Inu X Boku Episode 9 & 10: Enter the torture chamber

Scolding someone in the most moe way possible.

Forget the coffee, we got Kagerou! All you human chamberpots, I’m going to make this short and quick ’cause I wanna go **** on my fiancee after this! Don’t forget to bring some popcorn for this. I don’t play gentle at anything, be it sports, cooking duels or washing dishes for puny ants!

There is no coffee. The coffee is bullshit.

There isn’t much going on in episode 9 despite its preview from the previous episode claiming that it would be a step up compared to the all-time low in episode 8. Episode 9 begins with different pieces of notices pasted outside the lounge, telling the residents of the mansion to do as told on the paper, from insulting each other to zipping their mouths and play a game of charades (much to the dismay of Ririchiyo as demonstrated at the end of the episode). Despite what she told Soushi last episode, Ririchiyo has yet to come up with a good plan to make Soushi drink the coffee she brew personally (and has yet to succeed in episode 10. Ririchiyo desperately needs a reminder fairy to put her into place and take action ASAP), so she shove that idea onto her shelf for the time being after doing some house cleaning, as Karuta invited her and Watanuki to do homework together with everybody else watching them. Karuta devised the darnest way to get by her homework done by throwing her pencil with set answers written on them. Too bad this isn’t a Math paper in the MCQ section, or Captain Ririchiyo would have approved with her methods.


Are you guys playing a game of 'Simon Says'? I wanna join in the fun too!

Reminds me of a short-lived trend on treating an eraser as a dice to get an answer on the MCQ section of any Math paper. Too bad everyone failed the test using this method, a taboo topic as if it does not exist anywhere in the world.

For some reason stated by Watanuki (perhaps he was too distracted, seeing everyone else watching him and his friends do homework as if they have no lives of their own) everybody ditched the study plan and proceed to play a game of the Ayakashi Mansion Partner Games (no thanks to Zange). Everyone, save Zange, paired up with their original master-and-SS pairings (except for Watanuki and Karuta) and played ridiculous games. The first stage was to guess an item inside the box and everyone passed. The second stage has got to do with knowing their partners well and testing the bonds between them. Everyone got through the stage like a cakewalk, until it was Soushi’s and Ririchiyo’s turn to speak up. Fortunately Soushi spent too much time saying every little aspect of what Ririchiyo likes, giving the latter no time left to give Zange the opportunity to force Ririchiyo to say what she knows (or doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to say) about Soushi.

Plain: Can I find out what's inside that box? Subtext: Can I tap tat ass? (Come to think of it there's even more subtext in the plain version...)

Can't believe Ririchiyo's a tsunshun, or has no idea what the term 'tsunshun' means? All spelt it out courtesy of Nobara Yukinokouji.

All of these will be out in the national exams, for the price of...priceless.

Everyone returned to the lounge and found a set of over-the-top questions on a table. Karuta and Sorinozuka attempted to draw the outline of the Tokyo Prefecture but were disturbed none of than Kagerou, who has returned from his long trip to Hokkaido and Shikoku and brought some gifts for his puny underlings.

Everyone: OH NO! Kagerou: Oh YES! I'm back~!

In episode 10, the show began where the previous episode left off, giving the other seven main characters their presents and a wild orgy (not that orgy, its original meaning, you perverts) that last five hours. Soon, it was time for Kagerou to leave, not before telling Ririchiyo that he has something important to tell her after she’s done with school tomorrow.

The next day, Ririchiyo and Watanuki found out that Karuta was nowhere to be seen in school, only to find Kagerou (with Karuta in the car wearing a Chinese girl costume) fetching both students instead of Soushi. Apparently Kagerou told Soushi to stay home and do whatever he wants while he takes Ririchiyo and Watanuki to different places and have fun along the way, S & M STYLE! Without Soushi along and to add salt to Ririchiyo’s wounds thanks to Kagerou labeling everything S and M wherever he goes, Ririchiyo (and Watanuki) ended up tired and irritated after all that high energy activities they were forced to do. As soon as Ririchiyo returned to the mansion, she felt guilty for not letting Soushi know she was going to be home late and sent a text message to inform him.

I'm guessing that if countries can be labelled as an 'S' or 'M', Singapore must be an 'S', with its citizens as 'M's.

A rare opportunity to see Karuta dress like a Chinese girl and shout at the top of her voice. 'Snaps a photo'.

Kagerou: I even paid billions of yen to get this exclusive car plate with only the letters 'S' & 'M' in it. Ririchiyo: Wow. I'm surprised. (sarcasm)

Warning: May look as if Kagerou's humping/screwing an inanimate object in front of his slaves.

She waited for a long time (as in 10 minutes) and find it weird that Soushi has yet to respond to her message. She was afraid that Soushi was extremely mad at her and did not reply her message in retaliation, coming to a conclusion that this will not work and thus brought a melon with her to apologize to Soushi personally. And boy she was shocked to see Soushi dressed differently aside from his bodyguard suit she sees him in all the time. Ririchiyo was glad that Soushi wasn’t mad at her for coming home late or anything, but his jealously began surfacing once he find Ririchiyo still clueless and finding out that Kagerou has yet to tell her about the important thing he mentioned last night. For once, Soushi does not hesitate to ruthlessly offend and insult Ririchiyo that maybe she does falls for Kagerou, but is not brave enough to admit it. That left Ririchiyo for the first time crying and made her question if her feelings were for Soushi or Kagerou.

I only wanted to ask you to play 'Just Dance 3' with me. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO SAY YES? I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON MY SIDE!

Ririchiyo can't believe Soushi's a bloody cruel 'S' in front of me.

The next day, Soushi pays a visit to Kagerou and begs him not to tell his secret he’s been keeping from Ririchiyo for the past 9 episodes and adamant not to let Kagerou go his way. Kagerou refused Soushi’s offers comically, pissing the latter further as both men transformed to their demon forms and a serious sword fight awaits. The moment Ririchiyo came to visit Soushi and Kagerou, she found the latter on the floor as he struggled to prevent Soushi to make his finishing move (that posture, seriously. Look as if they have some gay sex or something). Ririchiyo then blames Kagerou for starting the fight in the first place, but he rebutted, asking his fiancee if she fully trusts Soushi and tells him that her SS has been keeping a big secret from her ever since she first met him. At the moment, Soushi agrees with what Kagerou said, telling Ririchiyo that he has been deceiving her all this time.

Why do you have to make it look as if you're running a sexual roleplay at this hour of the day?


I didn’t care much what happened on episode 9 (until Kagerou enter the fray) but the series took a sudden 180° turn for the better. But before I give my opinion about episode 10 (which will take some time), let me say something about episode 9. In fact, the ‘make Soushi drink my coffee’ plot has yet to put into motion and I doubt that Ririchiyo will set that plan of hers in action by the end of the series’ run. Like episode eight, the fun part didn’t began until the second half where everyone (save Kagerou) played the Ayakashi Mansion Partner Games and that showed us how close the relationship between the pairs are. While the Karuta and Watanuki pair has their innocent romantic love, looking more than a crush (take note both parties are aware that they love each other) and the Nobara and Sorinozuka pair has their relationship looking indifferent and are anything but romantic, Ririchiyo has trouble knowing anything about Soushi, or is unwilling to confess her love for him (partly because of Kagerou) and that factor is one possible factor that karma decide to punish her in episode 10.

And speaking about episode 10 (rambling a lot), I have to say that the writers have decided to play their triumph card on the next episode now that Soushi’s dark secret he’s been keeping till now will be revealed to Ririchiyo. For once I’m glad to see Soushi behaving differently from what Ririchiyo would have expect once she sees him in a different attire (admit it, he looks so cool with glasses and all we seen Soushi treating Ririchiyo so far has been either admiration, devotion and treating her as if she’s God) after all I have a hard time believing that the way Ririchiyo and Soushi’s relationship were developing can’t be that idealistic. The writers knew what they were doing every time Kagerou enters the picture and used it to surface Soushi’s jealousy for him but ended up expressing this to Ririchiyo the messy way. It’s about time their relationship takes another step further. I can’t wait to see what Soushi has been lying to Ririchiyo all about, and I hope that his feelings for her isn’t fake and he’s been taking advantage of her loneliness all along. How could Soushi, all so devoted and faithful to his master betray her in the end?

And as always, here’s another set of Ririchiyo’s legs goodness!:

Just the usual, except this is a limited edition 3-in-1 package. Come get one now for the price of $18.49! Not here to stay!

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