Tari Tari – 09: Heroes Wanted

I guess that’s one way to save on shipping…

Wein steps up to the plate and seizes the mantle of Red Ranger. I am a bit bewildered by why they don’t go into a childhood memory for Wein off the bat but maybe he has more baggage than meets the eye. I suspect that Jan could be very ill or if nothing else seems to have moved since Wein left. Hopefully Jan is still around as Wein hasn’t moved, but the lack of correspondence is cause for some concern. Sawa seems to have moved on from the rejection letter. I am sure that Wakana and Konatsu will help Sawa forget the disappointment. Shiho seems to be ruling the local merchant guild with a steadier hand and makes the Music and Sometimes Badminton Club an offer they cannot refuse. The money is nice but Wein is in it to be a hero of justice.

Hopefully Wein being a sentai otaku will be played for a little bit more than laughs given how Wein isn’t laughing much when it comes to Jan. Naoko might be the most prickly person with ties to Mahiru, but Shiho seems to have stashed away plenty of mementos from her younger days. We haven’t seen much of Konatsu’s mother yet, but Shiho has been a fine future Mother-in-Law to Konatsu and Wakana. Tragic as Mahiru’s death was I am glad that Shiho will serve as a living link to the past for Wakana. Wakana didn’t get to have a good heart to heart with her mother but in her more mellow state she does seem to get along well with Shiho.

Wakana and Sawa seem to be getting closer with every passing episode and I could not be any happier. Taichi seems intent on keeping his shoddy diction intact, but at least he was able to sense Wein’s troubles even as women remain a mystery to him. I was surprised at how passionate Wein was when he challenged Sawa for the right to be the Red Ranger. I think Sawa would have done fine, but Wein did find enough fire to ward off Sawa. I hope Sawa will enjoy being the Green Ranger, Wakana is right that her figure is fine and no doubt Wakana will have plenty of opportunities to admire it. Besides it is not as if Shiho can’t alter the suit that or Sawa can make the alterations herself.

I wonder what machinations the owner of the school is plotting because as much as I dislike Naoko’s stance on Konatsu, Naoko isn’t completely vile. The Principal seems to have been cowed with the threat of being fired, but I wonder what heavy handed change will be made by the owner. In that regard I suspect that the music program is in for a bit of trouble if Naoko, self-proclaimed Defender of the Music, read through a whole ream of legalese. Naoko hasn’t been much of a nurturing person and certainly she could be a little nicer to Konatsu and Wakana. Perhaps this looming issue will give Naoko that chance. I am curious as to why Naoko and Shiho haven’t been seen together yet; I would assume that they were friends once since both seemed close to Mahiru. Well whatever happens next I hope that Naoko will not be trying to block Sawa and co. from working for an honest day’s pay.

We can always have you play a mute.

I want one that involves Wakana and Sawa.

Yeah time to upgrade to a tablet.

I see someone heard of Lan-hime’s royal decree.

In this economy who wouldn’t want a job?

But you can trust Sawa’s mom…

Who wouldn’t?

It seems that in ye olde days Shiho was a local hero.

That’s not bad…about $380 USD.

Because Wakana looks up to you.

Good a time as any…

Help her, Sawa-chan. You are her only hope…

Yeah, Sheryl’s Hopes and Dreams do keep the world turning. Yes you are right…sir.

I guess they were all treating Wein like a sack of potatoes…

Yeah I guess Wein just put himself out of the Wakana sweepstakes. Sawa is most relieved.

I am sure that she will LISTEN TO YOUR SONG where ever she is now.

Shiho is already acting like a mother in law…

Welcome to the family! The Okita clan has some quirky practices…

Wakana is making a b-line for Pink…

I am surprised that Wein challenged Sawa for leadership.

Sawa was wise to back off, Wein seems to be really passionate about being Red.

Sky Blue, Grass Green…

I really could use some Hi Chew…

Good luck selling vegetables to kids…

Embarrassed Wakana is fine too.

Yes, she would!

Funny how Taichi can sense Wein’s emotions but his a complete dullard when it comes to women.

Well at least they didn’t make Jan an English-man.

I hope you do kid.

He’s here’s out there somewhere.

You’re probably better off flopping on the ground that thrusting out your butt…

I am sure you can ask Shiho to make the alteration…

Field Goal is good…

I am glad that they did not demand a hand out.

It’s unfortunate that the school is playing favorites…

Clearly that mouse wasn’t living in the Vatican…

Sawa got to the point in a hurry.

Good thing too as Naoko was distracted.

All too easy.

Sawa sensed a disturbance in the yuri…

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  1. Zorapup
    Posted August 30, 2012 at 11:17 pm | Permalink

    Loved the captions!

    When I first saw Jan I actually couldn’t help but find him cute. And then I couldn’t believe he was 6. (Since if he’s 7 now, he must be 6 in the flashback). Looks kinda old for 6 honestly.

    I’m actually waiting to see who Taichi ends up with.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

      Taichi will end up with his racket and gym bag, or it could be that he hasn’t discovered girls yet.

  2. Posted August 31, 2012 at 2:58 pm | Permalink

    Compared to the mysteries of the female mind, male feelings are relatively easy to read. The girls would have noticed if they weren’t so busy with each other.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

      I guess for most of the Choir Club boys are sacks of potatoes and hardly worthy of attention, that said Taichi has come off as rather insensitive.

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