Aquarion EVOL – 12: A Test of Love


Andy is spreading love like a plague but sadly Zessica seems to have been left out and is unable to contract it. Just about everyone else seems to be happy at the academy, while Zessica is all but ignored by Amata and is stuck in unrequited love mode. I guess Kawamori learned a thing or two after finding out just how unbalanced a love triangle could be when Ranka challenged Sheryl. This time Mikono seems to be more than decent and Amata is anything but dithering. Zessica’s only hope is that Mikono and Kagura will find alone time, but that hope is fading fast not to mention anything that Mikage wants is likely bad even if it would be a beneficial ship to get Amata and Zessica together. Most of the episode was great, but I find myself becoming increasingly sad as Zessica is the odd one out, Sazanka may be alone but she is getting RICH and reveling in her unabashed fujoshi state. I can’t really blame Amata for being consistent even if he is consistently wrong for not choosing Zessica because well there just isn’t that much to hate.

Amata while not nearly as forthright as Andy is at least making the attempt and not letting himself go completely emo. For a guy who saw his mother fly away he hasn’t brought it up much and best of all he is not using it as a crutch nor does he hate Alicia for leaving him. Now that we have confirmation that Alicia is Amata’s mother it opens up for the distinct that Izumo might be the father given Izumo’s implied relationship with Alicia. Then again maybe Alicia already had Amata by the time she encountered Izumo. Given how Alicia seemed sad that she had to leave I don’t think she really meant to leave Amata behind. If it is as suspect that Alicia went to Altair willingly she might not have been willing to take Amata on a dangerous jump to Altair. Hopefully even if Alicia is in stasis, Izumo is going to fill us in on what happened during the early years of his discovery of Vega.

Jin seems to be well on his way to having a change of heart but if he knew the truth of it and how Kagura had just trashed his home Jin could try to make a desperation jump with Yunoha. If that happens, I really hope that his barrier powers will come into play and Yunoha won’t die or worse end up in Mikage’s clutches. I still hope that Jin will have no way to make the jump and decided that Kagura and Mikage have to be stopped for both Vega and Altair. I just hope Izumo told Jin that under no circumstances was he to trust Mikage fully if at all. Yunoha seems to have figured out that Jin is more than a lonely socially challenged transfer student. Given how generally forthright Yunoha has been with Jin I do hope she plans on telling him how much she knows about him. With any luck Jin will see more benefit in confessing his intentions and that of Altair in the hopes of decreasing tensions. Fudo and Crea seem to know about whom he is and where he is from, but the other students might not understand or forgive. Donar might go further than Cayenne if the truth were to get out, not that I’d blame Donar for still holding a grudge.

Yunoha may have pieced together where Jin is from and I can’t really say I blame her for believing in Jin despite being given ample reason not to. Since Mikage is against Jin and Yunoha being together I want them to be happy now more than ever. Once the truth does come out I hope that she can patch things up with Jin and will vouch for him when Cayenne calls for his head. Jin will likely be very confused and distraught to learn that his home is in shambles and that Kagura now constitutes a genuine threat to all. Yunoha seems to be a passenger for next sortie but I hope that she will not sit idly by as Jin starts the decision process. She gave Jin the benefit of the doubt I just hope that she will still see that Jin is trying to save his people and that the Alteans have not taken people away without reason or simply out of malevolence.

In any case it seems that the Abductor harvest are a relatively recent events and that it was about 12 years ago that Neo-Deeva was founded to presumably combat Abductor incursions. I assume that at first Izumo restricted himself to recon and just taking candidates that fit his nebulous criteria. His near success and subsequent stasis of Alicia just made things more desperate. Given how the crash occurred 14 years ago this is anything but a 12,000 years war. Mikage may have been waiting that long but it seems that Izumo made a deal with a being that is more malevolent and manipulative that Izumo could possibly imagine. The recent breakdown in relations was brewing only things came to a head once Mikono’s smelliness factored into the equation. It probably will not be long until Izumo and Mikage have a real falling out though I really doubt such a fight would be won by Izumo.

Love is spreading but I dearly hope that Zessica will find someone. Still the course of true love never did run smooth and even Mix is still apprehensive about fully embracing Andy’s love. I have to hand it to Andy though, he may not understand every thought in his head but when he implements the good ideas he spares no effort. Much will be said about how Andy acted as a vehicle for Kawamori to be Kawamori, by bringing Aquarion in your Aquarion back to the table as well as a pineapple joke. I was very much relieved when they declined to have any pineapple be it salad, cakey, or in this case pizza.

Next week will see the conclusion of a test of Jin’s loyalty perhaps he will pass with flying colors as Muginami did. Whatever happens I just hope Yunoha doesn’t end up dead for it.

So that is how she does it...maybe Sazanka has element powers of persuasion...

Something that is Kawamori crazy...

Seems Andy wants to ship Amata and Mikono.

Mix hates seeing Zessica cry, so Andy better be careful how he orchestrates Mix's ideal OT3.

Zessica is not scared she's just lecherous.

That's some valuable intel Zeesica just gave you Andy.

I guess this is Zessica's first time dabbling in love.

I wonder how much this photo would go for on Altair. Still given how she knitted things for Amata I don't think Alicia hated him.

I wonder how Jin is going to take the news that Amata is Alicia's son.

Zessica is so sharp.

Something like that though Jin would be more in the mold of rabid fanboy who bought all her albums and pays out the ear for the out of print stuff.

Good thing the device seems to be of Earth origin that or Jin had the intelligence to change the runes on the buttons.

I hope my next iPod will be like this.

Aquarion in your Aquarion...

Andy is a master of promoting and producing events...he sure knows his peers.

Worry not Mix, you will always be the Class President but Andy will do his best to ensure that your reign will be glorious and legendary.

Andy will never do anything that would stain your good reputation.

Andy is sorry that he cannot find the time to ask Mix out everyday.

Mix may decline tonight but that will not stop Andy for asking. Besides you already agreed to previous point in denying you two are together and happy now.

LOL Pineapple...

I guess Alicia dressed for her role for her journey to Altair.

Maybe she was trying to meet her destiny.

Good of you to still see her that way.

She didn't look that happy when she left, I am sure she had her reasons.

How romantic...

I guess she is afraid to fly.

Poor Zessica...

It was indeed heart rending to Zessica so alone.

Yes you do and then some...

Damn and I was hoping that Mikage never paid Jin any mind.

Damn...they have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Izumo is doing his best to not have a stroke.

A journey you shall not stop.

How wrong you are...

Excellent idea.



Touched for the very first time...

I wonder if Jin is going to be using hair clips at some point.

The devil can be most deceiving.

I wonder if Yunoha was wondering what a Rare Igura was...

Some guys just go for quantity rather than quality.

I take it Mix is having a bachlorette party rehearsal.

Suomi needs to get closer.

Of course these two are together...

It's not fair, damn it. It's not fair...

If nothing else Alicia left Amata some words of wisdom.

Yeah you two have to get around to promising under a tree.

Hope that when the time comes your love will tip things towards Jin's redemption.

It is almost decision time, I hope you choose wisely.


Right on cue.

Not fair...

So what was it that you were saying about Kagura?

I think Yunoha can put two and two together to figure where this is going.

Just follow your nose you idiot.

Yeah she definitely knows where this is going.

I'd much rather you go with her.

Yunoha it's time to save Jin's heart.

I hope Jin remembers how to use his barrier powers.

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  1. Whatsht
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 2:21 am | Permalink

    Throughout the movie screening, all I heard was Lacus Clyne.

    And apparently no one saw Amata and Mikono flying in mid-air.
    The preview had some lines from Omna Magni, Sousei no Aquarion’s ED
    Halta di manna,
    cinca di manna,
    ola ola o..

    • Crusader
      Posted March 25, 2012 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

      That sneaky sneaky Kawamori.

  2. SQA
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 4:53 am | Permalink

    Kawamori really knows his villians when “Yunoha won’t die or worse end up in Mikage’s clutches” is perfectly reasonable appraisal.

    Also, Sazanka being at Mix’s party is a sign it’s not a Bachelorette party. Letting Sazanka near anyone that’s drinking is simply signing away a significant portion of your future income to her. You know she’d blackmail people with those pictures.

    And I wonder if Sazanka’s power is the ability to massively copy things. That was an insane amount of poster printed in 1 day. Since we know she just takes pictures, all the time, her elemental power being “multiple copying” would fit with what she does. Maybe?

    While in many ways it looks odd, I really do like Yunoha’s hair and the color blending. Something just… works about it. But maybe it’s just me.

    Amata X Mikono is coming along nicely. But, someone needs to steal Zessica’s heart. Cayenne, get in there and stop shipping with Shrade!

    • Crusader
      Posted March 25, 2012 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

      I don’t just want Zessica to end up with just anyone. Cayenne seems to have problems loving some one. In an ideal world Mix would romance Zessica and net an OT3 end.

      Mikage maybe be FABULOUS but that man disturbs me…he just has a knack for casual brutality.

    • Posted March 25, 2012 at 11:15 pm | Permalink

      Oh, I see it now. Sazanka is going to be Neo-Deava’s secret weapon; her Element power is the ability to do kage bunshin jutsu. The next time the Abductors attack in force, it won’t be just one Aquarion they’ll have to deal with.


  3. SilicaScone
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 5:22 pm | Permalink

    Doesn’t this mean that Jin is hawt for Amata’s mom?

    • SQA
      Posted March 25, 2012 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

      I think “fanboy” is the proper term.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 25, 2012 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

      I agree it’s more like fanboy, though Alicia seems to have a legion of dudes like Jin on Altair. As funny as Jin becoming Amata’s step dad is I just don’t see it happening.

  4. kaon
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 7:32 pm | Permalink


  5. ReddyRedWolf
    Posted March 27, 2012 at 2:11 am | Permalink

    A wild brown Sazamka appeared!

    Andy is such a bro playing wingman for his digging bros. Too bad the digger sisters were spotted by Overprotective Nii-chan Cayene. Shrade joins in because it is interesting.

    Alicia is indeed Amata’s mother.

    Zessica’s power is confirmed to be telekinesis. This could mean she is Silvia. And she is doing worse than when Sirius and Reika was flirting.

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