Inu X Boku Episode 8: Confessions under a tree

What the fuss's all about this episode.

In this week’s episode, Ririchiyo attempts to invite Soushi for coffee. Shouldn’t sound difficult, right?

Another Ririchiyo leg goodness...I know you want more of it.

Soushi has finished cleaning Ririchiyo’s shoe outside the school gates. And yes, everyone’s staring at them. Soushi insists on waiting for Ririchiyo after she’s done with school and watching out for her 24/7, but his master would want to be in the classroom on time, not before Soushi saving her from an accidental flying baseball. Montages of Watanuki behaving like a true ‘delinquent’ (like helping a girl pick up her handkerchief she dropped, giving back the extra 10 yen the canteen vendor accidentally gave Watanuki, and raising up his hand first to answer a teacher’s question during Math class) and Karuta’s appetite were shown as time flies during school hours. As a nod to episode five, Ririchiyo ponders what to repay Soushi for his selfless acts after her unsuccessful attempt back then. School’s over, and Soushi’s on time to pick his master up but has no idea what to do and where to go, as he confidently said before Ririchiyo goes for her classes.

Sign Karuta up for the next (anime) Iron Chef tournament. If there's any around...

Soushi: "I'm afraid that my knees aren't working properly. Should I still stay in this position?" Ririchiyo: "..."

In a flashback, Ririchiyo thought of a conversation during lunchtime and the three youkais met on the rooftop to have lunch together, while complimenting each other bentos at how they look delicious and all that. She denies enjoying lunch with two strange people and in bed keeps thinking of Soushi’s behaviour in her enjoying the company of others and wanting to know more of his SS. The next day, Ririchiyo, Watanuki and Karuta have lunch together again with Ririchiyo organizing it. Karuta commented on food tasting better and fostering relationships with others, as Ririchiyo in response commenting that people will let their guard down as they eat. Which sparks a wonderful idea for Ririchiyo in her attempt to reward Soushi. Bingo. *insert generic evil laugh*

And so her quest to make the best cup of coffee for Soushi begins.

Worl---I mean, romantic domination will begin with a superior cup of coffee. This is the most brilliant plan I have come up with in days!

Crow reminds me of the ugly talking parrot in Toradora!. But crows are smarter than you think... and at least it's not cursing anyone it has never met.

After a successful attempt in making the best cup of coffee for Soushi, Ririchiyo sits in front of the desk and think of possible scenarios to lure Soushi into letting him try her cup of coffee. One after another, the scenarios Ririchiyo have come up wasn’t up to what either her or Soushi would react and spent the entire night coming up with a solution. With no plan on her mind, our saggy-eyed heroine met Soushi and attempt in asking him outright to have a cup of coffee with her together. She managed to tell Soushi…to bring her a bowl of corn potage soup. Attempt #1: EPIC FAIL. Once she gets her soup, Ririchiyo attempted once again to inform Soushi of drinking her coffee. Karuta disturbs the moment and asked Ririchiyo to have a slice of fruit, which everyone else in the cafeteria tried doing the same, resulting in a noisy environment where Ririchiyo can’t have a private moment with Soushi. Attempt #2: Ends in failure due to a minor interruption. Outside the school gates, Ririchiyo tried once again, but like her previous attempt Karuta pulls her to school so that they won’t be late for class. Attempt #3: Karuta, is this some sort of cruel joke you’re pulling?

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee cider cider cider cider cider cider cider cider cider cider cider cider cider

Ririchiyo ditches playtime and plans to get serious to make Soushi try her coffee. Let’s just say that Attempt #4: WHY YOU COME NAW AND DISTURB IMPORTANT CONVERSATION PLANE-SAN? WHY YOU NO COME DIFFERENT TIME? And Ririchiyo, WHY YOU CHANGE SUBJECT? Back at the mansion, Ririchiyo witnessed the interaction between Nobara and Sorinozuka and Watanuki and Zange, realizing that there is no such intimacy between her and Soushi. As she returns to her room, she saw a tree seen way back in episode two where Ririchiyo and Soushi began their relationship between master and servant. Will the relationship progress? We’ll see after the ED!

Ririchiyo's jealous that her boobs don't jiggle as Nobara's pair of melons do.

Erm, okay...wait wait wait. You took note of something as trivial as this? Put Soushi in a reality quiz show and he wins every single round that requires memorization.

She asked Soushi to meet her under the tree, as the latter commenting on Ririchiyo’s peculiar behaviour as of late and asked her if he’s not doing anything up to her standards. Ririchiyo told him that he’s been doing fine and is relieved that he still cares about her as Soushi listed down all the unusual things she has done over the past few days (like wearing the left shoe first instead of the right shoe like she always do, or putting sugar first on her coffee instead of the cream first, or having lunch after sending Watanuki to the depths of hell and put up with Zange and Kagerou’s embarrassing antics…okay, maybe the last one didn’t happen). All Ririchiyo wanted Soushi to do is to have the same standing as she has, not wanting Soushi to keep anymore secrets from her and be the mysterious masked hero who saves Ririchiyo the magical oni girl when she’s stuck in a dead end. He admits that like Ririchiyo, he has problems communicating to others normally and seeing that the both of them are on the same boat, this draws the both of them closer, not before Ririchiyo inviting her SS for a session of tasting her coffee she’d made herself. He accepts and it seems Ririchiyo has began trying to open Soushi up to the rest of the mansion residents.

Ririchiyo: "As punishment you will drink 20 cups of my horrible coffee. Muahahahaha!" Soushi: "Yes, I will. Ririchiyo-sama. :)" Ririchiyo: (why aren't you flinching? Oh wait, he's Soushi. There's no way this is going to work.)


To be honest and I hate to said it, but this is one of the weakest episode I have seen yet and it wasn’t as fun as episode six, or to a lesser extent in comparison to last week’s episode. I couldn’t sense the direction the episode was heading (ignoring the previews, they sometimes have the tendency to mislead in a number of shows) with the interesting parts only began midway when Ririchiyo, Watanuki and Karuta were up on the rooftop having lunch together for the first time and Ririchiyo’s realization that she needs to start making a move on Soushi after witnessing the close relationship between her friends’ (and fiancee’s) Secret Service agents, which didn’t really existed on her side. Furthermore, I would like to see/hear something different in the interaction between the three as by this episode has began to grow stale on me. I was tempted to skip the first eight minutes seeing everyone back to status quo and nothing else (What we’ve seen in episode 6 wasn’t mention again in the character development department). And yeah, this is one episode that the manga (for once) did better. It just fall flat in animated form. Ririchiyo’s failed attempts to get Soushi to drink her coffee is funny though.

On the other hand, we, like Ririchiyo have come to understand that Soushi’s having the same problems as his master and thus is distant towards the other mansion residents (aside for Ririchiyo). I hope that Soushi will come clean to Ririchiyo of his background and the secrets he’s been keeping from her all these time before the show ends. I was surprised that this wasn’t anime original material (see above paragraph for reasons) but looking back, for once the chapter the manga is adapted from outshines this week’s episode. And speaking of the manga, I’ve found out that the anime’s not following the manga in order (as the chapter this episode is adapted from has yet to introduce Kagerou into the main cast) but so long as they don’t mess up the more important canonical materials.

Boob poking aside, the preview gives us another chance for Inuboku to redeem itself with its Partner Game Festival. I hope they at least make the series fun again, because I’m already starting to lose my patience to see where Ririchiyo’s and Soushi’s relationship are going. I bet Nobara poking Chino’s boobs was looped, those lazy animators! (And I’m guessing gifs of that must have been used on the web since the episode’s out on the web.)

Nobara: "By the power of my magic icy fingers and my talent in poking your boobs I command you to be a more interesting character!" Chino: "Aye aye, madam! My boobs are superior to Kagerou and Zange's antics put together!"

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  1. Posted March 4, 2012 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    I don’t have experience with the manga, but I was thinking that the episode never really progressed until those final moments. It certainly was back-loaded. I am happy, however that they finally opened up the issue of Soushi’s awkwardness. In the end I don’t feel that bad about this episode because it made important progress on the main storyline.

  2. Anon
    Posted March 4, 2012 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

    Crow…that’s a nice one. Its a hill myna though but they draw it so ugly it looks like a crow…

  3. Posted March 5, 2012 at 7:34 am | Permalink

    “Another Ririchiyo leg goodness…I know you want more of it.”

    Yes please. Stockings, garter belts, seams, the whole package!!

    I agree. This is definitely one of the weakest episodes ever. I feel like we just had something that’s almost exactly the same, except it was about Ririchiyo saying thanks to Miketsukami. Granted, the details are different, but it all boils down to Ririchiyo wants to be closer to him, and he’s a dog, and she doesn’t know how to talk… etc. etc. I’m ready for their relationship and the story to progress faster now. This felt very bland, and the worst thing is, they haven’t had their coffee yet. :(

  4. kaon
    Posted March 5, 2012 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

    jejejeje XD

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