Moretsu Space Pirates – 09: Raiders of the Khar-Toba

Your side of course.

Well while there was the possibility of a five on two skirmish, it seems that the Serenity Defense Force has yet to spilt along factional lines. Gruier still seems to command loyalty among the rank and file but her underlings will have to answer some questions since it seems that they were pursued mostly because they had stolen a ship and the Talbot led flotilla was sent to sun them down. I don’t suspect that the opposing force was actively trying to thwart Gruier’s plans since they did withdraw along with the Corback that they were pursuing. Still it seems that courtly intrigue is slowly building up with the Barbaroosa taking on a contract to pursue the Golden Ghost Ship as well. While the people who hired the services of Chiaki are unknown I don’t see them coming to blows given the PV. Overall the color palette is simply too colorful for a grand act of vile treachery between Marika and Chiaki.

That said whatever is in this Ghost Ship must sure be something since it seems to be only a first generation colony ship. Either there is some ancient technology still worth scavenging or it is carrying something that is of great importance. It’s been a long time since the heydays of Homeworld, but I cannot help but draw the comparison between the is Ghost Ship and Kushan Mothership, given how there is a vast and mighty Empire out there I wouldn’t mind it in the least if the Ghost Ship was carrying a hyperdrive core that allowed for far jump capabilities. Besides both started out as colony ships on a great journey to home, but time will tell what magnificent treasure is being carried.

Chiaki makes a comeback and I for one am most happy that Marika gets to greet Chiaki with hugs and kisses all the while exposing Chiaki’s love for princesses. As much as Gruier seems to revel in the lack of ceremony I can’t help but notice that Jenny Dolittle and Princess Serenity have some history as well as a very lucrative business arrangement. Part of me sees a military industrial complex at work here, but hey the Yacht Club is such a fine group that I can put those thoughts to rest. I just love how Jenny is able to do things on a whim and isn’t afraid to flaunt her power when she feels like it. Mami seems to be telling tall tales and has been spying on Chiaki who has come to her for many a parfait. Once this treasure hunt is over I hope that Marika and Chiaki can share a parfait.

Still I was rather disappointed that the Yacht Club was only going to provide a cover for Marika and Gruier being absent. At least they did get away with hazing Gruier as the newest member of the Yacht Club. Mami is making an interesting case for herself and put forth a good argument for an OT3 between Marika, Chiaki, and Mami. Certainly it seems as if Mami is smarter than she looks and is on very good terms with Chiaki and Marika as she can get both to reveal so much about their personal lives. While I am sure that the Yacht Club doesn’t want to attract too much attention, Mami is quite right that the Yacht Club is the wretched hive of scum and villainy at Hakuoh Academy. Jenny is a future industrial power with a penchant for ruling by decree, Marika and Chiaki are both heirs to privateers, and the rest of the club seems to have had their run ins with the local authorities as well.

Other than Marika jumping Chiaki and the former berating the latter for secret rendezvous with Mami there wasn’t a whole lot of information being rammed down our throats. Serenity seems to be constitutional monarchy that is made up of the rare M-Class planets, while other planets like Morningstar were terra-formed before they became habitable. It seems that there is a general movement to secede from the Empire and while some factions seem to be mentally prepared it remains to be seen if any system with the aspirations for independence can rebel. Certainly if rebellions started everywhere at once then the Imperial Fleet would have to be spread dangerously thin or simply have to wage a longer campaign of re-conquest. Quite why the Empire seems to get so much ire despite being largely absent will be an interesting revelation. It would certainly be something if the Empire wasn’t interested in control as peace, certainly imperial policy allows for a great deal of autonomy though there seems to be heavy restrictions on vassals going to war with one another.

I would like to see if the Empire is practicing oppressive enforcement on a few systems in a bid to slowly gain dominion or if the rebels are simply chaffing over the inability to wage war against one another. Even if there weren’t lethal shots being fired here there and everywhere this episode it was an enticing sample of warship maneuvers and it was a relief to see the escorts behaving like escorts for the larger Talbot-class. There seems to be a new ED song but I am not sure if the accompanying animation will stick. I am all for new songs and such but I don’t like the recycled animation and I do hope they add a little more to it. Next week should be more action oriented as they will be fighting in celestial phenomena, and we finally get confirmation for torpedo/missile spreads, how they will deal with logistically troublesome ordinance should be interesting if they choose to bother with it at all.

Fighting the good fight against the tyranny of copyright and royalties.

But first it is going to be cosplay time.

Don't worry about the costume not fitting you'll grow into it.

So much for whispering...

I guess we will have to wait until next week to see how vulnerable the standard Corback is.


I guess she likes Marika's scent.

Worry not, for Marika took plenty of pictures.

They're paid to fight not to conduct diplomacy or engage in intrigue.

That's a fancy word for butler.

Could be seen as a violation of sovereignty that could lead to cold relations or outright war if Serenity and Morningstar were blood enemies.

Let Misa take care of the rest.

I guess they are so good they do not need weapons.

I wonder how this chest weapon works...or are they shields?

Knowing Marika she'll do more than that...

Well you do get what you pay for and no doubt national security shouldn't be bought on the cheap.

Marika wanted to have a sleep over, next time you will share the same room so you can't run off like that again.

Do not think that Marika is not without generosity, of course we can initiate Mami into this special relationship.

Marika wanted to take you to the beach and give you a royal treatment...

Unlike Junichi, Marika knows the favorite food of her dear Chiaki-chan.


Yes you're here to because you miss Marika.

Can't you feel the BURNING passion?

Don't worry it's okay to be into this and that, Marika will keep your secret.

Chiaki is lady.

Just accept their feelings of adoration Chiaki-chan.

So I guess this makes Jenny the Richard Bilrer of Space Pirates. I wonder if she has her own private navy.

So Howard Hughes is still around?

There is only one information broker with that knowledge...

If her husband to be is a jerk, he will not live long...

I guess that is Yuri HQ on Morningstar.

So certain are you?

Dark Mami...

Tell me more...

I wonder if we are going to see Dark Mami in the future.

Mami loves you that much despite being a pirate who spends her time robbing cruise ships.


I like how Jenny isn't above abusing presidential decree.

Just make sure that you don't put lives on the line when doing your hazing, just remember safety first and camera second.

Jenny is looking out for MarikaxChiaki too.

It was just a one time thing...


You will have to do all that if you are to succeed Jenny.

Granted if the cook is having a bad day then everyone is about to have a bad day...

The Khar-Toba, I wonder if the Guidestone and second core are to be recovered.

Oh yes, Marika has a the Princess and Chiaki...if only Mami could come.

I guess it's going to be a role play night, Chiaki and Marika are switching roles...

A Message From Your XO, EO

This episode was mostly exposition, and yuri. Given that comrade Crusader has written a more comprehensive post, I’m mostly going to just comment on the yuri shipping. Marika X Chiaki continues to be wonderful. It’s a perfect mix. Enthusiastic and unrestrained Marika on one side, and Chiaki as an excellent shy/stoic tsundere. Not quite kuudere exactly, due to her reactions to Marika’s advances, but a cool tsundere is close enough to my favorite -dere archetype. And as restrained as she is, she can turn on the charm like when the princess entered the room. Chiaki is definitely my favorite of the pair, but I definitely like them both, and both of them together. Can’t wait to see why she’s wearing that pirate captain outfit next week, since it looks just like Marika’s. On a minor note, I have to say that for such a bit character, I’m really liking the fujoshi-looking comms officer on the bridge. I’ve always had a soft spot for characters like her.



Yeah, come on, Chiaki! Be honest with your feelings!

So elegant. A perfect pairing with Marika’s brashness.


I do love her enthusiasm.

This week’s Mandatory Misa.

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  1. MarigoldRan
    Posted March 5, 2012 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    They did Jenny Doolittle’s eyebrows very well. Gives her an authoritative look.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 7, 2012 at 6:35 am | Permalink

      She is a most imposing leader.

  2. SQA
    Posted March 5, 2012 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    It’s nice to see the little character explanations we got about the Yacht Club actually turned out to be useful. Jenny is the heir to a massive business empire (and has an arranged marriage) and Lynn is their resident hacker/data specialist (and maybe a Lesbian, but that’s only listed on the Wikipedia page, I can’t even find light novel summaries anywhere). Though it doesn’t look like the Odette II is getting any screen time next week.

    Dark Mami might be the scariest person in this series. Which would be hilarious.

    I’m really interested about the 4-light power ups that the boarding crew did, after putting their guns down. That makes close-quarters combat far more likely in this universe & far more interesting. Plus, kinetic weapons next week. Going to be interesting going forward.

    As for the “golden ghost ship”, obviously the people living on it have no terrible intention of settling anywhere specific. Which probably doesn’t mean they have any actual technology that others want, but they likely have lineage information. Which would explain why a Princess would want to find them. There’s probably a huge intra-family fight currently happening and the Ghost Ship could have information that would change who the “rightful heir” to the Serenity Throne actually is. (At least, that’s the most likely scenario, given the world building we’ve gotten)

    The Empire is probably a bit like Alliance in the Firefly/Serenity universe. Something akin to an intergalactic EU. Which means they’re partially elected tyrants or limited-power monarchy, but generally there are a lot worse situations to be in than under them. Though that could easily change later in.

    Next week: Nebula Combat! Let’s see how they assume what the interference is like.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 7, 2012 at 6:42 am | Permalink

      Hopefully the Yacht Club will have a larger role in later arcs it does seem as though the Empire is not all powerful. It remains to be seen if this is a dispute over succession but that ship does have something of value. Next episode promises to be more action heavy.

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