim to love a woman if you won’t even eat her poop?”
      – the immortal hentai quote that stirs the stout hearts of scatological fetishists everwhere

      Seriously though, I can’t have an objective opinion until I try it for myself. Sure, I may be mildly grossed out now, but if Yuno/Minene happened to pass through the 2D/3D barrier (through the power of awesome, naturally) and request to piss on my face, I’d probably oblige them.

      Any more than that, I’d require some negotiations. My opening offer for a crap on the face would be 10 sessions of public sex. Not that I’m an exhibitionist. But if I ever got Yuno or Minene as a girlfriend, I’d definitely want to show her off (:

  2. Noko
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

    “… Yukiteru’s levelling up, isn’t he? First murderers, then police officers. I look forward to the day he’s burning orphanages and decapitating kittens (゚∀゚)”


    Did you seriously sneak in “Cthulhu” into Minene’s incoherent yelling adsfjasl good job haha.
    Although I honestly liked what TokyoPop did with her response:


    • Posted December 19, 2011 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

      You saw the “Cthulhu” but not the “Fhtagn”? Back to Innsmouth with you, heretic!

      Haha it was rather obvious that at that stage, Minene probably wasn’t capable of forming a comprehensible sentence. Maybe somewhere along the lines of “MINENE SMASH PUNY HUMAN” would have been better?

  3. amado
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

    well the diff is that yuki has only killed diary holders via their diary, so he didnt kill them directly.

    they cut off some explanation here: kurusu’s plan was to threaten yuki so that yuno would assault him and he’d now have a reason to brand them as criminals.
    the mistake came from the fact yuno had the sense to shoot him in the head instead of his chest, where he had his bulletproof vest.

    • Posted December 19, 2011 at 9:17 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, but I didn’t want to end up writing an 800 word thesis on the varying stages of the loss of innocence as experienced through the differences between direct and indirect homicide :3


  4. Posted December 20, 2011 at 4:31 am | Permalink

    Those three screenshots of Yuno all go to the same picture.

    • Posted December 20, 2011 at 8:35 am | Permalink

      Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. Serves me right for being lazy with the html editing orz

  5. Daniel S.
    Posted December 23, 2011 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Just found out about this blog today. I love your analyses! I’m going to be sticking around. :)
    Thanks for pointing out that pun, I didn’t notice it. It sure is killer! (‘ U ‘)

    Third was blind? He was the school teacher, right? He had eyes. How do you know he was blind?

  6. Posted December 27, 2011 at 3:47 pm | Permalink

    Screen Cap 23 and 30 make me laugh, I can’t help but wonder what that pair would do if Yuno wasn’t around. Be friends? Or kill each other?

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