Mirai Nikki 12: “I will make you happy, Yuno.”

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

(Obviously, it doesn’t – but Minene’s supreme confidence is just so endearing. Also I wanted a shoutout to the A-team. So there you go. Shoutout.)

Oh Minene, did you actually think that demand would have been met?

Although, oddly enough, it would make sense as part of Bargaining 101. Go for the high end then work down towards a compromise.

Kurusu’s counteroffer leaves much to be desired.

I still can’t get around how stupid he looks. And I’m surprised that his words are still coherent. One would expect nothing more than muffled mumblings. Kind of like Bane in the Dark Knight Rises.

(Long story, but suffice to say I have a colleague who’s a massive DC fanboy and I’ve been ribbing him about Bane having even more severe speech problems than Batman on the basis of the poor audio quality of preview camrips.

Batman: HSSSSKKKK -assorted hissing noises-
Bane: BLARGHBLARGH -speaking with a mouth full of wet flour-)

So yes back to Minene.

You’d think that Yukiteru would be the undisputed champion, what with having to deal with Yuno’s insanity awesomeness on a hourly basis, but it’s Minene who gets the best reaction faces. The best, and the cutest, and the most huggable.

Sometimes I think the author screws with Minene only so he(she?) can justify even more of her lovely facial distortions.

Seriously guys, you don’t need a 6-man team to disable Yukiteru.

Just make fun of him for not having friends or being a social loser or having to rely on Yuno for damn near everything and he’ll be crying his guts out in a neat little corner. Crippling emotional insecurities beats handcuffs any day.

It’s that Silent Hill/F.E.A.R. moment. Where Pyramid Head/Alma is ambling towards you and you’re out of ammo and have nowhere to go and you’re praying that it’s just a cutscene/scripted event so you don’t lose your level progress.

Yes I have misplaced metagaming priorities. I fear losing my efforts/savefiles more than I fear the physical manifestations of repressed emotional fears/desires/regrets. No horror can compare to losing that 217:43 hour RPG savefile.

Then again, this isn’t Silent Hill or F.E.A.R., and Kurusu is nowhere near Pyramid Head or Alma or that thing from Amnesia.

Plus Yuno will always be there to save the day. Someone ought to make a mod for all horror games in which a Yuno NPC accompanies you and kills everything.

Then she kills you at the end of the game because she only just realizes that you’re not Yukiteru >:D

Yuno is hitting the SWAT (or whatever the equivalent is in Japan) guys in their necks. It’s like the one unprotected fatal spot and Yuno’s hitting them consistently.

While still holding up another fully loaded SWAT guy as a human shield. Whom she killed while sprinting.

I think we can now be assured that Kurusu remains alive and wrapped up like a bad Christmas present only because of plot armour.

Just as Minene is constantly screwed by the plot, Kurusu is constantly saved by the plot.

The only reason why Yuno didn’t blow Kurusu’s head off this time, was because Yuno’s revolver only carried six bullets and there were a total of six SWAT guys to kill.

I imagine that if Yuno had armed herself with an MP5 there’d be exactly 30 guys to deplete her ammunition. Or maybe 33 or so, because Yuno’s awesome enough to be hitting two targets with one bullet.

The sweat drop. A sign of impending brick-laying since time immemorial.

(That’s not Yuno’s sweat. That’s the sweat of one of the six guys she just killed. Yuno doesn’t sweat. At all.)

Meanwhile Minene’s trying another escape plan. She’s probably realized at this point that the old standbys like the bedsheet rope technique are old standbys for a reason.

Not that it helps, because plot overcomes all~

Based on their synchronized expressions, we can conclude that they are fated to be together. Minene and whatshisname. Pervy Detective Guy.

Well now we know how far that devotion goes. I will never doubt you again, Yuno-chan. Thou art truly a Yandere among yanderes.

Although her plan didn’t really make sense. Sure, it turned out to be a flashbang (or stun grenade) but if it was an actual fragmentation grenade Yukiteru would definitely be seriously maimed at that close range.

But her speed is really amazing. If it wasn’t a grenade but a kitchen knife/surgical scalpel/syringe Kurusu would have died right there and then. In fact, I’m surprised she opted to pull the ring rather than bludgeon him to death with the grenade instead. Pointy sharp objects or heavy blunt instruments suit our dear Yuno-chan best.

I was wondering when the fanservice would show up.

Come on, Pervy Detective Guy, you’ve already groped her breast once and she liked it, there’s no need to hold that pushup position over her.

So Minene, should we be starting up the A-team theme again? (^ー^)

Those crippling emotional insecurities get you every time, man. Nothing like a reminder that you killed a police detective to ruin your day.

Oh and the fact that you might shoot a girl who loves you because your aim sucks doesn’t really help much either.

… and the more I think about it, I wonder why Kurusu didn’t just kill Yuno and dive-tackle Yukiteru.



Kurusu’s just jealous that his wife only buys donuts instead of going on bloody knife-wielding frenzies.

… what if.

… what if Yuno’s been missing her shots at Kurusu just so she could end up in this situation and force Yukiteru to confront his feelings for her?

Food for thought!

Just one of those screencaps in which the uninformed will pretty much misinterpret.

“Is he performing a mercy kill?”
“Is he avenging his murdered girlfriend?”
“His girlfriend has major masochistic issues.”
“Nothing like a confession of love backed up with the use of deadly force.”
“I get it, Yuno’s the name of the gun, right?”

I’m pretty sure blood doesn’t flow like that.

Maybe Yukiteru didn’t hit Kurusu, and that isn’t blood. Why, whatever could that mystery liquid be? Had some burritos for dinner, Kurusu-san?


I hope that ruined your mental image of Kurusu forever.

One of the best faces Yuno’s made in a while. Every now and then I do need a reminder that Yuno-chan isn’t always killing and driving fear into the hearts of everyone around her.


Stitched because as queer as Kurusu is, that is one badass pose. Almost worthy of Yagami Light. Almost.

(I wanted to link the totally over the top rooftop using-a-pen-as-a-conductor’s-baton scene but I couldn’t find it ._.)

But that doesn’t quite make sense.

A crime is a crime regardless of whether Kurusu’s an officer or not. The only way to disable the Investigation Diary would be to redefine what a crime is, either by amending the law or changing society’s perception of crime – depending on how the Diary itself defines crime.

Maybe there’s some fine print that didn’t get explained in the anime adaptation. Not like the Investigation Diary was really all that useful anyway.

Also note that it was Pervy Detective Guy who said that line. Interesting that Minene confided in him. Maybe they really are a couple, Murmur’s delusions notwithstanding.

Respect to Kurusu for the suicide by phone.

Okay, so it’s kind of escaping responsibility for his actions, but you can’t deny how badass it is to utter your final words then die by spaghettification outside the proximity of a black hole.

He looked like a twerp in each frame I screencapped. If not killing gives you such joy I ought to be high as a kite 24/7.

Must be all the ants I keep squashing. Maybe that’s why nature-loving monks of all denominations are so content.

D’aww, Yuno. It’s just one of those lines that only a girl with the innocence of 15 years could pull off.

I mean, just imagine a prostitute saying that. Or the Queen of England.

(Note that I am in no way insinuating certain things about the British monarchy, and thank goodness it’s only Thailand with the online lèse majesté laws.)

Alright, start the betting. Akise’s going to die in episode 14. I can feel it.

Wait, this is a 2cour show. Maybe episode 19? Episode 19 it is.

Also that was a totally sweet lift from Yuno. Phone vibrates, Yuno grabs it faster than Yukiteru can read that it’s from Akise. I will never tire of shameless exhibitions of Yuno’s insane speed and reflexes.

Yukiteru, it’s never polite to enquire after the contents of a girl’s bag!

I mean, you could have guessed these!

Wait what.


I must say that I am really intrigued. I thought Yuno had buried her parents’ bodies (if that’s who the corpses in her house belonged to), so where did the skulls come from?

I really doubt she killed Minene and Pervy Detective Guy offscreen. And Minene wouldn’t have a physical body left to scavenge a skull from anyway. Or maybe she faked the whole digging incident and memory loss and she’s busy scattering the remains all over the country. That would be more like Yuno, although the coal mine-esque hole was still crazy awesome as hell.

Or maybe Yuno’s trolling and she got a job to courier some skull plaster casts to some medical university wherever they’re going. That explains the medicine! Yuno’s busy earning cash to save up for her wedding. As expected from our darling Yuno-chan! (゚∀゚)

Image by pixiv artist Rained

Why yes, I didn’t believe my own statement for a second, how’d you guess?

So Kurusu’s finally out of the picture, and Yuno can finally advance her route once again. These Diary Holders are all so inconsiderate. Can’t a girl get to her happy ending without having to slice, stab, and shoot dozens of people in the process?

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  1. Ida
    Posted December 29, 2011 at 10:48 am | Permalink

    I think the deal with the Investigation Diary is that he can see the future of investigations that _he_ is overseeing, or can have access to. This is still a diary – it would have been required him at one point in time to write it all down himself. Now that he has no longer an authority to have access to any investigation files, his diary is next to useless.

    As for Akise, heh, you are forgetting that epic flip he did while Yuno was holding him down. He will be one of the last ones to die. And that’s only because he _lets_ her.

    • Posted December 29, 2011 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

      I suppose it’s sort of pointless to wonder about the Investigation Diary and Kurusu giving up, since he really ought to have died several times before.

      With regards to Akise though, Yuno is adaptive. The next time he tries that, he might find that Yuno’s suddenly a master of Aikido/Jiu-Jitsu and gets himself royally screwed over >:)

  2. shamdadamned
    Posted December 30, 2011 at 3:20 pm | Permalink

    I love pointing out the flaws of this show like 1.)how far away from the room where Yuno and Minene was when Yukki was assigned to go patrolling? He didn’t attempt to run towards where Yuno and Minene were when he first seen SWAT. 2.)Minene’s bomb had to have some sort of smart programming to it to cause damage to the environment and be least effective to any
    personnel. You have to love the convenience of staying alive.
    I’m starting to think Minene has become fond of Yuno and Yukki for hoping the bomb didn’t harm them bad enough to cripple the two but maybe she sees them as being very useful tools and it’ll be a necessity if they were alive than presumed dead. I would rather think about the big warm and loving heart Minene has for those she care for.
    Yukki has finally come to his senses and accepts Yuno for all her cuteness and flaws!!! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! Also adding another point to Yuno for knowing Yukki had lied about his admiration for her a few episodes back. This should tell Yukki how difficult it will be for him to pull a fast one on Yuno and if he dare tries to cheat on her I’ll be sure to make a parody of
    this series and have all the future dairy owners gang up on him and just when he thinks he is about to die Yuno will be very clever in dealing Saw-style torture techniques *sigh* (how beautiful that would be but how things are now is great too).
    Hmmm… Yuno what are you planning???

    • Posted December 30, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

      I don’t think Yukiteru was assigned to go that far, it’s more likely that being the moron that he is, he just wandered waaay off his patrol path. But hey the SWAT guys had him sandwiched, so that’s as far as his liability goes.

      Not sure about the bomb though. Minene planted only one, and it’s probably sheer luck that the confrontation happened there. Actually if Minene was on scene she could probably have blown Kurusu to bits, but minor quibbles~

      And yes the metaphorical hole that Yukiteru is digging grows all the more deeper. But maybe he’s genuinely starting to fall for her. I can’t quite tell, since Yukiteru doesn’t seem to have the ability to commit to anyone but himself, but it seems like some romance flag was triggered in that climactic scene. July 28th fanservice baby.

  3. Posted January 5, 2012 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    You’re worried NOW about things being inconsistent, not making sense, and no one ever even attempting to explain obvious plot holes? That’s why I dropped this show after three episodes, and as far as I can tell nothing’s changed.
    Still enjoy your summaries though!

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