Tari Tari – 04: Setting Aside Childish Things

Sawa had a need for steed at an early age.

So the Legend of Mahiru continues to grow as three singers from the West come to see Mahiru’s child. Not only does Mahiru have celebrity friends she also was responsible for a one hit wonder. Sadly it seems that Wakana is not too keen about trying to live up to her mother’s legacy. Certainly the pressure that her mum’s friends have put on her probably isn’t helping too much. Instead it’s Konatsu and Sawa who have been slowly teasing out Wakana’s musical return. Wein seems to be on track to raise Wakana’s flag given how they are erstwhile classmates in supplementary classes. I also have to hand it to Wein for a NICE tackle against a bicyclist. Yes, his attempt at a falsetto was a terrible mating call but risking life and limb to stop a stalker surely should have netted him some points from Wakana.

Konatsu seems to have been struck hard with the hero worship and it must have been galling to Sawa to see Konatsu go gaga over some old men. Thankfully while Konatsu is capable of folly Sawa loves her just the same. Yes Sawa could have been a little more tactful in reminding Konatsu of the purpose of the choir club and the importance of singing one’s own songs, but it was something that needed to be said. Sawa did storm off but her love will never die and thus did she organize practice without Konatsu. Sawa was most gracious to put up with a camper in her backyard; sadly her sleep over with Konatsu did not end as a resounding success. Still there is likely going to be ample opportunity for having a night of Sawa and Konatsu that goes on forever and ever. Maybe in the future Wakana can join in on the fun although right now it seems that Wakana might be ogling Konatsu.

Konatsu to her credit did not simply gawk at three burly old men but got off her butt and grabbed the only stage she could get. For a moment she had a terrible case of the Iverson when she wanted to get out of practice to go fangirling. Thankfully she eventually saw the light and with a bit of help reclaimed her gumption and dedication. Konatsu wasn’t wrong for remembering love for the Condor Queens but she was wrong for backsliding on her own choir club. While their first stage was small along with the audience it matters little as getting a good start was more important. Part of growing up means being you own hero and making a solid start, and so far Konatsu has been able to get past her own adoration for Condor Queens and wants to someday sing on the same grand stage.

Wakana is making this overly difficult, it’s a damn shame since Taichi is being more of an active participant and embracing FREINDSHIP. Even if Wakana is trying to distance herself from music it is rather disappointing that she is moving ever so slowly towards being part of the Choir Club. Sure living up to Mahiru’s legacy is an impossible task but Wakana can still carve out her own legacy. Throwing out the piano is a waste though, if she wants to be rid of it she should either sell it or donate it.

I like how every one in the Choir Club has their own hopes and aspirations. Wakana doesn’t seem to have any well defined ones yet along with Wein, but Sawa seems to have dreams of winning horse racing glory and Taichi as ever has grand ambitions for badminton. Hopefully this show will be as much about hopes and dreams as making choices to achieve those dreams.

Youth is no excuse for having no love for the 80s…

Yeah…they are still on tour…

Wein stop following Wakana around…oh wait…

Wein caught a predator…

Sawa is not a fan of Konatsu’s hero worship…

Unlike most bands they did not blow all their money on drugs.

And she was frightened as hell to see you…

Wakana is no money.

This sleep over looks to be far from ideal…

Sawa is not amused by this situation…

However… she will not let this opportunity go to wast.

Please don’t tell me that Mahiru was a groupie…

Well Wakana dodged that bullet.

Sadly it took them a while to get here.

Wait for it…

Konatsu is asleep…proceed when ready.


Konatsu doesn’t like practice, besides it’s not even a real concert…

Sawa is adamant that people LISTEN TO YOUR SONG.

The Konatsu that Sawa loves is a songstress not a fangirl.

In all fairness this outburst wasn’t so bad.

It hurt her so much to say those things, but they had to be said.

Wein fails at making a mating call…

Do not shrink from your dreams, pursue them while you still have time.

Besides you are as only as old as you feel…

Do I smell the beginnings of a great an yurilicious machination?

It seems that even Shiho likes to give Konatsu a pat every now and then.

I am going to put her in the running for best mom…

I don’t think neither Shiho nor Sawa care… they just like doing that.


Sawa approves.



Oh come on Wakana you should embrace your friends…ronrey girl.



DAMN, but at least they are being good sports about it.


Photo OP GET!

Good question…she was not in attendance…


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  1. MrTerrorist
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 1:52 am | Permalink

    I’m noticing you guys haven’t been posting that much recently.
    BTW, when’s the next Muv Luv Total Eclipse post?

    • Crusader
      Posted July 27, 2012 at 6:20 am | Permalink

      Work got in the way, he who does not work shall not eat… Such is life.

  2. Dein
    Posted July 27, 2012 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    I very much like Wakana, but I hope once she eventually gets the whole friendship thing rolling properly, there’ll be more to her character in the bigger plot than just being the quiet girl with a big legacy hanging over her head, that she’ll eventually have to embrace.

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