Moretsu Space Pirates – 07: Marika had a Dream…


More answers this week once again, though I am not sure how satisfying they will be for everyone. As suspected it seems that Marika and the Bentenmaru are doing do jobs for the cruise lines and the Sea of Morning Star Tourism authority is rubber stamping those shows as “acts of piracy.” Now there is a degree of courage that is required to be a stage performer but I was under the impression that they were going to build up towards raiding merchant ships. Granted with putting on shows Marika’s morals don’t get rankled yet part of me is disappointed that the fight against the Jabberwocky was all a dream. As dreams go though it was a most glorious one that hopefully will portent that fighter waves will be out there in force as well as there being true ship classes with the Jabberwocky being a larger vessel than the Corbacks. If nothing else Marika is invested in her new pirate role though it seems to be coming at the expense of her grades.

It was more character development for Marika as we learn a bit more about her motivation for wanting to graduate and be every bit a good pirate as her mother. I do appreciate that Marika is seeking to equal her mother and be just like her. It’s not too often these days that we see children want to emulate their parents, in anime. Still while I commend Marika for her ambitions it seems that she will still have a ways to go to get there. Her struggles to maintain her grades and do well in her new job makes her more empathetic in my view since I know what it is like to have to juggle so many important things at once. It also goes a long way in showing why Marika vales Mami so much as a friend, Marika is spreading herself increasingly thin and she can’t do everything she wants without some help. Her sagging grades were merely a sign that she had trouble managing her priorities especially given how she started putting on makeup for the stage shows.

It was a most interesting dream that Marika had, and while I am sure the slide to the cockpit was meant as a dream flag I still hope that most of what she dreamt holds true. I would dearly like it if there were different classes of warships that were significantly larger than their Corback escorts. Moreover we got torpedo spreads and a wave of fighters. Again it was all a dream but surely there was some basis in reality. If nothing else this episode did establish that the Corback was the mainstay of many colonial patrol fleets as well as being the principal escort vessel for many systems. It also gives us a rough approximation of the Bentenmaru and the Barbaroosa as cruisers for the time being. I was at first, unsure of the fighter designs in this show but given how Marika was able to stop midflight this does offer some interesting possibilities for any future dogfights. Sure they may not have missile spreads but maybe we will have some WWI-WWII kind of fighter combat with gunfights and maneuvering instead of fire and forget missiles. As for the mock battle itself it looks like it was an elaborate show to mask a transfer of a person, who is likely a princess.

I have no problem with accepting that legitimate privateers like the Bentenmaru operate almost like a PMC in that not all jobs they take will be combat jobs. Believe it or not a significant portion of PMC revenue is also derived from less glorious jobs as logistical support and training missions. As such the Bentenmaru is taking jobs from the cruise lines and tourism authority that best fit Marika’s desire to still stay in school. It’s a bit more realistic this way since campaigning would make going to school all but impossible and to be frank more often than not the school part of anime hybrid shows like Code Geass and even Macross Frontier are just places for characters to meet and comedy to ensue. It is not often that we see a protagonist get a beating academically and have to find a way to work through it. Often having a genius tag gives other shows an easy out while Marika is blue collar and is where she is because she does study and actively balance out work/school/life.

It was a mock battle but the changes in the script by the escorts’ hints that the cruise line was unaware of the personnel transfer that was going to take place along with the Bentenmaru. Chiaki didn’t know the full details but I guess there was a need for some secrecy in bringing a princess over to Morningstar. The Corback escorts weren’t looking for a fight they were likely trying to make sure that there were no other ships in the area other than the Bentenmaru, hence the dispersed formation to maximize sensor coverage and a wave firing pattern that was meant to clear the Bentenmaru’s backside of any would be ambushers. That is my own theories on it anyway feel free to come up with your own. It would not surprise me of the princess was part of the faction that contracted out the show to the Bentenmaru and added some extra incentives to justify of weapons fire in a time of peace.

I am glad that Chiaki is sticking around though I wonder how it is that the Barbaroosa seems to be much more aware of the political and military situation than anyone else. I wonder if the Barbaroosa has a long term relationship with Stellar Military Intelligence or if they are operating their own version of ECHELON and poring over signals intelligence to get a better hold of the intentions friends and foes. Hopefully once Marika finds a better balance point she can take bigger jobs than putting on a show for tourists. If nothing else it seems that Chiaki is going to find a way to stay long term and her transfer will be delayed indefinitely. As good children go I like that Marika and Chiaki have a healthy relationship with their parents and that both possess a degree of responsibility. They might not have two invested parents but the one parent they do have are doing a great job in being there and allowing their daughters to grow. We have not seen much of Kenjo Kurihara but at least he is a decent dad that lets his daughter out of the house and taught her well enough to operate on her own. Making Chiaki run errands and take advantage of local goods and duty free implies some sound financial judgment on his part as well.

Next week promises some modicum of political intrigue and it will be a good opportunity to learn more about another system and Morningstar’s diplomatic relations.

This small ship design intrigues me... maybe we will have some instances of Babylon 5 fighter combat after all.

FUCK YEAH there are different ship classes. Just look at the size of the Jabberwocky vs. the Corback...I wonder if there is anything even BIGGER.

I guess the Corback is the mainstay of most colonial patrol fleets...either the ship design is well known and made everywhere or we have a Kuat Drive Yards...

You say that now but for me this is really great, FIGHTER SWARMS AND TORPEDO SPREADS AHOY!

Where is the Carrier that arrived?

Kane may be a pirate but he's going for a Great Teacher McDougal gig too.

Well they aren't really pop quizzes if you know they are coming...surely you could pass a note to Marika every now and then?

At least there is some justification for the small jobs they have taken.

HERE HERE! At this rate you'll be more educated than most anime characters out there.

Wise words from a wise woman.

I am glad Misa waited for Marika to leave before saying that.

Oh so I see Chiaki has been stalking Marika on her own...

Mami knows, Mami has been watching you...

Your not the only clever stalker in these parts Chiaki.

So does this mean Marika can have more time off of work?

Marika likes walk along the razors edge...

Blaster Ririka, Pirate Goddess.

One of the best single mothers in anime, and guess what she didn't fuck up parenting like most animu parents.

So I guess Mami is all for a Marika-sharing agreement.

This is why you don't over load the cargo bays and keep the passageways clear...


So Corbacks are likely the equivalent of a frigtate/destroyer, I just hope that Navies in this series will sport cruisers as the mainstay for their war fleets.

So does the Barbaroosa specialize in human intelligence, or does it operate an ECHELON-esque network?

It may have been a mock battle but it simply whetted my appetite...

Just clearing your backside, I am sure...

I wonder if there is a good deal of difference between military warship engines and the ones used by Space Pirates.

Misa knows something is up...

So I guess main batteries are forward facing...ah well I guess we will have less broadsides and crossing the T.

I guess they felt that they were all clear...

Well it looks like another captive audience for the Space Pirate show.

I think she could do without the lipstick...

You know just tone it down in general you are fine just the way you are, or at least let Misa do your makeup.

Man she is so lucky to get her own state room, at least she's not hot racking with some other dude.

I bet there were plenty of you guys who were disappointed that the scan did not give a full three sizes reading.

So are we in for a Misa's version of Days of Thunder?

I am glad that Morningstar seems to have all girl schools a plenty.

I am all for strapless dresses, just not on children...

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  1. Posted February 19, 2012 at 6:47 pm | Permalink

    More answers this week once again, though I am not sure how satisfying they will be for everyone.

    Yep. This episode burst my bubble.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 19, 2012 at 8:20 pm | Permalink

      Eh at least you had fun for a while.

  2. Aleator
    Posted February 19, 2012 at 9:05 pm | Permalink

    “So Corbacks are likely the equivalent of a frigtate/destroyer, I just hope that Navies in this series will sport cruisers as the mainstay for their war fleets.”

    Even if Navies in the space pirates universe (presumably) do use cruisers and carriers/capital ships as the backbone of their respective fleets…is it really wise for a pirate ship to attack them? Even with a letter of marque, it’s the pirates themselves who are going to have to foot the bill for any repairs after a battle. And even without repairs, ammunition is going to cost a fortune all on its own (in modern navies a single cruise missile can cost as much as $800,000). A hit and run on a lone frigate/destroyer, though less glamorous, is probably safer and cheaper…though if they *do* attack a military vessel they’d likely have to either destroy it or kill everyone on board. No pirate wants an embarrassed navy to to be actively hunting them based on the sensor readings of an ambushed destroyer whose crew they magnanimously allowed to live. Excuse the abuse of cliche, but it’s good to remember that no good dead goes unpunished, and of course dead men tell no tales.

    “So I guess main batteries are forward facing…ah well I guess we will have less broadsides and crossing the T.”

    Probably depends on the ship. Smaller ship = more hit and run attacks and/or ambushes. Also they have less volume to fit in those heavy energy weapons. A single set of forward facing batteries are likely easier to cram in then two broadsides. Plus it would allow them to carry a heavier missile load. Heck, if they happen to have a few dedicated EW birds sprinkled among the salvo, missiles could be extremely deadly indeed. Especially if they’re willing to fire a double or triple broadside (with delayed drive settings so they fire simultaneously) in order to overwhelm an opponents point defenses. Though as always…there is the matter of cost…
    Bigger ship = more armor, more mass to fit in large weapons.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 20, 2012 at 12:51 am | Permalink

      I am not clamoring for privateer and pirate crews to take on warships but I am clamoring for more space opera and battles between capital ships. Back in ye olde days you still had major navies duking it out only the privateers and pirates would attack softer targets while your standard naval response was to send out frigate flotillas on anti-piracy missions or they could strike at pirate bases. Moreover it is an expensive and losing proposition to try and run down pirates with battleships I can see the argument for an escort carrier if fighters and bombers are devastating to ships without CAP cover.

      With the letter of marque your job is not to instigate hostilities rather your role is to assist the power that gave you that legal authority win a war and get rich at the same time. Given the legal status of the Bentenmaru they would likely have to adhere to some sort of Geneva Convention instead of making them all walk the plank. In the days of impressment you could persuade the crew to join you, but given the advent of a formal military you may as well have to leave them to their fate as submarine crews often did. I don’t envisoon Marika taking onf carrier battle groups but she might run into one, I would like to see a the Bentenmaru act more like a submarine either alone or in a wolf pack. If stealth simply isn’t as good she could behave more like a commerce raider the like Graf Spee. Certainly her size and armament would draw the comparison to the Deutschland-class cruisers, aka the Pocket Battleship.

      The Bentenmaru seems to be more of a gunnery vessel than a ordinance oriented warship as such the costs would likely be cheaper for her to operate and by the nature of their mission they would likely want to reduce the need to resupply hence few if any torpedoes.

      It will be interesting to see how each colony and the Empire budgets for their navies, I hope that if we see the Imperial fleet that it will be more like the two ocean US Navy during WWII, if only to have size, ship variety, and strategic possibilities. I don’t want it to be just missile boats though and for now it seems that there are likely big navies that pirates generally avoid where possible. Since the Bentenmaru is a sanctioned privateer though she will have to serve the flag and contribute to any war effort and to Morningstar’s defense.

  3. Huntermad
    Posted February 20, 2012 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    who care about those ugly,pointy things from Kuat. Sexy curving this from Mon Calamari FTW!!!!!!

    LOL: U need to read Honor Harrington book” Honor Among Enemies” to see how commerce raiding strategy in space works.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 20, 2012 at 9:53 am | Permalink

      I like Kuat Drive Yards products they look more like warships and not luxury liners.

      I draw more from what worked in real wars past than in fiction, that said I’ll get around to it eventually. Though I am not sure if the technology aspect it going to fit. Not sure how Honor Harrington is going top unrestricted submarine warfare and LeMay’s strategic mining campaign, but again technology is deciding factor so let’s see how this all plays out before we demand one gold standard not all sci-fi has to operate on one series’ rules. If Marika takes on CHOAM I wouldn’t mind it in the least.

  4. Posted February 20, 2012 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    Why do Bentenmaru’s particle beams look like…err..that other thing?

    Okay, I really should get my mind cleaned.

    I am very glad to see that Chiaki was going into hibernation after last episode. And even gladder that Marika is now on her lists if interest.

    Things seem to be picking up, though obscurely at the moment. Soon it won’t be a glitch in communication. Soon.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 20, 2012 at 10:05 pm | Permalink

      Yeah next time keep it to yourself, I tried to figure out what the other thing was…

      Chiaki looks to be here to stay so more fun times ahead.

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