Rinne no Lagrange – 10: Prelude to Battle

Lan tried kissing you ten times...Madoka tried twenty...

Well Array might not be going to town this week but it seems that he is still very much broken and with Digijulia preparing for armed combat, the De Metrio boys are somewhat divided. Izo is willing to fight for Kiss, while Array has misgivings about fighting people who really do not want a part of their war. Kirius does break the stalemate though and interprets Yurikano’s last wish was to ensure that the Voxes do not do any more damage. Whatever kind of crown prince that Ullilulio was his legacy seems to have been irreparably tarnished in De Metrio as Yurikano is the one who seems to be remembered and loved as a hero of her people while her brother is largely held with contempt. That said during his exile Wallalugio has built a loyal following in his continued opposition to La Garite and Dizelmine. Still Dizelmine is slowly winning the war and Bulilulio seems to have dedicated what forces he has left to the destruction of the Voxes.

While I still suspect Digigurio’s intentions, this will be seen as an invasion by Novumundus. Negotiations broke down and Kiss will be the ones who will be the first to resort to violence. Too bad for him that Tadakoro has some military savvy in him and opted for a pre-emptive strike on the Kiss Fleet. Kiss would be rather dumb to believe that Madoka is going to sit this one out and I am hoping that Madoka will give Kiss a rude shock as she kicks them out of the solar system. I think Villaguilio has severely over played his hand, because he will look like a duplicitous ex-prince who not only seems to have lost the loyalty of his former subjects, he cannot even negotiate in good faith. Since he had dumped Muginami I hope he will be in for a rude awakening when she chooses Madoka over him. As Princes go it seems that Digigurio has been toying with the hearts of women for some time, first Lan, then Muginami, and now Grania. Still in the battle of the Ex-es I think Grania is going to lose plenty once Lan and Muginami engage her fleet. Part of me thinks that Villaguilio intends to use Grania as a diversion as he strikes elsewhere in relative safety but time will tell.

The action is certainly heating up and rightfully so, but nonetheless it was good to have a few more laughs thrown in. Lan and Muginami seem to be getting along well in a tsun-tsun kind of way and if nothing else they are starting to trust each other more. Muginami even defers to Lan on occasion. Madoka seems to be on a bit of a downer, but I understand how she feels now that Lan and Muginami are connecting with Sachi and Michi. This is a good thing, even if Madoka feels a bit lonelier. Hopefully that will be corrected once she sorties again as parting with Midori seems to have started the general trend. I really hope that we get a more complete look at Madoka’s work for the Film Club’s last project, certainly if the poster is anything to go by, then they Film Club did go all out to doll up Madoka while they had an excuse to do so. For now it seems that Muginami and Lan will have more reasons to fight for Earth against Kiss and Muginaimi seems much less likely to go back to Wallapurgio. Grania might well end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and it will sure be something to see what excuses she will offer up after getting kicked out of the system.

Yoko and Machiko seem to be duly impressed by how far Madoka has gone, and hopefully they will be able to make some contribution towards helping the Jersey Club in what should be their finest hour. Sachi had her dad play courier and hopefully as former Jersey Club Members Yoko and Machiko can do something great on their own. Speaking of Sachi, I wonder if she knows about her dad and Array…

Well the odds are pretty bad and Kiss seems to have the upper hand but if the Jersey Club can channel the spirit of Hope, Faith, and Charity then they can hold out until Kiss is thrown back to U-Go.

Tadokoro is still trying in his dotage.

I'd ship it...

Array may be loopy but he's right. Being a Kiss lackey just isn't a good thing.

It's not like you have done much either Izo...

Better to be Asteria's maid than Digigurio's lackey.

And Villagiulio has yours...

Say that again and your only ship will be with the Prince of Kiss...

Yeah Izo sucks at jokes though you are still the funniest running gag of the season.

What would Yurikano do?

Probably, though that would then mean she and Fooliguilio do not agree.

Silly fun that is...

Among other things...

Of course...

There there we can go to Kamogawa Sea World to make it better.

Oh no not you too...

Well give Lan a kiss then to make it better.

You're lucky you don't like pies.

It was an all girl cast and yet...Madoka was chosen as heroine. She must have a rabid fanbase.

Yes maybe you should have a make up party some time...

I like how the director was so direct in showing her feelings.

Yes Madoka has found more people for your movies.

Whatever she is thinking FUND IT.

Yuri be with you.

Unagi sushi time?

Worry not for they were chlorinated.

You'd be surprised to hear what Chinese people eat...

They taste great in sushi or in a bowl.

Who cares? I want some right now...

If only Asteria made Madoka wear a maid outfit...

Are you by chance Crea and Fudo's love child?

No, THANK YOU Michi...


Don't be so shy I am sure you will prove that when Kiss comes invading.

Sachi's swim class is a go!

Asteria really likes to get a good squeeze.

They will pass the Martian Defense line at 2000 hours tonight.

Oh Lan...

I guess Madoka still has some hurdles to jump.

Sachi, you are super.

Lan also plays kendo?

Key word "if" though I hope your love for Madoka will protect your heart.

Lan asked herself "What would Madoka do?"


Hupo GO!

Just 10? Well time for the Jersey Club to fatten up their stats.

You have no idea how not carrying that one is going to hurt...

No he's not, he's not sorry heck he barely mentions Yurikano much any more... you are about to get hosed lady.

So you say but Yurikano's heir is not Digigurio...

Yes, you should, but ugh what is it?

I approve of this abuse of authority!

Time to show what your made of...

It's been a while since we had a Madoka only one.

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  1. SQA
    Posted March 11, 2012 at 10:02 pm | Permalink

    The “device” in the Jersey Club room appears to be a fireworks mortar. Which might not be the best thing during an interstellar war, but crazier things have worked in anime. I recall Naruto headbutting a 150 foot tall demon raccoon and it working.

    At least the series is finally setting into its mood a bit better. It’s basically a female version of the Hardy Boys, just with mechas. And I approve of Lan’s feelings towards public nudity. Oddly enough, the skinny dipping scene isn’t actually out of character, at this point. haha

    I still don’t quite get how Kiss can win by destroying the Vox. Does Dizelmine suddenly have less power if they’re destroyed? Or would Dizelmine’s victory be absolute if he gains their power? Not that it really matters all that much, as long as we get more of our Yuri Trio being enjoyable. :)

    • SQA
      Posted March 11, 2012 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

      Bah, hit send early.

      Noticed where “Be with Kiss” came from. The front sign on the surf club + cafe says “Be with Hiroshi”.

      I still can’t believe the first course antagonist got that coat. It needs to be on Array, really. He needs to develop a split personality.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 12, 2012 at 8:10 pm | Permalink

      So I guess Yoko and Machiko will be lighting up the sky.

      Digigurio is a lowly thief he stole Hiroshi’s coat now he’s stealing Hiroshi’s IP. As for destroying the Voxes I suppose it would be the latter since Kiss seems to think that they can someday some how halt Dizelmine when he does not have the Voxes.

  2. Whatsht
    Posted March 12, 2012 at 2:11 am | Permalink

    Seriously, I think they need to show us that movie that Madoka starred in, its really.. tempting.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 12, 2012 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

      They should I’d pay to see it too… hopefully it will come up again.

  3. Bob from Accounting
    Posted March 12, 2012 at 9:44 am | Permalink

    “Whatever she is thinking FUND IT.”

    Good god, yes.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 12, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

      Hell I don’t even care if the film turns out a profit, it has cult classic written all over it.

  4. hipster
    Posted March 18, 2012 at 6:55 am | Permalink

    What is with the loli all having long hair and straight fringes these few seasons?!
    Aquarion Evol, Rinne, Inu X Boku SS, Ano Hana, Gosick…

    And the super smart loli too … chairpersons, detectives… whatEVER.

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