Amagami SS+ episode 11 – What Is This, Hibiki Doesn’t Even…

Now on to the final arc of Amagami SS+, ending the sequel where the original began. Unfortunately it’s not as far into the future as I expected. Considering that the other arcs have been going in something like chronological order, I expected this one to start off post-graduation for Haruka, at least. Especially given the short X-years later scene at the end of the first Haruka arc. This isn’t the case, and things are pretty close to the same timeframe as all the other arcs. Haruka and Hibiki are about to graduate and the school year is almost over. Haruka and Junichi are still up to their past roleplaying, dragging Hibiki in this time. And it looks like the main complication will be coming from Hibiki’s family history of early marriage.

Still together, still as crazy for each other as they are just crazy.

As if ‘Lovely’ wasn’t a strange enough of a middle name.

Ah, Hibiki. You’re so wonderful, why don’t you have your own arc?

If Haruka hadn’t already proven herself to be crazy but not crazy, I’d be sending out the Minmay warning (avoid any girl that wants to do a practice or imaginary wedding ceremony.)

What the flying f…….You know how I mentioned that Government of Japan pro-reproduction-to-ward-off-demographic-decline propaganda in the last post? This is starting to feel like a trend…

Seriously. You pick that to roleplay?

Not only have they roped Hibiki into the role of priest and obstetrician, now she’s their child? Hibiki, you have more patience than I would.

Haruka brings up how her grandparents proposed in front of a particular chapel in England, and she’s been thinking a lot about weddings lately. She doesn’t mention it to Junichi, but between her and Hibiki, it seems to be a custom in her family to propose right away after graduation from high school. Which never goes poorly, I’m sure. She’s understandable nervous about what Junichi would think of this, though she is also exhibiting signs of Wedding Fever herself, pulling him over to look at bridal gowns in a display window and looking over the article on the chapel. What’s more, her relative Jessica has come for a visit. Haruka is a bit taken aback when Jessica gives Junichi a kiss on the cheek as a greeting. And she’s probably right to fear Jessica BECOMING FRIENDLY with Junichi, since he’s obviously a bit tempted by the blond-haired, blue-eyed doppelganger of his girlfriend. Haruka is kind of sensitive about the marriage thing lately, and she gets offended when Junichi doesn’t tell Hibiki how he proposed to Haruka in their little family dinner roleplaying session. Which leads Kaoru to conclude that, logically, Junichi has been dumped. And within minutes the whole school seems to know. Though Junichi shows some initiative like he did in the original arc, and drags Haruka off to the shack, that famous locations where the term “kneepits” was born and entered the anime fandom lexicon. There they have a short talk and things seem to get back on the right track. Though Morishima family traditions still loom over the couple into the next episode.

I have to wonder if Jessica is just the manifestation of the cat spirit inhabiting Haruka. Looks very White Hanekawa/Black Hanekawa here. 

Meanwhile at the Tohno residence


Aww, Rihoko, so concerned for your childhood friend *sniffle*. Oh god, you’re so sweet!

Yes, memories…

And upon this hallowed ground, the world was gifted with the term “kneepits.”

This still hasn’t happened yet?

Crusader’s Come On, Man!

So yes Haruka comes back and she brought along a friend, Sexy Jessica. There is something to be said for a simple pallet swap but Haruka is so perfect I really can’t complain. After all two is better than one and I guess the world is better off having Haruka and Jessica. I can go on and on about how every foreigner seems to part of the Master Race but hey whatever. Still Junichi can’t seem to take a hint despite the not so subtle message of each and every one of their games. It’s not that Haruka is being coy, she has the subtlety of a tank plowing through a wall but it’s that for some reason the thought just hasn’t crossed Junichi mind yet. There is slow and then there is Junichi who makes Czarist Russia marching speed look blistering. How long has it been? TOO LONG! It’s just the polite to introduce yourself to your future in-laws and more so because I am sure Haruka’s dad has some choice words for Junichi. Poor Hibiki is being taken along for the ride and I really want to see her be happy with someone. Hopefully that will happen at some point, but nevertheless this last arc is looking more like a viable BEST ARC.

Still Junichi…Haruak is hinting at marriage and kids, it’s about your future together. You plan for the future because you will be living in it someday. If she is the love of your life I would hope you would have an ideal proposal in your back pocket? Junichi’s telling us it’s a secret? Come on man. If you have to make it up MAKE IT UP. Throw in Paris, a cruise around the world, a knife fight, from a balcony, from the top of Mount Everest, with smoke from a VF-25, ANYTHING you dolt. Junichi’s lucky his ass didn’t get dumped because that was as bad a strike out as I have ever seen.

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  1. MrTerrorist
    Posted March 23, 2012 at 4:11 am | Permalink

    Just so you, Haruka and Jessica’s middle names are not their mother’s maiden names but a middle name given to them by their British grandfather as explain in the Amagami: Love Goes On! manga.

    • Posted March 24, 2012 at 7:15 pm | Permalink

      I got the middle name part, but why on Earth one would give someone those names is beyond me, heh.

  2. Nazarielle
    Posted March 23, 2012 at 7:37 pm | Permalink

    Ah, Hibiki. You’re so wonderful, why don’t you have your own arc?

    IF ONLY.


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