Aquarion EVOL – 24: The Mayfly Reunion

Yeah so basically if you ship MikonoxKagura you wish for two planetary populations to die for your ship...

So Mikage wins another one and keeps adding to his infamy with yet more ignoble deeds. If there was any question as to whether or not Mikage and Touma deserve/deserved to be forsaken by love, the answer most certainly is and unequivocal, YES. It’s sad that things did work for Touma and Apollonius but seeing the litany of Mikage’s crimes against love, well I for one will shed no tears over his inevitable heartbreak. I do hope that there will be a special round of reincarnation for the vile bastard. Hopefully, it will involve each of his feathers being plucked and used to make dakimakura. Kagura’s stock just plummeted big time with his “let the world burn so I can keep my smelly wench” shit attitude. Worse still I think Mikono totally loved it, too bad for those two have the worst endorsement possible from Mikage and hence I hope the KaguraxMikono ship is not only sunk but BURNED for good measure. Such a selfish love makes Aquarion weep and in the end the gattai was broken up because Solar Aquarion was utterly disgusted that Kagura killed his mother and his father in the same day. We get final confirmation on Izumo and Alicia’s circumstances but their happiness was as fleeting as the mayfly and while Amata has been kicked around for most of his life he finally has a reason to tear Kagura and Mikage to shreds.

Kagura did get his ass beat in the resulting bar fight with Izumo. For all of that vile dog’s threats when push came to shove Kagura needed Mikage to bail him out after Izumo showed some vintage Grade A Old Man Strength. If only Izumo had kicked Kagura’s face in earlier at the first sign of treachery, things might have ended more happily. Instead Kagura becomes an accessory to his mother’s murder and kills his dad with a cheap shot to the back as his father tried to save Alicia. Funny how this has all turned out, Kagura for all of his prattle about pursuing his mother through the gate is the one who ends up killing both of his parents. So much for the value of his love; with love like that who needs hate? I think that with another one of those Kagura will render himself irredeemable and will be reincarnated as a life form lower than Shu Shu, probably as Mikage’s next sunflower in 12,000 years. Should Kagura survive he deserves to be locked up and neutered like the dog he is. It is one thing to be controlled, but quite another to actively tell everyone to die so that he may cuddle and make kissy faces with Mikono.

Mikono I fear will make a string of wrong decisions that will cost the lives of many, this time she just sat around and did nothing. Her affections for Kagura will be her undoing as that poisonous snake Mikage will make her pay dearly for being so naïve and ignorant of the circumstances. There is hope for her and everyone now that Izumo bravely gave his life to break up the vile union of Mikage, Kagura, and Mikono. I just hope that for the sake of everyone that Mikono is not going to gattai with Kagura and Mikage again. Moreover I hope that Amata now burning with vengeance will kill his other half and avenge his mother and father like true son and frustrate if not thwart Mikage’s contemptible ambition. Right now it seems that Mikage is on the precipice of total victory, and no one suspects that Zessica has been sidelined. How much the rest of them will trust Amata when he demands Kagura’s head will be most telling, hopefully Cayenne will have enough faith in his prophecy to see through Mikage’s machinations and his sister’s stupidity.

It is hard to pass judgment on Alicia and Izumo, on the one hand they seemed so happy together and were it not for Izumo’s burden of duty, things would have turned out better for Amata. Instead Izumo never forsook his duty or his home and in the end it seems that the terrible events to follow had the finger prints of Mikage all over them. Mikage snitched on Izumo forcing him to ask Alicia to risk her life, even if Alicia were the True Eve, Mikage most likely ensured that she would slumber in a death-like sleep so that Altair would have little choice but to rely on Mikage. It does give some insight into how Altair responded to the Rare Igura curse. Their response was not initially hostile and their scouting missions were more out of desperation than desire for conquest. Izumo had personally hoped and believed that Alicia was the one and asked her to leave with him. Thus the harvesting efforts only came within the past nine years after their best hope had been denied by Mikage. Izumo basically had a bunch of decisions to make and all the choices were bad. Even if Amata had been taken along with Alicia it may well have sealed Mikage’s victory as he would have Apollonius’ reincarnation in his clutches.

Izumo at least admitted to himself and Amata that he was not much of a father. Perhaps he could have been but given Izumo’s obligations, being a good father was not in the cards. Moreover I give Izumo credit for acknowledging that in the end he did rob Amata of his mother by asking her to give him and his planet a miracle. Izumo chose Altair over his own son, there was no right decision but in the end Izumo chose the selfless one instead of saving himself and his own happiness. Similarly Alicia chose the same thing to save a people she knew next to nothing about. In her mind and Izumo’s if it all worked out they could have saved Altair and then returned to Vega. Mikage intervened and fate was not kind to either of them. Their sense of duty cost them dearly in the end, but still they were motivated by a far nobler purpose than the disgusting selfishness of Mikage and Kagura.

I give Amata credit for forgiving his parents, neither of them wanted to leave him behind if they could, but the risk was just so great that they would not dare taking him through the gate. Alicia feared that if Altair was hostile to foreign life then Amata would share her fate. Izumo was so guilt wracked after having chosen to uphold duty over his own desires that he felt unworthy to be a father. After Alicia went to sleep it was up to Izumo to find a new way to save his people, there was no way for him to show himself before the son he hardly knew to tell him that Alicia was overtaken by a death like sleep, that leaving him behind to save Altair was an abject failure. Moreover to tell Amata that his father was about to drag people from Vega to their deaths would have been a tall order to say the least. It was a fleeting moment of familial understanding, and in a way it was made all the more beautiful because it was so brief. Nevertheless it was heartbreaking to see that Alicia and Izumo could not be the parents they wanted to be because of Mikage’s douche baggery.

I am not sure if the Ianthe was the cause of Altair’s demise because it was in essence a huge geothermal power plant. Moreover life started to return after Solar Aquarion arrived and as far as I can tell the Ianthe was still functioning at reduced capacity. That Solar Aquarion’s departure from Vega caused environmental catastrophe would suggest that for now neither planet would be stable without Solar Aquarion. I still suspect that Mikage will have had more than one hand in Altair’s doom, he is after all a spiteful creature that cannot stand seeing other people happy. Besides I don’t see how Kawamori being the new age hippie that he is, will turn on a green source of energy.

Andy is still set on saving Mix and hopefully he is slowly forcing Mix to remember her old self. Thankfully with Solar Aquarion being broken up there is a window of opportunity for Andy to try and save Mix. It will be a short one though since Mikage isn’t down and out quite yet, hopefully a vengeful Amata will give Andy more time. To have loved and lost is a small victory against that vile bird person. Mikage may have murdered Jin, Alicia, and Izumo but love will never die and ever will love mock him for the next 12,000 years and then 8,000 more! Besides if the Gods did take pity on Pollon then surely they will take pity on all the loves cut tragically short by that evil bird person, except Kagura. Kagura will be punished for his transgressions and his kin slaying.

The hardest part will be getting used to seeing Zessica running about causing trouble, it is Mikage underneath but man is Zessica going to have a mighty guilt trip if she ever gains her freedom. Having Zessica be Mikage’s avatar is going to be the hardest slap in the face that Kawamori has ever dished out. It hurts so much to see Zessica in such a miserable state…

I like Izumo's counterattack power, it's like he is attacking with the power of Taoism.

I approve of all hot-blooded unions.

Now and forever.

Ridiculous? Yes. Awesome? FUCK YEAH.

Andy's declaration of love crosses both time and space.

I hope that you are going to do more than yell fruitlessly at Kagura.


Mikono for the sake of you friend please punch Kagura...

Good question...

May the blessings of St. Patrick preserve him and his love.

Come on...remember back in episode 10...donuts, holes?


Yeah FUCK YOU too Kagura, you smell like ass by the way.

I am losing hope for you Mikono, just please don't save Mikage...

You know I wonder if Alicia didn't age during her stasis.

I hope for a most glorious reunion, and for Mikage's feathers to to be pulled out one by one.

Look at it this way at least you earned a better fate in the next cycle.

Hey those sound like quitting words to me...

Persistent as ever.

Because it worked so well the last time.

You haven't...

Well about that...

I just want to point out that spending time in a death-like sleep in a stasis was not her choice.

How she met your father.

Izumo was looking for Char...

Izumo never did figure out why Skies of Aquaria did so poorly at the box office, but at least it would be a big hit on Altair.


Sadly I don't think you were alone on Vega.

Mikage is not only a douche bag, he's also a snitch.

So I take it that Alicia was the first and the gender change was discovered later...

Now that's love, also I am sure future generations will appreciate the effort and the sentiment.

I also take it that Alicia had free reign to dress Izumo.

You had every right to be afraid for Mikage was there and his powers there are terrible to behold.

Not to mention to save an entire planet.

You were just a kid, just make sure that you kick Mikage in the balls for mom.

I wonder if you have to be in love to remain female on Altair...

Sure beats Kagura's "smelly wench" line.

I guess Kagura is not considered to be a filial son.

Yes, the whole planet hates your guts Mikage.

The feeling is mutual.

I really hope you figure this one out Mikono...



Really fucked up, but it is perfectly Mikage.

This will not end well...

I hope you are happy Kagura...

Man, just when you finally see each other again.

At least Kawmori spared us the gory details...


Don't act dumb you bastard.

Right on que.

In 12,000 years I hope you are forced to play fetch with Touma before Zessica skins you and turns you into a cap.

Your time reckoning will come...

Well at least Izumo put up a good fight before getting on the wrong end of a cheap shot.

So how do you like Kagura now?

At least there is one person who sees the truth.

At least Izumo's parting shot might carry some dire consequences for Kagura and Mikage. Provided of course Mikono is not stupid.

A shame they could not communicate for 9 years.

You had to ask, you couldn't just let your people die. That's not the guy Alicia loved.

No, somehow I think Mikage had something to do with it.

Well at least you met your dad.

They look so cute together.

Yep, Izumo did give meaning to his life even if it was full of hard choices.

Yes, Mikage has not won just yet...

Clearly Kagura can't be that person.

Just as Kagura is a symbol of Mikage's jealousy.

Is it too much to ask that the person Alicia is referring to is Zessica?

The Gods wept with such pity they made them a star.

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    Posted June 12, 2012 at 4:32 am | Permalink

    ONORE THIS ALL yea whole mykage doing yea basco-jerk in way yea now Moral Event Horizon & one step to a COMPLETE (BLEEP) MONSTER!!!

    all for golden machine yea burn in he!! basco-mykage.

    & anyone would so send 2nd coming of basco ta jolokia aka ONORE MYKAGE a one way ticket to HELL!!!

    (yea way only way left is try or knock sense or free any goodness left of kagura to fix all the damages since he is a “reversal” person)

    good luck & yea when it happen “Hello. My name is Amata Sora. You killed my family. Prepare to die.” & Best Served Cold.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 10:57 pm | Permalink

      It would be something if Amata started quoting the Princess Bride. Come to think of it I think Mikage is the six fingered man…

  2. Whatsht
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 4:34 am | Permalink

    Somehow I get the feeling that Alicia and Izumo are the reincarnations of Lacus Clyne and Jesus Yamato.

    Amata with burning vengeance would be interesting to watch, he lost both his long lost parents after talking to them for a few minutes. The multidimensional Amatas proposed by /a/ were hilarious.

    Izumo is badass, he managed to fight Solar Aquarion and survive, until Mikage uses hax. Altair Cannon is awesome, powered by the planet, also capable of breaking the gattai of Solar Aquarion, seriously, he should break the gattai earlier.

      Posted June 12, 2012 at 6:52 am | Permalink

      really give read tv tropes mention Alicia resembles Lacus Clyne and has the same voice actress.

      yes i’m a Lacus-addict yet what just happen can i please kill the 2nd coming of basco ta jolokia aka ONORE MYKAGE.

      yea also since amata lost both his parents yea he now batman?

      oh boy 2eps yea something need to be SAVE_US.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:00 pm | Permalink

      Here’s the difference though, the hated couple from SEED did not die, Alicia and Izumo did. Besides Izumo has more reolve and no God Mode. That ass kicking he gave Kagura was all him and his old man strength.

      I suspect that the first warning shot used up most of the power, the second shot was but a fraction of Altair’s power. It’s possible that the Altair Cannon cannot use a full power shot safely.

      • Whatsht
        Posted June 13, 2012 at 7:11 am | Permalink

        During the reincarnation process, Kira/Izumo probably lost his god mode.

        If Izumo fired at full power, his Gnis would explode first.

        Posted June 13, 2012 at 8:27 am | Permalink

        unless if alicia was dna descendant or relate to the Lacus besides we know the voice behind alicia aka rie tanaka.

        really wonder if series borrow a bit from GS era give we know so expy alicia as the Lacus.

        • Whatsht
          Posted June 13, 2012 at 9:22 am | Permalink

          What if the world of Aquarion was actually the afterlife for other mecha anime? When the characters die in Aquarion, they move on to other anime and would return after 12000 years passed in the world of Aquarion.

          • Crusader
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

            If that is the case where the hell are Guld and Focker?

          • Whatsht
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 10:23 pm | Permalink

            They left, maybe 8000 years ago.

  3. hipster
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 6:30 am | Permalink

    Waitaminute… when was it revealed that Amata was Apollonius’ reincarnation? I thought both Amata and Kagura were Pollon’s reincarnation… just halved.

    Maybe Apollonius became Shu Shu…

    Argh… i’ve been Kawamori-trolled.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

      Yeah the Apollo from Genesis Aquarion was in fact Pollon… take heart we were all trolled.

  4. SQA
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 6:57 am | Permalink

    Mikage has cemented himself as the all-time “Enemy of Love”. May his death be gruesome.

    Oh, and Crusader, great rant! This was a very good episode and you encapsulated the emotions really well. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the likely scenario where Zessica sacrifices herself in grief for what she’s done.

    Of course, there’s 1 weird outcome that could happen: Kawamori may create a situation where we end up with 2 Amatas and Zessica claims one. Haha.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:02 pm | Permalink

      I am prepared to see Zessica die a noble death though I am not discounting Kawamori’s propensity for being outlandish and silly.

  5. starqo
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Well, if Amata wasn’t already motivated to beat Kagura, he sure is now. Ironically, over things that weren’t really his fault.

    Mykage really crossed the line to Complete Monster this time around. Taking the controller to shoot Alicia, then mind controlling Kagura into running his father through with the Genisis Mugen Punch. Surely, Mikono should have noticed something was up, but considering that Amata and Kagura are going to be trading blows in transformed Vectors Z and Sol, she doesn’t look to be doing much to stop them so they can focus on the real threat at hand (I would wish that while they were doing that, she could be taking on Mykage herself, but at this point, I think I’m setting my expectations too high, though it’d be great if the writers surprised me).

    I swear, Mykage totally planned that to get himself off completely scott-free. So I can only hope he gets his just desserts in the final episode.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:04 pm | Permalink

      Mikage crossed into irredeemable monster after he killed Jin for kicks and killed Donar’s girlfriend for fun… I am setting expectations for Mikono to low in the hopes that I will be pleasantly surprised and not horribly disappointed.

      Mikage might get redeemed but he will not live for long if Kawamori remains consistent regarding the end game.

  6. Posted June 12, 2012 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    It’s weird you insult Mikage when he still in Zessica body, make me sad

      Posted June 12, 2012 at 10:49 pm | Permalink

      well of course it not zess fault due being body hi-jack by 2nd basco aka mykage.

      yea DEMONYO must be stop give all things so GUILTY he did from lie to everyone, body hi-jack zess give force deal on her, kill those that no longer serve or turn against him, mind rape kagura as his puppet, make mix think she is a man, & kill both amata parents.

      all that everyone now want him DEAD MAN WALKING & yea finale happen yea “na na na hey hey goodbye” go to he!! onore mykage.

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

      A sad necessity given the brevity of Mikage showing himself and lording over his absolute control of Zessica’s body. I pray for Zessica to win at some point even if it costs her dearly.

  7. TheVoid
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 8:04 pm | Permalink

    Alicia and Izumo deserved it and Mykage did the world a favor. You also miss that it was Zessikage that attacked where Alicia was at and Kagura was mind controlled by Mykage to kill Izumo.

    Also you’re logic doesn’t even make sense. Mykage wouldn’t be doing all of this if he was never rejected in the first place. All this proves is that Apollonius shouldn’t run off when he’s engaged to someone and should apologize to them and maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as they are. The rest of Touma passed on peacefully. He just discarded his anger as he went on and it became Mykage.

    Izumo mentioned that the area they landed in had many malfunctions in the Ianthe which is why girl mayflys are around. It’s malfunctioning actually preserved some females. So Izumos mother caused the death of nearly all females on Altair.

    Izumo wasn’t guided by some noble purpose originally. He would have ABANDONED ALTAIR FOR ALICIA! HE SAYS THIS! It was Mykage who found out about her and forced him to take up his duty.

    It was completely selfish and makes them nearly as bad as fucking Mykage. The noble thing to do was leave their son with someone until Alicia got back. Alicia didn’t do that. Instead she left a SIX YEAR OLD IN A GRAVEYARD BY HIMSELF WHILE SHE RAN OFF TO BE WITH A MAN SHE KNEW FOR LESS TIME THAN SHE HAS HER OWN SON!

    • Crusader
      Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

      I blame Kagura for being weak minded and an accessory to murder due to his continued insistence on fighting everyone who so much looks at Mikono funny or just happens to be in the way. I see you have also decided to throw Zessica under the bus, the way I see it Kagura has a measure of self control while Zessica is under total control.

      It’s not that my logic is flawed it is that you have chosen to believe in Mikage and put faith in that bird person. Even if Apollo hadn’t dumped Touma, Touma would still be a sadistic killer who was harvesting people to grow a tree. You act as if ToumaxApollonius would have solved everything, it wouldn’t have the Shadow Angels would have won, but if that is the outcome you wanted please let me know where you stand. Touma was a sick person even when Apollonius was still with him, how soon you forget that he was a Shadow Angel and what their deal was.

      We don’t know what caused the curse, Izumo put forth the theory but Fudo has not put forth the whole truth and given the Pollon troll I am not declaring anything to be fact quite yet. Believe what you want, you choose to blame the Geothermal power plant, I choose to be suspect that bird person who has magical powers of control, can kill across vast interstellar distances, and has killed people just for kicks. Maybe it’s just me but Mikage seems to have his finger in everyone’s pie. In Izumo’s earlier flashbacks it seems that Mikage was spying on him long before Alicia came into the picture. I don’t think I am wrong for suspecting Mikage who has powers that are magical and given that he is Fudo’s opposite and equal. It seems to me then that a mere power plant selectively killing off all the women, but not Alicia, and turning Rare Iguras into boys to seem rather fantastical. Moreover the Ianthe seems to lack the casual brutality that has been Mikage’s trademark. I also find it hard to believe that Mikage had no part in the chain of events that all seem to be going his way…

      Even if Izumo says he would have chosen Alicia at first in the end he chose duty, he could have told Mikage to fuck off but he followed through on duty. People make and break promises all the time, Izumo unlike most stuck with the crap decision instead of going like Kagura and telling the world to fuck off and die for his own selfish ends. Izumo could have left Altair with Alicia at any point in those nine years, he never did though. I don’t care what he would have/should have/could have done, it’s what he did in the end that matters. You can crucify Izumo and Alicia all you want for making the hard choices instead of telling Altair to fuck off and die while protesting Mikage’s innocence and claim that Touma would have stopped harvesting humans had Apollonius not dumped him. People get dumped all the time, break ups are never fun, they are rarely even taken well. Still that is no excuse for what Touma did in Genesis and what Mikage has done in EVOL. Just because shit happened to him doesn’t give him the right to kill for fun and out of spite.

      You seem to confuse intent and sentiment with action. Alicia knew that she loved Izumo enough to trust him we don’t know how long it took for them to consummate their relationship, so you are jumping the gun in passing judgment in that regard. You can’t slam Alicia for honoring her love while crushing Apollonius for dumping Touma. At this point you seem to be an apologist for Mikage despite all that he has done, even with Touma I find your insistence on exonerating him to be disturbing in light of how much death and destruction Touma dished out. Alicia chose to to honor the wishes of the man she loved, she did not think that she would never come back. If you want to follow the would have/could have/should have argument she would have come back. Of all the characters to sympathize with I find it strange that you crucify the two with the most obligations and the least control over events while celebrating the bird person who has no obligations and the most control over events.

      For all we know Alicia left her son in someone’s care and that person died within the nine years she was gone. Alicia wasn’t raking in the money as a failed actress. Amata never told us the complete story, just the sense of abandonment as he saw his mother leave without any idea of the circumstances that lead to her leaving.

      I just have to ask though U that MAD BRO? Apollonius dumped Touma 24,000 years ago, heart break is one thing. Not getting over it is more than sad, it’s pathetic. Also Fudo said that Mikage had not changed Mikage is Touma for Mikage is like Fudo, Mikage is never changing… Still believe what you want.

      Also Kawamori seems to disagree with you, Izumo and Alicia get to be set among the stars while Touma got trolled hard 12,000 years later by the Pollon revelation. I am fairly certain that Kawamori has shown who he is rooting for and who he hopes that well with sympathize with. I for one hope that Mikage gets a full helping of pineapple salad and gets trolled by Shu Shu in 12,000 years.

      • TheVoid
        Posted June 13, 2012 at 12:12 am | Permalink

        Apollonius was a sadistic killer that he earned the name Angel of Slaughter from killing more humans than any other angels. The Angels did what they did out of survival and viewed humans as cattle which is not a excuse for their actions cause they treated humans like shit.

        Kawamoris opinion doesn’t count cause he thinks Mikono is awesome and doesn’t understand why people don’t like her. Also Kawamori is a liar in interviews as well so I don’t ever take his word as 100%.

        Also you’re defending Alicia falls under pure mass guessing. It’s never shown so it can never be proven that she did such things. In fact if she did WHY IS AMATA THERE WITH HER WHEN SHE LEAVES? Cause of course a child will try to follow their parent in such a situation meaning she’s a awful parent and nothing justifies it. IN FACT SHE STATES IT HERSELF THAT SHE ABANDONED HIM and never mentions giving him to someone to raise him while she’s gone. Amata forgiving her just shows that he’s so desperate for love he’ll take it from people who are supposed to love him unconditionally.

        He can’t tell Mykage to fuck off because Mykage would tell everyone else on Altair about Alicia. IZUMO SAID IT HIMSELF THAT IS WAS THE IANTHE WHICH WAS SUCKING THE VERY MOTHER EARTHS LIFE OUT! He says it himself. They were killing the planet which gave them life and it killed all the females. There is no “believe what you want”. Fudo even goes into one of his ramblings about the earths life energy during it.

        Izumo killed countless women by kidnapping them to ensure the survival of his race and he gets to go to heaven with a horrible human being that almost rivals Mykage as a monster? This is horrible writing. These two are terrible people and have caused nothing but suffering for Amata and Kagura. Especially since Alicia knew about Kagura’s existence but never did a thing about it.

        Honestly if it was Mykage responsible for the Ianthe I wouldn’t hate Izumo and Alicia so much. But sadly they decide to reveal that no Ianthe was built by Izumo’s mom, it was killing the planet and stealing the motherly energy from it, and killed all the women in the process. If it was Mykage I could at lest blame him for what happened.

        • Whatsht
          Posted June 13, 2012 at 7:09 am | Permalink

          The angels actually had no idea that if they successfully pollinate the Tree of Life, the Tree would bear fruit and use the energy of the planet to create new life, in other words, draining the energy of the planet, the planet would lose the ability to sustain life and the Tree would die.
          Ianthe was like the Tree of Life pollinated, the Alteans would be akin to the angels, having no idea that Ianthe was draining the energy of the planet, and may be showing us that if the angels succeed in pollinating the Tree, Vega would end up just like Altair.

          • TheVoid
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 9:07 am | Permalink

            I never noticed the comparison between Ianthe and the Tree of Life till now. Thanks.

          • Crusader
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 3:18 pm | Permalink

            Perhaps but but on the surface of it a Geothermal power plant doing that much in so far as specifically killing off all the women and turning women into men is quite a stretch. Moreover it was forged by the hands of mortals and scientifically advanced mortals at that. Still Kawamori did bring us flying rocks so anything is possible, I just find it hard to believe that he’s going to lay it all on the Ianthe.

        • Crusader
          Posted June 13, 2012 at 8:20 am | Permalink

          Hold on Apollonius repents and saves the humans, yet you want to kill him. Touma stays an asshole and you want us to praise him? I’ll concede that Touma was if nothing consistent. If kill count is the only thing that matters then in all honesty Izumo and Alicia are lower in the totem pole than Touma/Mikage. Moreover even if survival is the root cause I can’t agree with you that Mikage is more deserving of pity because he enjoyed killing and killed for fun while Izumo took no joy in dragging people to die. If Izumo had his wish none of them would have died.

          You take Izumo’s statement as fact despite the lack of concrete proof. You call Kawamori a liar and a fool yet you still watch… Your interpretation is not the only valid one, again given how scientifically advanced Altair is I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t trace it to he Ianthe if it were that simple. Fact is things have been awfully convenient for Mikage I say where there is smoke there is a fire, but it could be dry ice and water.

          You are free to crucify Alicia and Izumo but they got a good end while Mikage is doing just about everything to ensure that he gets Pollon-ed again. Kawamori’s sympathy is with Alicia and Izumo they sacrificed plenty to try and save others just like a draftee going to war and leaving behind his family I can’t fault them for not brining Amata along. Moreover I do not hold them accountable for Mikage’s actions. But if you believe that Alicia willingly took a nap for nine years that’s you.

          Again being selfless while paying a price make Alicia and Izumo sympathetic to me. It is easy to be selfless when it costs nothing they risked it and lost due in no small part to Mikage. You want to exonerate Mikage but just because you do doesn’t mean I have to.

          Fundamentally we can only agree to disagree. I just think that Mikage has been doling out death and misery and deserves to die for it. Everything that has gone wrong is by and large due to the others responding to Mikage’s machinations but hey you can decide whatever you want. I just cannot sympathize with self indulgent characters like Mikage and Kagura, you are free to do so though.

          • TheVoid
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 9:06 am | Permalink

            I never said I praised Touma. I said I sympathize with him. Where did you even get that idea? He died saving the world to atone for his sins in the original series. I really only pity Touma. Mykage is on my hate forever list. Just like I like Silvia but not Mikono because reincarnations are not the same as their past lives or else Silvia would never fall for Apollo.

            The proof was in front of Izumos eyes or are you blind? Cause the mayflies were able to survive in the area with the most malfunctions in the Ianthe. Which is what made him realize it was the Ianthe all along.

            I have never said that Mykage doesn’t deserve to be punished. I even said in a post in 23 that he needs to suffer horribly for what he’s done. Because he has done horrible awful shit and will pay for his crimes.

            I sympathize with Kagura because he has suffered all his life at the hands of Mykage and one of his parents knew about him but never did a thing about it before falling into that supposed sleep. I mean what are the chances she wakes up just now? He ended up the way he did because of his environment and was raised from the moment Mykage found him to be his pet attack dog.

            Mykage gets no sympathy from me. Touma does.
            Just like I hate Mikono. But don’t hate Silvia.

          • Crusader
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

            I don’t know just reading your comments gives me the sense that you are really pulling hard to Touma to the point that it’s everyone else’s fault but his.

            Look friend before you accuse other people of being dumb and blind just listen for second. Mayflies for the most part have an adult stage for a day, maybe a week tops depending on the species. Within the last 24 hours Solar Aquarion arrived, Izumo fired the Altair cannon, the Alicia room was destroyed, Alicia died and Izumo was bleeding to death. Any of those things could have caused life to return. Given how the Ianthe is still functional you cannot say for certain that it was the cause, Izumo was questioning everything he did in his moment of death. Solar Aquarion’s departure caused environmental havoc on Vega and only now life returns to Altair? That is also another possiblity, but you have allowed your hatred for Izumo and Alicia to take over and discount all possibilities. Perhaps the malfucntions were due to Alicia’s attempts to wake up, fact is you don’t know as much as you think. You are making conjecturse like I am. In short just because you do a rain dance and then it rains don’t mean you created rain.

            Just be honest with yourself you love Kagura to the point that you blame his parents for everything that went wrong instead of Mikage for being the one created him and then twisted him. Tell me how were Izumo and Alicia going to oppose Mikage? Izumo doesn’t know that Kagura was created from part of his son. It is heavily implied that Alicia was in a death like sleep when she arrived on Altair, she just woke up how the hell was she going to oppose Mikage? Drool on him? Snore loudly? Alicia did just wake up just now, maybe it was Solar Aquarion coming to Altair? I have no idea no one does. You mean to tell me she chose to just go into a coma? Hell medical science still understand how to best treat comatose patients. You think it’s just that easy? Mikage tried to choke the life out of her and she didn’t wake up.

            Do you honestly believe that for the past nine years Izumo didn’t try anything and everything to try and wake her? Fundamentally you blame Izumo and Alicia for having less than ideal circumstances. You seem to be blaming them for not being able to protect Kagura from Mikage but you ignore the fact that Izumo just plain did not know and that Alicia was in a coma. It just seems to me that you are being unfair. Essentially if Alicia were bound to a wheel chair you are demanding that she walk. Hell you didn’t know Kagura was part of Amata until a few episodes ago, none of us did. Izumo did not know and yet you expect him to have done something? Really?

            You call Kagura their son, but Alicia refers to him as the other Amata. Amata was the kid she gave birth to while Kagura was a construct created by Mikage specifically for the purpose of claiming the wings of the sun. If I cloned you or ripped out a part of you and made it alive without your dad knowing and clubbed your mother over the head so that she is comatose, is it fair I demand that your parents be there to protect the clone? Would it be right to demand that your parents called this other you their son and hold them responsible for his actions? I want to know exactly what they could have done in your mind to oppose Mikage because I can’t figure out how a comatose Alicia was going to put up a fight against Mikage.

            You act as if they knew and chose to do nothing. Izumo didn’t know he’s not Fudo nor does he have a direct line to Fudo’s office. Alicia was in a coma but you act as if her inability to wake up was from a lack of trying.

            I wonder what amazing thing either of them could have done to oppose Mikage, you seem to have that answer so do tell. I just think you are being unreasonable and overly sympathizing with Kagura as your Draco in Leather Pants, and that’s fine just don’t demand I see things your way and accept your interpretation as the truth.

            As for Touma dying so that he might atone, well that lasted for but a short time. Given EPIC TROLL that Kawamori just laid upon him, his atonement was at best half-hearted. Touma didn’t regret killing he stopped killing so that he could be buried with Apollonius. It didn’t work out and now this. I just think that Touma should be be crushed for not being able to move on after 12,000 years and then 12,000 more. It’s reasonable to be heartbroken, it is unreasonable to spend your 12,000 years in purgatory pouting over that fact that the person you love did not feel the same way. I just think Touma should get over it and move on, hell he as Mikage created Kagura who is partially Apollonius, if there was ever a time to pull a Prince Genji and raise your lover from a tender young age, this was Touma/Mikage’s golden opportunity…

          • TheVoid
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

            No I pity Kagura but I do think he should atone or be punished for his actions. The best punishment I can think of is never getting his smelly wench. Amata and Kagura are but two sides of the same coin. Light and Dark, Altair and Vega, Men and Women, Silvia and Sirius , more Fudo comparisons etc.

            Touma makes plenty of stupid mistakes because love is blind and he refuses to give up on the only person he truly loves like Otoha wants. He allows love to blind him and to make stupid decisions because of it. Just like Alicia and Izumo but at least he’s a good parent who would willing carry his and Apollonius child for 12,000 years. I said I PITY him. I don’t think he’s some kind of perfect being because no one is. Not even Fudo who showed surprise at Jin being killed by Mykage.

            The thing with Alicia is that they never explain how she knows about Kagura and falling into that sleep most likely didn’t happen instantly. This whole getting over love thing is stupid. Because getting over ones true love is not easy. Celiane reincarnated because of her regrets and love for Apollonius. Silvia reincarnates out of regrets over her love Apollo. It isn’t that simple to get over ones love no matter how easy you think it is.

            Let’s stop talking about Alicia and Izumo. We’re never going to agree about. Especially since Izumo never bothered to check to see if Ianthe was the problem in the first place like any sane man would and decided instead that a single woman would somehow repopulate a entire planet.

            The thing with the Ianthe is that the malfunctions means it wasn’t drawing as much energy from the earth. Meaning it was still possible for females to exist in that area. And I will continue to disagree about the Ianthe. Because humans can build their own Aquarions then it’s possible for humans to build their own planet draining power system that ends up screwing them over.

        • Crusader
          Posted June 13, 2012 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

          As romantic as True Love sounds, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s hard yes, but you you still have to get over it if the other party doesn’t want to dance.

          As for good parenting just because Touma was willing to carry to term doesn’t make him a great parent. Do you have kids? I am helping my brother raise his kid I can tell you that it’s not easy. It’s a minor miracle we are getting through the terrible twos. Moreover even if there was a kid that kid would be all kinds fucked up as a shadow angel. Hell my mother and father were hardly home to raise me, and yet I think they did fine. I understood why they went to work for long hours, and Amata at least seems to understand that they left to try and save Altair. Hell helicopter parenting is just as bad if not worse kids anyways.

          Also Izumo isn’t a scientist I wouldn’t ask him to check everything personally, that was the job of Altiar’s scientists. Hell we can’t cure cancer yet. It’s not because we aren’t bothering to look for a cure, it’s not easy. It was the same way for them trying to figure it out, if they had known they would have shut it down, but to say they didn’t check everything an castigate them for it is absurd. Science doesn’t work like that the answers don’t just show themselves. The fact that Izumo never trusted Mikage and was always looking for a solution would suggest he looked pretty damn hard and for six years. He did look for another solution before bringing Alicia over. Hell they told us they were looking for 14 years we don’t know how long ago the Ianthe was activated. They had no explanation for how Mixy came to be, I find it hard to fault them for not having a cure when we can’t cure plenty in the real world. Moreover it was a new disease that they had never seen before, if you were around when AIDS was “new” you would at least understand what kind of shock they faced. It took us a while to figure somethings out, and we still have not figured it all out. To demand a cure in 14 years or less is silly, especially since otaku have not cured cancer in +14 years.

          Also current scientific suggests that all humans had a common ancestor given the similarities of our mitochondrial DNA. So yeah it’s possible that there was an Eve given how mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother in humans. Of course even if you believe in a religious explanation well…for some reason it usually starts with one man and one woman. Vega can build Aquaria, Altair can’t they only make Gnis. I just want you to know that I think you are falling into a logical fallacy that is correlation equates to causation.

          You bring a unique point of view, I have met never someone who has so violently rejected the notion that Mikage is the root of all evil in Aquarion. Still if it was the Ianthe well that would mean reuniting would be rather pointless if a shut down was the answer all along. I just think that all signs point to some fantastical explanation and that a True Eve is required along with some destined mecha action. I may not know Kawamori, but I do know he that he doesn’t like boring logical ends when he calls the shots. Maybe you are somewhat new to the craziness that is Kawamori, but if I were you I would also prepare for the possibility that flying rocks caused it.

          • TheVoid
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

            You apparently haven’t talked to a lot of people cause I know quite a few who are disappointed that Mykage was not responsible for the Ianthe and like me it fuels their hatred of Izumo. I was disappointed when it turned out Mykage wasn’t responsible for the curse of Eve since I thought he was behind it since we found out about the genderbending.

          • Crusader
            Posted June 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

            Like minds congregate, granted not everyone even watches this show to begin with. Again there is still time for Kawamori to make it loopy. Hating Izumo to me is stupid you may as well hate Africa for AIDS. Izumo didn’t even build the Ianthe his mom did. The planet dying could be the Ianthe, the rest could still be Mikage.

            Still I guess you and those who agree with you have almost no idea how we cure diseases nowadays. It just doesn’t make sense to me but I am a microbiologist, nothing on you guys but it is sad the general public is ignorant of why you have to take your full regimen of antibiotics and how they don’t cure viral diseases. I hope that if you ever have the chance you will take some upper level Microbiology classes if only to understand how difficult curing diseases is.

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