Tari Tari – 12: The Velvet Underground


I guess there is no low that the landlord will not stoop to, it’s such a shame that Sawa can’t trample him to death after riding him down. It’s bad enough he’s taking down the school, but now he’s stealing building material and taking their lunch money. If the bastard gets strung up on a light pole I for one would spit on the corpse and let his secretary eat his rotting flesh. Still while the lesser students are already surrendering the Choir Club has rallied and recruited some allies for their glorious cause. Konatsu might be the smallest of them but she was on fire this episode getting the sewing, art, and some other club to go along with her plans. Hirohata got rolled yet again but it’s a good thing for her that Konatsu is more than willing to forgive. I hope that Hirohata repays Konatsu’s kindness and makes amends for all of her past transgressions.

Taichi has few things going for him outside of badminton, but while he can barely operate a sewing machine he is really good at garnering help. With the sewing club on board the costumes should result in something sensational. Taichi might have wanted to go behind Sawa’s back but at least he worked up the nerve to ask her. Sawa did the smart thing and wasn’t too flustered, in fact dictating the picture she gave was a brilliant move as it averted any need for Taichi to try and possibly get away with one that she would not have approved of. Taichi must be feeling elated right now, he got Sawa to cooperate, got the help he needed, and to top it off got the best shot of Sawa while giving the stalker the fourth tier shot. Taichi might be an awkward teenager, but at least he is capable of being sly. I guess there is time for Taichi to go all in with his new found admiration for Sawa, perhaps the Hail Mary Confession isn’t off the table yet.

Wakana and Naoko seem to have had a bit of bonding going on. I think I can see why Naoko became so embittered as she never had the confidence to go for a music career like Mahiru. Naoko settled for something easier and now really regrets it as the school is the verge of closing. Mahiru would always have her songs but Naoko thought that she only had the Choral Club and that song she tried to hide away. Hopefully Nao can find something to strive for now that Wakana has brought her around to face her past. I guess deep down Naoko had a fundamental disagreement with Mahiru when it came song writing and saw much of the same when it came to Konatsu’s unrelenting zeal.

Wein took the destruction of his work in stride even though Taichi should have caught it earlier or at least bothered to check. I am surprised that he remains optimistic and pulled off an all-nighter after sifting through all that refuse. Hopefully his hard work will pay off as the Choir Club attempts to have a guerilla musical, even if the rich old bastard has gotten wind of their plans, he doesn’t seem like the diligent type and seems to be leaning on a wavering principal to do his dirty work.

Shiho may yet rally the town to resist the land grab as pricey condos with no new jobs in a recession will likely result in an empty building. Just because the old bastard is rich doesn’t mean he knows shit about business as his laziness smacks of him being a trust fund baby. Next week is a show down and if the rich bastard thinks that his money will save him from Konatsu he will be in for a rude shock. Who knows maybe he will crumble after being called old and ugly. Hopefully the Sewing and Art clubs will have fun contributing to Konatsu’s epic, but if not at least stalker-kun got his picture.

Taichi so popular…

More like stealing building materials…

Sawa sensed a stalker…

Should be guys…

Sawa in your case it almost comes naturally.

Taichi can barely contain himself.

Good to see that Sawa was smart enough to not only dictate what she gave, she also put forth conditions and penalties…

Oh is see that Taichi is keeping the good one for himself…

It will be Sabure doing the trampling…

Oh so now the damn Kapitalist is taking their lunch money too?!

DAMN RIGHT KID, no old bastard is going to kick you around.

What do you mean “we” more like YOU!


Yeah, come on teacher’s pet! DO SOMETHING!

All in.

Good to see that someone else has a spine.

How few heroes remain…

Pathetic…all the sports clubs proved that they will always suck, not a man among them.

The Unstoppable Force.

I commend them for not letting a bit of garbage get their way.

If only Nao ran away to join Mahiru’s band.

No, it was that you loved music less, and you lacked confidence…


Yes, Nao is your father…

It adds character.

She was just a wish
She was just….a wish
And her memory is all that is left for you now…

You are all Wakana has.

I am not sure if Taichi counts as hard-working…

Don’t forget that sharing is caring…

LOL Wein says the darnest things.

Show a little competence already…

Wein is so nice to Taichi.

Perhaps Konatsu should have just drawn the set herself and told Taichi to trace and color it…

I guess Taichi wasn’t cut out for sewing machines.

Poor girl.

Shiho will show that money grubbing old fart who really runs this town.

Good to see that Konatsu is not charging.

Konatsu must be Ueno’s biggest fan.

Bitch you don’t even have a wrist watch…

Konatsu wants to alert the Zentradi so they can trample that old fart developer.

She is lucky that Konatsu is so loving.


More like you won’t…

Right now old man you are that sad adult…

I’d rather toast over your grave, and then shit on it.

IF you had any guts you’d crack that bottle over that bastard’s head.

I see the ancient tart fears crayon drawings, Shiho is going to tear him to shreds…

No, it is an invitation to burn down his buildings, slit his throat and put his underlings to the sword!

Even the Gods approve!

Good to see that things are better now.


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  1. Posted September 18, 2012 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    Nah dude, Taichi gave the creeper the good picture. The other one was some staged “look at me I’m so cute” pic that any girl can do, while the other one was her natural self, which even Taichi can appreciate.

    Damn Konatsu is short.

    • Crusader
      Posted September 18, 2012 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

      Are you suggesting that Sawa is just any girl? BLASPHEMY!

      • Posted September 19, 2012 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

        I’m suggesting quite the opposite; it was her natural state that truly caught the eye of both Taichi and Creeper. Most girls can make themselves photogenic with the right poses and camera angles, but not every one can look just as good from any angle, while in motion.

        • Crusader
          Posted September 25, 2012 at 7:00 am | Permalink

          I think Sawa had a right to dictate what picture should be given to stalker-kun. Also we must be honest some people are beyond the help of camera angles.

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