Inu X Boku SS Episode 11: This is…the story of a boy…

Kagerou never aims for subtlety. Not a word in his dictionary.

Not holding any surprises this time, and if you have been watching last week’s preview this episode is very much centered on Soushi’s life from childhood to adult (pre-Secret Service life). We get to know how writing letters to Ririchiyo (in Kagerou’s place) for years has turned his life around for the better. Now we know what Soushi meant by ‘saving him’ when Ririchiyo’s a child.

P.S.: I apologize for the lack of leg-service in this week’s episode since Ririchiyo’s not the main focus, but I managed to dig one out after watching the episode twice.

Soushi has mastered the cloning technique from the ninja masters since birth.

As a child, Soushi Miketsukami has never been able to have a childhood like many human (and half-demon) children since he carries the blood of a fearsome nine-tailed fox demon. Thus, his family placed him under house arrest and was only attended by a maid to give him the basic necessities every day without fail. His only outside contact was school, but was not sociable and tight supervision from his family does not help one bit (they could have home-schooled him to save all that trouble if they don’t want Soushi to interact with others, geez!). Once Soushi hit his teenage years with his hormones running wild, he asked the maid who attends to him one day if he could keep him “company”. You see, the way Soushi said “company” sounds questionable enough (and I’m guessing you’re old enough to know what that means, I’m not going to spell it out for you), and through this method he was able to climb the social ladder to taste at the smallest glimpse of freedom.

Soushi:...and then my maid and I had a wild orgy and I went on for a period of time with other women.

Soushi: Does that mean I won't lay anymore women for the rest of my life until I found my one true love?

At his peak he served a rich, bosom lady and become her sex slave, more or less and seek his only chance to get himself out of his plight was to attend a party and from there plan to find someone who can understand what he’s going through (as well as revealing the atrocities his family committed at Soushi to one who believe him). Soushi was lucky to have met Ayame Shoukiin, who’s actually Kagerou’s mother and happened to believe Soushi’s plight and thus took him in under her household’s care until he’s old enough to take care of himself out of empathy and pity. This was Soushi’s first step in gaining the true freedom he’d always wanted on his own.

He became close friends with Ayame’s son Kagerou quickly, but Kagerou was a little disappointed at Soushi for being boring and predictable (after their first encounter, the former asking the latter to lick his shoes). And aside from that, their relationship wasn’t strained and all was well (along with abusing and bullying Watanuki with Zange at every opportunity they seek). Soushi enjoyed his freedom he had living with the Shoukiins, but one day received a task by Kagerou to act as his writer to write a letter back to his fiancee Ririchiyo Shirakiin. Growing up in an isolated environment and suiting others of their needs Soushi had a hard time thinking of something good to write back to Ririchiyo, but even he self-educated himself he felt that his letters were lacking something. For a start he imitated Ririchiyo’s way of writing and realized that he hasn’t been true to himself and only writes to compliment Ririchiyo with what she wants to hear. As time passed by Soushi became aware that her letters were changing him, slowly opening his social world.

Yeah, even teenage!Kagerou is still dirty-minded as always. Bet he subscribes to hentai magazines and watches R-rated videos under the radar.

Kagerou: Oh how I love remembering the good 'ol days... Watanuki: Go throw yourself in your own poop.

When a young Ririchiyo came to visit the Shoukiins, Soushi had his first look at the person he wrote to every time, disenchanted of his ideal vision at how she looked and behaved. He couldn’t believe that a girl this young he’s looking at from afar was the same person he wrote his letters to, with her haughty personality to reprimand everyone she meets doesn’t match the way she writes to him. At that moment, Soushi figured out that she and he aren’t that different, with that huge possibility that like Soushi, she’s been asking someone else to help her write the letters. They were just too different, in the circumstances he and Ririchiyo was living in different environments.

Even as a lovable brat Ririchiyo couldn't find herself saying something sincere for once.

Fortunately Kagerou crumbled Soushi’s little theory, telling him that Ririchiyo’s too dense to ask someone else to write letters for her and at that moment, pointed out that the both of them aren’t so different after all (he could have told him that Ririchiyo isn’t lucky either) and her reason of writing letters was to ease her from the frustrating politics she has to bear in her household. And from that point on, Soushi dared to write from the bottom of his heart about various topics, beginning with his up-bring (without giving out that he’s not Kagerou), minus the naughty bits since he doubt Ririchiyo would believe that or was too young to comprehend issues of the adult world. The writing got easier as time flies until the day he tells Ayame that he’s moving out as he’s going to work as a SS in the Ayakashi Mansion, finally attaining the freedom he’s always wanted. He can finally see Ririchiyo eye to eye, without the need to look from afar but to serve her with all his heart…

Soushi: It's like adapting a H-game into an anime or a console game. Remove the naughty bits and woila! Problem solved!

Ririchiyo: Listen to what profound things I'm blabbering while a time-passing montage comes along.

…and thus this is Soushi’s whole life story and his confession in impersonating Kagerou in the letters from the start. In his thoughts, for once he was afraid to face the consequences for lying this whole time. Kagerou spelt it out for Ririchiyo again that the letters were not written by him. To Soushi’s surprise, Ririchiyo knew from the start that Kagerou didn’t write to her, knowing that it was Soushi all along who have wrote letters back to her (remember the first episode? I guess only Ririchiyo knows what Soushi said when they first met). Feeling a little dejected with things going so predictable like a flight without delays, he pushes Ririchiyo into the lift for a little fun, pulls out a piece of paper from his mask and gives her an ‘I’m sorry’ slip. (Kagerou never apologizes out loud! MUAHAHAHA! Okay, once.) He tells Ririchiyo that this is his actual handwriting, which his fiancee criticizing and comparing it to a child’s handwriting. Kagerou finds that he has done his part in mending Ririchiyo and Soushi’s relationship, not before leaving Ririchiyo some words of encouragement and confession of feeling inferior to Soushi when it comes to earning Ririchiyo’s affection. As soon as Ririchiyo returned to the floor she last met Soushi, she finds him embracing her as they come to terms with their feelings for each other…

Look how disgusting my handwriting is. Therefore... S for uncomprehending handwriting and M for abusing my hand to write such a lowly message!

Wait for it...there you go: The Obligatory Love Declaration Hug


I guess this was a serious episode with the OP coming in before the preview and with many of the other, more comedic-oriented characters absent in this week’s episode. After all this is what we all need after weeks of goofing around, understanding where Soushi comes from and hence explaining his personality he currently possess. And like Kagerou said, they aren’t so different after all judging by the similar ways both of them were treated in their respective households and boy, they have it real rough (but at least Ririchiyo was happy to hear her sister call her ‘big sister’, and Soushi…doesn’t). So I’m guess the other main characters have similar experience as well, but with much of the stigma removed and nowhere near the situation happening in Ririchiyo’s and Soushi’s household. I kind of liked it this way without any interruptions, giving us our full attention on Soushi and his relationship with Ririchiyo. (I still don’t fucking understand what the next preview’s about, probably just the characters spending some fluffy moments before the series ends like many slife-of-life shows do sometimes…) But looking back to the first episode, I think we can see things in a different light now watching the first episode again after this one. Too bad I have tons of assignment to do, all in a tight deadline when Monday comes.

My one true love...IS SOUSHI!

Anyways, I’m glad that the series’ wrapping up next week, as I won’t be available in the upcoming weeks to prepare for my finals. It certainly is a joy writing as much as I could about InuBoku (with some interruptions on the way) and hopefully I can pick up and blog a series that more people are watching. I’m not surprised InuBoku doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I’ve heard that the manga has made a sharp turn in later chapters, with things moving towards an interesting spin. I know there’s an unaired thirteenth episode coming with the 7th (and final) volume that includes one anime-only character and an Ensemble Darkhorse from the manga (a scenario the mangaka wrote for the unaired episode), but it depends on my schedule if I’m going to cover that or not. Can anyone tell me if InuBoku is doing well with DVD/Blu-Ray sales; I checked it on my reliable source but it hasn’t shown any results yet on how well the show’s been doing. I appreciate it if anyone can tell me in the comments. :)

Here. The only pair of Ririchiyo's sexy legs found in this episode. Not even a Soushi-centric episode is spared!

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  1. kaon
    Posted March 24, 2012 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    me encanto¡¡

  2. D-LaN
    Posted March 24, 2012 at 8:17 pm | Permalink

    Now the “stalker Soushi” ED is a lot creepier…… (Duuude!!! he stalked Ririchiyo since her childhood!!!!)

    • Azula
      Posted March 25, 2012 at 9:39 am | Permalink

      Yep you should see his room . The wall is full of HER PICTURES!!! Though i think its cute really he is such a faithful dog >_<

  3. Azula
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    I love this anime although its a pity that not many know about this or don’t like it so well. Personally i think that characters are very funny and cute with some fluffy cute and sometimes hentai moments in it . I remember first reading the manga and was sooo excited when i learned it would be an anime :D

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