Amagami SS+ episode 12 – The Proposal

The last arc (but not episode) of Amagami SS+ concludes the second Haruka arc with the story of how Junichi and Haruka came to be married. Overall the story wasn’t bad, just a bit short like all the two-episode arcs have been. But I think, in this final arc, that I’ve finally lost all patience with just how DUMB Junichi has become in SS+. The story itself worked pretty well for the characters, but I almost ragequit in between when Junichi kept freaking out about the possibility of being intimate with his girlfriend. But I will try contain my hate and focus on the overall story.

Well played, Haruka.

The episode starts off on what I thought was a flash-forward to that final scene from the first season’s arc. Junichi was even wearing the same coat and everything, though I was quickly disappointed when they revealed that they were just roleplaying another married life scene. I’d really rather see what they were like years later, with some sort of recollection or flashback to the proposal scene. As it was, Haruka had come over for the night as Junichi’s parents were out of town and Miya was also gone, holding some sort of yuri spa retreat with Sae and Ai. This would be where the Junichi hate comes in, because he spent so much of this part of the episode freaking out about stuff. His reaction to Haruka saying that she was staying overnight was to literally fall all over himself and start sputtering words. I know Junichi isn’t the greatest protagonist-kun or anything, but damn man, I don’t recall him being this bad in season 1. The writing is really lacking through almost all of SS+, with Rihoko’s arc being the only one I’d rate better than ‘just ok.’ I imagine the writing staff sessions went something like this:


Producer: So, we’re going to have a second season that tells the story of what the characters did after they got together as couples.
Writer 1: Oh, that’s, um…

The set up for the second half of the episode leads to better things though. Haruka tells Junichi that night that she’s going to England after graduation, but not much in the way of explanation is given until Junichi calls the Morishima residence. Jessica answers and tells him that her job is to bring Haruka back with her, but that she’s rooting for them to get together. So basically, she’s using this threat, which I’m not sure is even credible, to force Junichi to propose to Haruka and thus carry on the family tradition. Hmm, not exactly a nice thing to do, meddling around in someone’s relationship to the point of putting pressure on them to marry at  a young age, but I guess you have to admire her deviousness.


Junichi, in the aforementioned freakout.

But at least Haruka is acting normal and fairly mature.

Meanwhile at yuri spa land…

Ok, if you’re going to have Junichi act all lame about it, couldn’t you at least have had him go peek just so we could see what the reaction would be? It also rubbed me the wrong way that they brought up the serious, well-written drama from season 1 with flashbacks, but failed to continue that kind of decent writing in this episode.

The final scene was the one part of things that I did enjoy. As over-the-top dramatic/cheesy as it was, it seemed to fit the characters and reminded me of season 1 Junichi rather that struck-in-the-head-with-a-mallet season 2 Junichi. He delivered a good speech to the outgoing seniors before switching into a proposal to Haruka. Seeing everyone’s reactions was fun, especially Tsukasa’s. Junichi declares his love and proposes to Haruka, who runs up to the stage to embrace and kiss him, and accepts. Tsukasa apparently didn’t do any lasting harm to Junichi, as time skips forward and we see him with Haruka at their wedding ceremony. Umehara and Hibiki flew all the way to England to join them there. I’d say that I hope Hibiki caught the bouquet, but really, I think Umehara needs it most. Still hoping that one day, there will be an Umehara sidestory series with Hibiki, Keiko, Kanae, and Takahashi-sensei arcs.

Junichi remembers love, though sadly his proposal did not come anywhere close to Max’s.

As we well know, declarations of love create their own mass effect fields.

This is why they left for England. Japan is no longer safe for Junichi.

Aww, don’t fret, Maya, I still love you.

Oh you…

And they lived happily ever after.

Final Thoughts: - Junichi really got to me during the first half of the episode. Even if he was nervous before, damn, they’ve been dating for how long? Instead of becoming more comfortable with her, he seems to have become less so. I mean, we can presume that the writers would all know something about how relationship work, right? It really saps my will to blog this when Junichi acts like that.

- Next week is some sort of bonus episode, that looks to be very fanservicey. But according to the preview, Miya says that Junichi isn’t even in it, so that’s a plus.

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  1. SQA
    Posted March 25, 2012 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    I don’t watch this show, but the commentary is always fun. I believe Junichi is a stand in for the normal Japanese male. Which is a sad concept.

    Apparently next week is a hot springs episode with all of the girls, per what others were saying. That’ll sell some BluRays.

    • Posted March 26, 2012 at 5:09 pm | Permalink

      Japan is doomed if Junichi is the typical teenage male, heh.

      Yeah, next time is just fanservice it seems. But I’ve come this far, I guess I’ll blog that one too…

  2. heru_san
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 9:37 am | Permalink

    Seriously… dat teacher should have her own arc :p

    • Posted March 26, 2012 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

      Even just an OVA episode about her would be nice! Though what I really want is that fantasy Umehara-focused series I thought up, with a Takahashi-sensei arc.

  3. Kuroneko
    Posted March 27, 2012 at 2:44 am | Permalink

    I agree with the Mass Effect thing, I mean she jumps too high :D

    • Posted March 27, 2012 at 7:43 pm | Permalink

      There’s dramatic leaps, and then there’s this 10 meters off the ground jump, heh.

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