Tari Tari 05-06: Life After Death

At least they didn’t break out the smoke machine…

Well between the weekend outage, two lost credit cards, a failed bid to buy a house, and a job rotation change I am certain that I am not dead though I do feel like a bit of a zombie. My woes however were nothing compared to the heartache Wakana had to go through. I wanted to know why she simply gave up on music and was so intent on fleeing from her mother’s legacy, and I got my answer. There is no way around it Wakana was a whiny brat when entrance exam time rolled around. I give Mahiru and her husband all the credit in the world for putting up with Whiny Wakana. At least Wakana understood how much of a crass little monster she was; sadly she took the lesson beyond a reasonable conclusion. Fortunately in this small town Wakana could not completely escape Mahiru’s shadow and even Shiho steps up with a nice little gift from the way back machine. It was a very nice touch to have a cassette tape bridge the gap between Wakana and Mahiru. We also finally learn that Megane Meanie VP’s name is Nao Takakura, now that Mahiru’s daughter is genki and a full participant again I wonder if Nao’s stance on the choir club is going to change.

Taichi lost his tournament but I give credit to Wein, Konatsu, and Sawa for showing up and getting their super fan on. I do disapprove of Konatsu and Wein breaking out the championship banner, but at least they learned their lesson when the Badminton Gods did not grant Taichi the win. Next time Konatsu should just stick with her ace idea of having Wakana on the maracas. Taichi loses but at least he took it in stride and got back to choir after Konatsu upheld her end of the bargain. I am wary of the possibility of a Sawa and Taichi ship since Sawa’s one true love is Konatsu but I suppose it is alright if Sawa is bi.

I am glad that Sawa is a horseback archer, but I fear that her aspirations for becoming a world class jockey is nigh impossible. It’s not that she lacks the ability but rather she is larger than most jockeys. Sabure might be a war horse in lineage, but thoroughbreds are fragile and have bones made of glass. I hope that while her dreams are ambitious that she will find something that she can succeed in. Incidentally Konatsu has the perfect build for being a jockey. I am sure that Sawa can work out something even if her tall dark and bishoujo traits will preclude her from a triple crown. Otherwise there are equestrian events at the Olympic level that she can participate in where size matters less.

Sawa masterfully won over Wakana using her noble steed. While I am sure Sabure likes Wakana I get the feeling that Sawa likes her more. The only gripe I have though is that you DO NOT ride horses in shorts, because riding in that fashion will result in some interesting and painful marks. Wakana isn’t a wimp though as riding for a few hours on a saddle for a rookie is tough even young Prussian princes would baulk at the hours they had to spend riding as kids. Wein isn’t entirely out of the Wakana sweepstakes as he totally ribbed Taichi for losing that tournament when Wakana had walked in on their training. Still I think Sawa is going to be the favorite in Wakana sweepstakes. Konatsu and Wakana getting along famously is just gravy, and I am sure Wakana was taken with Konatsu’s dojikko habits.

Next week Sawa is going to have a BIG FIGHT with her dad who wants Sawa to inherit the temple. I can’t fault him for being realistic about Sawa’s chances for horse racing glory but surely there is a means to come to a compromise.

As much as I want Sawa to win a triple crown she is tall dark and bishoujo not short and of minimal mass.

I approve of Konatsu decision to go with maracas.

I like them now more than ever, they are my kind of loud rambunctious super fan.

Damn straight kid YOU PLAY OT WIN THE GAME.

Hey…now remember Sawa, the goal is to trigger Konatsu and Wakana’s flags…

Age is just a number…

Oh Shiho is crafty…

Otome Takakura is fine too.

Her music will never die.

Man Wakana was such a brat back then…

Yes you need a stronger emotion…

You can get it cheaper at Costco kid…

Wait wouldn’t a better compromise be a Liopleurodon?

Yeah that was a boneheaded move on your part…

See kids this is why you don’t want to be a brat the whole time you are a kid…

I am sure Mahiru left plenty of musical mac-guffins for Wakana to find.

Konatsu really does care.

Oh is it kissing time?

Poor Sawa missed this dojiko Konatsu moment…

Well I hope at least you can think of others since then…

Yes remember the good times, and hopefully there will be more of those.

The general public will not know but Sawa could tell…

I don’t think her cuteness fades with time Sawa…


You mean Noble Steed.

Glad to see that Sawa understands who it was that got her a Noble Steed to go questing.

Bring home the gold kid, you don’t want to be like Taichi.

I approve of you dreams kid, but realistically you don’t fit the jockey body type…

What the…I don’t even…WHUT?

What has been seen cannot be UNSEEN.

Yeah you need to go “WAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!”

A damn shame too since Wakana with maracas would have been quite a sight…

I see that Wein wishes to undercut the competition in the Wakana sweepstakes.

Yes you are kid, yes you are.

I am sure you can raise your daughter to be a lady.

Hold on there skip, it looks good but does it taste good?

Yeah that was terrible, you either have toast with jam or French Toast.

True Tears.

St. Noe weeps for your sad cruel fate.

Yeah, even dumb would hardly describe the level of stupidity…

You didn’t have to toss the music… it hardly took up any space…

Thankfully Wakana still has a cool dad.

Well to be honest I don’t think Mahiru was capable of being dour or overly serious.

Oh I see that Mahiru and Nao were making music together…I wonder what else they did…

Yes FINALLY Wakana sees the light.

I wish Sawa the best of luck on getting a yuri harem end.

Now the choir club is complete.

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  1. MrTerrorist
    Posted August 8, 2012 at 9:07 pm | Permalink

    Finally! A new post.
    When is your estimate time for the Muv-Luv posts?

    • Mitleser
      Posted August 8, 2012 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

      Probably dropped it. There is too much YAMATO DAMASHII in episode 4-5.

      • Crusader
        Posted August 9, 2012 at 7:15 am | Permalink

        Haven’t dropped it again real life got in the way, also I needed to add some reinforcements to my Blood Angels company.

        This YAMATO DAMASHII cult is obviously the work of the Ruinous Powers. As such it gets pushed down… What can I say 40k added air power and I couldn’t help but add in two Storm Ravens.

    • Crusader
      Posted August 9, 2012 at 7:11 am | Permalink

      I will probably finish the Rinne post first since that is farther along.

  2. Posted August 9, 2012 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    That babby isn’t any newborn. Way too big. And adorable. Teacher is a super bro, though, especially to Wakana.

  3. Posted August 11, 2012 at 5:35 am | Permalink

    Expecting lots of good stuff on the next episode :P.

  4. Dein
    Posted August 11, 2012 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    Even though she’s gone, Mahiru still managed to help Wakana finally accept her friends. She was definitely a kick-ass lady.

    With Wakana’s short-term issues dealt with, and Sawas current concerns on the horizon, I wonder what will be the main goal of the show, if it indeed there is one. Unless, of course, they’re just planing on making it a general team/friendship building story.

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