Rinne no Lagrange S2 – 02: Making Up by Making Out

Sadly they can’t seem to get along on their own…

This post is late but the KISSING was everything I hoped it to be. The war between Digigurio and Dizelmine now boils down to a war for survival, and to be fair there is no easy out since doing nothing would simply result in the destruction of both planets in one if not two super novae. Right now Digigurio is looking like a foppish loser, sure he wants to save his planet from Dizelmine but he’s not doing much in the way of offering a long term solution. Perhaps in days past Guivini and Dizie were willing to work out something but once the Voxes entered the equation the possibility of having a planet killer made the simplest solution well within reach. Still while the Onii-chan War rages Muginami and Lan finally came around and rekindled their love for Madoka. With this glorious reunion Asteria now has the forces she needs to take on two planetary kingdoms. First she must deal with her lackeys…

Poor Kirikiri, Izzo, and Array were supposed to be reporting to Asteria but it seems that they were far too lost running a host club on the beach. Array for certain was too distracted with his new found regional fame that is spreading farther each passing week. They need to thank Madoka for pleading for them since Asteria would not have been so forgiving had Madoka not had a maru moment in getting her waifus back. Planetary collisions and stellar collisions are no joke, from what little we know about them we do understand that either would release enough energy to wipe out a system a screw up orbits. The loss of a star would essentially mean that life as we know it would no longer be sustainable.

In the light there really is no solution since evacuating billions would be a monumental feat and then there is the issue of being able to find a whole new star system to live on. Given how they had 1000 years to think of a solution I suppose there simply aren’t enough resources to move two whole populations. Moreover neither side seems inclined to see the other survive. It may well be that the war had been on and off as the political climate changed with the rulers of both systems, certainly the hope had been that Dizielmine and Guivini would have worked something out, but with a legend coming to life and a demonstration on Milita Zodia the possibility of simply wiping out the other system became all too tempting. Waging war would require fewer resources than a planetary evacuation, and as always there is the question of political will.

While the destructive potential is real there is the very real possibility that the legendary voxes are capable of impossible tasks that go beyond planet killing. I like how they are parsing out the information instead of giving us all an unbearable info dump, it makes everything more digestible and allows for conjecture as to what the bigger picture is.

On the yuri front things are going amazingly well for the Jersey Club, their reunion was long in coming but when it came I was decidedly happy. The kissing was not needed but it was greatly appreciated and certainly something to remember. Sadly it seems that Muginami and Lan are outliers in their respective factions. Both seem to be utilized as weapons to continue a war that their brothers seem intent on fighting to the bitter end. Still Dizelmine played a better political game that Digibulio who’s bungling resulted in the enmity of Asteria with his last major raid. Dizelmine not only came in as a savior but was also able to establish a military presence that Asteria is not willing to confront overtly. Dizelmine might be heartless bastard but I cannot help but admire how astutely he played the situation.

The war is one of survival and Diszelmine wisely saw no need to aggravate the natives with demands like Villabulio. Grania seems to be the only person that is enamored with Guivini as everyone else has left him. The De Metrio boys left him, Muginami left him, Lan left him, and even Hiroshi left him… It seems that KISS is the only group willing to stick with him though I wonder how much loyalty the rest of De Metrio owes to him. He only assumed the throne in Yurikano’s absence and should Yurikano ever return it would be interesting to see who would command more loyalty should they end up on opposing sides. Yurikano’s students seem to believe firmly that helping Asteria is in their best interest and if Guivini were wise he would not oppose the Jersey Club or hope to subvert Madoka through foul means.

I am curious as to how old the voxes really are if Asteria is still unsure about their full potential Granted, we don’t know what terrible event she caused and has had a long time to regret, but hopefully she still remembers a few important points. At the very least she does seem to be on the ball when it comes to the current situation. Hopefully this asylum gambit will pay off, and even if it doesn’t it is still likely that Dizelmine and Digiburio will be going at it with such vigor that they will not attempt to challenge the Jersey Club and Asteria’s lackeys. The Jersey Club would be nigh unstoppable and even if both onii-chans were heartless the amount of military power that would be expended would greatly exceed any tangible gains. With the new lackeys Asteria has a reserve that she could throw in if either side tried to launch a major offensive. Hopefully Tadokoro has been upgrading his armory for the big showdown that was 1000 years in the making.

Kevin McHale Approves.

They have become lost without you.

No but they probaly would like to know…well except Array.

Kirikiri was a stalker in De Metrio…

Talk about being on a collision course… I guess this war wasn’t about power after all.

I guess things only came to head in the last few years…

Hero of Earth, Champion of Yuri, and Dread Foe of Onii-chan.

What can I say Billabulio has a difficult name, blame him for wanting a fancy name…

Who do you think YOU are talking to Grania?

Hey you have chosen to be Madoka’s enemy eat your crow and pray that Midori is not the last thing you see…

That’s right Izzo you are Madoka’s lackeys now.

Thank you mom for diffusing the situation.

You think it impossible?

Madoka makes the impossible possible.

Lan will not let anything or anyone get in the way of LanxMadoka.

Lan’s going for the St. Patrick angle…I APPROVE.

Those EVIL Onii-chans!

“Like” means you still have doubts…

So I guess that this is really a fight for who gets to be Madoka’s waifu…

Pretty Guardian Lan-hime…


What you think she didn’t miss you guys? Don’t worry about Kirikiri, Izzo, and Array they are just lackeys.

Yes the Onii-chans cannot be redeemed time to help Asteria defeat them once and for all…

Oh but there is…Join Madoka and TOGETHER you can rule the galaxy as Madoka and waifus.

NOW THAT is how you let bygones be bygones.

Lan-hime was stunned by the sheer amount of yuri…

It was just like the time you gave Lan-hime mouth to mouth…

Because nothing will stand in the way of your yuri love…

Yeah but your onii-chans are also that stupid.


Don’t be shy…Lan-hime is already betrothed to you Madoka.

HELL YEAH, this time let’s never go back to being Digigurio’s lackey.


Nothing is impossible with the power of LOVE.

There is no “might” it will work.

Poor Lan mistimed her attempt.

Well to be fair no one can really match Madoka’s athletic ability.

LOL the lackeys get all the blame…

I see Asteria has played this political game before…

Yeah there just hasn’t been enough AsteriaxYoko…

So long as the power source is pure I presume?

To be fair the two warring Onii-chans have a curious affect of screwing up everything.

Because she knows best…

This time will be different…

Together again under the stars…

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  1. fragb85
    Posted July 22, 2012 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    So Lan’s and Muginami’s political agendas are just an excuse. Their fighting all boiled down because they care about Madoka.

    Meanwhile, Madoka goes through incredible feats to find her wife and mistress. She gives a casual calls to Villajerkoff, and not giving a f*** the he tried to kill her before. Then she swims god knows how many kilometers to shore just to find them. Is it any surprise that Lan and Muginami love her?

    I feel sorry for Tadokoro though. HE’s the only adult male of authority that cares about the well-being of the girls but no one takes him seriously.

    • Crusader
      Posted July 23, 2012 at 12:21 am | Permalink

      Madoka is the kind of girl who would swim 500 miles and she would swim 500 more just to fall down at their door.

      No one listens to Tadokoro unless the situation is serious. Thankfully while Madoka hardly listens at least he is able to fix most of the havoc she creates. It’s not like Tadokoro ever reached out like a friend nor is he a jovial fellow. Still he is the straight guy in the Madoka and Tadokoro manzai comedy.

  2. ReddyRedWolf
    Posted July 23, 2012 at 7:03 am | Permalink

    Something tells me somebody screwed up trying to invade Earth for the Voxes 20,000 years ago. This resulted from a solvable problem to a chronic one.

    Now there are 1000 years left to the Polyhedron system. No wonder these two civilizations contacted Earth. A potential planet to immigrate on except somebody already owns it.

    If Asteria has anything to say about it she’ll kick the asses of these unruly children.

    • Crusader
      Posted July 26, 2012 at 10:05 pm | Permalink

      You might be right about Asteria reasons for triggering the last blossom of Rinne, though time will tell. It would not surprise me though if old Earth was a throne world that was being fought over.

      Unruly children need to be disciplined…

  3. Ghost Train
    Posted July 23, 2012 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    The REAL WINNER of the Le Garite / De Metrio conflict will inevitably be Hiroshi. A shrewd businessman, he soon realized the benefits of recruiting Muginami and Lan to serve tables…. not so much for their skills in the arts of watiressing, but to play the Japanese obsession with servitude-related tropes. Soon he realized that he could draw an even larger crowd by playing the trap-maido card.

    Results: 2nd location in prime beach front real estate open. Profits probably doubled.

    Mark my words, when the Vox particles stop flowing in the series finale, Dizelmine and Givugivu will both be waiting tables as well.

  4. Posted July 23, 2012 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

    The Kiss scene was the most happy scene in the weekend. I love this Epics time

    • Crusader
      Posted July 26, 2012 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

      GOOD TIMES in Rinne S2.

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