Amagami SS+ episode 08 – Kaoru’s Face When

The conclusion to the Kaoru arc ended pretty much how her first arc did: had its moments, kinda sweet now and then, but overall fairly underwhelming, unfortunately. Amagami seems to be continuing its ups-and-downs writing style from the first season, though thankfully the downs haven’t reached the depths of the first Ai arc. This one was kind of in the middle. Not bad really, but I wish they’d have done more with it and not made Junichi such a moron, which really dragged a lot of scenes down. But I have to say that there was one big highlight among all the so-so parts: Kaoru’s reaction faces in this episode were great. That’s definitely the best part, at least for me.

He seems in awfully good shape to be a truck driver.

This place just screams KAH-LI-MAAA!

Yes, this forest isn’t Shiki-esque at all!

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Junichi and Kaoru start out still stuck at the rest stop and unable to reach anyone when they call for help. Fortunately for them a truck driver pulls his rig in and offers them a ride to the nearest station, though he also suggests an inn nearby where they could stay for the night. He’s always quick to bust out the wise sayings, setting up the main theme of the episode when he says that only a loving couple would fight like they do. After Junichi can’t contain his enthusiasm over the idea of going to the onsen at the inn the truck driver drops them off at the creepy old place. They’re the only ones there besides the old innkeeper, and the place is a little run down and dingy looking, just making it more creepy. Not a lot comes from this since the place actually turns out to be pretty nice, but there are plenty of Kaoru reaction faces. The only menace in the place is the monkey that steals Kaoru’s bra while she’s in the onsen with Junichi, prompting her to stand up like she’s going to chase it, giving Junichi a full view. Dinner is served later, and afterwards they go to sleep next to each other. Though in something of a reversal from the first arc, this time it’s Junichi who falls asleep right away when Kaoru tries talking to him about how to transition their relationship from friends to significant others.

The sexhair is looking just as good as ever. I actually think they may have spent a sizable part of the animation  budget on Kaoru close-ups this episode.

I have to say though, shots like this make me think more of Scooby Doo than horror films.

A happy Kaoru is fine too.

The next day they head out, though Junichi forgot his VERY MANLY PINK CHANGEPURSE at the phone the other night, so Kaoru has to pay. They head out and aren’t sure which path they took from the road the other night. Aaaand the bickering begins. Junichi blames her for them missing the bus because she had to buy all the limited-edition foods, even though he was the one that said they should try the eel at the restaurant, which was the real cause of them being left behind. Kaoru is understandably too stubborn to give ground on this, since buying snacks was only a minor contribution to their delay, and starts walking off without him. Junichi follows along, just in time for it to rain. They run and find their way to a bus shelter. Junichi just can’t stop himself from leering at Kaoru now that they’re both wet and he realized that she isn’t wearing a bra, which quickly and deservedly earns him a smack across the face. But then the two start laughing and talking again, and while Kaoru is too forgiving considering how Junichi has been acting this arc, they do reconcile and Junichi apologizes as well. Eventually a man comes along and informs them that that bus stop is no longer in use, and they find their way to the station. Miya is just about no help since she won’t stop talking and the couple only had enough money for one short call. With nothing much else to do, they go down to the beach and start playing around. Eventually they lay out in the sun and talk, and Kaoru rolls on top of Junichi to kiss him, which I guess was the culmination of the arc. Then, Umehara shows up, on a boat!, to the rescue. It seems he’s been following the sushi from ocean to table in his sushi chef training, and proves himself once more to be a true bro.

Kaoru obviously chose the better clothes for summer conditions. Looking a bit jungle expedition there even, she just needs one of those safari hats.

Apologize more Junichi, this is mostly your fault.

Oh, Miya…

See what I meant about using all the animation budget? Not that I mind…

Now instead of deer watching, it will be sea gulls.

Get your towels ready, it’s about to go down!

BEST END for Umehara? I ship it.

Final Thoughts: - Hmmm, yeah, not a ton to say about this episode, really. It was alright and all, but nothing that really amazed or impressed me, aside from all the sexhair closeups. Not much dramatic tension or really romantic moments in this one. Wish I had more to say, but alas, I don’t.

- I may be the only one, but I’m actually looking forward to the Sae afterstory. So long as it sticks to the comedic tone that the first Sae arc had, I should enjoy it greatly. Hell yeah, Nakata Jouji narrator!

Crusader’s Come On, Man…

Well if nothing else it was a memorable trip that didn’t end as a complete disaster, hopefully now that they had their misadventure this sort of thing will never happen again. Just goes to show how even if you do not have a cell phone (though what was this, the 1990s?) when you travel it is better to get a pre-paid one. Moreover lax time keeping is excusable losing your wallet is not. Call me paranoid but every time I move to a different location I do location check for wallet, cell phone, and multi-tool. Junichi is lucky though that Kaoru wasn’t as dim witted as he was and it all ended well instead of Junichi trying to pay with an IOU. Suffice to say it was rather cute though not terribly intimate and certainly much will be said about the perfect moment coming and going as Junichi slept. Kaoru was rather poised in this episode and I commend her for giving a Junichi a BRIGHTSLAP that left one hell of a mark. Miya Miya was awesome as usual even if she left Junichi in the lurch, though I have to say why didn’t Junichi just call collect? It’s a skill he should learn because you never know when you have to go to jail and you only get one phone call… Still not a bad dry run for the imminent honeymoon supposing that they take the lessons to heart.

Still it ended well but THAT was Junichi’s coin purse, he uses a freaking coin purse…? Come on man…

TWO MORE EPS TO HARUKA! Sae’s arc is well…we’ll have to wait and see, it didn’t thrill me the last time.

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  1. Lift
    Posted February 27, 2012 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    This episode is a disappointment, for the reasons you have stated earlier. The first ep of this arc gave me high hopes, since I laughed like hell. But their idea of digging the relationship with the lamest fights I ever watched was just plain wrong. Sae is my last chance, since I never liked the crazy bit… errr, Haruka. :p

    • Posted February 27, 2012 at 8:24 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, things were definitely going a lot better in the first episode of this one. Kind of a shame too. While Kaoru’s first arc wasn’t abysmal like Ai’s, I still thought it was the arc in second-highest need of some better writing the second time around. But unfortunately it ended up being mostly so-so like the original arc.

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