Rinne no Lagrange S2 – 10: Tainted Heart

Digiburio is not a Galactic Hero…

Well I did not see Dizelmine being the tainted heart coming, well played Moid, well played. Guivini really dropped the ball on this one. Instead of sharing his bits of intel with anyone else it seems that the ever faithless dog chose to be keep faith at the worst possible time. Clearly Guivini is no Galactic hero and can barely pilot let alone command a fleet. Whatever Dizelmine’s faults are he is anything but a slouch and his attack achieved total surprise. I am not sure why Dizie wants to kill Guivini so bad, but it could be that back on U-Go Guivini did something he shouldn’t have and now Dizie is rip roaring and ready to tear out Villabulio’s throat.

Once again it falls to the Jersey Club to set things right again and since Madoka is girl of action, completely forgot about her vow of non-violence. Not only did Madoka sortie she kicked Dizelmine in the head after psychically telling her lackeys Array and Kiri Kiri to return. I hope that during the encore that Madoka will also be kicking Dizie in the pants and punching Moid in the mouth. Madoka’s awesomeness was not limited to kicking upstart monarchs in the head though, as she was rather busy on other fronts. I cannot see how Madoka’s affections and empathy for Lan could be construed as weird, in fact it should be praised as glorious as once again the perils of yaoi came to a head.

I don’t know what happened between the two knuckle dragging monarchs but I think Dizelmine could have simply gone yandere on Villaguilio. Guivini doesn’t help himself much at all by calling Grania old, stabbing Dizie in the back, and dumping Muginami. Perhaps the False King of De Metrio is on a quest to be forever alone, but I doubt that a man with no plan could even do that much. Guivini does one thing well though and that is getting his ass whupped. The beat down that Dizelmine delivered was nothing short of the behind the shed mauling that you’d give someone who stole something. Guivni may have put it behind him but I wonder what act of infamy fuels Dizelmine’s world breaking tainted heart. Did anything really happen or was it all Moid?

Moid leering at everyone means that more shit will be flying in the coming episodes and as the setbacks mount I am becoming ever more certain that Queen Asteria Maycun will deliver a back hand blow that will be long remembered.  I have to hand it to the three lackeys for showing up and kicking ass in the name of Madoka’s realm. They have been house broken nicely though I am a bit dismayed that Array wasn’t quite his broken self. At least Kiri Kiri has mastered the art of negotiation from Queen Asteria.

Lan is going to be in for a bit of heartache, Dizelmine is seemingly too far gone as Moid’s thrall that salvation might not come unless Yurikano saves his tainted heart. Thankfully though, Muginami and Lan have buried the hatchet and are more than able to plot secret sorties. It is a good thing that Madoka is so loving and forgiving as those two really should stop keeping secrets from Madoka. Madoka is not the sharpest tool in the shed but it seems that she has Patrick’s luck and the same indefatigable will, besides Madoka knows them too well to be fooled for very long.

The end game looks to be action packed and will likely continue to ooze fun. The end of the universe is nigh, will the Jersey Club marry? Who will win Yoko’s heart? How many teeth will Moid still have or will the bastard be sucking his yogurt down a straw after Queen Asteria Maycun delivers her final judgement?

Apparently you need to give him a royal ass kicking…

Yes make it two!

Yeah Grania morphing into Granny.

Granted Villabulio’s schemes often do lack imagination.

Madoka wants to go for three.

There should be no secret dates.

After Moid gets his ass kicked back into 20,000 years ago maybe Lan should entertain children.

Must be sympathy…

Sympathetic Telepathy?

No it sounds ROMANTIC.

Touching me…touching you…


Well leaving early was kind of Lax…

What you should have been doing, duh…

What about Sachi…?

Also Madoka and Asteria would bring in the PAIN.

Asteria did teach him a thing or two about negotiating.

Give Array a meido outfit!

Too late, I can already see the strings.

You read his diary…

Some how I don’t think it was all you…

Spoken like a true politician…

Dizie did not take kindly to Digigurio’s “Harem Night” faux pas.

Lan-hime is not happy…

Yes who the hell are you anyway?


I like it when a kick connects especially when it goes to the head.

I wonder if Moid is even human…

Who is “them”?

Oh so it was a case of school bullying.

Just because you forget doesn’t mean he did…

When Bromance goes wrong…

Wait does this mean that Villabuilio had Dizie killed or did Guivini kill his pet dog?

At least this time Queen Asteria Maycun is in a better position to stop this.

Somewhere out in Rinne, Yurikano is crying.

Mecha is back on the menu.

Well it hasn’t happened yet, there is still time.

Good to see that their unity has not been undermined.

From this moment on I declare Lan to be the Queen of Le Garite.

A demon named Unrequited Yaoi…

I did not see this one coming…Dizelmine is the tainted heart? So was Moid butthurt over something Asteria did?

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  1. Whatsht
    Posted September 14, 2012 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

    A roundhouse kick to the head, in a giant robot, Madoka is awesome.

    Looks like Voxes are Evas in disguise.

    • Ressy
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 1:24 am | Permalink

      God I hope not, that’d mean they ran on souls, blood, and emo.

      • Crusader
        Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

        Don’t forget Tang was well.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:31 pm | Permalink

      I hope not, it would be tragic if Madoka’s mum was killed just to make Midori. Also the Voxes at least don’t require power cords or batteries. You could make that argument for that thing Dizie is piloting though, we all know EVAs are powered by tainted hearts.

      • Whatsht
        Posted September 15, 2012 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

        Pretty sure Voxes run on emotions, for Madoka and the others, it’s friendship while Dizel’s run on hatred.

        • Crusader
          Posted September 16, 2012 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

          Possible but I’d rather believe that the Jersey Club Voxes run on love.

  2. Posted September 15, 2012 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    Googlevideo is going to be OK. That armor can take a buttload of punishment, and a rather pathetic stomp shouldn’t hurt it much. Dizzy’s just crazy.

    Really, stompy-time seemed more Eureka Seven than Eva, which was more om-nom.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 15, 2012 at 7:33 pm | Permalink

      Yeah I’ll give you that though there is plenty of time for Dizie to get the munchies…

  3. Posted September 18, 2012 at 10:13 pm | Permalink

    This season end to quick. I will miss Maru a lot, in few year the nostalgic will be painfull

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