Tari Tari – 13 (Final): Immaculate Confession?


I am going to miss Tari Tari, it wasn’t the most drama filled show of the season but it was oddly relaxing and mostly feel good. The last episode concluded things rather nicely and overall this show was consistent, there was to be no miracle to save the school and the replacement school festival wasn’t the grand affair that is should have been. The Rich Old Bastard wins and gets his overpriced housing units, but he lost the old man fight and was forcibly relieved of his pants. Fortunately for him he forgot to wear his thong, unfortunately that image probably made a few laps around the internet. Naoko made up for all the trouble she caused Konatsu and then some. Not only does Naoko send the low rent mall cops in full retreat she brings along the Choral Club and Music club to the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club’s aid. It was a magical if low budget show and while Wein has done comparatively little, he does manage to upstage Taichi by crowning himself the Prince of Frogs.

While Sawa’s departure was literally muted I like how we are left to wonder if Taichi actually confessed or if he simply said the sappiest thing he could come up with. Certainly it seems that a confession is possible given how Konatsu and Wakana are picking on him, but I wonder what was Sawa’s response was. I think that Taichi managed to do it and if he was shot down he took it rather well. It was not as if Taichi had been nursing his crush for a long time, and he certainly can be faulted for acting at so late an hour.

Regrets seem to be the main theme of the show, and having it during their senior year accentuates the point. Even some of the adults had regrets but eventually the Choir Club became adults when they went all in and decided to avoid the regret. Naoko eventually got over her regret and so did the principal. Living with regrets is natural but they should be avoided where possible especially when it boils down to a question of willingness and not capability. Wakana had by far the longest road to travel as she had the most growing to do and really had to come to terms about the circumstances that led to her mother’s death. It wasn’t what she wanted but Mahiru wanted what she thought was best for Wakana. In many ways Wakana was similar to Naoko in that they both felt inferior and frustrated at times with Mahiru. While the disparity in talent level is debatable, Mahiru undeniably maximized what talents she had while Naoko and Wakana were struggling to master their talents.

Konatsu found her stride early and proved that it’s not always the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Even if Konatsu never gets the chance to sing professionally at least she has leadership and organizational skills. Konatsu might never claim to be the best singer of the lot but certainly she is the catalyst for the whole group. It’s not easy over coming stage fight but Konatsu did an amicable job and while she wasn’t terribly combative from the outset she was able to maximize her aggression and get the better of the Choral Club.

Sawa probably had the most serious issue out of the lot, and she certainly had more missteps. Weight might seem like a trivial issue to most but there is no denying that women are under a lot of pressure to look good and conform to varying standards of beauty. For an athlete there is more pressure since it does factor into draft stock and recruitment offers for athletic scholarships. Taichi was rather blunt and tactless in his observation that Sawa was perfectly healthy, but as a student athlete he should have known better. Sawa didn’t get a fair shake in Japan but she will get a fair shake overseas, it will be a longshot but at least she will get the chance to compete. Also knowing a second language should help her in finding a backup plan.

Taichi and Wein had fewer problems that they could actually control and of the two Taichi had everything together when it came to life after high school. Wein found Jan, and Taichi probably found enough courage to tell Sawa how special she is. Taichi avoided most of his regret but it could still come back to bite him. Sawa will likely keep in touch but long distance will be a hindrance. Konatsu did me proud and got into college, and I suppose Wakana stuck with music.

Final Thoughts: It’s a low key show and not everyone is going to like it given how little fanfare slice of life gets. It was low on comedy, even if it had its moments, and while the drama was there it was never overly thick or drawn out. That said it probably won’t be on many people’s radar for best show of the season. The animation was crisp as is usual and if nothing else it at least had one comical old man fight and we don’t get much of those.

Final Grade: B


It’s not like you show up to work anyway…

Apparently Rich Bastard got his mall cops on the cheap, they left for half a bag of chips.

Naoko cleared the skies, I just hope she rains on old bastard’s parade.

I see that he doesn’t know anybody…

That was quick.

Sorry but Ueno-san is Konatsu’s waifu.

I see that Naoko was able to do more with less. I just can’t wait for the 60 minutes special on how old bastard got broke and is living in a box.

Konatsu had a bad feeling…

Taichi got upstaged…

Konatsu saw her Epic turn into dinner theater…

And it’s all the Prince Frog’s fault!

Brake time’s over heroes, back to saving the world.

Naoko finally found a good stage.

Konatsu accepts your apology Ms. Hirohata.

Thank you sewing club, thank you.

Shameless, shameless badminton photo bomb.

Konatsu knew you would show up.

At least you get to collect your last paycheck and are free to take a good swing at your former boss.

For posterity, also you might want to look over what stalker-san has on his phone.

The wonders of technology…


At least Sawa has the horse whispering down.

Konatsu likes to jinx her competition.

Maybe, but if you own your own team you can go where ever the hell you want.

Konatsu and Wakana wanted to try it on the giving end.

Give’em Hell kid.

Poor Konatsu…

Konatsu will always be waiting for you.

Wakana too.

Remember you can always go back home.

Good to see that dad came around.

I am pretty sure that this was a Hail Mary Confession…

Sawa was surprised that Taichi didn’t try confessing under some tree…

And Sawa accepted the Call Me Maybe.

We all have talent, but not all of us maximize it.

At least it was not all of the time.

Speaking of Hail Mary Confessions I think Wakana should propose to the megane to her left.

I see that great minds prank alike…

Sawa has such generous parents, Wakana’s dad doesn’t even have to fumble with a camera and camcorder.


Because in Wein’s world 1+1=3…

Konatsu is having too much fun establishing the pecking order…

I don’t know if you accepted Taichi but at least you didn’t crush him.

I hope Naoko finds a university gig.

Wein went back to his natural environment.

Konatsu is such a popular girl…

I am glad to see that All Woman Wakana grew out her pony tail.

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  1. Posted October 5, 2012 at 2:15 pm | Permalink

    Sewing club gets a good grade from me for perfectly using Wakana’s uniform in her costume. That was pretty inspired. Konatsu’s looks like something one might see in an Atelier game, almost exactly. Too bad Sawa’s wasn’t nearly as good.

    Taichi, the time to confess to a girl is not mere moments before you may never see her again. Some things you have to get off your chest, but some things are better left unsaid.

    • Crusader
      Posted October 6, 2012 at 1:32 am | Permalink

      Well Taichi avoided the regret even if he was able to hide behind distance should the rejection come swift. I’d give him credit for at least trying even if he was a knuckle head who couldn’t see it until the 11th hour.

  2. Zorapup
    Posted October 7, 2012 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    Rich Bastard’s assistant looks like she wants to laugh when she’s holding that umbrella in the third picture.

    I always found PA works to fall just a bit short of being great. Even with Hanasaku Iroha, I ended up losing interest somewhere in between and picking it up later. Granted the end was good, I felt like it lacked something.

    Tari tari was good in the sense that anime with a group of 5, (3 girls and two guys) in high school [see Kokoro Connect] seem to create interesting friendships/dramas/problems. Seems like the ideal number to create shenanigans and memories of high school.

    The end makes me curious to some extent but it was a good anime overall. I agree with the grade.

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