Rinne no Lagrange S2 07-08: Fists of Fury

Clearly Dizelmine doesn’t have a six pack…

Madoka prevails as she forces a truce between the onerous onii-chan leadership with a wonderful demonstration of force. Yes, someone somewhere is bemoaning how might should not make right, that person is an idiot better to settle things with fists, it’s not like talking got them very far anyway. Sometimes you just have to smack stupid people around to make them see some sense. Sadly it seems that Dizelmine took one step forward and then three steps back when he finalized a deal with Moid. Yes the eyes wide shut eater of disgusting yogurt combinations will be the Final Boss. I had begun to think that Dizelmine would be the Final Boss but it seems that the king is actually a mere mid-boss. At least that will open up an avenue of redemption for him while I am sure Asteria’s vengeance on Moid will likely be total and uncompromising.

I hope Madoka will be able to go back into combat again since it seems that Moid will be making his move shortly. I can’t believe that Dizelmine is going to be Moid’s unwitting lackey, it is going to be a rough ride and no doubt he will feel the fury of Madoka’s fist once again. I am wondering though, if Rinne blossoming didn’t destroy the earth then what happened exactly? Militia Zodia was destroyed because Yurikano’s hetero affections and heartache fueled a catastrophe, but with Asteria’s memories being cloaked in fog then something different happened since Earth is still habitable. Moid certainly did something but what? Also I wonder how he stands to benefit and if he is the immortal foe from a lost age.

Reiko joining the Jersey Club was loads of fun. Unfortunately her love for mecha was her primary reason for joining. I can’t blame her though but I was certainly fooled by the stalking and “accidental” disrobing of Muginami. Nevertheless it seems that in peace time the Jersey Club is doing plenty of good. I am growing increasingly fond of Kamogawa Girl’s School as they seem to be martially inclined. Not only do they have fencing and kendo, but it seems they like fighting with their bare fists too. Still Madoka might be one girl shy of a harem but that’s all right because Reiko is going to start a glorious mecha club. Besides if the Vox readings are any indication Madoka’s relationship with Lan and Muginami are reaching record highs so there hopefully will be more bonding moments to come.

Kirius, Izo, and Array are getting ready to go back home but I hope that they will be lingering a bit longer so that they can more fully contribute as Madoka’s lackeys. I almost didn’t recognize Array without his maid outfit and I wonder if he is going to take it with him. Come to think of it should Array leave it behind for good he will be the first one in recent memory to fix himself after a full season of brokenness. Poor Shoko was the bearer of bad news, but Madoka was for the most part gracious even if Madoka is often on her own little world.

Yoko and Machiko look to be on course for a heartfelt talk, though Yoko will need a bit of convincing. I wonder what lingering feelings of remorse and regret that Yoko has carried for all these years. I hope she can work things out sooner rather than later. While Souta was brought in as a third wheel his stock in the Yoko sweepstakes seems to be heading rapidly to rock bottom. I am sure that Yoko can sense his feelings, but sadly for Souta he gets tongue tied when it comes to Yoko. Also there is probably more chemistry between Machiko and Yoko than there is between Yoko and Souta.

All that flab is no match for Madoka’s FIST.

As it should be Madoka’s might makes right.

Closet Macross 7 fan?

Wait what are the Zentradi doing here?

Hold the phone you mean to tell me this wasn’t an emergency? That or it takes a 1000 year war for one of you two defeat the other…

I see that in Digiburio’s case a show of force will make him wilt.

Damn right, you apologize to Lan.

What was that I couldn’t hear you say it louder…

No doubt to remind Tadokoro of his perpetual bachelorhood.

Clearly Lan and Muginami need to get along better, Madoka clear loves them both.

Yeah that was kind of a downer…they lost to Dizelmine.

I for one wouldn’t be surprised.

They are in love right now…

Your dalliance with a hetero relationship is forgiven but you need to forget it…

I don’t know you three could try kissing again…

It counts as two, Lan and Muginami are distinct entities.

I get the feeling that your wish will not be granted so easily…

At least they were full of hope if not a whole lot of realistic expectations.

Where’s a Rosetta stone when you need one?

Tough luck for All Woman Asteria, hopefully once she reclaims her kingdom she can punish the lout that ruined her realm.

It’s okay there are some memories that are simply too awful to dwell on.

Is it a frog?

So certain are you?

I see what you did there…

Damn right you didn’t need no damn space flower to end this war, just your FISTS.

It’s probably Izo…

Lan-hime should issue a royal decree…

Yeah make it official.

Poor Shoko has to be the bearer of bad news…

You mean Heroes…

Okay now we have a yuri harem.


Take THAT Los Angeles!

Well don’t pack your bags just yet I have reason to fear that we will not get an Endless Eight of MadokaxLanxMuginami…

Regal as ever.

I think Lan needs to be this girl’s patron.

You may want to rethink that outfit…

That was intentional…

I hope Lan is better at fencing than kendo…

I approve of Muginami training a militia, surely there is a point to all this combat training in the school curriculum…

Yeah go GET ‘EM.

Poor Souta…

Hopefully that drink will fill him with courage or at least indiscretion.

Now Souta is wondering how he ended up as a third wheel…


There will be another day to work this out…

Perhaps that kiss will have to wait…

If only she could get a billet with SMS.

I am glad Lan was able to dole out gifts to her adoring public.

Yeah there is more to saving the world than robots you need the power of YURI LOVE…

Hey roll with it…

Yeah and that would be…?

I guess she was more interested in mecha.

I admit I am a bit disappointed too…

Poor Shoko can’t catch a break…

It seems there is a bit more mystery to this tale…

Come to think of it if time stood still for her in Rinne, Asteria wouldn’t have known what had gone on for the last 20,000 years.

Something dangerous…perhaps on par with the One Ring of the Dark Lord…

More dread and fell than a Nazgul…

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  1. Whatsht
    Posted August 29, 2012 at 10:05 pm | Permalink

    The legend speaks of one machine that caused the tragedy, but there are 3 of them, so is it 1 of the 3 or the 3 combines into that 1 machine?

    I keep hearing Crea whenever Asteria, that voice is so similar…

    • Whatsht
      Posted August 29, 2012 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

      *whenever Asteria talks

    • Crusader
      Posted August 30, 2012 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

      Maybe they will combine…that would be kind of cool, but if that’s the case then who were Asteria’s companions?

  2. MrTerrorist
    Posted August 30, 2012 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    My morale is broken. While these Lagrange post are keeping me alive, the lack of Muv Luv posts have destroyed the Emperor’s battle spirit within me.

    PS: The cake by Her Majesty Lan will do for now.

    • Crusader
      Posted August 30, 2012 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

      Yeah, I am doing my best but being an adult has been sucking up my free time, I hope to manage to do something during the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

      Lan-hime can order me to eat cake any day. I am very glad that Director-san has received the green light for another project. Hopefully she will find fame across the galaxy.

  3. Posted August 30, 2012 at 3:37 pm | Permalink

    Silly girls, you can’t make a peace pact when there are still five episodes left. Don’t you know how anime works?

    Sorry boy, the Jersey Club is girls-only. And once in the Jersey Club, always in the Jersey Club.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

      It’s more than a club, its a way of life.

  4. Posted September 5, 2012 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

    Thiis show guys, this show!!

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

      This show definitely needs more love.

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