Amagami SS+ episode 13 – Our Savior, Miya

Through Miya, all things are possible.

The series comes to a close with a fanservice episode that ended up not being all that fanservicey, thankfully. While it was set in an onsen spa and there was fanservice, it actually wasn’t too bad for the most part. That said, it wasn’t quite the first Haruka or Tsukasa arcs either. But it did put an interesting spin on things by focusing on Miya. And in the end, she may have saved Junichi more than any other girl possibly could have.

The Miya OP was kinda nice, and it communicated the way that Miya does care for her brother. Even if he doesn’t deserve such pity.

Really, Miya, that’s kinda Nisemonogatari weird.

What the hell is Manaka wearing? Is she fresh off the set of the Guilty Crown OP?

Things mostly follow Miya as she goes through each of the spa’s 36 chambers, though it also cuts to Tsukasa and Kaoru for some scenes and Hibiki, Haruka, and Jessica. There’s some of the standard breast size comparisons, and Miya molesting Sae in the bath, as expected. And the same old Rihoko weight jokes once or twice. It’s a fanservice episode, so it’s not like I expected it to be good. There were some better moments though. Kaoru being able to see through Tsukasa completely was pretty good, and it showed that at least one person wasn’t falling for her perfect student rep act. There was also a decent bit in the foot massage room where Kaoru got really jealous of Rihoko having shared a bath with Junichi back when they were kids. And then a few moments with Takahashi-sensei when Miya found her in the ‘rejuvenating sauna’ that could supposedly make one younger.  A nice bit of confusion later too, when Miya saw a little girl yelling out that “Maya wants milk too” running down the hallway. And while not traditional fanservice, which I’m not much of a fan of anyway, there were some great Hibiki facial expression moments in the show. NOW GIVE ME MY AMAGAMI WITH UMEHARA AS THE MALE PROTAGONIST AND HIBIKI (AND MAYA, KEIKO, AND KANAE) AS THE FEMALE PROTAGONIST! (But for the love of Madoka, hire different writers!)

Whatever, not all of us like the big ones.

I think we have a new ‘yuri goggles’ image!

Even Stalker-chan made an appearance.

DAT FACE. I think it’s the eyes, and the smirk.

Maya, don’t worry about turning 30. You’re lovely just the way you are~

What was probably the best part of the episode came right at the end. After Miya returned home she gave Junichi a gift. The special bath salts from the spa are supposed to promote chastity and purge evil thoughts, and they did a great job on Junichi. He emerged from a bath free of the perverse desires that made him such an unbearable character through most of this season, ready to become a new man and achieve great things! Miya seemed worried about him, but really, he’s much better this way. And Miya delivered the bath salts unto him, driving the ECCHI from his body until he once again walked in the LIGHT. For great was Her compassion that She should deign to gift the salts to him. For the Power, the Glory, and the Sae are Her’s, forever and ever. Nishishi.


Can I get a Hallelujah?

 Final Thoughts: - I understand fanservice and selling BD/DVDs and such, but they could have done so much more with this extra episode. Takahashi-sensei side story? Kanae and Manaka in college? Dr. Hibiki’s clinic? To borrow the phrase from comrade Crusader: come on, man!

- Overall, I was unfortunately pretty disappointed with Amagami SS+. There was a ton of potential here, and I love denouement/afterstory shows, but it all broke down because of bad writing. The Rihoko arc was good, but the rest just ranged from ‘okay’ to ‘ugh’, unfortunately. The Tsukasa arc could have been more, even with just two episodes, but it didn’t feel like the writers put in the effort that they did with her original arc. Ai and Sae’s weren’t bad, but they didn’t really get me excited about them either, though it was nice to see Ai’s written by people not on LSD this time. Kaoru’s became a chore because of how damned stupid Junichi was. And Haruka’s also suffered from lack of development on the male lead’s part.

- That, really, is the foundation of all the problems in Amagami SS+. Junichi. He was never that great of a protagonist, but certain iterations of him in Amagami SS at least grew and had an idea about how to pursue and sustain a relationship. In SS+ it felt like he just degenerated into this idiotic little kid who always got nervous (but simultaneously pervy) every time intimacy was to come up. Virgin/bad with women jokes about people in the anime industry aside, surely the people writing this have some experience with relationships. Why could they not translate that into their writing? Or were they just phoning it in because they knew suckers like me would watch a second season? Fuck, why didn’t I blog Ano Natsu de Matteru instead?! Stupid sense of commitment because I blogged the first season.

Ah, Miya, I can’t stay angry after that. Best to end things on a happy note.


I had reservations about having a fanservice episode, but I kowtow to Miya Miya for reason. Junichi and Ume-chan got packed off to the Imperial Colleges of Magic to become wizards, and we were spared the boob in face, Junichic-face, and nosebleeds. Instead GLORIOUS YURI PREVAILS. Yes this series was kind of dragging with Junichi getting dumber, but Miya Miya saved this series. Tsukasa and Kaoru? HELL YEAH I’ll ship. Hibiki in an OT3 with Jessica and Haruka? OH YES THEY DID. Kanae and Rihoko? LOVE WILL FIND A WAY. Lastly and certainly not least Miya Miya and her BEST END OT3 with Sae and Ai? It was INDISPUTABLE as sunrise. It kind of makes up for how skippable some of the arcs were due to the limitations of Junichi platform which seems to have degraded with passage of time, a shame they let him rot in mothball instead of following through an overhaul. The high point in the Rihoko end we have demanded. (Don’t worry, I released the hostages, largely intact… save the accidental pistol-whip concussion and the ad-hoc dentistry.) Also Maya is still available… Sieg Miya Miya.

Still while Miya Miya saved the series from a mild end, but really Ume-chan and Junichi? I have heard of fellows making swaps. I have never heard of viewing parties… Still I guess they deserve each other, but come on man their bromance should have been edited out.

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  1. SQA
    Posted April 4, 2012 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    Crusader is Happy Happy for Miya Miya. That’s my take from this write up. :)

    • Crusader
      Posted April 4, 2012 at 10:17 pm | Permalink

      Blessed is Miya Miya savoir of mankind, champion of yuri.

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