Girls un Panzer 07-08: Upgrades, the Musical

She made that bouquet for you…

I got caught up with work last week, but now is a good a time as any to celebrate the addition of a Char B1 and more importantly the upgrade to Ausf F2. The KwK 40/L43 is a major upgrade from the 75 short, I would have lobbied harder for a KwK 40/L48 but at least the L43 is good anti-tank option. The Char B1 bis was a good early heavy tank but against T-34/85s and an IS-2 I do not think that the Char B1 is going to make much of an impression. Still that 75mm howitzer is more than enough to deal with the T-34s at point blank and if nothing else it can blow up any cover that Pravda is trying to use. Though I wonder if it is permissible for the shots to count but not have to kill the crew as normally would be the case when using low velocity HE against armor.

I literally jumped when I heard Pravda do a rendition of Katyusha. I didn’t think that they would break into song but I applaud them for it. Now if only we can fit in Lili Marlene and Panzerlied I would be one happy tank geek. Pravda is really throwing in the kitchen sink if they brought in an IS-2 and a KV-2. The IS-2 is the most lethal tank on the field, which kind of makes the KV-2 mainly a bunker buster that should be able to blow up a house or two. Katyusha and Nona played their hands well by using bait to encourage an over eager Oorai team to give chase. In ruthless fashion Kayusha sacrificed her T-34/76s to draw Oorai into an ambush that almost achieved total surprise.

Miho lost tactical control and to be honest she should not have allowed the elan of her fellows to cloud their reason. Wiping out Anzio was not much of an accomplishment since Anzio was under-gunned and used Italian armor. Against the superior T-34s Miho should have lobbied against aggression despite the perceived benefits of high morale. Now they are all holed up in a church with nowhere to run. Pravda only lost a few T-34s most of which were the 76mm variant, using the town to perform the ambush make the IS-2 more dangerous as speed is not going to factor in much in dense terrain. Getting the mobility kill on the StuG III was just icing, and unless Oorai can affect repairs the StuG III is going to be extremely limited in combat effectiveness.

We should have known that Oorai was going to overplay their hand the minute Decisive Strike was mentioned. Those don’t exist and they played right into Pravda’s hands. Glorious Nippon Samurai spirit has no place in military science, and hopefully this rude shock will be enough to dissuade Kampfgruppe Miho from getting overconfident. Of course they still have to beat Pravda and thankfully Katyusha is so contemptuous of them that she might over play her hand as well. Unlike the Battle of the Bulge Miho is not only holed up, she has no real hope for relief unless Maho comes over that hill and uses her Tiger I to lethal effect. At the end of the day though, Oorai should have known better as they saw what happened with Arisa.

On the homefront it seems that Saori is getting to know Mako better and Sadoko has been drafted. Miho is going to be dis-inherited but there is still hope for her yet as long as Maho still has a card to play. Miho’s Mom, Shiho, likes to win at all costs but really if it’s not war then there is no reason for people to die for the sake of a game. Still I wonder what Shiho rolls around in, and I hope that at some point we get to see it. Does she roll in a Leopard 2 or a Tiger II, these are important things to know.

Next week should literally be a do or die breakout performance for Miho. She’s stuck in a pocket and will likely get ground down to paste if she plans on fighting a siege.

Saori is so happy right now.

Hana is going to take Mako home…

Indeed, but um…Panzerfarhen is not war…

Just when Saori was starting to enjoy it…

Sleepy Mako is fine too.

I like that she shows such initiative.

That’s not good…

Sadly the Panzer III was never equipped with a duplex drive…

You know Miho could have just ordered another crew to effect a rescue or at the very least have someone else take command of her Tiger I.

Looks like some one just turned into goo.

Anzio? More like anchovies…

Guderian frowns upon this formation…

They are just jealous of your armored might.

You don’t need him. He’s a useless coward, the best he could ever aspire to is to trigger a mine so a better man can get past it.

Indeed for it must always be well maintained.

WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THAT KWK 40? What heresy is this?

Well at least it is better than the Type 89.

So that’s why Guderian never spoke of having a German wife…

Armored attacks aren’t pointless, armored attacks are only pointless when lead by Italians. – Random German Dude during the Spanish Civil War


She likes her tea, what of it?

No it looks like a hallmark of shoddy French design that made turrets small because they were cheap.

Maho still cares…

This is a hint Maho… Iron can be reforged and is very malleable…

Oh… okay now it makes sense, but ugh what period is Cardigan Girl in love with?

Well it certainly beats out Frosty the Snowman…

How do they come up with these nicknames?

Should have named her Napoleon…

Oh good grief… “single decisive strike”? Kid if you really were Roman you wouldn’t even have considered it.

Man they really are asking for an ass whooping… I guess this is two matches of running wild…

Patton would approve of the sentiment but not the tactics you guys plan on using.

Yeah, unless you are the ones going BOOM.

Man they brought T-34/85s to the party…talk about stacking the deck…


How much is that in American?

I guess they also have their gulags…

Of course Katyusha couldn’t help but sing Katyusha.

Now THIS is an armored formation Guderian would have approved of.

Nona leads the chorus, clearly she is the chief of staff.

I like how they left out the man, and used “the one.” Yuri PREVAILS.

So few…



Yes, they do because they want no part of the business end of a KwK 40.

I guess they still had a few T-34/76s.

Really? They just want to charge in with no over watch?

So much for Pravada to not existing on paper…

See this is what happens when you ignore reconnaissance. Not spotting the IS-2 is pretty bad…

Well no shit Sherlock. All they had to do was let your aggressive pursuit bite you in the ass. I guess no one took Arisa’s failure to heart.

You first.

Should have simply stuck with “NUTS!”

Indeed, but that doesn’t mean you yield.

I guess Miho found herself in the middle of a funding war.

It’s nice that they have a heavy tank, but I would have opted for a Panther or a Tiger.

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  1. Bear
    Posted December 9, 2012 at 5:18 pm | Permalink

    You didn’t mention that Katysuka and Nonna drive to the meet up in a Katysuka rocket launcher. Can’t imagine that they can find any more Katysuka references but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

    That’s Miho’s problem as a commander. She doesn’t command. Of course none of the girls realized this was a life or death situation, for the school at least.

    Don’t know how they’ll get out of this unless they come up with some wild plan that works because Katysuka overreaches. You mentioned Maho showing up in her Tiger. I’ve been wondering if the rules allow them to add a tank after the game starts. The girls still have their own Tiger. Maybe the auto club will show up and take out the flag tank.

    There’s been a whole lot of anger over the fact that Crunchyroll cut the song out of their version. Something to do with copyright. Turns out that what I always thought was a folk song was written in 1938 and is under copyright.

    • Crusader
      Posted December 9, 2012 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

      Dang it’s under copyright? That’s not very socialist…

      I don’t think Oorai has their own Tiger, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me they may have a Panther, but I wonder who is going to crew it.

      • Bear
        Posted December 9, 2012 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

        Yeah, there were some very confused people on some of the blogs when they kept seeing references to the song and they’d only watched the Crunchyroll version.

        When they find the first years when they were lost in the ship, you see the gun and part of a turret in the back of the room they’re in. It looks like it has a straight sided turret to me, so my best guess was a Tiger. Very hard to make out. Some people think it’s a Tiger(P). They never mentioned it in this episode though. If they get through this round I was guessing that it would be a TigerxTiger duel between Maho and Miho. They’re pretty much outgunned otherwise.

        • Longhaul
          Posted December 9, 2012 at 8:20 pm | Permalink

          Tiger (H) and Tiger (P) both had the same turret. Miho did seem to notice it when they rescued the search team. It would really be helpful for Ooarai if they had that thing as a hidden surprise, but it wasn’t listed in the lineup at the beginning of the match.

          And then there is the fact that the numbering their tanks originally had implies there is at least one more tank hidden on the ship.

          • Bear
            Posted December 11, 2012 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

            Some commenters have said that the rules forbid prototypes. They have to actually been in use (at some level) before the end of the war. Pershings would certainly be allowed.

  2. Kherubim
    Posted December 9, 2012 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    Something decent from that wretched hive of scum and villainy, accompany with this video

    Once a dark-eyed tanker girl
    Fixed my tank.
    She asked for a small amount of money
    Not highly valuing her work.
    What’s your name, young lady?
    And the young lady replies:
    “You’ll hear my name
    In the clatter of your tank’s tracks.”

    I drove along the street,
    I cruised the roads,
    And along the path among brown rocks,
    And among gray rocks.
    “Masha? Zina? Dasha? Nina?”
    None seem to be her name.
    “Nonna! Nonna!” – was sounded to me
    By my tank’s clattering tracks

  3. fragb85
    Posted December 9, 2012 at 11:08 pm | Permalink

    It should be noted that Momo did in fact say “NUTS!”. Its just that the subs completely missed the obvious WWII reference. They also made the mistake of saying Guderian is Yukari’s soulmate when actually Guderian was the SOUL NAME the History Club gave to Yukari, making her an unofficial member of the club. Also the Char B1 team is “Kamo” means wild duck and not goose (the volleyball team is “Ahiru” which means “domestic duck”). The subs are getting sloppy.

  4. Kit-A-Ron-Ron-Kat
    Posted December 10, 2012 at 4:52 am | Permalink

    For a second I was convinced that was Madoka’s Jersey left hanging to dry on the KWK 40.

  5. Bear
    Posted December 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm | Permalink


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