Inu X Boku Episode 4 & 5: I’m sitting on a chair. It likes being sat on. Hence, it is a masochist.

Introducing yourself (in a not-so threatening way) LIKE A BOSS!

And we have arrived at a point where all the main characters are gathered in Ayakashi Mansion. Plot? Oh yes, there’s indeed a plot in Inu X Boku.

Warning: Massive screenshots and an overdose of a strange medicine that will make anyone label anything as ‘sadist’ or ‘masochist’. Yes, even inanimate objects and the sky.

Episode 4:

It was a time when Ririchiyo became closer to Soushi after the events in episode 3, to the point where Ririchiyo herself feel that something’s physically wrong with her, with the irregular heartbeat pondering in her mind for a while. Until some blonde kid named Banri Watanuki (who does…not so bad stuff to other people. And his demon form turns out to be a cute raccoon dog so, yeah) came along, who claims to be a delinquent make his awkward first impression by making eye contact with Ririchiyo. Not that making an eye contact with a gangster is a good way of introducing yourself. Their first meeting was inconveniently interrupted by a certain man with rabbit ears and introduced himself as Natsume Zange, Watanuki’s SS, classified as a Hundred Eye Spirit who can see absolutely anything, also knowing the tiniest trivia of anyone even though they themselves won’t know about it, as you can see telling Ririchiyo of the irregular heartbeat that has been bothering her. He tells Ririchiyo that he’ll reveal what’s been bothering her if she wins the duel Watanuki challenges her to tomorrow…

Giving a simple thank you the 'tsuntsun' way.

You're given the licence to cuddle on this raccoon dog, Sergeant Shirakiin.

With the tenants and their SSs gathered, Soushi celebrated a short-lived reunion with Zange and a not-too-glad Watanuki, triggering his bad memories of being bullied as a child (partly because he’s a raccoon dog…yeah. Watanuki’s childhood isn’t all rainbows and sunshine when you’re such a cute critter), the worst having to remember Soushi calling him ‘cute’ as the biggest insult of all. And to get his revenge for humiliated, Watanuki challenges Ririchiyo and Soushi in getting the signatures of all the people residing in Ayakashi Mansion first. Sounds easy, right?

Actually, it’s as easy as it sounds.

Ririchiyo, meet your first rival. With way bigger assets that you possess.

We get to know the people working and residing (more towards the former) in the mansion, as well of their demon identities. Remember I point out similarities between one of the maids in InuBoku and Yui from K-ON? Yeah, same seiyuu. How surprising. Too bad not all of they are known and unless you know how to read kanji (or read the manga beforehand), there’s no way to know of their identities. Identities aside, Ririchiyo and Soushi are down with Karuta’s signature as along with Zange who reveals to her the main purpose of the competition, watches Watanuki confessing his love to Karuta and sharing snacks with her as a present of reciprocating his love for her. As for Zange, he shows Ririchiyo that he really means it when he says he knows of Ririchiyo’s problem with people.

Cue Geass jokes from the CG (and to a lesser extent GC) fandom.

That startled Ririchiyo and was troubled with it back in the mansion, Soushi asking if there’s anything that’s bothering her. Like always Ririchiyo denies it (tsuntsun style). Soushi finds this troubling and tells his master that he’s feeling jealous seeing she and Zange talking about the former’s problems. Ririchiyo’s heartbeat become irregular again, accusing Soushi for getting too close to her, not before panicking and losing her balance. Walking alone on a corridor, Soushi reminds himself not to let Zange reveal too much about something he knows about Ririchiyo, as if a grave disaster will occur if he did that.

After the ED, Ririchiyo returns to her room and reads a medical book to find the reason of her irregular heartbeat she’s been experiencing when she’s with Soushi.

Episode 5:

Eeny Miny Miney Mo, which paper should I use for a Death Note?

Sure, things are more livelier than ever before in Ayakashi Mansion with a delinquent-wannabe (and his horrible track record in committing legitimate heinous acts) and his own SS who loves bullying the crap out of his master. But Ririchiyo has another problem to overcome, being a rich girl and all.


Don't look at me, you hentai otaku. Mummy says it's not right for kids to talk to strangers.

Not that she makes herself venerable in times like this, like she told Sorinozuka about it. Besides, she passed the ‘Do Not Be Scared Of Stalkers’ stage with flying colours as a kid. She has bigger problems to overcome, like having to bear Wanatuki’s recurring claims of being a delinquent (should you just start your own gang, kick some cute stray kittens out of their boxes and do some actual evil acts, instead of claiming to be one and attend school? Seriously…) She complains to Sorinozuka with the recurring anonymous text messages she’s been receiving for a period of time, with the latter suggesting to let Soushi take care of it. Remembering all the selfless acts Soushi has done over the past episodes, Ririchiyo feels the strong need to do something in return for her SS and follows Sorinozuka’s suggestion in writing a hand-written letter to him (feel fortunate that very few young people are doing this today in developed societies) and like we’ve seen earlier on, she thinks the paper she has in her belongings aren’t suitable to be given to Soushi. Hence her little shopping trip to the mall to buy appropriate paper to write for Soushi.

Here comes Edward Cullen 2.0: Without the creepiness, stalking tendencies (and has a good reason looking out for Ririchiyo most of the day) and being controlling towards any respectable woman. Oh, and he's no Gary Stu vampire.

On her way back to the mansion, she senses someone is stalking her after receiving another text message by the same anonymous person. Before Ririchiyo can turn back and figures out the identity of her stalker, Soushi comes out of nowhere, saving his master in time before the stalker could make a move at Ririchiyo. The stalker turns out to be a drunken old man, who’s anything but sober and stopped bothering the girl in the end. However, Soushi feels that Ririchiyo doesn’t trust him going out to the mall alone and returning home late at night, rambling that his life will be meaningless with Ririchiyo gone in his world. Before Ririchiyo could tell Soushi that she still trusts him after all he has done for her, a mysterious figure make his flashy entrance, attacking Soushi as his method of saying ‘hello’. Apparently he knows the both of them, but once they returned to the mansion…

Kagerou: 10 to the power of 38. Everyone Else: 0 to the power of 38.

Uh oh, Wanatuki's in trouble. Something's come along and it's burst his bubble~

"Tetsuya" Nomura Pet Care: Making sure that animals do get ridiculous anime hair styles as well.

Being a large ham than he already is (the doctor must have removed his indoor voice aeons ago. He has trouble speaking normally) Kagerou Shoukiin introduced himself to everyone again as the former master of Soushi Miketsukami and the fiance of Ririchiyou Shirakiin, not before celebrating a little reunion with his childhood buddies Natsume and Wanatuki under the expense of the latter as he recalled the traumatic incidents Soushi, Natsume and Kagerou put him under as a kid (in his cute raccoon dog form, no less). And he starts giving random gifts to everyone from a trip to Okinawa that comes out of nowhere. Then he starts labeling all the people and objects in the mansion ‘masochist’ or ‘sadist’. Yeah, that’s the one and only majestic and flamboyant Kagerou Shoukiin all right. And he makes his departure again (a.k.a. You won’t be seeing the Sassy and Majestic Kagerou Shoukiin for the next three or four episodes), leaving the residents of the mansion and the SS agents in their silence. Yes, viewers. That’s what the power of Ham can do to demons. Even the pretty ones.

I'm hoping the 'S&M' you're talking about actually means 'Sassy' & 'Majestic'...


Actually, any moment that has Kagerou in it made me crack up. Real. Hard. Despite his departure right after labeling basically everything in the mansion as either a sadist or a masochist. So Kagerou, is the air we breathe a sadist or a masochist?

To be frank, I find Kagerou’s introduction and first impression rather awkward in print than in screen. Maybe because (in my opinion) his seiyuu makes a successful attempt in making the character come to life and make him way awesome (and a million times funnier) than he is actually in the original material. Yeah, I know I’m sounding biased, partly there’s a fact that Kagerou shares the same seiyuu as Gintoki from Gintama. Another show that made me crack up alongside Ouran High School Host Club. And WTF? WTF’s with episode 5’s ED????? If only the EDs from the last four episodes are this funny… (Even the companies and sponsors listed down in the credits are labelled ‘S’ or ‘M’. Too bad some of the staff and the cast aren’t labelled as such.) I don’t mind if the show focuses on Kagerou’s silly solipsistic worldview all the time and leave the rest of the cast out of their fun. *Presses the ‘replay’ button of episode 5’s hilarious ED.* It’s a shame Kagerou’s leaving so soon right after his first appearance to the public. At least to the people in the mansion, that is.

I don’t think the hidden depths of the other characters (if the character in question isn’t named Ririchiyo or Soushi) will be shown in the anime to the fuller extent than the manga. That’s what happens when a decent series that has the potential to appeal to more people has only one-cour to give anime fans something to kill their boredom or giving them 24 minutes to entertain themselves. I hope for the best to the anime counterpart.

Don’t forget the occasional randomness:

Reminds me of the stuff toys Tamaki and Hani possessed in OHSHC. Particularly the bunny-shaped cloud.

More Ririchiyo leg goodness to please leg fetishists.

It seems Nobara's not into the yaoi wave...

RAWR I'm gonna ruin your little music video of yours Zange how does that feel? Oh yeah I'm a gangsta!

Banri Watanuki: Breaking the fourth wall like a true gangsta. Ruining Zange's lovely MV LIKE A BOSS.

Na na na na na na...BATMAN~!

Even the messages sent by Kagerou show he has a massive ego...

I actually don't mind having Kagerou cosplaying as Batman this Halloween.

'Masochist' would be a more appropriate term given to Soushi...

Sorinozuka: Is this some cruel joke you're pulling, Nobara? I just want to eat my noodles. T_T

It's all about me and my ego that will put Gilgamesh of the Fate franchise to his knees!!! *Cue endless censor bars* No one is a mongrel! *Cue more censor bars*

Haven't got time to think what label I should stick to the production team. Oh well, might as well go for both. Pixelation is fun. GOODBYE!

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    The EDs for both episodes were hilarious. xD And yeah, there sure are a lot of shots of Ririchiyo’s legs… o_o;;

    • Posted February 12, 2012 at 5:08 pm | Permalink

      I know right? I still find the ED from episode five funnier that all the previous three EDs put together (the first one don’t count). Either the mangaka or the production team has a serious leg/feet fetish and loves drawing and drooling on Ririchiyo’s legs…

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