Tari Tari 10- 11: Winningest Wein

Love will never die.

Wein had is day in the sun and while most of the Shopping District Ranger act was goofy and silly, at least it was fun, even if the Choral Club was dying to rat them out. Quite why the Choral Club needs to worry about what others are doing is beyond me but the bitch that leads them needs to be punched in the mouth. The Choral Club shouldn’t have any beef whatsoever as they get paid for doing nothing to start, but I guess the privileged know-it-alls take issue with an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Wein might never be the hero he wants to be but at least he is not lacking for courage with this big time tackle against a thief. There is low and then there is rock bottom low, and stealing from a student is pretty damn low in my estimation. I bet the thief was working in league with the Choral Club as there wasn’t going to be a lot of money in there.

Nao might have to play surrogate mother to Wakana for a bit as she is the last kindred soul that was linked to Mahiru. I am not sure about writing good songs but I can see why you can’t really crank out good music like a machine. It has to come from somewhere though I wonder what kind of heartache Nao went through after Mahiru graduated. Unfortunately for Nao the demolition of the school is already under way as the Landlord is a money grubbing tart who cancelled the school festival and may have just killed a great fantasy epic. I hope that fucker chokes on molten gold or molten silver or something. Still there is plenty of time to stop the land grab and even if it gets built I hope that there will be few takers since the population in general is decline and then there are money woes but big time brilliant Kapitalist is thinking big during a recession.

I held out some hope for Konatsu’s fantasy epic. I particularly like how the boys were relegated to being frogs and the pricne role was scrapped entirely. Wein Might not be getting a kiss to be a prince but at least he seems to be very good at arts and crafts. Even if he isn’t living off the blood and sweat of peasants, he can always get an honest job as a craftsman. Sawa wants to be a jockey badly but there is no denying that she is good at choreography and dance, and even that dunce Taichi took notice though I am sure that he will get a beating if Sawa ever found out what he was plotting. Taichi can never catch a break, he always seems to put his foot in his mouth. This time he proved that he really has no artistic talent and was more than willing to take stalker pictures of Sawa to make up for his lack of talent. Quite why it took Taichi so long to realize that Sawa was AWESOME is a mystery but I guess he finally came around. Sadly if Taichi wants to act on his newfound infatuation he’s going to have to go for a Hail Mary confession with one episode to go.

Konatsu had a hell of an episode, not only did she pen a sure fire classic, but she put the Choral Club president in their place. Yes their incho is unthinking drone, she might be able to sing a song but she will never excel in music. If anything the Incho’s inability to rally her club is a scathing indictment of her ability to lead. I just think that the Choral Club president is just jealous of Konatsu for having more leadership skills and the ability to do more with less. If only the incho were as dedicated to her own club as she was trying to put down Konatsu. I personally enjoyed how she was forced to shut the fuck up.

There may be no festival but Wakana has finished her song with help from Sawa, even if there is no venue there is still some value in it as Shiho will likely need it for the next Shopping District Promotion.

Don’t be coy Wakana…

Now click your heels.

I am surprised they still have a boom box…

All hands on deck, BATTLE STATIONS!

They were two short of being the Flab Five.

The best of the West.


With time this Konatsu will soon be throwing rocket punches.

It was a back breaking attack.

Konatsu is clearly a case of “size matters not…”

Beaten, but not bloodied…

Call for desperate measures…

I was hoping for a more intricate costume…Surely Shiho is too good to be mere cannon fodder.

Maybe you should see a doctor there skip…

Hey you signed it…should have read it…

Midnight Tea Party of Night that goes on Forever and Ever?


The wonders of cassette tapes…

Well it’s not like Naoko took kindly to Mahiru marrying…

I think we might need to run a paternity test…

Yeah we need to finish that SONG.

Say anything…

It’s confession time…

Yes as St. Patrick once preached just do it.

You need a little love.

But you are going to make the most of it.

Well material treasure anyway…

Clerics and Bards go hand in hand.

Damn right. Who’s going to tank for you guys?

Quest Log updated…

Think of them not as frogs, but as familiars.

There are no princes…they were all eaten by a dragon.

For the Archives.

Any love letter you write is just dandy Wakana.

No doubt Shiho will be recording all of it.

Wakana likes bullying Konatsu too.

I wonder is Wein plays Warhammer and 40k…

The stench of failure was felt by all…

Yeah, it seems that Taichi has less artistic talent than a three year old.

Unfortunately this scoundrel’s interest in Sawa is ignoble and lecherous…

Good to know that Sawa can do more than the robot and safety dance.

It took Taichi a while to notice Sawa’s HAWTNESS.

I don’t get it you are building condos in the middle of a recession?

Ueno was Konatsu’s only friend in the Choral Club.

Jealous much?

As I said before…unthinking drone…

Professional dumbass…

You tell ‘em Konatsu!

Admittedly such a decision is simple and easy.


Due to the greed of one no less…

Too bad they can’t all be sent to a Kriegs Academy.

Shiho will not support this blatant cash grab.

Onee-chan doesn’t like it either…

Konatsu still cares.

That you are…

Sawa will always LISTEN TO YOUR SONG.

I predict a platinum single.

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  1. peterII
    Posted September 16, 2012 at 8:52 pm | Permalink

    isn’t his name Wien like the city?


  2. Posted September 17, 2012 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

    Meh, Japan has been in a recession since the end of the 80’s. What I don’t get is how they get more money from a bunch of condos, apparently in some podunk town, than they do with a prestigious school where they have to be charging a fortune for tuition. Demographics are changing, sure, but not that fast.

    • Posted September 17, 2012 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

      I take that back; apparently they already are closing schools, according to the J-list blog for today (I’d link it, except it changes three times a week and I don’t know if there’s an archive). Though he says they generally turn them into community centers, which makes more sense than condos, anyways.

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