Inu X Boku Episodes 6 & 7: Is it dinner time yet?

Wise words from the great guru Karuta Roromiya. Use your instincts, screw science.

With this post being way overdue, good thing episode 6 aren’t having the main pair as the main focus at this point. It’s not a bad thing since Ririchiyo and Soushi are given top priority in the past 5 episodes (but came back in the seventh) and all we know of the other characters are their quirks (Karuta’s always spacing out and eats all the time, Nobara and her obsession of female sexual fetishes, Sorinozuka watching the mess happening on the sidelines, etc) and little of their hidden depths. Fan reaction may vary if we should start caring about them but I don’t care ’cause I want Kagerou to return and start labeling everything ‘S’ and ‘M’ again.

Episode 6 centered on Karuta and showed who she really is to Ririchiyo. Back in school, Karuta’s strange behavior may seemed weird for Ririchiyo and the rest of the class (save Watanuki), seeing as she roasted seaweed during science class and went missing during PE class, just to point out a few of Karuta’s peculiarity. To make matters worse word spreading around the class about Karuta aren’t helping to clear some misunderstanding, despite (useless) Watanuki refuting to the rest of the class (save Ririchiyo and tells them that she has a good reason for her weird actions. Until the teacher tells Watanuki to shut up and pay attention in class and Karuta returning to class, still wearing her PE uniform and bandages on her hands. This sends Ririchiyo to wonder what happened to Karuta during the period she went missing.

The many eccentricities of Karuta. Don't tell me you guys don't space out during classes.

It’s recess and Ririchiyo has bought some food to bring back to class, not before seeing Karuta, all broke, hungry and lonely. Ririchiyo chided Karuta for eating lunch so early but pitying at her plight and feeling generous she gives the SS a bun pack to fill her stomach with something. As not-so-strange as this sounds as Ririchiyo would like to give a bottle of soy milk to her, Karuta hugged Ririchiyo as a means of saying ‘thanks’ (not without some yuri sparkles) for her kind gesture. Time soon flies and Ririchiyo finds Zange talking to a bunch of schoolgirls, with the latter telling the former what sort of panties she’s wearing, much to her embarrassment. Wondering why Zange has turned up to school, he tells Ririchiyo of a fight Watanuki has engaged, sending Ririchiyo exasperated and rushes to the sick bay to find Watanuki and Zange to excitedly embarrass his master even further to make him confess why he got into the fight in the first place.

It-It-It's that supposed to be a compliment?

The reason aren’t too surprising as Watanuki started the fight after he overheard some students calling Karuta weird and he claims to know Karuta better than everyone else does (even comparing her to Tarzan…WTF?). Karuta finds the rest, with Ririchiyo and Zange leaving them alone as the latter, being somewhat a Mr. Exposition here explained about the origins of their existence, how their personalities and relationships they have may have been identical to the ancestors, as we think if this is fate making the lives of the main characters better or worse for eternity. Back at the mansion as Soushi prepares Ririchiyo’s dinner, she oonders if Soushi knows she’s engaged to Kagerou, that will affect their current relationship. Karuta, who has returned, then placed food items on the table, telling Ririchiyo that she should try her recommendations. Once again, Ririchiyo thanked her in her usual haughty way and was reminded by Zange that she should start interacting with people soon if she wants to get anything done. After all, that’s her goal she’s aiming to achieve back in the first episode, right?

If you can't make a single friend by the end of the month, you're going to eat what I cook for a week. I put anything inside a dish. Yes, even vomit and shoe polish.

Must not lose...must make friends...must not lose...must make friends...

The next day, Ririchiyo and Karuta are in Home Economics class and they have to prepare a plate of curry rice for the entire lesson. As Ririchiyo prepares to put the correct amount of garam masala onto a bowl, Karuta, for once surprised Ririchiyo (and viewers) and tells her that this is no experiment. Here, Karuta shows Ririchiyo who’s boss in the kitchen and prepares the best curry known to man. It’s lunch time again and seeing Karuta with bandages on her hands and arms, Ririchiyo asked Karuta if she got these injuries during PE. Karuta explains, seeing a cat stuck on a tree (who reminded her of Watanuki as some sort of helpless creature), feeling the urge to help it but her attempts ended up with bruises and scratches. Karuta poses a question for Ririchiyo if she’s feeling the same way for Soushi, giving Ririchiyo the answer for her irregular heartbeat when she’s around him.

Classes has ended for the day and it was Ririchiyo’s turn to clean the lab. She finds herself in a problem as the skies aren’t looking as good as she had thought, the thunder clashes getting louder and louder to the point that she can’t hear them again, finding out that something’s amiss after finding water leaking out of the walls. A snake water demon appears on top of the ceiling and is about to attack Ririchiyo. Fortunately, she was able to transform in time to counterattack and with the (brief) help from Watanuki and his sub-par cloning skills, she managed to bring the demon down. Unknown to them, Karuta was watching them from behind and as the duo would like to call it a day, the demon suddenly strikes them out of the window, with two girls witnessing them being thrown out and Karuta transforming, saving them from a certain death. Shocked to see a giant skeleton in front of them the girls fainted, and Ririchiyo and Watanuki thanking her again for saving their lives.

Forget Worf, I'm renaming the trope to 'The Watanuki Effect' this instant.

What's this warm and fuzzy feeling? ==_==

Things were back to normal the next day, with the mess created by the fight last night was quickly covered by Soushi and Zange and the two girls witnessing Karuta turning into a skeleton as a dream. Maybe they’ll come to realize that Karuta’s a nice and generous person to be with if they are willing to spend a bit of them hanging out together. After all, what’s cooler than a girl who’s able to transform into a badass skeleton and do all sorts of awesome stuff?

Yui, ARG! Chino acting cute.

What Nobara-nee-san will look like should the yaoi fangirls go too far.

Karuta X Refrigerator. Start shipping them together, now!

Shifting our focus away from Karuta, we shift our focus on…everyone else in the mansion in episode seven. What the cold opening has teased turned out to be true (and I was thinking if this was just a joke with the setup being an amateur horror/triller movie) with everyone stuck in a room after a powerful demon started attacking them, thus activating the security program to keep the demon away from any harm, provided that no one opens the door while the security program is on and the demon still around. Split into five groups (Nobara, Sorinozuka and Chino, the maid that looks like Yui from K-ON. Yeah, with the same seiyuu too; Ririchiyo and Soushi; Watanuki and Zange; Karuta alone and the rest of the mansion staff together in another room), everyone has their way of dealing with the temporary lockdown. To make things simpler for everyone I shall put this in point form. Not to worry, it won’t take long:

– Ririchiyo and Soushi (In Ririchiyo’s room): By far the group that is focused most in the episode. It’s another build-up segment between master and servant as Soushi prepares dinner for his master and Ririchiyo finding the right opportunity to thank him for everything he’s done for her. Soushi then laments at being male (if not he would help Ririchiyo take a bath) and after that, it’s time for Ririchiyo to go to sleep. Seeing a bed (for two people), she was thinking if there was other meaning to this and asked her SS if he’s going to sleep as well. Soushi tells Ririchiyo that he’ll be looking after her as she sleep (unlike Edward Cullen’s case, Soushi has a valid reason for doing that without making him look or sound like a dangerous stalker), but Ririchiyo was unable to with the man she likes staring at her, who even act rashly once she found Soushi gone from his usual position.

– Nobara, Sorinozuka and Chino (The cafeteria): Let’s just say Sorinozuka is too lazy to lift anything up, only watches his SS and the maid’s antics from afar and sleeps on the floor. Nobara and China Chino, however, starts spouting yuri innuendos (the latter without being aware of it) without any care of Sorinozuka being around and Nobara finds Chino’s…erm…large tracts of land appealing.

– Watanuki and Zange (The corridors): Zange, being the kind Mr. Exposition we have again in this episode, explains to Watanuki of the strange time frenzy (of the Hours inside, Days outside variety) they are in, causing Watanuki to panic and seeking for an opening to find Karuta, worried of her for being all alone and all (since Kagerou left the mansion way back in episode five). Before Watanuki destroys anything (not that he can destroy anything judging by his atrocious track record) Zange tells his master of the loop in the lockdown, suggesting that he should train like all shounen heroes do. Too bad there isn’t time for a training montage, otherwise it would be entertaining to see Watanuki fail in everything.

– Karuta (mostly likely Karuta’s room): What do you think she could do when the door’s up on the ceiling and the refrigerator right in front of her? Cook dinner, of course. And boy her dinner really looks like a main course for a five-star hotel. *wipes saliva off mouth* And since when Karuta can afford buying a lobster (given that if Kagerou is extremely irresponsible and forgets to give her monthly salary)? And speaking of salaries…

– Rest of the mansion staff (Staff lounge?): Someone should send the bartender to court for child labour. Seriously, putting your own son to work instead of sending him to school to give him the best out of education can offer… (Unless his son’s older than he actually looked since everyone in the mansion’s a demon and all given how responsible the child is at his [physical?] age, or is a child prodigy which gives him a decent excuse not to attend school.) Everyone else watches TV (does it work when the security system’s activated?) and lockdown? What lockdown?

Must...resist...groping her...breasts...yuri...urges...

i can haz shounen hero treatmento?

Dad could you stop shaking the shakers for once? We're in a middle of a lockdown, not to mention doing this while you sleep and in the toilets...

Scare chord! I knew I shouldn't played those MSG games for too long at night.

It was until Watanuki completed his ‘training’ and found a hidden door on the floor. He opens it, which ultimately deactivated the security system that surrounded the mansion, as well as endangering the occupants’ lives. Nobara, Sorinozuka and Chino found that the system was deactivated, goes out of the cafeteria to join in the action. Karuta, sensing danger, moves out of the room not without takes the lobster with her as she go fight some demons and find Watanuki (and eat it). Alarmed by the system, Ririchiyo and Soushi transform and fight off the demons that invaded their space. All these events gathered everyone in the corridors, who find themselves not so much in a dire situation (not without Nobara scolding the idiot, Watanuki who open the door and deactivating the security system). The demons, in fact, are harmless piggybag demons which like its name indicates, jump on unassuming people’s backs and harass them to no end. In Ririchiyo’s case, this comes in sexual harassment. A pissed Soushi easily dishes out attacks on them and everyone is saved with the mansion turning back to normal. They found out that it’s already sunrise and everyone goes back to their own devices (mainly going to sleep).

I take a lobster...and eat it! Potato chips, another day. Too busy pwning demons right now.

Wait hear from don't need...larger melons...


It’s about time Karuta has an episode centered around her and that I’m pleased with the results. Despite looking as if she’s spacing out all the time hides an observant eye for something she feels that needs assistance or need fixed. Especially the part she whacked Ririchiyo in the eye and having the intention to tell her off instantly gained my respect for her. Try topping that, Watanuki. Oh, wait, you can’t. *evil laugh* If given another opportunity, she should be a chef in a five-star hotel or in her own luxurious restaurant (charging nine hundred dollars on her world-famous steamed lobster in béarnaise sauce with pommes frites) and give up being Kagerou’s SS (sorry Kagerou, I think you need to find a new SS. Too bad Karuta’s irreplaceable).Though I would like to have a word with Ririchiyo for lowering her guard and not checking if the wet demon’s really taken care of. Judging by the number of things only Zange knows to himself in this and next episode, time will tell if he’s hiding any(one’s) dark secrets that the main characters won’t be strong enough to handle, hmm. And speaking of the next episode…

However, I’m afraid that I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that Ririchiyo and Soushi received more screentime than all the other mansion residence overall in episode seven, when it’s a good time to flesh out their usual quirks under a security lockdown and I think the writers kind of wasted that (only) opportunity with only 6 more episodes to work on. Thus, making all that is build up gone in vain and anti-climatic. Plus, I’m starting to get tired of Watanuki always telling people that he’s a bad boy delinquent and Nobara’s reading onto things too closely in her yuri goggles, but I feel more strongly of the latter (since Watanuki’s receiving some training to catch up with all the losses he made in the past this week and face it like a true warrior) Now we need more Kagerou fanservice and the deal’s done. It’s all games and laughter in the different groups until the climax. I was hoping for some decent action fights from everyone but I’m afraid that didn’t come true.

Next episode would probably try taking Ririchiyo and Soushi’s love relationship to new heights, wondering if Ririchiyo’s brave enough to make that confession herself. Ohh, confession under the sakura tree. Sounds romantic, isn’t it?

Macho bunnies? Zange says yes.

Security System: Demon alert, demon alert... Karuta: And I was just getting started with my five-star buffet...because no one disturbs Karuta Roromiya with her meals.

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    I like Inu X Boku because the characters don’t seem too typical. I mean they do have traits that many modern anime characters hold but there is something about them at this stage that is hidden underneath – I see this as a good thing.

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