Aquarion EVOL – 09: For Andy it was a Perfect Mix

I guess Andy has a sixth sense for grasping a situation...

This week it was simply pure undiluted Kawamori, and if you really hated this episode it’s time for you to get off this ride. It’s only going to get more concentrated and Kawamori will go out of his way to show the world how he fixed his munchies this week and possibly some more weeks. Let it never be said that Kawamori can’t beat a horse to death, revive it, and do it again. So this week there were plenty of holes in the script, but I for one am glad that Kawamori gave us a shipping ep for Andy and Mix. Certainly while Zessica will always be awesome, Andy and Mix made the most of their screen time. While it may take a lesser character more than twenty episodes to confess if at all, Andy has done well to heed the gospel of Confession Saint Patrick. Andy came off the bench and in rapid succession identified, confessed, and confessed again to the woman he loves without shame or fear in less than nine episodes. This was no small task as Mix’s heart had been in the cold for far too long and she was most resistant to Andy spreading love far and wide throughout the school for every one’s benefit but his.

Kagura may have given us “you stink deliciously,” but Andy not only matched it he may have exceeded it. It is unfortunate though that Andy was so blatant about what he meant by Big Bang, but his impassionate confessions will go down as some of the more memorable confessions of all time. It’s easier to say “I love you.” However, it takes a special kind of love, devotion, and diction to replace destiny with a black hole, and use dirt romantically. It may take a while to see everyone’s element power but it seems that it is as Andy says that Mix and Andy were made for each other. He digs holes, she fills them, he finds artifacts, she researches them; when this is over and the world is saved I am sure that Mix and Andy will contribute much to archaeology and start a construction empire based on laying pipes, building subways, tunnels, and laying fiber optic cable. Moreover it seems the guy who was spreading love here, there, and everywhere for others that it would be Andy that was destined to save Mix’s heart and help her love again. Where a lesser man would have never made the attempt Andy was such a caring soul he did all he could to get Mix to embrace love.

It is unfortunate the Mix’s dad seems to be a duplicitous lout and thankfully for her I am sure that Andy is much more loyal and certainly he did plenty for her despite being spurned and insulted. Andy may be an idiot more often than not but when he’s focused he does have a greater sense of duty and certain way with words that helps him inspire his peers to do things even as they give him little to no respect. At the very least Andy earned his moment of glory as he bravely protected Mix as he channeled his inner AEU no Ace. Sure he didn’t get his Co-ed Union but good things come to those who wait, and he’s not so petty to hold Mix having a union with Amata and Mikono against her. His first Co-ed Union may well still be with Mix, and it is important to note that it is not important who is first is such matters, what matters is who is most memorable. Clearly Mix wasn’t thinking of Amata and somehow, Andy’s love found a way to be a part of it. Even if it was all just an illusion Andy can still go for first kiss and marriage, right now no one is in the race for Mix. It’s sad that only Andy noticed her, but it is great that Mix’s one and only suitor is a knight of love and romance. I also found it amusing that Mix is just as awkward in love as Domon Kasshu, whether they intended to or not Mix’s combat sequence felt like a Gundam FIGHT with her glowing hand and all.

Mikono seems to get a little more confident with every passing episode. Hopefully now that she is aware that she does have a very special element power she will not back slide into being the cry baby she was the first time we saw her. As Mikono rises things just keep looking worse for Zessica, it’s not that she hasn’t confessed; it is that she is stuck at unrequited love. I am not sure if things will get better for her and I do hope that Andy and Mix will be able to provide some more moral support, but Amata still only has eyes for Mikono even if he does fly for Zessica.

Shipping fodder aside it seems that the Izumo-Mikage alliance is starting to fray as much as Izumo is desperate his methods seem more principled that Mikage’s. We know of Alicia’s fate but what terrible fate befell Donar’s beloved is something I fear to guess given how cruel the truth could be. Clearly both Izumo and Mikage have a need for the true Eve, but as for Mikage’s agenda I do not get the sense he wants to love and cherish Eve until the end of time. Jin seems to engender plenty of fierce loyalty from his comrades, I guess they really do believe that he will be their savior and take him as a man worth fighting and dying for. Unfortunately they are not immune to Mikage’s machinations and for once I did feel bad that Mix’s victory was over a pile of unwitting pawns that even in their madness weren’t leveling Kowloon.

Next week sees Jin poking around school, while I am sure he’s not going to be sniffing girls at random it will be interesting to see how he will operate and how Yunoha will play a role. Let the silliness continue. I prayed for a Katie and Patrick College days spin off during the hey days of Gundam 00, maybe Zeus was listening but still I am glad Kawamori gave me something close. If nothing else it is heartening to see that the spirit of Confession Saint Patrick is still roaming the Earth bringing love where ever he goes.

So it's Kagura then?


I guess Kawamori had a donuts binge while smoking his bong this week.

Well I always wanted to meet a mole person...

They just seem to have a way words this week.

Forever intertwined.

Unlike a lot of animu losers Andy can sense when DESTINY is at hand.

IT'S MAGNETISM at its best.

There is no escaping it.

I'm going to put this up there with "You stink deliciously."

Apparently none of the other boys ever bothered to ask.

Just make sure to secure the connection with the finest fiber optic cable you can afford.

There was the Misa Slap, the Katie Punch, and now the Mix Kick. Things are looking up for Andy.

A hole which will be filled with thoughts of you.

Destiny will not be so easily denied...

The course of TRUE LOVE never did go smooth.

Oh right...

Kawamori however is only one of the few people who will do it because HE CAN.

I see that Kawamori is also an avid shoujo manga fan...though I don't think many of you remember Hana Yori Dango....

Sadly Mikono is a head all that often...

I guess Mix doesn't dig Mikono enough to ignore Andy.

I quite like how they are both tsundere for each other.

If you someone else in mind please feel free to try and fight DESTINY through the suggestion box.

Andy was disappointed he did not get a bottle of Kawamori's stash.

It's a wonder that Mix has any friends at all... still deep down, she's a good girl.

...those aren't mutually exclusive Andy.

But you don't hate Andy... he's a gentleman.

Yes because at the end of the day only unions of men and women bring children into the world.

I see... you're dad may have been a dead beat, but Andy is different.

Non-megane Mix is fine too.

Andy is as always all about spreading love to those who need it.

I really wish they would give us the names of the opposing mecha... it still looks cool even if it can't transform, or DOES IT?

Izumo is growing weary and angry at Mikage's interference.

We know what the Alteans did with Alicia, but I fear a worse fate befell those Mikage took. May Donar have the honor of slaying Mikage.

Makes you kind of glad that Izumo is showing a little more restraint.

May this be the last time you disappoint me Mix...

Mix is so distraught that she is in tears...

It's Macross Zero all over again.

This is why you always want a wingman, Mix.

Fear not for Andy will protect his Taisa, errr....Incho.

Don't you ever scare Andy like that again Mix.

Otherwise it becomes a grave, and Andy thinks you are far too special to die this day.

This is even better than "You stink deliciously."

Andy is so comfortable in his own skin he admits to being a virgin.

If Andy had his way it would only be with you.


Because even if you never love Andy he still wants you to be able to love again.

If only Andy had the presence of mind to declare that Big Bang was code for Mix's deep blue eyes.

I guess this had to happen at some point sadly it would be against Andy and not Amata.

Now that is channeling you inner AEU no Ace.

Andy will gladly give his life to awaken your heart.

Fortunately Andy seems to be cut from the same cloth as the Patron Saint of Confessions, Patrick.

He'd do anything for you...

Well for one Mix doesn't like you much period, you brought down Berlin and ended her hopes for a yuri garden. Even if Mix is Bi she'll never forgive you.

I guess Mix likes the name after all.

It's because Andy is in your heart...

Dokun Dokun Dokun...

Well Andy isn't the kind of guy who would demand that Mix's first Union be with him, and he can always aim for first kiss. Considering that smile maybe he really is a part of Mix now.

They are an eager young squad with everything to prove!


That's what she said...


I hope you brought melee weapons...


I salute your loyalty, but lament your vulnerability to Mikage mind tricks.

How odd that Amata would fall into one of those holes...

I hope they enjoy their time together. Maybe now they can both help Zessica.

This hurts...

I hope Andy can help Zessica, he's her only hope.

Guess who's the new transfer student? Also I guess Sazanka was never a fan of AndyxAmata. JinxAmata, however...

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  1. SQA
    Posted February 28, 2012 at 12:30 am | Permalink

    This series is just glorious. I’m not sure if it’s “good”, but it’s glorious and I’m in it until the end. Kawamori is the one man I’d never want to play poker with. He must have been bet that he couldn’t make an entire throw-back, space opera using doughnuts as a motif for Love and Relationships. And, by God, he’s going to do it.

    We’re one incredibly awkward nude scene, using some random item as a motif, from reaching Redline levels of Glorious. And, I really, really can’t complain. It’s just awesome.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 28, 2012 at 3:48 pm | Permalink

      Good is relative, but if nothing else Kawamori is more than capable of making it fun supposing you don’t mind his whackiness. It would be funny if this was the result of a dare or a bet, in which case I think Kawamori won. This reminds me of Larry Bird’s left handed game, he did it because he could, much like how Kawamori does things because he can. He did after all bring us floating rocks…

  2. whatsht
    Posted February 28, 2012 at 3:39 am | Permalink

    Mix and Andy is an obvious couple, they are made for each other. Next episode seems to involve Yunoha.and Jin, lets prepare to ship them.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 28, 2012 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

      Here here! It doesn’t seem as though Alicia is alive and certainly Jin might prove worthy enough to get a ship that isn’t a creepy one with dead woman.

  3. Posted February 28, 2012 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    Wow… all the innuendos. Kawamori must have some really good $#!@. get the fifth female pilot with the rack out to wazoo and it’ll be like Gravion all over again!

    • Crusader
      Posted February 28, 2012 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

      Kawamori’s stash must be some legendary treasure from bygone age. I can’t think of anything and cocaine is a helluva drug but I don’t think that is it…

  4. ReddyRedWolf
    Posted February 28, 2012 at 8:47 am | Permalink

    What Mikage did to Jin’s subordinates was similar to what Toma did to take control of Reika in the OVA. A shower of feathers then a feather entering their bodies.

    Indeed making Kagura suffer having to watch his woman suffer is something OVA Toma intended to do.

    So is Mikage Toma? Not sure yet. Though I’m pretty sure we are dealing with two universes here. Likely the OVA and TV universes.

    The Big Bang in Big Bang Gattai, hole and filling holes, and Mikono’s power to connect people is a reference to Aquarion’s last episode.

    From the darkness of spaces (hole) is where the universe began.- Big Bang
    You can also call the Big Bang as Genesis.

    The Earth was torn apart but was made whole.- hole and hole filling

    Silvia connected Apollo, Siruis, and Toma’s feelings. This seems to confirm Mikono as Silvia as her power now is to connect people.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 28, 2012 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

      Maybe Mikage is simply Toma, or maybe he is something different, Kawamori will tell us in due time in another fun filled episode, possibly centered around basketball.

      If Kagura and Mikono are meant to be I wouldn’t mind, so long as Zessica gets a good end too.

      • ReddyRedWolf
        Posted February 28, 2012 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

        Well I also considered that Kagura acting like Apollo and Mikage as misleads. Mikono said sorry to Kagura. At the end of Aquarion Silvia apologized to Toma taking away Apollonius which resulted to Toma understanding humanity’s sadness and joy. Thus a possibility Kagura is actually Toma taking Apollo’s characteristics. Maybe a merged Apollo and Toma?

  5. Magnus
    Posted February 28, 2012 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    Well, at least Andy didn’t want to fill of Mix’ holes.

    Next week should be interesting with Jin snooping around. Good to see that I wasn’t completely off when I thought he’d be one of the main characters.

    • Magnus
      Posted February 28, 2012 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

      Should be an “all” in that first line. Argh, I suck.

    • Crusader
      Posted February 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

      Andy is a gentleman he will wait for the right time there is not need to rush, all he wants to do is relish every moment he is with Mix. The healing process has only begun.

      Jin seems lack malevolence so it will be interesting to see how he behaves with all the women at school. He’s also in the OP so he can’t die too soon, I think.

  6. Posted March 2, 2012 at 4:33 am | Permalink

    Yes, this episode was so funny! It’s all about overcoming division of boy and girl, and get united or gattai! St. Angel Academy is pretty much like how Zentradi society operates. That concept is seen in the first Macross already, when Zentradi see a kiss of earthlings and get shocked and at the same time get horny. It just made me burst into laughter when I saw Macross. That hit my comedy taste. Romantic comedy and EVOL keeps that Macross tradition of funniness!

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