Rinne no Lagrange S2 – 09: Dizelmine’s D-Day

How about “I do” ?

Moid be a moving, but thankfully Queen Asteria Maycun is still on the job and is set on hunting him down, unfortunately Dizelmine has some yandere left in him. I don’t know how sordid the history is for the Villabulio and Dizie but clearly the latter has plenty of hurt feelings that Moid was able to exploit. I am glad that they are bringing in a bit of mystery with what happened 20k years ago, there was a diaspora but how Earth “died” should be interesting to see. Unfortunately for the Jersey Club this means that they will have to fight again, worse still Dizelmine has a real invasion fleet heading towards earth. Lan-hime will likely face some hard decisions when she sorties, but I hope out hope that Queen Asteria Maycun will reclaim her right to the throne of La Garite.

While Kiri Kiri and Array are leaving for home, I hope that they will comeback guns blazing and hopefully with some more friends once they get wind of Dizelmine’s invasion. I can’t fault them for being overly optimistic and homesick, it’s been a long time and they have obligations of their own to meet. However, I am unsure if Array is really fixed of his brokenness, I just don’t think that one can simply fix themselves after all that. Hopefully next time Kiri Kiri will do as he is told and not worry about aesthetics so much, I have had to scrape barnacles off of engines and hulls and it is a smelly time consuming job.

I am glad that Izo plans on staying though I hope that Sachi will make her move soon. Otherwise her dear old dad might force the issue. If nothing else at least one lackey will be staying behind to help out Hiroshi and obey Madoka’s commands. I wonder what the Jersey Club wagered amongst themselves, but that point is moot because Hiroshi cried first and thus all bets were void. Lan and Muginami plan on going home but I hope they find some way to stay and keep Madoka company. With Dizelmine going nuts, it seems that Lan-hime might be called upon to rebuild La Garite unless Queen Asteria Maycun takes the throne and unites the Polyhedron under her beneficent rule.

Madoka might be saving the Earth and winning wars, but whe is making Machiko’s life difficult. I understand not knowing what you want to do after school but it’s just one assignment and surely Madoka can come up with enough jobs that maybe just one of them would stick. Still there is time for Madoka to realize that she just wants to be a hero and put that onto the sheet. Luck is on her side though as Machiko won a trip for two to a spa, and hopefully the night of Yoko and Machiko that goes on forever and ever will provide Madoka with ample time to do her homework.

Queen Asteria will have a big fight on her hands and hopefully once the dust settles she can extract a straight answer from Moid. If Dizelmine thinks that he is going to invade with little resistance then he is greatly mistaken as the Once and Future Queen of La Garite will make her presence felt.

Madoka likes to live for the moment.

I like how they are unable to separate Array from his meido outfit.

You mean Queen Maycun.

Oh so technically you can legitimately depose Dizelmine….

Yeah make sure you depose of those barnacles, otherwise they will stink up the place.

Say it ain’t so…say it ain’t so.

Or you can call him dad…

Madoka has mastered the art of evasion.

Iwabuchi sensei is serious!

I sense that this was a fix…

By Royal Decree I assume…

Wai Wai! Yuri dayto!

Christmas came early…

A distinct possibility.

Does Kiri Kiri have any tears?

I think that is a lock.


One of the better aspects of traveling.

She’s been dreaming of you two tonight…

Good to see that she didn’t forget her roots.

That might be harder than you think…

Now and forever.

But you will always be 17.

Oh so Digiburio is now Dizie’s lackey?

Ask him what his favorite color is….

It must be love…

Beware of small shiny objects…

No wrath like a monarch scorned…

When Yaoi goes wrong…

Damn…I did not see that one coming…

At least they all cried…

Well at least no money was lost.

Yes but what nameless terror will he pilot?

Yeah but no one seems to know why it isn’t still dead…

At least Madoka, Muginami, and Lan can’t possibly miss.

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  1. Posted September 7, 2012 at 2:03 pm | Permalink

    Not going into work (flying robots is work) or education? That leaves either NEETing or housewifery, and as I couldn’t see Madoka being a NEET in a million years, housewife it is! I think she’s thinking of being with both Muginami and Lan, but long-distance relationships are hard enough when you aren’t married. Since they both seem to be fixed on going to different planets and not Brazil, Madoka might have a chose to make.

    I’d have to say Lan is the right choice in such a situation. Not only is she more attached to Madoka specifically, she’s also gotten all the yuri moments, Muginami having split during the last episode of last season. Madoka and Lan also complement each other much more than Muginami does with either. And, as I figure Dizelmine is going to die, Lan is going to have a lot on her shoulders, Maycun currently being effectively queen of Earth and all, and is going to need all the support she can get. (Actually, that might be a good “in” for Muginami to leave her planet, too…)

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:29 pm | Permalink

      Madoka will figure it out, besides if all else fails she can run BWH with the lackeys.

  2. Anon
    Posted September 8, 2012 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Er..I’m pretty sure they’re not going for any explicit yuri relationships here. You could even say the three girls are straight by default and anything implied will remain so forever. It’s how it’s always been and how it always will be.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:28 pm | Permalink

      I just don’t see how the three lackeys are going to draw any attention let alone affection. Besides I find being straight as the default setting to be rather prejudiced given the lack of evidence, but feel free to see it that way. Also it’s not like Madoka has been kissing any of her lackeys.

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