Mirai Nikki 15: “Yukkii will love me again if I kill you!”

Because the way to a man’s heart is through the hearts of many, many other people </3

I know that Deus is rooting for Yukiteru and all, but it seems like he’s giving an unfair advantage to him by revealing how 8th’s Diary works.  In Death Note terms, that’s like Ryuk telling L the actual rules of the bloody thing and ending the story within 4 chapters.

Sure, Deus might justify it by informing everyone, not just Yukiteru – but it’s not like Minene and 11th and whoever’s left were going to be attacked by 8th’s flunkies anyway. It’s quite obvious that it’s a play to help his favoured horse, and in the end it’s a blatant handicap on 8th.

>> not sure if respect or despise Deus for such overt intervention

Favourite non-Yuno moment #1: Akise and Yukiteru’s cavalier attitude towards Kousaka’s life.

>> Diary is real
> Kousaka dies
>> Diary is fake
> Kousaka loses his phone, realizes that his friends don’t give two shits about him

No matter how you look at it, it’s a dick move. A dick move that may have traumatized Kousaka permanently. So delicious.

Favourite non-Yuno moment #2: Mao not giving two shits about Kousaka

I never noticed how much Mao resembles Fujibayashi Kyou until now. But I can’t get enough of that cheery expression as she destroys Kousaka’s solar plexus.

I feel rather bad for Yukiteru’s mother. As much as I hate Yukiteru and enjoy seeing him beat down, it must be hell for Rea to see her son on the news as a wanted criminal, on top of her house being wrecked by 5th and getting smashed on the head by Yuno.

About the only bright spark in the whole sorry mess is that apparently Rea’s memories were fuzzy from the concussion and that she still believes Yuno to be a lovely girl.

Well Yuno is lovely, if you take away those stabbing and maiming and kidnapping and carting-her-parents’-skulls-around bits. But then she wouldn’t be Yuno, yes?

Respect to Nishijima for actually trying to put up a fight, even if he was totalled without even landing a punch.

Akise talks a mean game, but can’t deliver jack. Is this more plot stupidity? Because the kidnapping arc was stupid enough.

Or is Akise really this incompetent, and just happened to make a good first impression through sheer luck and/or trial and error? For all we know he could have been standing outside the houses of dozens of innocent people with his umbrella before accidentally spooking 10th into action.

My level of respect for Akise has fallen so low it can’t be called respect anymore.

I do have some things to say about 8th, but I’ll leave it for later.

And finally, some credit to Hinata for trying to stop a murderous pair with nothing but determination and the power of rainbows. Maybe she was expecting Mao to enter ax-crazy Yandere mode for her sake or something.

Although really, she should have realized that Yukiteru is safe enough with Yuno and just escaped. Would have saved herself the trouble of daggers in her vital organs and all the associated inconveniences.

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, I can finally move on to my new favourite characters of Mirai Nikki.

“Say, Isaac?”

“What’s that, Miria my dear?”

“Why do you suppose we’re trying to steal that plastic box with the flashing lights?”

Yes, they’re no Isaac and Miria, but they’re close enough that it makes me squee with Baccano fanboyism.

Also Ai provides a certain service that Miria never did. At least, not so easily nor drawn with such loving care.

(I had to go frame by frame through that scene with Jacuzzi ripping Miria’s cocktail dress and I still didn’t get what I was looking for. ಠ_ಠ)

The Exchange Diaries seem rather powerful due to their complementary nature, but it is the apprentice diaries that appear to be complete gamebreakers.

8th could authorize the mass production of apprentice diaries and have her followers wield multiple diaries at once, to cover up for any gaps in their individual prediction coverage.

I imagine that their only weaknesses would then be an increased electricity bill or the same signal reliance that Akise was so confident about exploiting. And with so many apprentice diaries, odds are that one of them would predict the use of that tactic against them, either by directly mentioning it or indirectly with a sudden lapse of entries.

Well, she promised. And a promise from Yuno is pretty much ironclad. The probability of Yuno keeping her word is higher than the probability of the universe undergoing heat death.

Short answer: …yes, you moron.

Long answer:

… also yes, because her scariness is exactly what you you need right now, you moron.

The following screencaps will be paired with an unforgivable amount of references to Evo Moment #37.



Rare footage of Yuno actually angry.

-gasps, audible inhalations and exhalations-

-crowd is on their feet, clapping and cheering-

-crowd goes bananas-

Unbelievable! Yuno with the full parry!

It’s madness! It’s unadulterated madness!

Here ends the shameless shoutout, because Yuno didn’t get to deliver a hyper combo finish on the dastardly duo. Pity.

A smart plan. Which is made overly complicated by Ai and Marco’s decision to re-enter the burning house to finish Yukiteru off, since they might as well wait around outside and kill him after he struggles out, crippled by smoke inhalation. Assuming that he doesn’t get charred first, of course.

But it worked out well for them, so I guess overly complicated plans do work sometimes. Unless it’s Akise.

Waaaait a moment. Yuno is willing to accept false love? She doesn’t care about what Yukiteru actually feels for her, as long as the end result of him being with her is the same?

That’s one more piece of evidence to support my “Yuno sees the world in elegant equations” theory where A is her parents and A is also her parents after they’re stabbed to death and A is also her parents’ skulls, because after all A is A, and is unaffected by time.

Or Yuno’s just supremely confident in her plans to make Yukiteru develop genuine affection while he’s playing pretend. Either through the manipulation of Stockholm Syndrome or through some other mental association conditioning.

Which scenario is more disturbing?

… does it matter? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Sometimes I wonder why every successive opponent thinks that they can best Yuno in the ring of honour.

You’d think that she’s developed quite the reputation by now, what with the trail of dead Diary-Holders and their associates who could not possibly have been killed by Yukiteru the Cowardly.

That has got to be the most intimidating battle cry ever.

Forget the appeals to a higher power, or the declaration of servitude to a figurehead, or the manifold screams expressing a preference for bloodshed and the dismemberment of parts of the body, either of oneselves’ or the enemies’.

Nothing scares as much a proclamation of love being an announcement of imminent hostilities.

Damn Marco is awesome for saving Ai like that.

And damn that is one deep stab. If Marco had come in from a different angle he might have lost his arm entirely.

Well I didn’t see this coming.

But thank goodness Yuno survived. A throwing knife to the head.

If this was Modern Warfare 3, the handle of the knife hitting her alone would have killed her.

Yukiteru’s so pathetic that he’s not even bothering to refute Marco any more.

That look of disgust. Is it any wonder why Marco threw Yukiteru off the balcony?

I couldn’t tell if Yuno was reacting to Yukiteru’s fall, or to Yukiteru’s admissions.

Yuno is tough, but even she’s got to show some emotion at the knowledge that Yukiteru won’t even try to save her, unlike what he’d probably do for Hinata or even Kousaka.

A brain checkup? Conducted by a nurse? With no equipment or tools whatever?

Seems legit.


I am so happy to see Minene again. And she’s showing off her beauty too. Even with a false eye, she’s more than a match for Ai. (゚∀゚)

But this is all so puzzling! Why is Minene getting involved? Did Nishijima ask her to? Or has she already moved into her apartment and has taken Nishijima’s injuries personally?

I fear that this is the part where the story has begun to break down, with plot holes and irrational behaviour occurring as the author tries to either drag out the story or attempt to create a set of suitably dramatic circumstances that will affect all players at once.

Because while I see a point in 7th teaming up with 8th, even momentarily, I don’t see why they’d take Yuno’s and Yukiteru’s Diaries and not kill them – wasn’t their deaths the original objective. The only the reason I can think of that explains this is perhaps 7th/8th want to blackmail Yuno into working for them – because the alternative explanation that Esuno Sake just wants a reason to have 7th and 8th in the same location so Yuno can kill them all in a single spree, really annoys me.

But it’s 7 hours past my bedtime, it’s the next morning, and the headaches of increasingly intensity prevent me from speculating any further, so let’s just hope I’m wrong.

New OP/EDs make me sad, because new OP/ED songs aren’t Yousei Teikoku.

But at least the visuals make a lot more sense now, or contribute to the story, or are arty enough that I don’t care either way. I see New OP Yuno and I think of LOTR’s Celebrian. And I’m assuming that the new ED means that we might actually find out about Yuno’s past.

So yes, 8th. From all her appearances so far, and from this scene taken from the new OP, I get the feeling that I’m going to feel sad for her in the same way I felt for Tsubaki, but probably worse.

I doubt 8th’s going to have a backstory of abuse that can match up to Tsubaki’s – being mocked for those proportions may or may not be equivalent to being drugged and gangraped – but it doesn’t seem like 8th’s raising those kids as a private army.

And she was introduced while harvesting daikons. How could anyone harvesting daikons be a bad person?

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  1. Tzu
    Posted January 25, 2012 at 9:30 pm | Permalink

    I too begin to see the story as breaking down. I was hoping for 12 episodes at first with a diary owner finished in each, but now it just seems as if been dragged as much as possible. 8th has the power to endlessly stretch the plot. They could just call it quits now since, you now, neither 7th nor 8th seem to be interested in killing other diary owners, 9th seems pretty happy with her new life and 1st + 2nd couldn’t care less about becoming a god. As for 11th… I’m predicting his diary will be another plot stretcher since the season is far from over.

    • Posted January 25, 2012 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

      Exactly. I originally felt that perhaps one episode per Diary Holder might have been too rushed, but after seeing how many screencaps I take per episode, I’m starting to doubt that.

      That’s not to say that I don’t want the plot to be stretched out – I do enjoy watching Yuno and Minene going postal.

      But I’d appreciate if the plot was stretched out in a believable manner. Having your characters’ motivations change within a single episode is not good storytelling.

  2. dene323
    Posted January 26, 2012 at 12:32 am | Permalink

    About the issue of plot being stretched out, I’m actually far more concerned about whether asread can squeeze all the materials in. We are already 2 episodes past the halfway mark, but only covered 29 out of 59 chapters of the manga. The last one third has way more twists and turns, it would be a real shame if the more intense part of the storyline is handicapped by episode constraints.

    About 7th not des­troy­ing their phones / killing them, for the record, I agree that’s plot armor. On the other hand, it can be some­what jus­ti­fied. Let’s just say every bit of inform­a­tion helps in the sur­vival game. By dis­abling 1st and 2nd and hold­ing on to their cell­phones, not only their lives are at 7th’s mercy, their lit­er­ally become scouts. Yuki and Yuno’s diar­ies are of par­tic­u­lar value because they com­ple­ment each other and provide huge amount of inform­a­tion in their sur­round­ings. From the per­spect­ive of 7th, 11th is still unre­vealed and 9th is a wild card. So if either of them inter­act with 1st and 2nd (an attack or just a con­ver­sa­tion – like 9th did at the hos­pital), their iden­tit­ies are imme­di­ately revealed to 7th, who can then deduce their per­son­al­it­ies and future plans based on the recor­ded inter­ac­tions. Also as you stated, if they are smart (by not push­ing it too far) they can probably black­mail 1st and 2nd to do their bid­ding to some extend.

    • Posted January 26, 2012 at 4:42 am | Permalink

      The problem is that 7th’s initial intentions were to kill Yuno and Yukiteru, and that 8th knows enough about Yuno to know that there’s no way Yuno can be controlled. Put together, 7th and 8th would never have let Yuno get away alive.

      Also, I wouldn’t use Yukiteru as a scout. If anything, I’d use him as bait, since everyone seems to want him dead (totally justified even if he wasn’t a Diary Holder).

      Plus, Yuno’s Diary records Yukiteru’s actions. Blackmail and obsession with Yukiteru aside, there’s no predicting her actions until it’s too late, the static plays, and 7th/8th get a knife in their livers for the effort.

      Then again we’re seeing what we want to see. For all we know this really could be a plot trainwreck in progress.

      • Bob from Accounting
        Posted January 26, 2012 at 8:53 am | Permalink

        A plot trainwreck is looking increasingly inevitable at this point, but I hold out hope that it’ll at least be an entertaining one. I mean, it’s not like Chihayafuru doesn’t fill the quota of anime that are actually good multiple times over all by itself so it’s fine whatever Future Diary stoops to.

        • Posted January 27, 2012 at 11:13 pm | Permalink

          I also smell a trainwreck in the offing, but that’s probably more likely due to the logic of the original story in the manga. Hopefully the Asread studio recognizes this and steers the anime away from that fatalistic direction.

          Also, I suspect Seventh & Eight’s alliance rides on a certain agreement that doesn’t involve instant elimination of every rival Diarist. There’s more to this alliance that what appears to the eye.

          Speculating: If I am Seventh, by possessing the Future Diaries, I hold the trump card, and the objective of the game is to eliminate all Diarists. However, the strategy is to identify them first, so I would use First & Second as bait to smoke out the remaining Diarists.

          Perhaps in the next episode Seventh goes after Ninth since they’re alerted by the confiscated Diaries. Hopefully, this time Yukiteru uses his long-dormant dart throwing skills. Where the hell did that go?

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