Chihayafuru – 24: Of Clan Mashima and Shallowness

Just about the only thing Chihaya likes about Taichi.

Well one more to go and Taichi is in desperation mode. I knew it was only a matter of time before he would try and lure Chihaya to his bedroom so that he could try something. However if Zeus wanted him to be with Chihaya he would have miracled it by now. Instead it seems that Taichi has not only offended Zeus, disgusted Andy, put Patrick in despair, and chased away Noe; he even offended the Devil, Robot Devil, and Hades, who all sent his mother on a mission to disrupt any rapist designs that Taichi had that day. Yes Taichi’s mom is a vile person just like her son, but for all the hatred she has unjustly heaped upon Chihaya it has done some minor good in that Taichi will never realize his love through forcing himself on Chihaya. The forces of evil may have sent Madame Mashima, but Zeus also sent in the cavalry in Desk-kun, Porky, and Kana-chan. The first two needed some rocket punches to move along but Zeus is not so foolish as to trust a vile woman with Chihaya’s safety.

Try as Taichi might, fate is against him as even supposing he ever managed to confess or worse, channel his inner Zeke any relationship with Chihaya is doomed to fail. First Chihaya is hardly interested in his comings and goings. Furthermore, Taichi’s mom will always be in the way. When time comes for Taichi to go to college I am sure Mrs. Mashima will pack her son off to some foreign university that she will bribe her son into. Let’s be honest Mrs. Mashima is embarrassed by her son, his friends are not to her liking, Chihaya is her personal enemy, and Taichi isn’t excelling at the things she wants. The usual solution is to pack off the embarrassing child off to a foreign university and given her desire to look good I am sure that Taichi will be sent off to Cambridge or Oxford. Heaven help Taichi if he were sent to America for in America we would likely destroy him through our collective lack of empathy and rugged individualism. It is probably good then that Taichi is slowly starting to surrender and accept his fate of being forever alone for the weight of his sins have slowly begun to crush him. As much as Taichi thinks that all is fair in love in war, not all is right and the will of Heaven has a way of asserting itself to make things right eventually.

Chihaya is sitting this one out but it seems clear that Shinobu and Yumin were able to teach her a thing or two. Poor Yumin ended up on the losing end but it was almost inevitable. Yumin’s fear gave away to a false sense of security, but even if Shinobu has been eating ice cream bars by the crate, it was arrogant of Yumin to think that Shinobu’s skills had also diminished. Let’s be honest here karuta doesn’t burn the most calories of any sport and while Shinobu got bigger she did not get stupider. Shinobu did have amazing presence of mind in that she was never afraid of losing or worrying too much about Yumin’s lead. I think much of it has to do with being very comfortable with her skills and some of it has to do with her lack of consideration for anything other than karuta and snowmaru. Shinobu seemed totally unaware of her newly acquired additional weight, and even if Chihaya and Kana-chan were appalled to see Shinobu in such an unhealthy state, it just goes to show how Shinobu cannot care anymore less about appearances and public opinion.

Yumin seems to have rediscovered her fire for the game and while she lost once again, she seems to have also rediscovered her heart. It doesn’t matter if Shinobu beats her this year, next year is a whole different year and Yumin is going to play with the goal of reclaiming her throne. Shinobu on the other hand seems to have few equals though Suo seems to draw her ire. Perhaps the Master and the Queen have faced off before, in which case I would like to know who has walked away the winner more often than not. Shinobu was once again able to take a bit of the spotlight this week as some of the episode was dedicated to her past. Not only was Shinobu simply adorable, but she was a precocious child who was never fully nurtured by her mother.

Like Chihaya, Shinobu seems to have had some irritating boys play stupid jokes on her, but where Chihaya beat up vile boys like Taichi on a daily basis Shinobu never paid them any mind and enjoyed the favor of the cards. The only thing outside of Snowmaru and karuta that Shinobu cares about is her family which isn’t entirely functional. Her mother seems to have serious self-esteem issues and desperately wants Shinobu to excel at something to justify moving in back with grandma. Grandma on the other hand seems to be strict and cold. I am unsure about whether or not granny is fair, but at least she was willing to take in Shinobu and her mother. As much as I would like to pound on Shinobu’s mother I can’t imagine how hard it was to get a divorce in Japan which isn’t nearly as generous to divorced mothers as the West is. Still given the rather lopsided divorce laws that were standard in Japan I am glad that Shinobu’s mother won custody. Hopefully Shinobu’s mom will get it together and be her own hero and not need to be some lackey wife of some belligerent dude.

While her family was far from harmonious at least there was some silver lining in that Shinobu did end up functional if a little quirky. It could have been much worse given that potentially hostile environment, better that her mother agonize over Shinobu than her mother go through more relationship wrecks. Purity of intent might not be there but at least Shinobu found her own niche and isn’t letting family strife get to her. Even if granny is not the most expressive person in the world I give Shinobu credit for wanting to make her mother and grandmother proud.

I must say though that while Taichi is still a vile failure of a schemer, Pork-bun really made an ass of himself this episode. Yes Suo is great but so are Shinobu and Yumin. Suo is not the be all end all of karuta and if he had been paying attention he would have watched the last match. All this talk about the three of them being “men” made me laugh. Not one of them has earned honor on the field of karuta, last time I checked Sudo wasn’t apt on bragging. Furthermore, Sudo was the one roasting Porky, and the only one from their club to defeat him was Chihaya who is a woman. Also I distinctly recall the Mizusawa boys cowering in fear when Sudo was around and when Arata cast a shadow from Fukui.

Next week seems to be more about Suo who may be even better than Shinobu or at the very least faster. Hopefully Suo is better at giving a demonstration than he is at his studies. It is going to be something to see the Academically Lazy Three Time Master of Karuta do his thing. If Taichi is smart he will be watching the game instead of ogling Chihaya.

Hana’s thoughts: on Dem Faces…

…Seriously, it felt like these, both in terms of (exaggerated) design as well as impact, went up a notch in this episode. In a show that displays such detail and subtlety as well as sheer glee when it comes to conveying facial expressions and reactions, it was just such a hoot seeing Taichi’s mum ready to burn Chihaya alive simply by the flames of her furious disapproval, and in turn seeing poor Chihaya so terrified of the woman, in those opening scenes. In contrast, Taichi and Chihaya’s blushes regarding going up to his room to watch the Karuta final were just so shoujo, that I nearly died. Or, rather, KYAAed. In contrast, most of the other characters’ faces in this episode were more contained, either while watching or playing the central Karuta match between Yumi and Shinobu. And speaking of Ms. Who-Ate-All-the-Ices Queen Shinobu, hers was certainly a lot rounder than I – and I’m sure everyone else – was anticipating. Definitely not what I was expecting when I imagined seeing her again. Thankfully, Shinobu’s increased girth didn’t affect her ability to win the match, which would have been such a cop-out, if she’d lost and that had been the reason for the loss. Instead, Shinobu continues to grow (no pun intended) and Yumi continues to lose. Though I’ll admit that my heart did go out to the latter, a feeling that was no doubt aided by Nishida’s ‘…but she worked so hard!’-type comments. Finally, we of course met THE MASTER in this episode. Yes, I’d almost fogotten that we had yet to meet him and, even though we don’t know much about him yet, the brief glimpse we got was certainly interesting. It has been observed that Arata and Shinobu have similar facial features and colouring, so I thought that it was interesting that THE MASTER looked so much like these two, and also like Chihaya and Taichi (I’m thinking the shape of his eyes and mouth and also the colour of his eyes and hair). Aside from the fact that I like spotting such visual patterns, I guess it’s also satisfying to see how even the character design can be like a palimpsest in the way that Chihaya would like to be as a player; by learning from and taking on the best qualities of all of the top players that she knows. Clearly, Chihaya has already been booted out of this tourney already and there’s only one episode to go, but I also enjoy her little learning curves and epiphanies. Thus, like the rest of you no doubt, I can’t wait to see how the men’s final match will unfold and what our heroine and the rest of the Scooby gang will learn from it.

But not long enough...RUN.

Some how I just don't see you thanking any one for anything...

It was easy he hardly feels at home with you.

Lecherous Taichi wants to lure Chihaya to his bed...I knew he had it in him.

This one hell of a family Taichi is liable to force himself upon you and his mom is liable to kill you and eat your heart...

Yep even Taichi's mom thinks Taichi is a potential rapist.


And yet he calls you fat, clearly Taichi has no sense of scale.

And you always look ugly yet they do not complain about it...

Not what I expected, but I hope that her conditioning hasn't suffered too horribly.

Don't fret Shinobu wasn't replaced by a fraud.

Kana-chan is simply appalled from an aesthetic point of view.


Shinobu loved Snowmaru more than her waist line.

Well Shinobu does have a knack for making the impossible possible.

Do not make her any enemy Taichi, Yumin might call for immediate repayment of all your mother's loans.

I guess Yumin thought that this was going to be a walk in the park...

Funny how that was the old seat of Japanese Imperial power.

That is some stalker camera they got.

No but Chihaya is, and she matters more.

Bravo for leaving, but seems your home coming is not really wanted.

Shinobu never liked marching to any beat but her own.

I told you to give Shinobu water based paint and a canvas.

You weren't looking hard enough.

She even plays Magic: the Gathering...

Karuta had Shinobu at hello.

Why don't YOU get a job?

Look out Taichi Nishida is making a move...

Yumin wanted to make it a marathon.

it's like she lost a friend.

Can and will are two different things sir...

Next time try donating some to the less fortunate gluttony is still a sin.

One thing that will never change are her piercing eyes...

It seems that like Chihaya, Shinobu had her own share of boy troubles.

Someday we can add Chihaya to that list of things you love.

Chihaya also loves you.

Or was she?

Chihaya wants to be entangled by those red strings of fate.

Yumin should have kept that fat comment to herself...

Between Shinobu and Chihaya.

Sadly Chihaya played favorites with her friends.

A pure heart causes shoujo sparkles.

Yeah Chihaya was crying because she is happy that Shinobu has not lost a step.

Don't you ever call her fat again.

Remember just because some one is wider than you doesn't mean that they are lazy.

Suo likes to announce his presence by pelting people with cards.

Well back to the game.

Yumin still did better than you...after all Sudo beat you by an even wider margin.

I think Snowmaru should just sponsor Shinobu.

It mattered but Shinobu is just that good, did you honestly think that she got fat and lazy?

Apparently they all need to work on their spying.

True Tears.


To be fair most of her memory is dedicated to Snowmaru item deadlines and karuta.

Yes better to love karuta than to love Taichi.

I accept this cowardly surrender.

Hold on there Porky, last I heard Chihaya was kicking your ass. I guess Porky here thinks he can take on the Queen and Yumin.

Funny I see three boys in the room but no men, I also see two Women of DESTINY though.

Hey not Chihaya's fault you overslept for the first match.

Wow their club has that many people, eh?

Taichi will never be Arata's equal but Suo is going to be a formidable challenge.

This must be true for Shinobu cannot tell a lie.

A Dynasty...

Hey maybe Taichi can ask if this guy can make him stronger and faster.

Well Suo seems like a lifer.

This an ACE.

Just 28?

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  1. Jay
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    Crusader, I know you hate Taichi, but you’ve suggested he’s a would-be rapist at least four times in this review, and that’s going seriously over the top. He’s never shown signs of that.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

      At the end of the day what a boy can do is what a boy will do, but believe what you want. I am sure Taichi is going through a different puberty than everyone else.

  2. ectholion
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Great review to a great episode Hana! Those blushes were quite sweet. Also Taichi mom was just fantastic this episode, the glare and the “keep your hands off my son” type aura was priceless. I wonder though why she hates Chihaya so much. I hope they dont try to put some type of original ending to this show and just leave it open ended, where the story is right now is no place to force an end.

    • Posted March 26, 2012 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

      I’m guessing that Mama Taichi hates Chihaya because she knows that Taichi likes her and yet she’s one of the few girls who not only doesn’t fawn all over him, but is better than him at something, and encourages him to ‘waste time’ on something he likes, rather than something he will excel at. Thus, it’s probably very frustrating (unjustifiably so for us, but guess it makes sense to her) for said Mama to watch her son pine for someone she considers to be so beneath him. I loved her as a character too, though; probably a tad over the top, and yet I can imagine so many mothers just like that, haha! Thanks, mate!

      • ectholion
        Posted March 26, 2012 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

        very good point, i thought that may be the case as well, but i wasnt sure if something happened in an earlier episode that i missed which was the cause for her dislike or not.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 26, 2012 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

      I see so you are in the pay of Mashima, we all know why Taichi’s mom hates Chihaya. No need to feign ignorance it is as Hana says Mrs. Mashima practices economic discrimination and having seen Chihaya be superior to her lout of a son is anathema to her. Was it really that difficult to see that Mrs. Mashima thinks that Chihaya and her friends are beneath her? Still nice try at feigning ignorance…

  3. ectholion
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 11:13 am | Permalink

    Crusader, one Taichi has never shown any type of behavior to which you are suggesting. two taichi is and always has been the top of his class im sure he will go to a top university, for which he has earned for his hard work. Three Taichi not in any sort of desperation mode over Chihaya, he only invited her and all his friends up to his room so she wouldn’t feel so pressured under the gaze of his mother, which you already know. Also his decision not to cave to Chihaya ever whim is a good decision for him he is not dating her and seems not to have any intention, mostly because he thinks that Arata and Chihaya are in a world of their own which he cant reach. As far as his sin’s how long are you gonna hate the poor guy for stuff he did when he was in elementary school? He clearly has grown up, in fact i would say out of all the characters in the show he has grown the most, granted from where he began he need to do the most growing out of all the characters.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 26, 2012 at 3:16 pm | Permalink

      You know how like when the family of a murderer gets interviewed that they all say the person in question COULD NEVER do such a thing. Well I am here to tell you the hard truth about why there is evil in the world and how humans can tear each other to pieces for tennis shoes. You ready? It’s because they can.

      Another thing Chihaya was not invited she invited herself and staged an occupy protest to get the karuta match in HD. Sorry buddy but your St. Taichi didn’t invite his friends over, they they invited themselves. Yes Taichi isn’t dating Chihaya but hell he has EVERY RIGHT to tell her who to date.

      You know the funny thing about sin, it requires penance. Last I checked Taichi has never so much as apologized for the crap he did as a kid, he never apologized to Ms. Ex-Girlfriend for essentially cheating on her, he never apologized to Chihaya for being less than helpful when forming her karuta club… Of course Taichi can always do a time warp and buy an indulgence. I however do not consider the purchase of an indulgence to absolve one of sin, believe what you want. There is no statue of limitations on sin, for there the Original Sin has set this precedent.

      Yes, Taichi is taller but that whole inability to break up honestly, jealously telling Chihaya who she can date, and inability to confess really don’t make me see Taichi as a Man. Good of you to confess what I have said all along that Taichi has the most growing up to do, however I will not give him a trophy for merely being half way decent. I will not crown him a Man’s Man as you would.

      Please understand that according to data regarding rape the victim us more often attacked by a person he/she knows than some random stranger. Again what a person can do is what a person will do, but believe what you want.

      • ectholion
        Posted March 26, 2012 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

        Though yes in most cases rape victims are attacked by people they know applying that logic, desk kun, pork kun, kana chan, taichi mom, taichi, arata, harata sensei, sudo, and everyone else in the show are potential rapists…. this logic is a sad and very negative way to look at this show. Also it is believed that the majority of rapes that go on remain unreported so that begs the question as how accurate that statistic actually is. Also this show isnt gonna have anything like that in it suggesting it is kinda silly. now if you would like to see something more along those lines i suggest you read Eden no Hana its by the same manga artist.

        As far as the unnamed guy last week who has had his eyes on Chihaya, who you bring up really their was no sense in her dating him, Kana chan was also voiced her opinion of on that so Taichi actions in that regard were a friend taking care of another friend, yes you can argue his action was extreme by blocking the guys number. And friends should be invested to a degree on who their friends date, to protect friends from seeing people who are potentially dangerous.

        As far as inviting everyone over to his house i would think why he didnt invite anyone over is one because he had planned to go to Harata sensei, also since his mother and Chihaya dont get along i would think that would be sufficient reason as to why he would not invite them over.

        As far as the cheating thing what is your definition of cheating, cause as far as ive seen Taichi hasn’t been sleeping with or hooking up with anyone in this show now if something happened that i missed please inform me.

        Kids being kids is not such a serious crime in my opinion, what would be the point of an apology after all this time? I doubt that Chihaya or Taichi even remember it any more. If a five year hits another five year l you tell him or her what they did was wrong and that they should not do that again you tell him to apologize and maybe put him in time out for something like five minutes. Its not earth shattering event, they are both clearly over it. As for the Kurata club thing Taichi was against it Chihaya proved to him her resolve and made him rediscover his love for the game. Just like what she did for arata who if you remember kicked the cards she had set up in front of her. which i should also add he didn’t apologize for. As a result though he is now helping her with the club, so though he may not have given the lipservice you are looking for his actions show for themselves. Then again im not a fan of apologies, i think actions speak much louder then words which is a bias.

        Also Chihaya does not seem to want an apology so i dont see why that is even an issue at this point. As for the Break up thing, they didn’t seem serious to begin with, i mean the she confessed to me and so i agreed thing was quite silly. Since the show didn’t really show any bit of their relationship i cant judge it.

        Yes in the real world some people do things simply because they can, There are also people who will do horrible things not because they can, but because they enjoy seeing the pain they cause. These people though are the more negative minority society, and so one should always be careful. But at the same time you cannot live your life believing that everyone is out to get you, as you so elegantly said last post a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

        • Crusader
          Posted March 26, 2012 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

          Yes question the statistics and make grand assumptions about data you do not have…The figures are what they are. Thing is though Taichi created the opportunity for something to go awry, no one else has.

          Just be cause a murderer fails in killing his target does not mean we simple let him off the hook. Taichi had the intent to cheat, whether or not he succeeded in bedding Chihaya is irrelevant. Taichi sought out the company of another while in a relationship. Good luck justifying flirtations with others to your significant other. For me cheating is the act of dishonestly seeking the company of another while in an established relationship.

          Taichi’s actions do speak for themselves, he sabotaged Chihaya early on, he snatched her phone and dictated who she could date, he usurped the leadership position of her club, he actively did all he could to try and prevent Arata and Chihaya from re-connecting. Kids can be cruel without knowing it, such behavior needs to be rectified with more than a simple time out. This soft parenting is precisely why kids go wild. Back in the old days teachers could smack children for misbehaving, parents were free to discipline kids as they saw fit. Do not speak to me of how enlightened we are now considering how dysfunctional kids can be these days.

          As for not caring about Taichi’s ex that is your prerogative and it just goes to show how some matter more than others hence why you elevate Taichi to a pedestal.

          I tell you it is easy to be a saint when things are good, Taichi has it good and falls well short of saint. If you have ever bothered to look at how the poor live, how they really get by in the ghetto you would see how vicious people can be. You would like to think that such people are in the minority but when society breaks down people will eat each other. We are only decent people because we have fewer wants and have better ways than violence to get what we need. Were you pleasant majority really a majority you would never have a riot, you probably would not even have war. Strangers are friends you have yet to meet however I never said anything about not exercising discretion, Taichi hiding Chihaya from the world though is not a solution. As for protecting a friend, you are allowed to only do so much, were it up to you I am sure you would find sufficient reason to allow Taichi unfettered access to Chihaya’s communications and for him to filter out the undesirables.

          Friends are allowed to give their opinions not take over another person’s life. The guy mustered up enough courage to confess in a public place, by my reckoning that is a reasonably safe environment littered with witnesses. You act as if he had cornered Chihaya and was dragging her off to a love hotel.

          Taichi may have grown up, but fundamentally he will always be that sorry little boy who will act out when things do not go his way. He will always be willing to give up. People can change but few if any can change the fundamental core of their being. I have borne witness to enough failed relationships to know that a woman can never fully change a man and vice versa. Taichi is what he is.

          Diminish apologies if you must, for me they are but the first step in sincerity. It may be very Japanese to never apologize and deny all past wrongs, but I am not Japanese. I will not forget Taichi’s transgressions, forgiveness may come, but the memory will endure. For me Taichi has done little to dispel the image of being that scum sucking loser who kept on getting beat down by Chihaya. Every time I think he makes a bit of progress he recants. It’s always two steps forward and three steps back. At the end of the day Taichi still fears Arata’s shadow, he cannot confess, he still accepts his mother’s hatred of Chihaya. Tell me what has changed? He may be more assertive now but hes is still not assertive enough. I will not give him any credit from going from kid I’d choke slam, to passive aggressive super jealous would be boyfriend. You may not see it but I do.

          Tell me again how this new and improved Taichi is going to sweep Chihaya off her feet and damn her to an unhappy marriage (or more likely a mistress) that having Mrs. Mashima as mother in-law. Tell me again how Taichi is going to become a Master and challenge the likes of Arata, Shinobu, Suo, and Sudo. The only thing I will give you is that Taichi at least has the good sense to curb his cheating, though he was still unfaithful to his ex-girlfriend. You say it was an innocent flirtation, for Taichi it mattered little for that girl it probably meant a lot more. Hell, she cared enough to call while spending a year waiting and wondering what was going on. She kept lying to herself for a year and then some that they were still some how together until she could no longer take it. You may have never had the misfortune of seeing or experiencing romantic disappointment, that does not make it any less painful or trying.

          • ectholion
            Posted March 26, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

            im not saying he’s a saint, but you demonizing him leaves me no choice but to defend his character, talking about him being a rapist is just silly. With how much the magna artist seems to love Taichi do you think she would write him to be a rapist??? i mean look how much of the story she has focused on him.

            And i dont see how Taichi is hiding her from the world, he doesnt spend all his time following her around. She lives her own life and does her own thing. Kana was the person who told her to turn the guy down… not Taichi, at that point she was thinking of a way of turning that guy down, which is when Taichi intervened. you may argue his action was extreme and he should not have blocked the guys number, that’s fine but you must also realize Chihaya is not some mousy person who is unable to speak for herself if she didnt want Taichi to do that she would have spoken up surely. He simply made it easier for her to turn the guy down and resolve the situation. She was happy with the outcome.

            Flirting is not a big deal in my opinion, now obviously you would never flirt with someone else with a signficant other present, thats just rude, but flirting is mostly harmless. Flirting can also be useful like say your renewing you registration at the tax collectors a little bit of flirting makes both your and the person at the counter have a better day and can get you out of there quicker. To that note one has to trust the person they are with. now we can speculate over what Taichi would have or could have done but in the end he didnt cheat so i dont see a problem.

            Also i dont think that he cannot confess, i think its more of he wont confess because he feel that arata and chihaya have a stronger bond. confessing would only mess with his relationship with her. since as we both agree she seems to have eyes for Arata. Rather then try and force a relationship with her he is trying to improve himself. in Kurata and as a person. and he’s not a scum sucking loser his character is human, yea he has made childish mistakes but all of him is not bad. Also the members of the club wanted Taichi to be president he didnt ask for the position.

            “Hell, she cared enough to call while spending a year waiting and wondering what was going on. She kept lying to herself for a year and then some that they were still some how together until she could no longer take it.” ….i dont know where you got this but it seems you must be talking about someone other then Taichi and miss ex because the show didnt any of that. In fact we dont know anything about their relationship nor why they broke up, which is why im not passing judgement for that.

            Also im not shipping TaichiXChihaya, plus they are in high school its way to soon to even consider marriage in their future. With Chihaya grades i dont see her going to a very good school unless she gets a Kurata scholarship, Taichi on the other hand has very good grades so i think their futures will part them in a few years anyways. I do though think that the two will end up since one they are the main main characters also the magna artist seems to favor the Taichi looking character in all her works. i will say though i would love to see a ShinobuXArata couple they would look good together. Im hoping the manga will deliver this, since their is too much care in Shinobu character design for her to simply always be a side character.

            “You may have never had the misfortune of seeing or experiencing romantic disappointment, that does not make it any less painful or trying.” Everyone experiences a bit of that, if someone has not they they most likely haven’t ever been in love or even dated.

        • ectholion
          Posted March 26, 2012 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

          Also being a chem major i doubt any statistic which does not come from a lab. The data im used to working with comes from IR, NMR, HPLC, GC, UV, and MS machines. In dealing with statistics on things like rape, since the information is gathered from people and people are prone to lie, i consider the statistic to be at best a very liberal estimate at best. because I mean one is this a statistic of women who take the morning after pill, are men in prision included, what definition of rape used to qualify the people considered for the study, does this include homeless people, is this study made up of only cases of rape that went to trial and had a guilty conviction. Plus how does this statistic compensate for the people who do not report? I do think rape is a serious problem in the world today but i dont think their is an acceptable method to gather statistics on it.

          • Crusader
            Posted March 26, 2012 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

            It’s an imperfect way to gather data there are privacy issues to consider, were that every state had the power to force it’s citizenry to report on such matters. Still your aspirations for hard scientific data are but a pipe dream even your machines are fallible and are not 100% accurate. Do not think I have no knowledge of what you are getting at I spent enough time to know that errors occur in labs and how data can be doctored. Dealing with people you have to assume that those who report are being honest and that most of verdicts delivered have been just. Unless of course you want me to believe the courts are rife with injustice and that people are lining up to report rape and all the stigma that it brings.

            All I know is that DoD has elected to act on the data available to create awareness. I conform to that sentiment. As for homeless people gathering accurate statistics on them is difficult at best, besides I’d imagine that they have more pressing concerns than to make police reports. If scientific data is all you have faith in then I suggest you treat everyone with suspicion for there in no fool proof way to tell if a person is lying with a glance.

            If you want to flirt that is fine, but just flirting doesn’t not imply intent to get intimate as Taichi clearly wants to do. You are free to ignore the ex, and nothing I will say will ever change your mind as you have no desire to find out what really happened during Taichi’s last dalliance. It is an inconvenient truth to your rosy assessment of Taichi, a blemish that you will never admit to and will do your utmost to ignore. Do not pretend otherwise, you simply do not care. I know that if it were truly nothing to her then she would not have bothered to call. That she called so late into the situation indicates that she needed clarification and closure. I don’t know about you but if I didn’t care I wouldn’t have bother to call a text message would have sufficed. However I am old I value things like face to face verbal communication.

            Chihaya isn’t mousy but she had no way to respond, and if ever should we meet let me know if it is perfectly alright for me to snatch your cell phone and block whomever I so choose and delete whatever I find dangerous. Moreover her grades are her own, I’d rather she be happy and functional than overly concerned with grades which have no value in the real world.

            I trust teenage boys as far as I can shoot with the capability of inflicting last injury. Feel free to trust them more if you so choose I know enough about boys Taichi’s age to know that Taichi is not to be trusted when he is in a position to do something.

            Blessed are you chemistry major, may you have better luck than my generation of graduates who had trouble securing that rosy future you speak of. Education simply opens doors at the best of time when times are tough, well at the end of the day it is not what you know it is who you know. I hope that despite our disagreement that you will keep this in mind. As for Chihaya better for her to be content with what she can do than waste her time at university. Higher education is not for everyone, do not think for a moment that a college degree ensures happiness or is a mark of superiority, intellectually or otherwise.

            We will see who ends up with who, but right now Taichi is not worthy to even kiss the ground Chihahya walks on. So why the hell should I kiss his ass as you would have me do? I find his lack of courage appalling. His inability to maintain a healthy relationship indicates that he is not ready for another. His propensity for quitting tells me that at the first sign of trouble he will begin formulating an exit strategy. Were Taichi able to confess and love unconditionally, he cannot, he will not. As such I see no reason to sing praise for a coward who seems destined to die daily.

            Just as you use your chemistry background to ignore data I too wish to invoke my profession as a lowly NCO to declare that I have sworn eternal hostility to those that choose cowardice. I choose to swear open hostility to the idea that a rich kid like Taichi has problems of import or seriousness.

          • ectholion
            Posted March 26, 2012 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

            What i mean is that there are cases excluded due to what is defined as rape, and so things like women rapes man, or woman rapes women, or if their was consentual sex in the past between the two, or if their was no physical injury, or if the victim didnt resist its isnt consider rape in varying states and countries. I feel that with so much excluded its hard to gauge the true size of the problem. and True to its not what you know but who you know. I learned that lesson as well, im trying the know alot and have good contacts plan, I hope it works.

            Also please feel free to hate Taichi i’m no fan of cowards as well, but accusing him of plotting rape, and some of the other stuff is just going over board in my opinion. Now he does have faults that bother I’m annoyed how he continually sinks into depression because of a guy who has probably had like 5 minutes of screen time in the last 20 episodes. I’m no fan of how he mopes after he loses either. But I save my hate for those who deserve it more like Jihad-kun, all gundam piloits from 00, ranka, fam from this new last exile, and nicholas cage.

          • Crusader
            Posted March 27, 2012 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

            DoD statistics include rape within relationships, rape between people of the same gender, etc. Perhaps you civilians simply are narrow minded in your definition, I live with and accept a much more broad definition, rape can happen in marriage, physical violence need not be an indicator, all that is required is a lack of consent from the victim. Essentially no means no and just because the victim cannot give consent does not give the perpetrator license to do as they please. Size of the problem is irrelevant, the trauma is lasting and I aim to prevent it where possible and given the opportunity would prosecute the guilty parties with extreme prejudice.

            Funny how you claim to not approve of cowardice all I hear from your comment is how great Taichi and his mother are. Good to see that you are not so blind as to fail to see how Tiachi oozes fail and cowardice. My standards may be impossibly high but your standards appear to be dismally low.

  4. Dein
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    This might seem like an odd thing to say, but I really liked how Shinbou got chubby. It’s such a simple thing, and yet it serves as fantastic indicator of how a lot of time has passed, and how the characters who are (sadly) mostly devoid of screen time still have a life going on.

    • Posted March 26, 2012 at 2:52 pm | Permalink

      Lol. This reminds me of your last comment on the previous epi, on how the show would do better if it had more slice of life bits, as well as all the sports stuff. Thus, re: the chubbiness in this epi, at least it also highlights how well-rounded (no pun intended) these characters are; how the show can leave them alone for a bit while trusting them to be getting on with their own development ‘independently’ (off-screen), so to speak.

    • Crusader
      Posted March 26, 2012 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

      Otaku are the last people that should be judging standards of beauty given how out of shape most of the fanbase is. Shinobu was able to move on with her life, and it was great that her ice cream binge did not affect her play much.

  5. Mikako
    Posted March 26, 2012 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    Oh-ho, so Mama Taichi doesn’t want some pretty girl with no prestigious job to marry the Mashima money?

    That’s sort of funny considering her own status…

    • Crusader
      Posted March 26, 2012 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

      Mrs. Mashima is quite into hypocrisy.

  6. Posted March 7, 2013 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    I think it’s pretty clear that Suo, at the time of the match, is Shinobu’s superior:

    1. Shinobu struggles during her second Queen match, while Suo is never troubled at any point, despite playing more matches (3 out of 5 versus 2 out of 3, right?).
    2. Suo is so in control of his matches that he idly makes the scores match Shinobu’s scores. This implies he could have scored much better than he did.
    3. Suo has won 4 Master matches to Shinobu’s 2. If we knew only that, we would infer that Suo is better since he has been tested that many more times.
    3.2. Suo’s longevity also means he has that much more experience (in college vs highschool, for example), and it also means that he will be that much more intimidating to any challenger.
    4. the sex segregation means that comparisons are harder, but it looks like there are more men than women in all the depicted societies and clubs. This means that Suo is not just the 4-time winner, but the 4-time winner against the best players that can be drawn from a larger pool.
    5. Shinobu’s personal reactions suggest resentment, oppression, and feelings of insecurity. She talks of his dominating presence, is distracted by him, and in addition to the previous mocking implied by the score matching, he hits her with a precisely-targeted card. IIRC, it was not just that the card hit her (perhaps not terribly impressive a feat) but it hit her before she had started reacting to the same words – so it’s a demonstration that “I am so much faster and better than you that the card I took has had enough time to travel the stage and hit you while you were still trying for the card yourself.” We might also read into her saying after the match that she would visit once she got stronger not just a polite brushoff…
    6. In her match with Chihaya, Shinobu’s advantage over Chihaya (herself an excellent listener already) is as much in hearing as movement. Yet, there is no mention of *Shinobu* having ’28 one-syllable cards’, and this is said only of Suo. This implies that as much as Shinobu surpassed Chihaya, Suo surpasses Shinobu.
    7. Out of universe: Suo being stronger fits in with the usual fighting trope of there’s always a bigger fish. Shinobu is already an introduced known quantity. We would expect Suo, who we really only see at the end, to correspondingly be better.

    Offhand, I can think of no arguments to think that Shinobu is better than Suo.

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