Inu X Boku SS Episode 2: I think my SS is a golden retriever, or an American cocker spaniel

Nobara's thinking of assaulting both Karuta and Ririchiyo sexually once she gets the chance. Lesson learnt: Never underestimate the power of moe.

I decided to stick along a little while for this show and observed an obvious drop of animation quality (but not to the point of being despicably off-model, even in many crowd/far shots) in this week’s episode. It’s pretty much Ririchiyo and Soushi-centric this week and I do find myself getting bored with the aforementioned characters, without offering anything new to the table as I put it. I do find this show following very faithfully with the manga so expect lots of screenshots, particularly with Soushi in it this time. Not to offend any fans out there, but I’m hoping to see Soushi interacting with the other characters aside from Ririchiyo in upcoming episodes (otherwise he’s going to have a ‘Satellite Character’ tag stuck on his suit for the rest of the year) and watching him reacting to the antics of the other characters other than chuckling at it might make him a more interesting person to watch. Same principle applies to Ririchiyo too. After all, what’s the point of being attached to the characters if they don’t undergo character development to point out their flaws and improve on it?

To all THAT supporters and visitors out there, have a great dragon year ahead and a Happy Chinese New Year.

The episode begins with Ririchiyo telling a persistent Sushi Soushi to let go of her hand. While this doesn’t sound like a big deal in the Ayakashi Mansion, this time the couple are out in public and Ririchiyo needs to use the ladies’, attracting much attention from strangers passing by the both of them. At the same time the couple and us viewers are treated to a random commercial about golden retrievers and how they are extremely loyal to their masters. Sounds like a certain SS agent?

Flashback to several hours ago; Ririchiyo and Sorinozuka were having breakfast (with no one interfering, not even Soushi or Nobara) together. Ririchiyo tells Sorinozuka that she and Soushi are planning to go shopping later. Sorinozuka teases her relationship with her SS and suggested coming clean with him like what she did to the paper demon (remembering the flashback at the kid, which turns out to be a young Sorinozuka opens a huge letter in the last episode) when they were kids. True enough Ririchiyo met Soushi in the late morning, the former not forgetting the injury the latter received in the attack previously. I actually chuckled at the part when Soushi became instantly depressed having to hear his dear master ordering breakfast all by herself (and to add salt to his right hand she does the chores all by herself.) Sad to break the glass Soushi, it’s unfortunate Ririchiyo’s no longer an infant who needs help with almost everything. Before Ririchiyo attempted avoiding the question Sorinozuka saved her life, asking her if he could join in their little shopping expedition.

Imagine Soushi's not as good looking here. The response of this situation would look very different than it initially seems.

Soushi = Dogs. Ririchiyo: I can now see the resemblance between my SS and the dogs in those CMs.

Flashforward to present situation. This time the commercial’s all about the American cocker spaniel which personality also fits many of Soushi’s. We are given the reason Sorinozuka’s sudden decision of joining the more or less weird couple on their first shopping trip together, with the rest of the mansion staff setting up a secret party. Nobara’s gushing about Karuta’s (unintentional) moe antics but before we hear her gushing non-stop Ririchiyo pondered about what Soushi said about knowing her for a long time in the last episode. Next, she purchases a new cell phone, which she thinks would come in handy now that she’s living alone in the mansion. Like always in her own tsun-tsun manner, she claims that the things she buy often comes with justified reasons. Well, good job Ririchiyo. You have taken your first baby step to crack out of your isolated shell and make new friends who are willing to stick with you over your lifetime. Having already buying everything she needs and Sorinozuka buying only cake over the course of their little outing. Heck, I’m not even going to be surprised if Sorinozuka wants to undergo a sex change and (or crossdresses as a girl), plays the lead guitar and eats nothing but cake all day in future if that’s how he intends his future to be…

Sorinozuka asks the other two if they could shop till 6 in the evening (sounds rather suspicious to me which you’ll know later on). So at 6 the group returned to the mansion and a worried Nobara tells the group that Karuta has went missing and has not returned ever since, thus prompting for the three to go search for her while Nobara waits back in the mansion (and then rumbles about Karuta being tentacle raped tortured. Nobara, that’s not how you respond to a missing person.)

Go away, Soushi. She's mine now.

For some unknown reason Ririchiyo, Soushi and Sorinozuka began their search at a park and goes separate ways. Ririchiyo is concerned with Sorinozuka (in his demon form) if he’s going to attract attention from normal humans, but fortunately he has it covered as according to him, they will see him as a random piece of paper being blown by the wind. Ririchiyo marks the reason as silly and follows him (in case he gets lost according to her) but was halted by a random wall demon called a nurikabe which only pops out at night to surround any person who happens to be lurking in the area s/he is stepping on and only opens up once the sun rises.

Ririchiyo: Tap that ass, tap that ass...

No time to tap that ass, Ririchiyo-sama. Now...I must save you! *Draws out sword*

At this point we see Ririchiyo and Soushi acting cool and turning into their demon forms but that’s just some fan service the viewers can expect to see again but to Ririchiyo, she really can’t bear seeing Soushi worrying for her all the time not because she only wants to make Soushi happy. After all, he’s been giving her all the affection Ririchiyo yearns for (of course, she doesn’t shows how she truly feels to anyone) and making up the times she spent without receiving any love from her own flesh and blood since, no, even before Day 1. Ririchiyo never really asked for anything like that and to her, she’s going to set herself truly free from her old life into her new one, where she can begin looking for the missing piece that has been lacking in her heart and seek the friends she can count on. Even though the journey will not be easy for Ririchiyo. On an unrelated note I bet Ririchiyo’s (demon form) clothes are pretty much bought recently. Looks way too sexy if this was worn in pre-Showa/Heisei times…

They returned to the mansion without bringing Karuta back but guess what? Karuta has finally returned and it happens all the time, to Ririchiyo’s (and to a lesser extent Soushi’s) dismay. To make up for making Ririchiyo, Soushi and Sorinozuka running in circles and make themselves look silly in their demon forms Nobara and the rest of the staff working in the mansion throws a proper house-warming party for Ririchiyo and Soushi. Hence the sudden prompt from Sorinozuka asking the two to keep shopping till 6pm. And so the party went well and everyone’s happy, with Ririchiyo expecting a positive road ahead in the coming months within the Ayakashi Mansion.

Sorinozuka can become seaweed and wrap himself in this plate of roasted chicken.


This is a question that pops up in my head after watching this week’s episode. I was pondering about Soushi’s background as to why he’s behaving like this to Ririchiyo. Even putting himself down to the level of a dog, I can see Soushi suffering from a serious case of low self-esteem and taking Ririchiyo as some way to make himself useful to at least someone he knows who won’t mind his extreme behaviour (sadly, Ririchiyo’s not that sort of person but at the very least the situation is looking up for the both of them taking care of themselves in their new home) and trying to make sense out of him. It’s plausible Soushi suffers from some sort of psychological trauma, in the individual’s ‘no manga spoilers’ point of view but in any case let’s not jump to conclusions as we will eventually get an insight of his past once more characters are introduced.

Speaking of more characters, we will be expecting more characters to join the main group in the next episode or so (with one of them seen in the previews), all guys if you have visited InuBoku’s (I’m calling the series this from now on) official site. No spoilers though, so it’s safe to visit…if you under Japanese, that is. But no worries, good thing ANN’s got that covered!

Next week; Ririchiyo attends school, but it won’t be a memorable school experience without the SS stepping in and creating havoc for Ririchiyo. Wait…why is Soushi’s kissing another woman with Ririchiyo witnessing it? that Yui I'm seeing here?

Some ED goodness (In an alternative light. Not meant to offend any Soushi fan but imagine this if the person happens to be someone else other than him. Not on the third picture, though.):

Photos of Ririchiyo and a doll of her. Nope, nothing disturbing at all.

Even the kids think you're faking the scenery. Soushi: WWWEEEEE I'M IN RIRICHIYO LAND RIGHT NOW! YAY!

Now, imagine the walls splashed in red paint with darker lighting...

Please don't tell Ririchiyo-sama about it. You wouldn't like me when I'm mad.

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  1. Kencana
    Posted January 28, 2012 at 4:22 am | Permalink

    Nobaraaa! She and Karuta are my fav female character.

    “Soushi = Dogs”
    Completely agree! Even though he’s a sadist.

  2. Impz
    Posted January 28, 2012 at 7:51 am | Permalink

    KARUTA is awesome~

    • Posted January 28, 2012 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

      Speaking about Karuta, either she needs large amounts of food to keep herself in human form (she’s a damn gigantic skeleton after all) or it’s just her being weird. Or she enjoys eating very much.

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