Code Geass R2, Episode 5- Knights of Rounds

Suzaku: 1, Lelouch: 0

Uh, well without spoiling the end of the episode with this teaser and the shot I ended up using, bricks were unceremoniously shat at the end of this episode. HUMONGOUS BRICKS WERE IN FACT SHAT. Mmmm well before the surprise ending there was some school comedy hijinks and a couple of small revelations and character introductions. Definitely an immediate watch for the ending however, I’m still recovering.

Episode Summary:

At the embassy, the freed members of the Order are celebrating as Lelouch, Kallen, and C.C. discuss what happens next. For now, Lelouch is keeping Rolo’s identity a secret from both of them. Lelouch dons his Zero uniform and goes out to address the Order, a few of whom are angry at him for leaving them at the end of the Black Rebellion. However, Ougi and Toudou come to his defense, reminding them that Zero is the only one who can lead them to Brittania’s defeat.

At the academy, Suzaku returns to Ashford and pleasantly reunites with Lelouch. He catches up with everyone else from the student council and later discusses his observations with Villetta and Rolo. Afterwards, Lelouch and Rolo discuss plans as Lelouch declares that he will liberate Japan from within the school. The scene shifts to the Area 11 government headquarters, as Gino makes his appearance in his transforming knightmare Tristan. Also making her appearance is another Knight of Rounds, Anya, in her knightmare Mordred.

The festival at Ashford begins to welcome Suzaku back, and they are planning another huge pizza creation. While Lelouch and Rolo are preparing together, he mentions to Lelouch that his geass has a weakness, but we aren’t told what that is. As Lelouch is making plans over the phone, he suddenly runs into C.C., who once again was drawn by the promise of pizza. When they are alone, she reveals to him that V.V. gave both the Emperor and Rolo their geass and told Suzaku about it. In a series of coincidences, half the cast at the school ends up giving chase to Gino who has taken the knightmare with the tomatoes. Lelouch ends up diffusing the situation and saving C.C.’s identity by using his geass on a staff member to use the fire extinguishing gas.

Later on, in the underground surveillance facility, Lelouch uses Rolo to confront Villetta about her relationship with Ougi and blackmail her into joining him. That evening, Lelouch asks Li for help regarding his plans, but we aren’t informed as to what they were. Suzaku finds him on the rooftop and tells him that he plans to become Knight of One, who is given the choice of picking an area of the Empire for himself. He said he will choose Area 11 and therefore the people won’t need Zero. Then, he tells Lelouch that someone else will be in charge of it, and he calls that person on the phone and hands the phone to Lelouch. On the other end is Nunally, who calls him onii-sama, and tells him that she’s going to be the new governor-general of Area 11. With his back already turned to Suzaku, Lelouch has a face of massive surprise as the episode ends.



Tsun-tsun Kallen and dere-dere Kallen in the same scene, within a minute of each other. Very, very delicious. She still gets angry when Lelouch keeps secrets from her, she wants to know everything about him!


I was expecting some sort of brilliant speech here by Zero to convince everyone to follow him again, but the more intelligent members of the Order were able to do it for him. It’s obvious that they need him to win, and that the leaders don’t always tell their subordinates of why they do things. And in a way, what he did was his way of defeating Brittania, without Nunally he didn’t have a reason to continue and thus they would have lost regardless.


As predicted, moralfag has returned…yay…I have to admit that I’m impressed by Lelouch’s ability to act natural considering the situation. The guy sold him out, took his sister, and made him lose his memories, and Lelouch is still able to treat him like an old friend. In the meeting Rolo was acting pretty sketchy, I wonder if Suzaku picked up on that or just thinks he’s nervous meeting a Knight of Rounds. Shit-faced killer Rolo is definitely gone for the moment, his emotions are all over the place. Lelouch lays it on thick again this episode with the rabu rabu little brother stuff. Hook, line, and sinker once again.


Yaoi content +1. Wow, this Gino guy is really irritating, and the fact that I’m not really a fan of Souichirou Hoshi (Kira *shudders*) doesn’t help. He seems to be awfully friendly with Suzaku, although it’s pretty obvious Suzaku finds him to be quite an annoyance. Ah the politics of the elite, you have to tolerate annoying people to get ahead, kid.


The other loli shows up here too, Anya. I like Yuko Goto, but her voice is too soft because of the nature of the character for me to really enjoy it. Plus she pales in comparison to Kaguya-sama, queen of lolis. We shall see how the other loli, the Chinese Empress, ends up rating when she appears sometime in the future.


Ohhhhhh? That’s interesting, unfortunately they don’t really elaborate here. We already know he can’t stop physical objects, so that’s out as a revelation. Maybe it’s a restriction on amount of uses per day, or range, or the type of person it can be used on. At least we know Lelouch is now aware of it and won’t later be surprised.


Nina is batshit insane even in the notes she leaves on boxes. Couple that with the grandma haircut and the emo facial contortions and you have quite the nutjob. Hope she blows up sometime. Well, whatever was in that box was taken by C.C. and Kallen, wonder what was in it, maybe that funny outfit she had on, or maybe something scientific.


Chachimaru?! Multi?! Oh lordly, Code Geass has turned into a reference animu?! C.C.’s weakness for pizza strikes again, and I loved when she said “you’re so forceful, boya” in that seductive way. Reminds me a lot of Evangeline, lordy now I have to go read Negima again.


Some partial, but expected revelations here. We all kind of figured V.V. gave Rolo and the Emperor their geass, but now Lelouch knows it too. She was about to say something more about her staying with Lelouch, but as per usual in this show it gets interrupted. I was rolling in laughter when he knocked her into the tomatoes though, Lelouch certainly has balls.


Finally some legitimate Kallen fanservice shots to show. Mmmmmm, deeeeeeelicious. Brittania definitely designs the best costumes and the animators for this show know how to take the best camera angles possible when it comes to Kallen. I think I need a cold shower after this and the next shot.


Kallen fanservice shot #2, the braless wonder. And yeah, the look on Villetta’s face when Lelouch came in to blackmail her was fucking priceless. I was laughing maniacally to myself, it was a gleeful moment. Villetta-sensei, Happy Birthday! Hahahaha.


Ah, the moralfag’s plans are revealed. Apparently the people of Japan should just sit around for 20 years and hope that Suzaku comes to save them and shower him with love. A bunch of bullshit imo, as if the Emperor is going to let that all go so smoothly, he’s just using Suzaku to keep an eye on Lelouch until his Thought Elevator or whatever is created. So, because he is a man of high morality and wants to work from the inside, he is willing to sell out his friend, kill people, and use a crippled and blind girl as bait in order to atone for the sin of killing his own father. A big round of applause for the #1 hypocrite everyone! At least Lelouch acknowledges that he will become evil to defeat the greater evil.


Sad joke #2. Seriously, I never understood Suzaku and Euphemia. He fell so hard in love with her after going out on a dayto with her once? Enough to rage to such a degree over her death and try to kill/sell out his best friend and still hold a grudge after a year? What a joke, Euphie was a stupid, naïve, and one-sided character, nothing worthy of such dedication.


As I said before, HUGE BRICKS WERE SHAT. Like, this completely threw me off guard and I was speechless for awhile. Suzaku is falling further and further away from justice and into the world of evil Lelouch occupies. Just goes to show how his words of righteousness continue to ring hollow. This definitely takes the show in a completely different direction, as Lelouch will now have to fight against his own sister. I give points to Suzaku here if only for the reason that it was such a nasty plan that hit Lelouch harder than if he would have just killed him. Still, this just adds to how ridiculous Suzaku’s character is. Spinzaku has Jesus physical moves like running up walls to evade machine guns and spinning 3 times in the air, he can jump into a mecha with no previous piloting experience and defeat everyone in existence, and now he’s coming up with “just as planned” plans like Lelouch. He’s like a male Mary Sue, he’s better than everyone at everything and he’s moral! Weeee! If he gets a geass I’m going to shoot someone. Massive eyerolls have been triggered…

Overall, the episode mired around for a bit before the end. The revelations were stuff we already knew about, and the school comedy stuff was never my favorite part of this show. I admit I did chuckle at a few parts, mainly that involving C.C.’s antics and Kallen. But the episode sure ended with a bang, the revelation of what happened to Nunally and what will happen. It ranks as by far the most jaw-dropping cliffhanger of the season, and ranks right up there with a couple from last season. Not sure how I can wait another whole week for the next episode…

Next Episode:


Apparently Lelouch is able to weasel his way out of the rooftop confrontation, Suzaku didn’t see his face so maybe he plays off to Nunally that he doesn’t have a sister, which will crush her probably. The preview has shots of Lancelot and other knightmares launching as well as combat with the Gurren. Combat episode incoming, thank god.

Crusader’s Drunken Rant

Well that was fun such a pity Shirley didn’t beat the crap out of Kallen for her man, though for getting Villetta-sensei into that out fit was a great feat of persuasion. Also Lulu is the biggest sissy in the whole series how can freaking Millay in a dress out run him? Fuck I have seen fat kids go fast after hotdogs then Lulu going after C2. Not sure what Li is getting out of this though if scoring a free ride with Kallen and C2 was his goal, mission accomplished. I just hope he gets some warm coffee and gets to tell both of them interesting things ala GTA IV. The fanservice level has returned to acceptable levels, but God Damn it I want BLOOD NOT KETCHUP OR SOME OTHER TOMATO BASED WEAKSAUCE!

So yeah Rollo falls further into bro-con in some sick deviant parody of sis-con, and understandably that maggot Lulu is enjoying it to near orgasmic levels. Villetta gets blackmailed and Suzaku is back to rape Lulu yet again! Suzaku ist mein komraden soldaten and as such I applaud his ingenious and ruthless methods of brining Nunnally into the crossfire so that if Lulu can no longer wantonly kill people. The inclusion of fully named Britannian pilots like Gino and Anya means that Kallen is going to have to work for her kills again as well as Toudou and his gaggle. Unlike comrade Calawain, I like this more ruthless Suzaku as I grow tired of Lulu masturbating to his own success. Now let the blood flow!

I oppose those filthy eleven scum, I have no desire to support a bunch of smelly Japanese men who have not showered take off their shirts to show off their anti-six packs, like Calawain. Nay I support the Ashford Swim Team Britannian cause for it is much more palatable and easier on the eyes. So next time Lloyd and Cecile are back!

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  1. Randor
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    Why Sunrise? Why must you torture us with the mix of so-so and OH MY GOD Code Geass? *sigh*
    Anyway, gotta love how Rollo went from “rabu rabu” to “maybe I should kill him” in the space of 2 seconds (Go, Assasin Mode!). And though I previously believed Spinzaku wasn’t a complete fag,using Nunnally, the innocent younger sister, is both ingenious and disgusting.
    Oh, and
    Shirley:1, C.C:0. (At least in this episode).

  2. flou
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    LOL That wasn’t Nina’s box; that was C.C.’s with her Cheese-kun inside :P At least we now know she’ll kill for the thing.

  3. Haesslich
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Permalink

    Beardface = Emperor vi Britannia.

    I love the fluent English used in writing childish statements like those on C.C.’s Cheese-kun box. That, and the fact that Suzaku’s stupid enough to think he’ll really get what he wants, rather than get ass-raped by the Emperor once Zero’s removed. Oh, and that Euphie really loved him rather than wanting her brother Lelouch… moron.

    And I choose neither the swim team or the Elevens – nay, my preference is for C.C. and Millay. And maybe Shirley, even if she’s a little… dense: she knows how to create fanservice-laden episodes.

  4. Ruk
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 3:31 pm | Permalink

    What a joke, Euphie was a stupid, naïve, and one-sided character, nothing worthy of such dedication.


    Awesome episode, the next week of waiting is going to be painful. And, oh, Suzaku…take me now, you absolute douchebag.

  5. Posted May 4, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Permalink


    Sunrise has some really smart writers who know how to pander and create drama and cliffhangers, I give them credit for that. And yeah, I think Shirley gets the upper hand because while she got to be alone with Lulu temporarily, C.C. was bathing in tomatoes.


    Really? I was just going on that assumption because Rivalz mentioned it was Nina’s stuff, but he could have been mistaken. C.C. certainly would brave death to get her cheese-kun back too.


    Their English is actually really good, see the stuff from the beginning of episode 4 regarding Rolo’s missions for more evidence. It’s like they have a native speaker writing most of it. And yah, the Emperor would have no qualms about using Suzaku for his own ends, the world doesn’t work as simply as Suzaku would like. That’s why the revolution is required.


    I never understood why people gave the Euphemia x Suzaku business such a pass, they had barely any time connecting for the amount of emotion they end up writing in. I never understood it.

  6. Haesslich
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    Calawain: I know they got someone on staff whose English is fluent this season. Between the Rolo files and the diary, you get the idea that they’re no longer running things through Google Translator and hoping the end result is grammatically and contextually correct. The fact that they used that person to write such a childish statement on C.C.’s box is amusing, to say the least – I guess being immortal doesn’t mean you grow up either.

    Millay’s pretty enough that even Gino, who seems gay for Suzaku, is more than happy to dance with her. For that alone, she deserves my praise and maybe worship or service. Mmm… Millay. Damn you for existing, Lloyd.

  7. Posted May 4, 2008 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the wall with all the “+” on it, I thought that would be an important highlight since it could possibly show how many days Lelouch’s Geass can last on a person (I counted 18.5 days, .5 because the last part of the wall only shows “-“).

    Anyway, beside the rehash of several episodes from season 1 into one entity (I wonder how long they plan to keep doing this? though this one was better crafted then the previous episodes that took concepts from season 1), this was a pretty entertaining episode especially the end…

    I must say, while Lelouch was forced into living a fantasy life for a year, Suzaku must have been training to be able to match wits with Lelouch/Zero because it seems he has become one clever and crafty bastard (though I find things to be moving a bit too fast…).


  8. sara
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

    “He fell so hard in love with her after going out on a dayto with her once? Enough to rage to such a degree over her death and try to kill/sell out his best friend and still hold a grudge after a year? What a joke, Euphie was a stupid, naïve, and one-sided character, nothing worthy of such dedication.”

    Ahaha… so true… (he really needs to calm down)

  9. dan
    Posted May 4, 2008 at 7:34 pm | Permalink

    I would SO love it if Nina comes in at one point and tries to kill Zero somehow but Kallen just charges her and kills her instantly saying in her very womanly and dark voice “Don’t interfere” while her eyes are locked on her target.


    moralfag is a dumbass indeed… hope he dies… but then again Lulu said he wants to conquer the whole world…. can he really live?

    anyways KallenXLulu sex better begin by episode 10

  10. Posted May 4, 2008 at 8:07 pm | Permalink


    Millay has always been alright to me, but it’s hard to put into words why she just doesn’t come anywhere close to Kallen or C.C. Maybe I prefer the tougher/tsundere girls or the devious and seductive types rather than Millay. I mean she’s playful and genki so I like her, but for me she doesn’t possess any of the traits that would push her up to the top. However, I understand why others would feel that she’s up top. It’s like I always say, there’s nothing wrong with having a choice in worth bishoujos.


    You know I’m really not sure what to make of that. It’s either a really subtle hint like you suggested or maybe she just moved away like everyone else and it wasn’t possible. We don’t know if the command he issued was to do that “with all your strength” or anything. Also, for all we know, when Lelouch’s geass was sealed maybe that broke all of the current-running geass. It doesn’t seem that Suzaku’s is around anymore, it’s unlikely he would be a Knight of Rounds with such a weakness.


    Don’t bet on him calming down, but we can always hope =/


    I would enjoy a Kallen execution of many characters in this show, including Nina, and I really think Kallen is the type of person that would defend Lelouch’s life with her own. But in the end the little romance the story has emphasized leans toward C.C. and Lelouch rather than Kallen, due to the unique bond and experiences they’ve gone through as a result of their contract.

  11. shadowlancer
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 12:03 am | Permalink

    actually Calawain, about that box with the words:
     KILL YOU!!!
    might actually not have been nena’s it makes much more sense to assume it to be CC ‘s as in the end you see it opened in the car and CC had cheese-kun with her. And CC did say she came to the school for the pizza and to retrieve “that”.
    and i m actually guessing the beard-face means the emperor. LOL imagine CC going on a vendetta of rampage on the emperor because he threw out her doll. And i guess its become official that CC will kill for cheese-kun.

  12. Onizuka
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 12:18 am | Permalink

    aawww Calawain don’t be like that suzaku had to plan that on his free time for a WHOLE YEAR

  13. Posted May 5, 2008 at 12:59 am | Permalink

    LOL! I can’t seem to enjoy Code Geass much any more …

  14. taka
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    I thought there was a bit of a clue toward the beginning that C.C. missed her Cheese-kun when she was squeezing a pillow/cushion in the chinese embassy in much the same way as Cheese-kun. Not only will she kill for Cheese-kun it’s also her security blanket.

  15. Mone
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    You can actually kind of see the words BEARDFACE on the box in the car. I love it when CC is with Cheese-kun.

  16. Caraniel
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 5:02 am | Permalink

    Loved this episode, all the little moments in it were just wonderful. Lelouch deserves an Oscar for his performances at school – I really could not remain that calm and friendly if forced to interact with the bastard Suzaku.

    Yay for C.C. getting her Cheese-kun back, I LOLd when Lulu chucked her into the tomatoes!

    Quite like Gino – although too much of him may be irritating. He seems to be rather impulsive, something that may possibly interfer with Suzaku’s plans. Anya didnt make much of an impact and her recording of things reminds me of Ritsuka from Loveless! :p

    I can’t believe that Suzaku has sunk to the level of using Nunally as a pawn in his revenge on Lulu for getting the Pretty Pink Princess killed – thats just low. Nunally has done nothing to warrant being used in such a manner.

    Looking forward to the next few eps, can’t wait to see Loyd back on screen. Nina is due for a comeback too I’d say, want to see just how nuts she really is! Psycho-Rolo needs to comeback – this watery emotional version is not fun.

  17. shadowlancer
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 5:34 am | Permalink

    yes i do see the beardface on the box in the car at the end. I mentioned in my post before that that one more reason why this box is actually CC’s and not nena’s. Come on it had cheese-kun in it.

  18. Posted May 5, 2008 at 7:37 am | Permalink


    Alright, I’ll buy that it was a box with C.C.’s cheese-kun, I shouldn’t put too much stock in what Rivalz says then :p


    Poor guy! His brilliant plan to save the Japanese people that he worked so hard on, why won’t they accept it and lavish love on him?!


    Yeah and that’s what makes Suzaku’s actions so bad, she’s a freaking crippled, blind girl that’s supposed to be his friend. How could you use such a sweet girl as your bait like that if you were supposed to be the good guy? Pretty disgusting.

  19. Posted May 5, 2008 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Awwwwwwww I was hoping Crusader was going to rant about the fanservice so I could call him on it’s presence in Macross Frontier as well. I guess it was just Gundam that wasn’t allowed breasts then eh.

    And I guess Episode 5 is the new fanservice episode in anime and not episode 8. All the episode 5’s I’ve seen this week seem to dish out the fanservice. Actually….well actually I’m not following To Love-Ru and Kanokon at all, but I assume it’s par for the course this week for those series.

  20. Posted May 5, 2008 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Oh noes! Lloyd and Cecille are back!!! I hope they don’t tag that table-humper Nina. Well, at least we can finally get over this school festival nonsense and get to killing more innocent by-standers again… and some soldiers. ^_^

  21. Natasha
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    The one thing I don’t understand about Suzaku, is why is he such a baka? Why does he have the right to cry about losing friends and some stupid girl when Lelouch pretty much lost his entire family? Suck it out A**hole, I mean it was Suzaku’s choice to betray his bestfriend and join, for the lack of the better phrase, “the evil side,” so he should just live with the consequences of his actions. I’m honestly, rooting for his death. I guess, I now know what happened to Nunnally, I can’t believe that she would ever join forces with the same people that were responsible for her mother’s death. I mean, it’s the whole reason why she is blind, I would be angry over that. Doesn’t she miss her brother at all?

  22. jack
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    I think Suzaku figures that if he keeps at it, eventually he’ll hit upon one of Lelouch’s female relations/loved ones that he WOULDN’T be willing to destroy, kill, and then metaphorically spit on her grave. After Lulu’s done with Nunally I suggest Suzaku try Kallen.

    –S: Hey Kallen, still want to resurect Japan regardless of means, probablity of ultimate success, or consequences?
    –K: Yup.
    –S: Congratulations, it’s yours. I’m going to be laughing at you from the corner here, but don’t read anything into that. On an unrelated note do you have life-insurance?

  23. Natasha
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

    Personally, I feel that if some country overthrows your own and takes away your freedom, you should have the right to fight back and win your independence back. What i don’t understand, is why is Suzaku, a Japanese person allying with the people that are destroying his country? Does he honestly believe that change will occur when you play the underdog or the slave of the enemy? If the emperor said jump, Suzaku would response “how high.” LOL. :3 The greatest irony for me, is a British prince has been so destroyed by his own family, that he had led a revolution to overthrow it and bring freedom to the country. If the british royalty can turn against their own blood, whose to say that the emperor would keep his word to his soldiers? I just feel in the long run, that Suzaku is stupid and I don’t understand his character at all. I’m rooting for Lelouch, honestly I can relate to his need to fight, and I think in his situation, the only way to fight, is with violence, kill off his enemies one by one, starting with Suzaku. I’m not playing, if this characters doesn’t die by the end of this season. I’m going to stop watching.

  24. Haesslich
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

    Calawain: Millay has that oneesama vibe, which is probably why I like her. That, and she even got Tamaki SuouGino to pay attention to her instead of to Suzaku. Now that’s something special. ;)

    Natasha: See Quisling, Vidkun for a definition of what Suzaku’s doing.

  25. Zamses
    Posted May 5, 2008 at 6:26 pm | Permalink

    The entire basis of Suzaku’s ‘must support wantonly corrupt superpower’ complex is basically he killed his father in order to save the lives of Lelouch and Nunally, who were at the time Japan’s political hostages against Britannia. The whole Mao arc in Season 1 is about revealing how guilty he feels about killing his father. He feels the need to validate his actions. Basically he feels he must stand by his actions and prove that he is in the right. By this logic, he didn’t give a damn about Euphie. He just saw her as a symbol representing everything he wanted to believe about Britannia. Thus, when she dies, he loses a good portion of his innocence and ‘I can fuck with your head too’ Suzaku was born.

  26. Posted May 5, 2008 at 7:05 pm | Permalink


    Kanokon episode 5 actually had significantly less fanservice than the other episodes this season, especially 1-3.


    Next week looks to fulfill all of your desires. Lloyd and Cecile, as well as plenty of NPCs guaranteed to be kicking the bucket in combat episodes.


    Plot device? I mean Suzaku is pretty oblivious to the real workings of the world if all of this is to be believed. But these types of characters are par for the course in Sunrise shows, they drive the plot. I mean, I hate Spinzaku with a fiery passion, but the plot wouldn’t be as interesting without him. I suppose you need someone to hate and generate rants like my own =) Makes rooting for Lelouch much much easier.


    Yeah she does have the onee-sama/ojou-sama vibe going on, I’ll grant that. I find those characters decent, but unless they are stumbling tsunderes like Takako from Otoboku they won’t rise to the top for me. And yes I was definitely surprised he pulled away from his skinship with Suzaku to dance with her.


    Suzaku didn’t kill his father to save Lelouch and Nunally, he killed him because as Prime Minister of Japan he refused to surrender to Brittania. Suzaku wanted him to give up rather than adopt a do-or-die resistance. He does feel massively guilty over it, and for good reason. And his whole relationship with Euphie is both silly and screwed up, so I really try to avoid going into too much analysis of it. I gave my view in simple terms up with the episode commentary.

  27. Haesslich
    Posted May 7, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Permalink

    She’s more oneesama than ojou-sama; she’s not QUITE as haughty as the stereotype demands. Yes, she’s upper-class, but she doesn’t rub your face in it the way someone like Nagi from Hayate or any of the ojousamas from most of the other shows would. She’s just… very used to getting her own way, and will charm or tease or in general guide people into following her, rather than forcing them. That charm and gentle ‘velvet glove over an iron fist’ approach (although we’ve yet to see her wield said iron fist) is probably what I love most about her. Smart and sassy yet prim and proper, with an understanding of what she wants… but at the same time, she knows how to get it without demanding; people just bow to her, since she seems so reasonable.

    As I said, Tamaki couldn’t help but respond to that – she probably just gave him a small smile and he felt compelled, or was eager, to offer her a dance. Lulu needs to take lessons in blackmail from her; the way he approached Viletta could’ve been finessed a lot more if he’d been able to pull tricks from Millay’s book.

  28. Hotarubi
    Posted May 8, 2008 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

    Guys, you are all idealists.
    Revolutions were never good. They may bring freedom for a limited amount of time, but the revolutioners themselves turn to be dictators later. Okay, I am not talking about French revolution or something that happened like centuries ago, but in the present time with countries with such military power, revolutions can not be good. I am saying this as a person who’ve seen a couple of “revolutions” in the area I used to live. Revolutions bring more deaths and uncontrollable desire for power.
    Do you really believe it is possible for a fucking small nation like Japan to defeat such a powerful empire like Britannia? They don’t have enough manpower and Lelouch can’t do everything, one smart person is not enough.

    1st season was the very evidence we need: once Zero was gone from the battlefield, his “comrades” gave up and lost.

    People keep hating on Suzaku, and I will never understand that. Look at that whore Karen, she is being used by Lelouch and she does not have her own opinion, she is weak, naive and stupid. And so, even though she keeps fighting for her country’s “freedom” which will never be achieved, she is more pathetic than Suzaku.
    Suzaku used Nunally. Oh NOOOOOES, HOW COULD HE USE A CRIPPLED, BLIND GIRL!!! POOR THING! AWWW…It’s not like Nunally minds apparently. She seemed fine to me, sitting in the middle of some fancy garden. As far as I remember, Lelouch was ready to kill his siblings with no hesitation. F***, he manipulates every single person out there – a Japanese, a Britannian, he does not care. Isn’t it pathetic and retarded? And all I see in Lelouch is revenge. All he wants is to avenge his mother’s death, and he is ready to use anyone to achieve that.

  29. C.C.
    Posted May 11, 2008 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    Okay, first of all, Nunnally is happy because she doesn’t know. I forget the details, but it’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t know Zero’s identity, nor does she realize she’s being used by Suzaku.

    The reason to hate on Suzaku is that he isn’t a stable character. He’s awesome to watch, for some, but he’s not realistic. If he wants to thwart Lelouch’s plans simply because he thinks Lelouch is an idealist nut, then by all means go ahead. Whoever’s side you pick is simply an opinion, so it doesn’t matter. Instead, he claims to be righteous, but also striving to help Japan, and uses underhanded ways to achieve this, making him a hypocrite. If it’s possible to question people’s faith in Lelouch, then it’s seriously also possible to question one’s faith in Suzaku. Does he really believe he can just rise to the top and save everyone? He wants to make peace with both Britannia AND Japan. All on his own. Isn’t he a bit of an idealist himself?

    Basically, this whole series is based on hope and ideals, and whichever side you pick, the other is your enemy. There’s only a slight tip of the scale. I think Lelouch-supporters either prefer the idea of rebellion and violence (and not to get politcal, I think we’re all aware that this is a FICTIONAL STORY), or fall prey to the fact that the story is generally presented from Lelouch’s point of view, making him seem like “the good guy”.

    Don’t hate; just my two cents.

  30. Jerrell
    Posted December 7, 2008 at 1:05 am | Permalink

    next ep.
    Rolo uses his GEASS on Suzaku and Lelouch has to hurry and tell Nunally that he has to pretend not to know her, because Rolo’s Geass has the time limit on it.

  31. Sei
    Posted January 6, 2009 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

    Some actually think CC would have Cheese-kun in Ashford Academy storehouse, and in a box with a crazy threat written on it.
    Rivalz knew Nina’s handwriting; they’re among the Student Council, right?

  32. knightofCICI
    Posted November 23, 2009 at 6:05 am | Permalink

    buhay ba si lelouch…..(if lelouch not dead because of transfering the power of eternal life of geass gave by CICI)

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