Kanokon Episode 5- Battle Furries

Trap battlin animu!

Extended combat sequences, glomping only existing for 10 percent of the show? What the hell show have I fallen into?! This week wolf-niisan comes and starts some trouble, and some sort of plot exists. However, somehow it’s not entirely horrid, it’s actually quite survivable.


Right out of the box they made sure they made their weekly requirement of a scene where Kouta and Chizuru almost have sex. Unfortunately Saku (wow, is that really a guy’s name?) comes and interrupts their fun. This was one of the few scenes of the borderline softcore porn we’ve come to expect from Kanokon. It kind of started last week which had significantly less, and really came aobut this week. The sexual content was mostly limited to the beginning and very end.


Eh, while certainly fitting for a show with so much sex in it, the whole idea of the abstinence bracelet was still kind of silly. He’s going to die if he gets an erection? Meh. Although it is vastly more interesting then when Kimiaru tried to come up with a plot regarding Yume. I almost wanted to shoot myself watching that crap. I’ll buy it for now Kanokon, I’ll at least let you try and get me interested in the plot because there are hints of something mildly interesting at the end.


I did find Saku incredibly annoying. For a supposedly cool and tough biker guy, using a bracelet trick as a way to get your woman is exceedingly lame. You are supposed to show how tough you are and all that business, try being more like GTO, the most bad-ass biker character ever.


Why is he folding her panties…does he seriously do her laundry like that?


Weekly Great Erotic King quote. I really don’t blame Kouta for feeling lonely without his huge breasts…er Chizuru around. When you get used to such a lively lifestyle such a sudden loss of it can make you feel down. Especially sad were those shots of Kouta eating lunch by himself looking ronery. Poor kid needs his boob fix. Chizuru’s reactions were similarly fairly predictable but also understandable. She needs her shouta fix after all, some girls are into that.


I’ll give points to Tayura here, I really wasn’t expecting him to round up a posse and fight him. I was equally surprised that they actually had extended battle scenes. Now, granted they were of poor animation quality compared to actual fighting anime, but I give them points for trying. They really just don’t have the money for real combat. Definitely a plus for having something different, and there is obviously more story to the world of Kanokon we haven’t seen yet. The little guy we saw before is apparently some sort of weasel, to go along with the foxes and wolves.




Obvious future plot hints, some shady folks are interested in the Kouta/Chizuru gattai of ownage. Like I said before, until a show like this completely ruins itself with horrid plot I give them the benefit of the doubt. Kimiaru started off really strong just like Kanokon with a lot of fun and ecchi. However, the middle third was heavily mired in crap, melodrama, and pathetic plot attempts. In the end, it recovered to a degree with Shinra love. We’ll see if Kanokon is able to at least make its plot bearable and I know the writers feel the need to include some of it, so I’m prepared that’s whats going to happen sometime in the future.

Next Episode:
Matsuri episode? Chizuru and pals are in kimonos and visiting what appears to be a shinre, but it’s a bit hard to tell.

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    I have no idea what that means, but it sounds kind of funny.

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    It was soo lame that when my dog just look at it he fell asleep same with me …. > : (

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    I’m just 8 years old

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