Inu X Boku SS Episode 12 (END): Yes, they do…Ririchiyo goes a little OOC today.

Extra! Extra! Urban legend spotted on the headlines!

I guess this is my last post for the winter season, as I’ll be away for a while before I return. (The recent release of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance has made me go AWOL on other matters for the time being. Yeah, I’m a total sucker when it comes to KH.) Who knew the final episode of InuBoku turned out to be decent, at least wrapping up some loose ends at this point?

Damn convoluted questions from a kid. I have nationals to sit this year, you know. Who cares about reincarnation and stuff like that?

The boy with the bartender suddenly posed a question to Sorinozuka on one fine day, asking about reincarnation and all that crap that will boggle the minds of morons. As reincarnation happens to people with some demon blood in them, they possess memories and even better, the same personalities from their ancestors. To let Sorinozuka understand what he actually mean, the boy used his father as an example; should he die and if his reincarnation would carry any memories or the same personality of the life he had in his previous life, and if he marries a woman that isn’t his wife in his previous life…you know kids. Asking lots of mind-boggling questions even adults can’t answer. Instead, Sorinozuka praised him for thinking so far ahead, as if his question’s a major plot point for the series in future…

Then Zange popped out of nowhere and suggest creating a time capsule, giving the boy some suggestions on what he can do. It’s boring to let only one person to create a time capsule, thus Zange asked others around if they would like to do that. Karuta and Watanuki approved (though that sent Watanuki blushing and he goes shop for stationary). And Karuta wants to be a steamed bun in her next life. Wwwwwhhhhaaaa???

It seems this is Karuta's life philosophy: Eat or be eaten.

It just so happens that Sorinozuka likes to be buried alive...being a paper roll and all.

Reverse Vampire is so screwed all because of her laziness to get things done so sloppily.

Meanwhile outside the mansion building, the bartender’s son, Nobara and Sorinozuka (he’s actually doing all the work, BTW) dug a hole for the time capsule as the latter mentioned that they resemble a family, which made Sorinozuka ended up on the same hole he dug thanks to saying the wrong words (courtesy of Nobara). After receiving a letter from the bodyguard who looked menacing and all in appearance but a scarey cat in disguise, Sorinozuka began asking Ririchiyo to do the same. Ririchiyo agrees in her usual tsunshun way, with him telling her that she’s changed a lot since the time she started living in the mansion. Ririchiyo goes all vulnerable, telling Sorinozuka that she’s trying to be more sensitive and considerate to the people around her. Then she looked for Soushi and asked him if he could make a time capsule with her, not before giving him a box of cake and a letter to compensate the melon she dropped on episode 10. Soushi thanked her for the wonderful present (he did told Ririchiyo about the melon) and asked her if she bought the present all by herself. Being hated treated like a kid, Ririchiyo told Soushi to just eat his food and ask no more. As he found out that his master was not forced to do the time capsule, he asked her to wait as he make preparations to make the best time capsule that they’ll ever have as a couple.

Most triumphant moment: Tsunshun.

Cue montage as a pleasant Ririchiyo recalls what the other characters said to her of her changed personality and she herself reflected how much she has opened up to people and how she would like to improve in her relations with everyone living in the mansion together. As the others have their items ready to put into the time capsule, Kotarou (the bartender’s son) had trouble thinking if anything good to write, his father was now standing in front of him as he posed the same question his son was also thinking. And for once, the bartender does said something intelligent to Kotarou about people living in the next life and looking cool while he’s making his speech. Ririchiyo then knew what Zange was planning…until the maids came, who aren’t happy seeing a hole in the gardens (for one of them, to clarify).

That partially sums up this week's episode.

Subtext, girl. Subtext.

Everyone has their letters ready in the box, until Ririchiyo reminded everyone that Soushi has yet to place his. In a teasing manner, Sorinozuka asked Ririchiyo if she’s in her right mind not to include a box of cakes into the time capsule as she mentioned earlier on in the mansion, and on top of that daringly placing a letter specifically for Soushi together with everyone else’s. At that moment, Ririchiyo lost her composure and shrieked in shock, embarrassed that she has done a stupid move there. Under Sorinozuka’s suggestion, she quickly called Soushi and tells him not to read the letter, but she was too late.

And Ririchiyo freaked out…again.

A rare moment to see Ririchiyo freaked out and lost her composure.

Ririchiyo, this is your dear Soushi. Have you done your homework? What are your college plans? How dare you be a jobless rich kid after graduation? Your breasts aren't large enough...

Ririchiyo hid himself at a nearby playground, still embarrassed by the letter incident. Flashback to the time where Ririchiyo’s still with the others as they tried consoling Ririchiyo (except for Watanuki, who’s just being…him). Thinking of a way to improve the situation, Ririchiyo leaves which brings us to the present with her pondering why she’s being so OOC in this episode. Oh, WHY WHY WHY???

Nay, Soushi prefers older women if he wants to. And yeah, Ririchiyo's still a minor according to Japanese law.

Why so OOC?

She switches her phone on, hoping that she could tell Soushi that she’s safe and everything but the moment the phone was in function Soush’s already on the line, not giving Ririchiyo an iota of a second to plan what she wants to say to him. (Yeah, today’s not a good day for Ririchiyo, acting OOC and all.) Her usual plans didn’t work in her head, Ririchiyo blatantly told Soushi that the letter’s content is only skin-deep, rambling that she was looking for a lifetime bodyguard that can take care of her and once she picked up the phone. Soushi was only asking her whereabouts, but she doesn’t care much to the point of bursting into tears if Soushi isn’t ending the call at that instant. Soushi understands of the social standings that the both of them are at (particularly Soushi’s shady past), but he knew that being able to see Ririchiyo safe by his side was enough for him to make him and her happy. At that moment, both of them knew that they hate themselves for their personalities they have that doesn’t speak truth of themselves, but they are willing to change for the better.

Ririchiyo crawls out of her hiding place, hating herself for hurting the people around her for selfish reasons. She then says to Soushi:

She tells Soushi to love her if he hates himself so much, almost at the verge of tears until Soushi actually did reciprocate the words in return. AWW! (insert warm and fuzzy feeling Japanese emoticon here) Here to disturb their lovely moment, the three kids pointed at them kissing in public. That did not bothered Soushi (but Ririchiyo does), as they continued doing all that lovey-dovey stuff any teen couple would have done.

We move on to a bunch of stuff (that’s actually some fillers from the manga, thank god they breeze through that. Yes, it’s really that pointless), especially Ririchiyo finding all photos of her pasted all over GODDAMN STALKER! Soushi’s room. After the ED, Ririchiyo and Soushi met again, which brings us to a room where all of a sudden Soushi wants to start making love and have a child together with her someday… when she’s ready. Cue the couple on a flower bed as they mark the start of their relationship that will surpass the bounds of time.

Her very own altar. Ririchiyo's perpetually disturbed by this, as if her bodyguard's actually a stalker after all.

It seems that you have found my precious 'collection'. Even if you're the one, now you must come with me to a place where we can have a bit of fun...


For those who aren’t reading the manga (or can’t be bothered), at this point the final episode was taken from chapters 9 and 10, and you might think things will go boring after that now that Ririchiyo and Soushi has declared their love for each other and are willing to move their relationship to their next step. Not to mention any spoilers after this point, but the relationship between Ririchiyo and Soushi (post-declaration) did go somewhere in later chapters. That’s all I can say, but any more, you just have to find it out yourself via spoilerish topics in the forums.

Back to the anime; I’m surprised that the writers aren’t going to leave most of the loose ends behind, in a probability that either InuBoku didn’t turn out to be a success in terms of DVD/Blu-ray sales or giving them some leeway for them to continue should the series receive a second season (which won’t be happening for now. Manga still ongoing). And when I mean most of the loose ends, the reincarnation part didn’t serve an important point in the story up till now and that’s probably the only thing that’s left hanging, unless David Productions decide to do a second season and continue from there. Going sidetrack from this, thank god the bartender’s son actually does go to school, so he doesn’t need to worry to be caught by the authorities for child labour. I would like to point out the pictures of Ririchiyo Soushi has as seen in his EDs, thankfully Ririchiyo isn’t too pleased with that once she found out.

Anyways, I’m actually satisfied at the ending, the preview setting this episode up as if it’s going to be some boring slice-of-life ending seen in other slice-of-life series. The relationship between Ririchiyo and Soushi did go somewhere after all instead of a ‘Will They Or Won’t They’ moments seen in other shounen series adapted into anime format (granted, all those famous shounen series are still ongoing. Any main relationships will only be revealed once the series ends). It’s great character development for the both of them thus far, and that brings me to another point. The writers could have spent a little bit of effort giving the other mains some character development instead of reusing quirks over and over again (Yes, Nobara, Watanuki and Zange, I’m looking at you. As for Kagerou, since he’s absent for the majority, apparently I don’t mind. It’s just me being biased here). I know Ririchiyo and Soushi take most of the spotlight, but it’s more enjoyable to see more hidden depths from the rest (like what they did in the Karuta episode. That was a decent example). Who knows if they turned out to be an Ensemble Darkhorse someday?

If you’re the type who’s actually looking for action here, I’m afraid this particular shounen series doesn’t have much to offer. Yes, InuBoku is a shounen series. Misleading, yeah? That kind of explains the fanservice that appeals to males and some females, if they actually like watching Chino’s (or Nobara’s, if anyone likes older women here) breasts bounce. It gives a more shoujo approach, in particular with the relationship between the two leads and the people around them. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this to a male friend even if the fanservice cater to males as the character development element is more important, with female fantasies and all having a bishie bodyguard that does everything for you. There are some boring episodes that can be skipped (episodes 8 and 9 come to mind) without missing anything important, which IMO can be used for something more useful (see above paragraph). Otherwise it’s quite a journey as you gradually see the changes in Ririchiyo and Soushi from start to finish. That’s all I have to say and really, it’s far from the grasp of reality but it’s a good supernatural/fantasy romance shows to recommend to female friend, provided that they don’t mind the occasional fanservice. This is Reverse Vampire, signing off!

To the end of time. Forever and ever.

Some extra caps and WTF moments:

Perhaps if the bartender's Shizuo, the world will probably explode within less than 10 seconds.

That's the last leg shot. Or perhaps not if the unaired episode has any...

A fine punishment for calling Soushi a 'lolicon' behind his back.

Ririchiyo: Another year more, and it'll be legal. Soushi: I know that. It's too soon to start a family now, with the unstable economy going on in the world...

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  1. Azula
    Posted April 1, 2012 at 4:30 am | Permalink

    Not many people liked this anime but i personally loved it ,the characters were so funny and had lots of cute moments !! I hope someday there will be a second season !

    • risa
      Posted September 7, 2012 at 5:06 pm | Permalink

      I agree it is so awesome they confessed I was like Finally they fucin confessed i was just waiting for it they are so cute together do they have a fanfiction thing

  2. SQA
    Posted April 1, 2012 at 7:30 am | Permalink

    With the pretty impressive first volume sales (and the generally lower production costs on this series), I imagine we’ll see a 2nd series in a year or so. Assuming the Manga gives them enough leeway for a 12 episode run.

    Got to the series really late and I quite enjoyed it. It was pretty close to the Looney Tunes-style of story telling (just throw your characters into a situation and watch what happens), but the characters are all interesting, broken and just damn strange. Which made it a lot of fun.

  3. Posted April 1, 2012 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    I’ve only just come across your blog today and I love it! Your writing is engaging and amusing and now I want to watch this :)

  4. Posted April 1, 2012 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    This was a great way to end this series. I would rather they not bring out a second season if they can’t provide a story with as much closure.

  5. kaon
    Posted April 1, 2012 at 11:38 am | Permalink

    thanks you¡¡

  6. Posted April 1, 2012 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    I think great ending of this series.Thank you

  7. Yumi and Airia
    Posted March 25, 2013 at 6:59 am | Permalink


  8. Emarie
    Posted October 12, 2013 at 7:20 am | Permalink

    * Spoiler Alert *

    Uhh. I think, it’s much better if they will not air the second season because the plot is not that good and thet all died, right? And Soushi didn’ t even remember anything about Ririchiyo. Sad. The last chapter in the manga tells it all. And Ririchiyo gave up on Soushi for her friends. Oh btw, she had an amnesia. Same goes for Soushi.

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