Inu X Boku SS Episode 3: I’m too cool for school!

Let me remind you that I'm not going to spend my time goofing off in the mansion for the rest of the show. I can't forget school.

At least we’re getting somewhere with this week’s episode, mainly character development for our main heroine and her SS. I can’t help but say that last week’s episode almost made me dozed off, fortunately Ririchiyo still remembers that she (plus the residence of the mansion) still needs to attend school. Lots of D’AWW and a couple of LOL moments compared to episodes one and two. There’s still no signs of progression for Ririchiyo attempting to open up and make new friends, but on the bright side we get to see her family situation and how she was raised as a child before moving to Ayakashi Mansion and also explaining her current personality problem that needs to be fixed. To the contrary, I thought I might have to drop watching this after seeing the preview but I’m having second thoughts of dropping it as you’ll know why later after the jump.

P.S.: Realize the last three posts in THAT all have exclamation marks on the titles?

We already knew that the Shirakiin family are an influential lot back in the pilot, this time giving us a deeper insight with the Shirakiin’s relations. A young Ririchiyo looked afar in envy, seeing her older sister accompanied with her parents together, laughing as if no one cares. Since Ririchiyo has more demon blood running in her veins that the rest of the family, they decided treating her more like an asset than an actual child who needs love and care like all children do. Once, she was slapped by her father after making a confession that she wants to be treated equally as her sister. Her father told Ririchiyo that her sister was constantly being compared with her and asked her daughter if she can’t see the pain her sister has to bear for not carrying as much demon blood than Ririchiyo is. It’s not as if Ririchiyo can make a choice if she wants to carry how much demon blood as soon as she appeared in her mother’s womb since the very beginning. At this point, I would like to hug her no matter how much she deny it. No one genuinely loves her.

Didn't I tell you that I also printed the note onto my underwear?

Sorinozuka realizes he's too cool for prestigious schools and looks like a gangster while doing it.

There’s no point upsetting Ririchiyo any further as the show return to the present. It’s the first day of school for our lead and like always Nobara gushes at Ririchiyo’s superb fashion sense. Soushi enters the scene to join in the fun, telling his master that he’s happy to receive a SMS from the previous episode, not before telling her that he has all his bases cover should Ririchiyo deletes it on his cellphone. Before I forget, Ririchiyo’s the top student within her cohort in a prestigious school for rich kids. Besides having to attend the welcoming ceremony like any other high school does her school also arranges a social event for freshmen. It’s like a dream come true for any other kid who thinks high school’s a total waste of time.

Unfortunately Ririchiyo meets some nasty surprises as she turns up to school. Mocked by jerks who think Ririchiyo’s a showoff and acting like a bitch (To the bullies: it’s not as if you know her for a very long time), she resorts to her usual way of crushing their confidence of making her an easy bully target. Rule number one on the path to make new friends turns out to be a failure. At least she knows Karuta’s in the same class as she is and hopefully this spells a decent attempt to be introduced with her new classmates eventually.

Ririchiyo is reminded of the things that are so closed to her, but unattainable.

Class has ended and Ririchiyo finds Nobara and Sorinozuka goofing off outside the school gates, spying on Soushi being together with another woman. Gee, I wonder why Nobara and Sorinozuka aren’t doing anything to stop Ririchiyo from seeing this unfaithful event and I doubt they are really so intellectually challenged to leave Soushi together with another woman. As Soushi explained back in the mansion, he was just kissing the woman so that she could give up on him. Expected, Ririchiyo isn’t happy one bit and called Soushi a dirty person and liar, with all his words said to her before as empty and worthless. Ririchiyo tells Soushi that she wants to call the contract off this instant and thus leaving them to their own devices from now on.

Back to square one, I guess?

I don't think you're doing it right Nobara. Not the right time for her to be depressed of her flat chest.

With Soushi gone in her life, she recalls her childhood once again with how everyone in the household are hypocrites in every way, which made Ririchiyo becoming distrustful of people she meets and the way she is in the present. And without Soushi, Ririchiyo’s a mess when Nobara, all dressed up for the social party, visits her the next morning. At the event, everyone is all dressed up and once again Ririchiyo told off the principal (who wasn’t offending her in any way. Poor man.) who was just asking her if she is ready to give her speech. This caused Ririchiyo to turn depressed in her little corner (which reminded me of another character who is rich, but in complete opposites with Ririchiyo’s personality), in odds with how she talked bad to Soushi the other day and didn’t have the chance to praise him after all he has done for her. Just then, the jerks that bullied her on the first day of school has arrived once again, rubbing salt to Ririchiyo’s wounds and tearing down the proud facade she places in front of them at that time.

Before Ririchiyo breaks down or anything, Soushi splashes water on the bullies and demands the both of them to apologize and take back what they have said to his master. The second time Soushi is angry at someone; this time treating the situation at hand more seriously than the previous time. Seeing what he has done for her and coming to her rescue once again, like any master would have done for any servant saves him from further humiliation to kneel down to the bullies, instead spraying water to herself and will take responsibilities for what Soushi has done to them. Soushi apologizes to his master and blames himself for putting Ririchiyo in her soaked state, and Ririchiyo thanks and forgives him, calls him Miketsukami-kun for the very first time and decides to let Soushi stay by her side. After making her student representative speech, she makes a pinky promise with Soushi to continue to serve her the best he can.

Best. Smile. Ever. =3=

Ririchiyo: No intention of killing you when we first met.


I have to say that the moment with Ririchiyo forgiving Soushi and making him a pinky promise (no, not that pinkie promise. Soushi would’ve been dead otherwise) is one of the most tear inducing moments in the entire series, despite being into three episodes down so far. I have to say I must empathize with Ririchiyo for how she was being raised in an unloving and apathetic environment for her entire childhood. C’mon, even a being with lots of demon blood also needs to be loved by his/her parents. Her current personality is also a reason why she finds it hard to make friends and be sociable as I can truly put myself in her shoes. (I’m like that in real life too. The difficulty to make lasting friendships and be sociable like anyone else, that’s what I’m referring to.) Thus it’s so frustrating that she can’t say what she likes as the consequences surfaced after telling her father her jealousy towards her sister.

Karuta believes this is an 'all-you-can-eat-free-buffet'. Her bones needs more nutrients than all the food in the party combined together.

Okay, let’s move on to another character. Yes, I’m referring to Soushi. Like Ririchiyo, I was wondering if something that happened in the past made him the way he is currently in the series. We were given snippets of him naked and all with another woman as Ririchiyo told him off in the lift, making him a masochist for a lack of an appropriate word whatever Ririchiyo says to him in the first two episodes. Those moments make it look as if he was some sort of sex slave or something and let’s not jump into conclusions until Soushi finds the right time to reveal his past (as well as how Ririchiyo saved him from an event he refers to but we don’t know about) in an upcoming episode, if we get to see it or not. By the way, it was also refreshing that Soushi has feelings too and it shows to tell everyone that he’s no doormat. Except to Ririchiyo, at least. Like how he was upset with Ririchiyo scolding his dishonest behavior and angry at the fact that she has done nothing bad enough to anger the bullies at the two moments she met them.

Aside from Ririchiyo and Soushi, I’m hoping to see some hidden depths from the other characters as well. Yes for more depth and no for less character development. Even for the most tolerant of viewers no one can stand at a character who is only known from being a certain trope/trait (depending on how you look at it) and has nothing outstanding to speak themselves of their characters. As much as I find Nobara’s fetish ramblings amusing, it needs some balancing to be taken care of.

And speaking of upcoming episodes, the next episode (as well as this week’s stinger) introduces us to two new characters who are also residents of Ayakashi Mansion. There’s something about a walk rally as well and I would like to see how the writers are going to make the main event as entertaining as possible. (I bet it sounds really boring in paper at first sight.) Make me laugh, david productions. I have complete faith in you guys.

Meet the new tenant (and his SS).

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  1. Alex Boorman
    Posted January 28, 2012 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

    For whatever reason your embedded images don’t display properly in my reader, “Reeder” ( They work fine for all the other blogs I read, kinda sucks is there a reason for this?

    • Posted January 28, 2012 at 9:30 pm | Permalink

      Another reader commented mentioning this too. Looking into it, it seems to have started when we upgraded WordPress and moved our hosting a bit ago. Thanks, we’ll try to figure it out.

  2. Posted February 1, 2012 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    Three episodes in and I’m still not sure what to make of this show and where it is going – all I really know is I’m hoping they turn down the volume on Soushi :)

    Ririchiyo, however, is a very interesting character; both Renshou and Karuta show promise of depth as well. I just wonder what the show plans on doing.

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